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Pickens Sentinel-Journal
Tho Sentinel-Journal Company.
TFOmPsoN & RICHEr. PnoPs.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable
Entered at Pickens Fustoffice as Second Class
Mail MAtter
The colored brother is going into
"high finance." One was arrorted at
Roane, Va., for engaging in an in
surance swindle,
The man that marries in haste is
said to repent at leisure; but the fel- U
low that marries in haste seldom lisp v
any leistire.-[ rhe State.
The police captured a bunch of
gamblers in a dry well in Columbia e
the other day. That was low down. e
wasn't it?- LAnderson Mail.
The Columbia State is of the I
opinion that Mayor Tom Johnson f
must regard all mayors who have nol d
had more than one or two terms, tt
It is another case of the hair of
the dog cuiing its bite when the
tariff-caused panic is cured by the
tariff accumulated surplus.- [Florida
A schoolteacher out in Indigna is
so prelty that she has been discharg-11
ed from her positiu lecause every t
one falls in love with her, Hers is
Sbe fatal gift of beauty,"
Thero ias been much comment (n
the fact that a woman legislator in
Colorado in writing her name in a
hotel register made this entry: IM n
Mary A. Smith and husband."
The candle still holds its own, not
withstanding petroleum gas and elec
tricity. The production of candlh H
in the United S*tates during the fise-l
year of 1906) iuiounted to $3,889,36-1.
Eugenin, ex-emperor of the French,
is 81 years old and now divides h1
time between heir house in Hanp
shirp, England, and her villa a'
Cape. Martim, in the south of France
T aken by rail from Ballarat niortl.
to Melbourlne, a colheo appeared thre<
wveeks later at its old home, having
i IuUd1 its way over 104 miiles of road(,
wiich it had never traversed before
A minister has come out with the
unqualified statement that. there arn
no automobiles in heaven. It mDusI
be nice to know so much about thf
place', irreverently remarks the Co
lumnbia Record.
An enterprising scissors grindei
of Los Angeles, Cal., has. mounted
his grinder on an automobile, using
the ear's power also to run the grind
er, and now rides from place to plece.
insteadl of walking.
The Japanese in San Francisco
number 25,000. They are keen, wide
awake, work long hours at lowv wages,
and are in every respect superior to
th~e Chinese. There are about 75,000
on the Pacific coast.
Miss Vgniderbilt's count, who lives
in H-ungary, may not at the last mo
ment be willing to take his marriageJ
portion in clearing house certileates
cr duo bills of any sort, He may be
a Johnny-on-th -Spot in (he mat te r
of cash.-[Birmingham Age-Herald.
Do not use ordinary writing ink ini
your fountain p n, as it will corrode
and render your pen useless unless
cleaned very often. Take an 0old
typewriter ribbon, turn ovos it a pint
of hot water and let it stand a day
or so, stirring frequently. Tu'Lrn the
ink thus mande into a bottle, cork se
.curely, and you have an ink which
wUl flowv freely and not corrode sour
pen. If the typewriter ribbon had
consda, able ink on it thir, by~ adding
w. ter after the first pint is ma le
If you stand near a good tiOng
lunge well into it. Fear is old
vomanish; it 6de kept untold mil
ions from making fortunes.
Mitchelil Jasper, of Delta, M.ich,
mas obtained a license to marry an
[ndian girl named Mary Kick-a-Hole
na-lhe-Sky. The name of her mother
a Afraid of No-Man.
The University of Berlin has, for
he first timo in its history, can
erred the degree of Doctor of' Juris.
wudence upon a Chinamau. His
iame is Ma Do Yin, and he comes
row the province of Hou-Pe.
We observe, says the Mobile Reg
iter, that a Nashville minister deivy
ered a sermon in blank verse last
unday night. We would not think
bat sort of thing would prove popo
r, butfgive the minister credit for
nowing his congregation.
The Charlote Observer has butted
p against a real conundrum. It
Fants to knowv "why, under the in
reasing sway of prohibition, the
iternal revenue taxes on whisky
intinue to increase. In the west
rn district of North Carolina the
Allection of tax on whisky, in Octo
er, 1906, was $55,000, and in Octo
-.r, 1907, $77,000. The figures are
oin the books of thd collector of the
istrict. Why the increase? What
ecomes of the liquor? In the lan
unge of the street, 'Search we.''
"hat is a hard nut to crack, but not
n uncommon one in prohibition
tates - [Montgonery Advertiser.
