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y Goods, clothi
B utggies and W
For the past month we ha
Pickens. We are not much or
in 1897 has been phenomenal
ces are always right; goods bol
Our Dress Goods Dep
complete in every detail, la
ever shown, all the latest si
Flannels, Serges, Pannama
cloths 'and silks, Outings
Blankets, Rugs and Art Sq
Largest stock of Ladie
Coats ever brought to Pi(
styles from $2.50 to $15.
Coat for Ladies, $7.52 to $
Clothing, C
When it comes to clothin
show procession and all, m
stock, best styles and patter
store, suits for men $3-50 t<
to $5, children from $i to
Shoe" brand if you would
Clothing, Shoes
Chase City buggies,
and Zeigler Shoes, I
Call For Butteric
M, 1, -. Local and Personal
Pure New Orleanse avrup 50c thw
gallon at D. B Cooper's.
R E Yongue and E. M. Farme1
have g-me to Blaiirs, S. 0., to erect i
house for Mrs. Wilkes.
Sweet Mixed Pickles 25e per qt al
D. B. Cooper's.
Misses Lillie and Maud Lewvis, twc
charming young ladies of the Twelvc
Mile section of the county, were ir
Pickens Monday and paid this (afice
a call.
Atmore's mince meat 11 l6 tini
25e at D. B. Cooper's.
Mrs. M. S. Morrison and Mrs
Daisy Morrison, of Columbia, are
-visiting their daughter and sister-in.
law respectively, Mrs. J. T. Richbey
Straight Laguara Coffee 1 lb tine
25o at D. B3. Cooper's.
J. M. CJhillreiss has moved to Pick
ens and occupies his house recently
vacated by J. T. Richey. We wet
come him and his excellent family tc
Durkee's Salad dressing 8 oz bot.
ties 35c at 1). B. Cooper's.
If you are looking for something
choice for Christmas or wedding
presents you don't have to travel t<
the city to find what you want. The
Pickens Drug Co. have the finest line
ever brought to this country and it is
a re 1 ,, i ary eyes to call at
thei 'l look through their
stoc J of silverware, hand
pail . ware and cut glass
good. *y sight of itself, but
don't. h I * iso these articles are
sow': hi '. th at you are barred
by v e" io is something rich
ng, Shoes, Hats, G
agons. Almost e
ve been receiving New Fall G(
"HOT AIR", but we believe
ind we appreciate the fact that
ight right sell themselves.
artment, as usual, is ber if w
rgest stock we have sole age
yles and patterns in line whi
3, Henriettas, Broad. world, s
Flannels, Kerseys, teed. (
uares at all prices, Rain Cc
s' Cloaks and Rain stock of
-kens, all colors and Hat at i
The Kenyon Rain
015- There
lothing! shoe tra
g we are the whole you can
re have the largest shoddy
ns ever shown at this "feller",
> $25, for youths $2.50 is, we d
$7. Buy the "lorse ing is o
iave a fit, and remem- ble Batt
, Hats and Gents' FL
Iron King stoves, N<
Aynchburg Plows. .
k Patterns.~
Craeker-Jack brand coffee 2J. 1
tins 50c. Satisfaciory or your mono
back D. U. Cooper.
Ex-Oounty Commissioner, John I
Smith, was in Pickens on Thursday <
'last week and paid this office a pleat
ant visit He says thaet be has i
cultivation 24 acres this year ani
from 12 scres will get 15 balesc
cotton and has alrond~y aatbered 35i
bushels of corn. He will average 11
on bis cotton. Johti says this bea4
being county commissioner and the
he is done with politica.
Hersch's Pickles and Chili Saue<~
all sizes at D. B. Cooper's.
Mrs. Iola Parrott, formerly of thb
county, but now dif Greensborro, 3
C, wvas happily married on the 25.
inst., to Gaietave C. Faust, of Roel
ford, Ill. They will make their homn
in Greensborro for awhile then go t
the home of the groom. The brid
is the eldest daughter of Mr. an
Mrs. J. H. Clayton, . f Liberty, whi,
the groota is a -respected busicaei
mau of Rockford, ff1.
