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Of kn t.b aiovrsto.Sad
iroM.4 hM enlo, ons
4.. enyualesn"sh4 ead
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. H erlyo
, A.'6.aus.ar
"idn't he lie coula unlersiand ? it
14(0'1.o (' Ile rap~id conversation. Stand
1 11, -iu'zely In front of Baldos, she
: Hcoace hime in low tones.
Was'r -d he mean when lie said he
gai~ven you a lesson?" she demand
* ed His eyes gleamed merrily.
me;e meant to alarm your highness."
hDd'tle give you a talking to?"
"'He coached me In ethics."
"Yomi are evading the question, sir.
Was he mean and nasty to you? Tell
me; I want to know.",
"Well, he said things that a soldier
must endure. A civilian or an equal
might have run him through for it, your
highness." A flush rose to his cheeks,
and his lips quivered ever so slightly.
But Beverly saw- and understood. Her
heart was in her eyes.
"That settles it," she said rigidly.
"You are not to report to him at 9
"But he will have me shot, your
A highness," said he gladly.
"He will do nothing of the kind. You
are my guard." And her eyes were
gleaming dangerously. Then she re
joined the group, the members of
which had been watching her curious
ly. "Count Marianx," she said, with
entrancing dimples, "will you report
to me at 9 tomorrow morning?"
"I have an appointment," he said
slowly, but with understandiug.
"But you vill break It. I am sure,"
she asserted confidently. "I want to
give you a lesson in-in lawn tennis."
Later on, when the victoria was well
away from the fort, Dagmar took her
,companion to task for holding In pub
lie friendly discourse with a member
of the guard, whoever be might be.
"It is altogether contrary to custom
and"- But Beverly -put her band ovier
the critical lips and smiled like a
guilty child.
"Now, don't scold," she pleaded,:and
the countess eould go no :further.
The following morning Count Mar
lanx reported at 9 o'clock with -much
better grace than he had suspected
himself capable of exercsi'ig. What
sh Af tenis on the royal
eseice of .an amused
.nothing to what he
le .-y as It cafn be~ prac
ti slal girl. Almost be
ilhe had won exep
ti Vhnt l~ug the stake
t of singles. To his
C: -d : was game. H~e took
ti - wing that he inh h
Ignoranve cou-.. not will from the
blithe young expert in petticots. Then
he offered to wager the brass candle
- (
wing soo a tha t heoi''v i
eednor a momeant nro then nasii
oflethusyam aexpethe propoto.e
Afe i he redt aed the brasdlcandce
stack anah ater anbracerly sh conid
turn oo at onewt tMs honow.an
erestdk for ismomn recd thina theyi
weeoloe enhsts, hiche ges provton
Aterl tshe coe cheande ck
Count anhou xate aung rdy wasid-.
ngt h fot itinstructndis borin
tus rdaa at noce withMssChonsc
haro Beverl ook n chaerlqit. a
her complete- victory, enjoyed a nap
f pr~ofound~ sweetness and( theni was
gen'1' M" h" walk with the princess.
he lling leisurely about the
* cap . , (Ias, safe in the shade of
* he , r. a he heat of the ,Tuly stun.
him 'a * 'amgloss ai iproachedl.
"-u ' .. highness," he began.
with W *- muile, "may I beg a muo
"I I-u I with Bialdos, I'll take
at>." .1 erly wvith conviction.
", u 'ur* guard. Yesterday he
Visited the fortress. Ihn wont in an oml
Author of "Gustak"
fsopydght. 1904. by Dodd,
mad ad Company .
cdal capacity, it is true, but he was
privileged to study the secrets of our
defense with alarming freedom. It
would not surprise me to find that this
stranger has learned everything there
is to know about the fort." isi. listen
ers were silent. The smiles left their
faces. "I am not say'ng that he would
betray us"
"No, no!" protested Beverly.
-"but be is In a position to give .the
most valuable information to an ene
my. An officer has just informed n
that Baldos missed not a detail in rc
gard to the armament or the locatio..
of vital spots in the construction of thc
"But he wouldn't be so base as to use
his knowledge to our undoing!" cried
Yetive seriously.
"We only know that he Is not one of
us. It is not beyond reason that his al
legiance Is to another power-Daws
bergen, for instance. Count Marlanx Is
not at all in sympathy with him, you
are aware. He is convinced that Bal
dos is a man of consequence. possibly
one of our bitterest enemies, and hc
hates him. For my own part, I may
say that I like the man. I believe he ih
to be trusted, but If he be an agent of
Volga or Gabriel, his opportunity hal
come. He10 is in a position to make ac.
curate maps of the fort and of all oui
masked fortitications along the cIt3
walls." Beyond a doubt the baron wat
"Neither am I one of you," said Bev
erly stoutly. "Whly shouldn't I prov,
to be a traitress?"
"YOU have :noe quarrel with us, Mis,
Calhoun," said Dangloss.
"If anything happens, then, I am t,
be blamed for it!" she cried In dce
distress. ",I brought him to Edelweiss
and I believe in himu."