Illusions of Girlhood.
A man in Sunflower, Cal., thinking
t time for him to take a wife, offered
tiself to any one of a club of
welve Sunflower girls. Ius'ead of
;rabbing for him, they met as a club
mnd formuluted an answer to t.be pro
icisal, in which tbey got forth the
musensus of opinion as to the re
luiremente in a bns1land to-wit:
That he prove his sincerity.
That he demonstrate that he is in
very way qialiled to contract war
That he is amply able to provide a
"Oufortable bome for his bride, and
s willing to make provision for her
every need and comfort.
That lie abstain from tobacco in
very form. *
That he use not intoxicating liquars
to any otent whatever.
That h b'e christe and pleasant irt
-onversationf; nse na1 profane or im
tiroper !aIaB*sged' his''eVeningR
,t home: noil flirt with' any woinan
mnda atlteryi,1.phurchi omg Sunday.
"ft is-evident,'7.comments the In
dlianaplolis News, "'that theose Suir
Ilower girl~want not.a. hiusband but
rdemigod. T~ly have the proud
Lcncett of youth. Husbands such ats
e equire are, born, not made.
MTost of the men who might have
'illed tbe bill are dead. 1n all likeli
bood they died young.
"Ah, fond illusions of youth! Ob,
:,heerful cptimism of blushing girt
mood! The years may pass Sunflower
maidens. To that fine ideal to which
bou have pledged yourselves you mayi
remliin constabt yet a while-mar
5yrs to hopefullness. But like the
w-jmnn in the moated grange, moan
ing 'he cometh not,' you will tire of
waiting. And when that timnecomes,
whmen you realize that it is a nman you
vant, not an angel, then you will
priobaIbly get him. He may have red
abilskers, and, if he chewvs tobacco,
y'ou will excuse it; anid tbough he
nay take an occasional drink, you
will ascribe it to the nature, of the
Lieast. Instead of staying home evr
aings. he may sometimes lay skat at
bhie corner grocer); but-wvhen at last
me does come home you will welcome
bsim wvith smiling face. If he fall over
:he cat trying to get up stairs in the
lark, and should perchance rap out a
p~iratieni -vord, you will sympathize
with him in that ho has a safety-valve
~or his wrath.
"Thus it is dear Sunflower girls,
~hat ideals, fade away. In the mil
onium you will share your joys only
w th the best; but this is a greedy
world we na living ir .ndi our ad
Weak Lungs
For over sixty years doctors
have endorsed Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral for coughs, colds,
weak lungs, bronchitis, con
sumption. You can trust a
medicine the best doctors ap
prove. Then trust this the next
time you have a hard cough.
The beat kind of a testimonis
"Sold for over sixty year.."
Made byT r co well, Nap.
Als meuntureto of
We have no* eoreta! We publish'
the formulas of all our medlinee.
rer's Pills keep the bowels regular.
kI vegetable and gently laxative.
rice to you is, bike the best you can
ret and with thankful hearts and
make the moat 1f it.."
Some Figures.
Kentucky produces over one-sev
)nth of the tobacco crop of the world
and over one-third of the tobacco
3rop of the United States.
Kentucky, North Carolina gd. Vir
giuiia produce over one-half of the to
bacco crop of the United States.
Wisconino stands fourth in thu list
if toacco producing stateo, both in
tiiiount raised and price received.
Kentucky, NOrt b 0 trolina, Virgin
a, Wieconuiu and Ohio produce over
rhree-fourths of the tobacco crop of
Lhe United States.
The average ptice of tobace-o in
Kentucky has advanced from 100 to
300 per cent ainee the latter part of
1906, duo entirely to thn organizi
Jiur .f the Ni meru in the Society of
-qui Y.
Your Attention, Cotton Growers,
Tho Pickens Cotton Mill has ems nt
oil to store! oottoh foi its friri ds and
patrow. Under this plan they will take
cotton in their warehouse without any
charge or expense to the farmers, ana
when they are ready to sell will pay the
Alarket price for it. If, however, the
seller is never s Ltislied with tho price, lie
cin g, I is Cottoi Iack by pAYing the
mn 1uc. pmr nunth, per bale, for the
actiual e, st of storage imil insurance
With this arrm-geient the Pickens
Batik vill earry. for a whlle at'ltst, the
niott S o4 i1,4 CUStUPl s w ho will store
witi. thbe mill their cotton and deposit,
with the~ ban their wiar hiouse re ceipts
for same. Th'is~ is a mos0t liberal propo..
s tionl from both the miuli andim tla bank,
Put your shouler to your neighbor's
whleel of butsiness znd observe how it
wIll help your own.-Baltimore Amer
rhousands Have Ktdney
. Trouble and Never Suspect it.
