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Makes Some Calculatfor
To Superm
Pickens, S. C., 23d Nov. 1907.
E F. Looper, Supervisor.
Dear Sir; Knowing you to be
progressive man, ith the welfare o
your county' at heart, an advocate c
good roads, and alwitys ready to tak
advantage of any move, or schetn
for the betterment of the public high
ways, I wish to call your attention t
the following proposition which
would be pleased to havo you ple
before the Honorable Board of Conn
ty Coutnissijnera for their earnes
Pickens county is ill need of bette
roads, and more and better bridges
and whilo we would compliient tlh<
gentlemen conposmg the preseni
board on the great improvewnent, it
the roads for the past year, there it
no dodging the fact that there is stil
room for more improvement and ther
some more.
While listening to the "chicket
cranks" discussing the prospects fo
the coming poultry show and thi
profits from the (foul) business, gen
erally,my thinking hatchery got bus;
and incubated an idea.
Now, Mr. Looper, don't look 01
this as a pipe dream, the creaking o
the unoiled wheels in the middle of I
crank, but give it your earnes
thought. and consideration for yoi
can take my word for it, it is a grea
scheme, and with your cooperation I
can turn an honest penny and Pick
ens county will becomo the banne
county in th6 South.
It is a great scheme, Mr. Looper
In the language of the late lamente
Col. Sellers, "there is millic n in it.
Now for my proposition, which i
so simple, and so very, very, practica
ble. By the way, Mr. Looper, ther
is no strings on this proposition ani
no chance for graft. Tbe Picken
Bank shall be custodian of fund
providing they will increase the siZ
of their vaults, and put sealingwa
on the doors, and let Hovey Neale
sit on the lid.
Now for my proposition: Picken
county needs good rcads. She ha
got a Srstlass place to "pt 'em" and
I propose to build a monument t<
mnyself..as it were, as the great road
builder of the twentieth century.
Here is my proposition; under th<
supervisionu of the Supervisor I wil
expend $1,000,000 for the bettermen
of the roads and bridges in Pickeni
County- $200,000 per year for tiv<
years, beginning January 1st, 1912
on the following conditions.
The Board of County Commission
era are to give me two cocks and ter
hens (any old common everyday
barnyard breed will do), all the nec
essary houses, lands, feed, &c., foi
the raising and maintenance of th4
flock and increase, for the term o
fiv years, and all ineubators, brood
er's, houses, iquds, etc , after the fiv4
years re-vert to the county.
N ow, Mr. Supervisor, sharpen you
pencil and get busv. Figures won
lie. The female fiiute is sotnewha
deceptive; as I have been told, by
figures wont lie. Any good hous
wife who ever had a flock of *'bit
dies" picking in the slopbucket o
the buck door step, will bear me wil
ness that the following estimate o
- "Hent Culture" is about the stuf
Any good old hen when she settle
*down to business will lay on an evel
age 151) eggs per year. Of these 7
per cont will prove fertile, 25 pE
,eent of which will be cockerals, 33
per cent counted out for losses la
disease, hawvkR, visitations of t1h
Southern darkey and ether midnigi
We will sell onehalf the eggs at 1~
cets a d1or; 50 per cent of the coe'
ere~s end 25 per cent of the pulle
at 25 cents each, and here hi ho~v ti
old thing works, fractions to go
lbe rats,
-o -
s-Submits a Proposition
isor Looper.
18t year-Stock on ban', 1 cock, 10
hens, eggs received 1,5( u - Chickens
f Hatch Loso Net
Pullets 421 140 ' 281
Cockerels 140 ~ 47 91
Totals 561 187 374
Sold 47.p6cke' Is and 35 piullet4 @Y
25c vach' $20 50 and 750 eggs @ 1&o
each, $11 25. Tatal sales $31.75.