"For his own sake, your highness
and, Mlss Calhoun, I suggest that u
opportuntty should be given iaim t<
colIunicate With tlhe outside work]
We cannot accuse him, of course, bu
we C.'in protect limi. I comle to as|
your :lPermilssion to have him detalle
for d-uty only in Places where no su
picioi -can attach to any 'of his a<
"You meian Inside the cty walls?
asked 'Yetive.
"Yk% your iigliness, and as .far 1
possiie fromzi the fortress."
"I think it is a wise jrecautio
Don't be angry, Beverly," the .princes
said gently. "It is for his .ewn sake
y1n see. I am --acting .on the presumi
tioni that 11e is wholly innocuet of all
desire to "betray us."
"It would be easy for some one hig
in position to aiccuse and on)1ict him.
said Diangloss meaningiy.
- 'Andit woldbe just lk some on<
witfh the others', going tow.ard non1
buit one mun "high in power:"
Later in the dlay she called .Baldo
to her side as they were riding in th
-castle avenue. She was determined t
try a .little experiment of her own.
"Ta~ldos, what do you think ,or th
fort'ress?" she asked.
"I could overthrow It after ialf al
hour's bom11bardment, your highness,
he answvered without thinking. Sh
started violently.
"Is it p~ossible? Are there so snan;
weak points?" she went on, eatehin
her breath.
"TIhere are three vitai points of weale
ness, your hIghness. Tile magazine 'cai
be reached from tihe outside If om
knows the lay of tihe land, the parade
ground exposes the anmmniton buHQ~
lng to certain disadvantages and th
bIg guns 'could be silenced in an liou
if an enemiy had1( tile sense5 first to bomn
bard from tihe elevation northeast oi
tile city."
"Good heavens!" gasped'poor Bever
ly. "Have you stuidied all this out?'
"I was once a real soldier, your high
ness," lie said simply. "It was implos
sible for me not to see the defects i1
your fort."
"You-you haven't told ::::y o:me of
this, have you?~" she erled, *whie faced.
and anxious.
''No one but your hlighn~ess. You1 de
not employ me as a talehearier. I tracit.'
honor," slit' saidc. "W'ouhl you mtiind
going before the heads of tim warii do
paritmfent and tellinig thiemi just: what
you have told me1(? 1 mean about thii
weak spots."
"'if it is your commniai. youir high.
ness,'' lie said quIetly, but he was sur
"You may expect to he summnoned
then, so hold( yourself In readiness
And Baldos"
"Yes, your hlighnless?"
"You need say' nothing to them 0f
our hiavintg talked the matter' over' be.
His Clas.
The head of a large 'mercantile hous
received not long ago a letter from v
millionaire banker in the west asking
that the latter's son be placed in somt
business house where he co:.!L learu
"things from the bottom up." Th<
writer exPlained that his offspring waf
"no good at home."
Soon after the western millionairn
received the following- reply from hit
New York friend: I
Dear Sir-Your hopeful has arrived. J
have given him nemployment in nly estab.
lishment at $G a week with others of hi
class. One of these young men has just
bought a $50.00 yacht. and another comtem
to the offlco in a $9,000 motor car. Nc
doubt your son will find its surroundinge
-Harper's Weekly.
A Bad Cast.
Mr. Lawhead-Why do you treat m<
so coldly? Why didn't you answer the
note I wrote you last Thursday? Mist
Brushley-Sir, I don't wish to haY(
anything more to say to you. Yot
began your note by saying yot
"thought you would drop me ,a line.'
I want you to understand' that'I'm no
a fish.
An Illustration.
Little Harry-Pa, what's a foregono
conclusion? Pa-Anything that's sur
to follow something else. To give yoi
an illustration, if I were to lock thi
drawer of my desk It wouldn't b
,twenty minutes before your mothe
would break it open for the purpose o
finding out what I was trylag to con
ceal.-Cleveland Leader.
"I suppose," said the beautiful girl
"that you often burn the midnigh
"No," replied the poet. "I hang m;
hat on the doorknob, so the landlad;
can't look through the keyhole an,
catch me burning the gas."-Judge.
"'ll send my boy toXVa boardin
"What for?"
"Oh, he asks such questions. H
'wanted to know last night if a shol
maker could breathe his last."
rhere is nothing so true that tl
damps of erair have not warped it.
Sporting News.
A n'atch wheh will test Tonim
Morphy's -ability as a prize-tight<
k aid give a line on wlat chance 11
11 will have against "'ack)"' McFa
land has been' arreanged )y Johnt
Oliver, Mvrphy's manager The Ne
York fighter ham been miat.hed
fight KEl Goodman, thre boy w1
gavo MucF arland such a warm bitt
at .FOlt WOOyne, fud.. re(-cetlyN. Th<
will box. lbefore Bill Crowley's club
N -w Haven, Conni., sone time le
hAllen Storke, the 1gy infielder
tihe Hiarvard law Iebest -Ho is
--ad1 oate a)f Amiherat, w'hetw he leiar,
ed to pi'y ball, and expacts to speu
only a few more years -on the di,
s mond
o Hfere's a new oneo in ihe boxin
line: Twot fightinig hugs 're thm~ kinj
of having a bout on rol'av stos ie
i Den ver, Gel.