Of$1500( stock of Dry Godc
and Nouonas for sale at cost at th~
T. D. Harris stand for the next 8
days. B. P. MARTlIN.
The moonshiners are taking advai
tage "of the big coro crop an4~ gettn
in their wvork, but their roid is
hard one as the officers are a eepin
equally busy, snd are hot on ihe trai
Tuesday officers M orrick, McO aby
Aloxander and constables Goldsmit
anid Cooley miade a. raiid in the norti
east corner of the county near [Pori
ner post office and seized two still
and entire ontlits with meal, bemi
etc., also capturing Lee Burges , J ac
Howard and Vardi Rie'don., al <
whom were
men w'ore
they gave L : ,.~
seized by t1l
wveeks, n i
rents' Furnishing G
verything inl. car 1o
>ods daily and now we can show y
in doing things and showing what
the secret of our success has been
e can't fit you out of our stock
.nts for the International Tailorin
ch is the best Tailoring Concern
uits from $15 to $45, a perfect fit
)vercoats for everybody, from $5
oats for boys and men $7-50 to $1
Hats, among them the celebrated
I3, The Stetson at $5 and $6.
Shoes, Shoes!
is no denying the fact that we h
de of the town, if you want goot
get them here, but if you want
shoes you will have to hunt th<
-The secret of our immense shc
on't handle cheap shoes, the best
ur motto. In coarse goods the o1<
,le Axe stands out far ahead of an,
irnishing Goods a spec
aw uome sewing mach
il winners.
b J T. Richey has moved to his new
y home just recently completed tn Fac
tory street.
. W. E. Fremain & Co, are staking
4 1 their rejtation on 'Piedmont' flour,
each and every sack of which is guar
anteed to ibake a prize winning loaf.
3I The -'Coney Island United Showvs"
f advertised to be in Pickens th'is weok
0 failed to connect and we are all cor
e (espen-dlingly' happy, even if wye are
a shiort onl locals.
The other d ay Mr. T, A. tfiauldin
was caught in the act -off placing his
i' subsscription for a poul'I'y jou)hrnal and
now the carpete n-r'e at work on
a the -hen houses. It i 'Inrely possible
I- te has caught the echi(ckeu1 fever''
d amd has as eye on <mne -of the prisres
e- at 'The coming PoultiTry Show. Stay
e. with 'em TIom, for it 'will hia vour twn
a s the "sweet bye and bye" th get the
e enoney and the other fellow the erpe
,Last Saturday eening Mrs. 3.. L.
*~ Bolt received a telegram stating 1aat
9er fathef-, RI. A. PoeA. had been -eud
s 'del" strickuin with paralysis and was
darngerously ill, and a fewv hours later
SIwerd cnme that be wvos dead. On
the p-trnal sido M~r. Poiol was of
Englia dlesenwt whti4 hi-4 ma~ternal
ftanef.stors were~ of 1h9 line of .Miy.
a he being a relativn o~f the fitnmse
tK "Manul(" Jolly, wvho futuredI so largely
I. in the publie eye in tho npper part
L, of Stante, duirmec. recond1ructioun days.
In Mr. Pool was a sul-.Mntial f urmer
1 and citizen of Anderson enuntyv and
- lived about two iles northI of thme
I Confederato soldier anid Iiter a vah-.
k .mt "Soldier of thle Crosf'," bei ng a
if --A. of on-? seu.r in rh Central
s aidi
daughtors to mourn his danh.
-oods, Furniture, K
ou the best stock of General
we 'are doing. The growth o
sq'iare d-aling. We sell noti
we are shoe, in children's and
g Co's Godman shoe is the sl
in the guaranteed solid. Ze
guaran- $3.50, $4 and $5- W
to $25.1 for men there is nothi
5. Big and the Boyden, the b
Hawes $3-50, $4, $4.50, $5, $
Hardware of ever
ware, turn plows, harr
shingle saws and cros
we the The largest stock of
I shoes in the county.
cheap, Buggies, surreys, fi
a other lots, See us for anyth
e trade the space here to tell :
)r noth- but come to see us fo
I relia- will treat you right.
alty. Sole agients h<
ines, Hawes $3 hat,
Married, on the 24th instant at the
residence of the groom's brother, Mr.