Ilomember yP)u pay for The feed. t
2nd % ear-s: ok on hiad. 1 cuck, 10 v
hens, 47 cockerels, 211 pullet,; eggs t
received 33 150. Chickens hatched:
Hatch LaaSH Net
Pullets 9323 8108 6215
Cockerels 3108 1036 2072
I-- ~~ ~ 1
Totals 12531 4144 8287 i
Eggs sold 16575 ( 1.( $24862 d
Cockerels sold 1036 @ 25c 2,59 00 d
Pullets sold 1554 @ 25c 388 50 1
Total $896 12
The conity p ays f-1r tho foed
3d year --tock on biaad, 48 cocks, 221
hens, 1,026 cockert-e, 4 662 pulleit.;
eggs receivt d 732,450. Chickens
hatched: I
Hitch Loss N.t o
cocerels 22,889 7.629 15,260 it
pullets 68,667 22,889 45,778 e
Totals 91,556 30,518 61,038 0
egs sold 366,225 @ 111 5.40337
cockere, sold 7630 @ 25c $1,907.50 ,
pulletbrold 11,434 @ 25e 2,861(0 0
Totals $10,261.87
4th year-stock on hand 1084 c cas,
-4,783 hens, 7,630 ct ckIcera, 34,3:4
pulletp; eggs received 5,882,550
Chickens hatched:
Hatch Jwss N- t
cockerels 735,319 245 100 490,213
pulle'e 2,205,956 735 319 1,470,637 a
$2,941,275 980,425 1.960.8-1-4
eggs sold 2,941,275 @ 1 c $44 119.12
c'kls mold 245,106 @ 25c $61,276 5f)
pl'ts sold 367,659 @ 25c $91 914 75
The county paya feed bills
5th year- stock on hand 8,714 cock-.,
39,217 tiens, 245,106 cockerels, 1..
102,978 pullets, eggs received 171, ~
329,25Q. Chickens hatched: r
Hatch Loss Net si
's16,062,117 5,354,.089 10,708,708 ti
p's 48,186;352 16,082,117 32,124,235 ii
64,248,469 21.416,056 42,832,313 A
eggs sokd85,664,625 @q lie
cockerehi sold 5,354,039 @
25o $1,838,509.00 a
pulle sold 8,031,059 @p
25c 2,007,764 00 e
Total . $4,681,242 37 1
As the contract expires with tbhist
Syear we will dispose of all stock on
hand to the proprietor of the Hiawe
tha hotel at 25c i'ch, consisting ol
253,820 cooks
t1,142,195 heans
t5,354,039 cockerE-ls *
24,093,176 pullets
sold @ 25c $7,710,807.
Mr upervisor, asynpyfor the
feed, you can readily see that the Ii0.
tat recei pta amount to the snug litle1
.sum of $12,550,449.48 Can you do
5 better than invest three dollars in.
r chickens? All that isi required is ai
contract with the "Sonts of Riest" of'
P.ekens to keep the flies off of tht
echickens and the scheme is sure to
Span out. If ntot, why not?
Youis for what's in it.
Packens Poultry Association
S40 bushels GAolden Chaff wheat at $1.25
e the busas1 for the next ten daays at 0. .
Algood's. Claude says this wheat was'
O~ ordered four years ago and he wvill guar
Iante. every bus!:el to be good wheat.
Clerk's Sale,
?tate of Sout h Carolina, (
Lunuty of Piexena. 5
In Colmmlon Pleas Cout,
In Irvnano (of a decreetal or<
n- de in the following-named case a
in file In the clerk's office, I will "o
he highe-st biddor, during the lei
iours for vale, at Pickeum coutthous
. u.. on Siledaiy in December, 191
he following-described real estittu upi
he terms herein efter muentiened, to-w
James Trot ter, et al.,
John Trotter.
1at. All tih .t erlain piece, paroni
r1W. of lad' lying and being situate
hle (tt an id st4t.e atforesitid, cuatai
ig 10ti 1ad 17-100 aeres, m1o e or les
a represent*ted by plat-of survev m1111
I til llivsioa of t.4) etate of 0. M0
I o' ter, deceased, on the - 251 hi day
ep-t.-mber. 1907, by 0. A. Ellis, mn
31, aid better knaown as tie bor
.actot of G. MAeD. Trotter, decoase
djoining anIId( of B. 1. Matild-ln, Fe
nton's lauds, Re ese Bowen and othei
2d. All that other piece, paro) I
acItt of. 11111d lying ntd becing iituaot
M coun1at 1 an- stA'toi aif Irea4ftil ,oniitinil
19 anil 83-100 asres. more or less,
lOwl by plitt of suirviy' made i, -ti
ivision of the eP'ate of 0. Ma ). Trotte
eetmeel, on the 25th d -y of Septenb
)07, by 0. A. Ellig, -urveyor, it heis
w" Iothiliru portionof the eatate et (
hJm). Tifter, deceased, aidjoin intg Ian(
V. W. Simmons, the home taset, E
[enirieka atid others.