*Prevaleney gf. K iney Di)sease.
,Most people--do not realize the alarm
ing increase and remarkahle prevalency
of kidney disease.
While kidneyd is
* 0 orders are the
most common
'diseases that prc
S vail, they are
almost the last
recognized by
* -patient and py
te~nt themaselrs
tcaith doctoring t/re efTects, while the orig
inal dise'ase undermines the system.
Whtat To Do.
There is comufort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kihnuer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedC~y,
fulfills every wish int euring rheumiatismi,
pain in the back, kidneys, liver, bladder
tnd every part of thle urinary passage.
It corrects inability to lhld water
'iad scalditig pain ini passing it, or had
,efects following use of lignor, winie or
hoer, and overcomies that unlpleasant ne
cessity of heinig compelled to go often
diuring the day*, 11and .to get upl many1
times duirinlg the night. T1hte mlild anid
the extraordlinary effect of Swamp-Root
is soon1 realized. It stands thle highlest
for its wonderful eures of the mhost dis
tressing~ cases. If yon neced a mledicinle
you shold~ have the best. Sol by drug
gists inl fifty-cent and onie-dollar sizes.
You may hlave a saimple bottle and( a
hook that tells all s^
about it, both sent free - -a
hv mail. Address Dr. MIi,,, '
IKilmjer & Co., ]Bing- "
haintoni, N. Y. Whlen Iromoor swamp-noot.
writing mentioni this paper anid don't
make anty mistake, but remember the
namie, Dr. Kilmer's Swvamp-Root, and
A.he adIdress, Binghamton, N. Y.
- Cl es and bea nfeag th at
Prooac a luat n rowrra.
Company v ill insure any one
Every trace of kidney trout
| $100 -tit'ol -
1ultinmoie, Md.. for tmy i e
ney tromnlle UVA SCL wi
A Word to the
For Sale byPICKENS
Ready for Fall
Only live Bob "inm .4 atre in. and all bead
Goods and shots. bieb wey pie .<-n11 goit gi
Coplele line of Fall a
We have ever 1iowD, al d Cur Prices E
My hesl - p a <(n4 ('1 - a b e ait 'nii
and ailging inl lice fi 111 10- It *I10 ile p a .
good- before 3on buy yonr di eme.
M' k-ite F(01 III, 1111fii e, it, lie 11 it. a ra'-'.
ply of these, ati the OLi il ( ES. 1 tvbho
good'u, I (I i .'( C<1 I it.1 i f 1 1 4 t- - i I t I I
10c the p91d. Jir.! atd ( aa ar fe- i 1 1 ti. I
1(tin F4 11 A 44( I (d I in I.<'<dI I ii 4 IN.
from 50c (o $10 tlPe pier. El oc, %i I1 va py h<
h3oes mn.de for i ( n ow 0 y. \\ n 1.; k, g .d aii
Come aid see iu.
A.w K.a
W% e St EnId,
EL A~. RIc
Bull THT I
Chicken V
can run through it,
or climb over and I
We has
~. jrFall line c
among wl
fancy nlov<
(These 11
[ very few e
~ The one
having any trace of
le is eliminated by
v the Inter
$4 CO., of
me of Kid.
I not I alp.
r Business.
ed fir A. H. PARK'S for Dry
We have the largest and most
d Wji81' Goods
hall be the Lcwest.
1 i st, - in f i f ( If F, "Iand colors,
Comr.e wid ](I l u I-how voul ti te
We 1ove pr( vit'id. (1 a literal Imp
ai-idu g et' e dv t.c.e ou eottou
I i . A i<d i ofor 8c and
1 I < vCIer, at tI e uld pliccs.
l+ - 1..d. I I he i it fill prices
ly ki ws htI11 we sell the best
Liat -we till 11 N( i t t onr gocds.
4,. c.,
crawl under
reak it.
re just received our New
af the famous
yes' Hats,
lich can be found styles
~ryone. Froni~ the most
e shape to the very latest
Lats have no supv"-or and
quals at the p 8 ]@
pricy to eve. .
- - glli. O .

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