Tactics andi strategy of a high d<
gree of effectiven~ess mnade sup one<
the most sebriking features of the Yal
Princeton i.e itball gamie hat Satui
The suspension of the 'Georgi
Tech eleven eame Monday night]
-has been imfpossitle to obitain a ver
c'ear idea of the grounds on whic
the suspension was based and n
Pjudgment canibe- formed until thi
evidence gets into the linc-light.
Me'rcer and Clemson may playi
Miacon Saturidais. .The suspension c
gamne, ai~d ar: angi men ts are bein
miadeO forii at 'on test ii Matcon iturida)
Some Wives age~ Different,
"'.\lost mner," said the man. 'f expr
riene, "tLhinik it mnust be awfully meI
to htve a w-fe that iakes Itings a
coolly as Dav e PottIer's wife takel
thrm i, but others, mor e dici~inaiiit
ing prefer a good honest row to he
s.tyle of quiet cynicism. The way shi
behaved the ot her diiv w~hen shb
found at letter in D~ave's pocket fron
a girl in Bkooklyn is an~ cx'unple 0
her method.
"I don't see,' u rote t his girl. 'o
en e'arth I can ever live without you.
Don't l
to look after the hei
cattle and poultry.
just the same as you
is one of the best sto
market. We have si
this celecbrated liry
and will carry a- full
I have a g
Among them are the recomm
t Clocks with weights, which I
And a new line of SILVERI
r Silver WATCHES. A nice lin
y glasses to fit eyes. All kinds of
H.",SNIDER, ..
lot more just like it it without ever
turning a hair.
"'Well.' she said quietly, 'that girl
is a fool. If she knew you as well as
I do she would be wondering how on
eirth she could ever live with on.'
'And that, in the opinion the
discriminating few, cuts a whole lot
deeper than a common overyday
rumpus."-New York Globe.
r Spurs for Poultrymen.
f Poor business methods in the poul.
t- try business will do what such meth
hY ods witi do elsewhere -cause loss.
The brecd and the feed aie twc
things that must be united to .makt
poultry husbau iry at big success
Either without the other will no
take the poultryman halfway to suc
t em
Balanced ratione ame the propei
ones for poultry, as for iive stock; aid
skimmned milk and corn make one
Ithat is pretty weil balanced, but a
variay is always to bie preferred in a
f. II( our chiickens are 'ke.pt in runs,
be sure to) plow or Nspado them, upj
t thIisuhad ,now rvc or somehn
else to m'ake green fted4. It~ will po.
grify -the .'>il anzd gir- headthfuil teed at
K aping the flock in good health
)thm. tail andi wint.-r wvill m ake egge
te e tter. next y( ar and make the
younghrds grow ofl' more vigorous
(3; me~anwhuile the old birds will be
givinc bmetter profts.
If one cannot exhibit at faire and
poultry showa, he can visit the shows
a Girlhood and Sco
linked together.
j The girl who take
~'on has plenty of r
S plump, active and ene
The reason is that a
6digestion is weak, Sa
4. provides her with pov
S easily digested form.
~ It is a food that bu,
gifrl's strength.
t1th of your horses,
rhey need treatment
lo when you are not
,k medicenes on the
:cured the agency for
of' stock medicine
line at all times.
& C0.,
South Carolina.
7od line of
andable old style Seth Thomas
am selling at special bargains.
VARE. Also solid Gold and
e of Spectacles; I guarantee
repair work in the jewelry line.
- Easley, S. C.
or the poultry exhibits at the fairs
and get helpful ideas of what well
bred birds look like. If the exhibits
are good, it will be time well spent.
Too many males in a flock are not
conducive of highly fertile eggs, and
the more sprightly breeds of chick
ens do not need as many males as the
heavier breeds do for a given number
of hens. Eat the useless males and
keep them from eating what the hens
might convert into eggs.
1osts stuspended fron the rafters
with wire make it difficult for mites
to multiply. They feed on the fowls
at night and retire to the roost for
the day. When the .roosts are sue
ponded from the rafters mites cannot
easily spread over the house oud tho
space on the roost is so small ,at
they can be hilled easily.
Crosaing different breeds makes
acrubs more often than anything else.
Each breed has been devdoped. for
some particular end, and very (ow
shonld attempt to do better than-ot
introduce new blood into their flvcks
b~y getting breeding birds of the
sameO purec breed they are raising.
Try fixing in the mind the charaq,
teristics that indicate whiebh hens
will be good layers. A proper knowvl
edlge of these characteristics will, if
well inppted,. double the profit of
many farmere. from their flocks. It
is worth thinking about, and the sub
ject is brought up at this time mer':
ly to stimulate th .ught. The de
sired information will, be given in
these columns a little later. Watt h
for it.
ri's Emulsion are
a Scott's Emul
ich, red blood; she is
t a period when a girl's
'oit's' Emulsion ('
erful nourishment in ej
Ida and keeps up a (~

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