Lindrum Sanders, Mr. Benj. Sanders
to Miss Carrie Hancock, J. Alonzo
Brown, N. P., officiating. All of Ca
teechee. The happy young couple
have the congratulations of their ma
ny friends.
T. D. HLarris, who for length of
years in business, is the oldest mer
elbanut in to:wn, has sold his stock of
genral mn~-chanidise to B. P. Martin,
of Eusiley. Mr. Harris has been con
tinuously in husiness in Pickens for
the pa-t 17 years and has many cus
tower-, sa. 4 friends wvho will huate t(J
know that be has retired from active
busies life. Mr. Martin, who has
bonight this stock, has had several
years -experience in the mercantile
wortdis no stranuger to our people,
having been euugaged in the~ hotel,
livery anid mesantile bus'iness at
Eamsley' for somie time, and by his
honest and sI traigh tforward buisiness
mentends has miade muany friends. On
behaif of the citizens of the town and
commusnity we welcome he and excel
lent family to our midst. He will
move to Pickens as soon as lie caun
get a suitable house.
It -is with muchu pleasure, Mr. Ed
itor, that I am wvith y'ou again, after
my long absence, for I am just like
'Papa's Girl" said: -'I canl think of a
ieap to write about, b~ut when I
.egin to write I forgot it all,"
Miss Fannie Foster, from Green
rille', visititod relatives in Cateechee
aist week,
Mrs. Pearl Gilstrap and little
Iaughter, of Newry, visited Mr8, (.'s
nother at Norris last week.
Walker James, of Liberty, was the
necst of his sister, Miss Emma
3rown, Saturdny and Sunday.
John Williams, of No.... lo. :~a
3toves, Hard ware,
Merchandise ever shown in
F our business since we started
king but the best and our pri
%women's cheap shoes the
ioe you want, every pair
igler shoes for women $3,
[ken it comes to nice shoes
rg to it but The. Walkover
est shoe made to-day for
5.oo and $6-50
y description, stoves, tin
tess and saddlery, belting,
i cut saws. *
staple and fancy groceries
irniture and wagons in car
ing you need. We haven't
'ou of half we would like to
r anything you need, we
Yours very truly,
S& S.
>r Mitchell wagon
Boyden, Walkover
mighty fine horse on the 17th.
Cateachee is "getting there" with
wonderful strides.
Steene Bowen now owns a blooded
span of horses, also an elegant and
comfortable surry.
Mv. - Revis. of tbe Six Mile sec
lion, and Lindsay saunders had a
get-to near Caiteecheo bridge, recent
ly, and the latter is now nursing
4ome slight aibasions of his epidermis
received1 in the encounter.
Mrs. Lida Williams is visiting her'
father, D. R Robinson, of Liberty,
Iweto is very ill at this wvriting and not
expected to live.
I). R. Woodrnfi is enlarging his
territory of Prater very much, Hie
jis making a grand success of it, an1
we are pleased very much wibb kim,..
Miss Ada Craig is getting aton.
nicely with her school, and every
body wveil pleased with her.
J. A. Brown now owns a fine sp'u
of mules and a wagon. He c'ihs
tbe long-eared brutes "Nicodemur
and "Zachmus."5
From what I saw Sunday I think
the wedding hells wvill ring shortly
in Cateechee. IP ri's DAnu~NO.
Ove Postofilce, Anlderson, S, C,
Practice in all Courts In S0uutlh Cartina
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All per~ns holding chisms .Igainst t! 4
catate of the late L. .D. Stepheus m,
present the samel (luly proven on or be
fore the 1st dlay of Jnuary, 19)I8, or bl,
dabanrred payment; and all pe'rs~o in.
dlebted to said estate mnM4 inake pjy.
ment cu or before the above late to L.u
Nov 91, 190n(3

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