Terma-0e.l if casb, 1 alane' on
0dit of twelve months from day ofmal
hi- credit portion to be saeuied by
mid of the purchiasm and a mort-gag
the premises, Paid mortzige hearit:
terest from day 'If Rill at th" rate .
giht ptr cent,. per nnnmi, with lo -v
it, ireiser or plirchateers s0 pany 1
hdi oat dray of sale . Terms of sale mu
F. complied with inl one hour after sad
r the premises will be resohil et the ri,
r the f rmer pirchawr or purchaser
tirchitaser or purch ,vers to pay for a
spers a d for renording the. sitne.
A. J. BO000,
Sal.] UAerk of I u10,
Clerk's Sale.
11114. (if South Carolina, County of Pie
eaanS.-InI Catiaimon Pleam Court.
I) pITranace of a: decreetd ord
uasd in the foil 1wing.named case at
n til- ini thelerk- ofluoe, I will sell
k Linheat lid 14r daring the logal lhou
>r *dale,art Piaen s couirthone, 8. (3., <
ile'.lay in Denember, 1907, the folio%
iW-desterVhed real estate, upon th Otersi
Ie,94fter mentioned. to-wit:
Iena Riggin. ;of al., Plaintiffs,
Ciaylon Collin,, et al.,'Defendanta.
All that emriain t aos or pha.ntation
uda in) 'aid conty an'dl state lying~ <
u~atr of Ur,,' ,freek, wvaters of Keuow
wau, eontaIiing two buundred and tti
z (256), aeres, anr or lesa, being all
tt tract of land represente:l by a ph
rid survey of tame male by Thos. I
arviia, anvveyor, daed the 19th day
pril. 185M. hess fifty a--d one four
iUr). aerea~ sold off-therefrom to DanI
lexaunder by the said Jordan Rice,
ill appear hv deed from Tordan, Rice
arnie Alexander, dated March 12, 187
ad veacorded iin ,Teed Book "A,"
ages Tofi and 7f of the records of Pi.<
na conty, f14. 0., reference being heret
usalo to the above-mentioned deed at
lat,, and to a plait of tlie portion sold <
rom the originai tract made by E.4
Cdens, suve~yor, dated May 8th, 190
o~r a more complete description of ti
easning 256 weres, more or less.
Tferma-Oe.,nalf ah btn slay' of aal
he, balanio' on a credit of twnlve mott
['he credit portion to hear interest
he late of eight per centum per asn
nti paid. and to be seaur.-d by a hot
-f theo pulrEbaser sand mortgaage of 6t
>remliseR sol. wia hi leave to tihe purha
o pay aldl onsh 'an day of 5 ale. Ter.t
>f saile mulst lbe comphetlid with in e~
aonr. or the premises will be aerd
lame day of sale at the risk of the, fotra
)urcobaser. P11 chaqer to pay for a
>apeHra antd recording sanme.
[Se.al.| Clerk of COsurt.
MIotice of Final Settlement and D
Notice is hereby given that I will man
Loplicaltio~n to 3. B. Newbnry, Esa
lonage of Prob toa for Pi ckens c*3nnt y.
he State of Month Carolinai, on tho f
lay (If Decoember, 1997, at, 11 o'clock
h14 forenoon, or ins sooni thereafter
aaid ap plicationu (an1 be heard, for lee
:n make flial settlement of the esitate
W B. Singleton, deceased, 'and obtr
1ischarge as execntor of said estate.
Nov. 7, 1907, Executor
W. E. Freen
Have some rare bal
and misses' clo.1ks
Long coats in. alrr
$(.50 $3, $4, $4l.r0 to
Boy's knee-pante
inm price from $1.25 1
We have every th
of fancy groceries
wsed for the holiday
i Try some of our
1 10 lbs for $1.00.
1. ,. cAfrE, W. Ti O"DI)i.
a President. Vice Presid
QUEtA - - -
kiniot: - - -
'~ - -
.. 11. MORtGAN W.- T. O'Dx
A00.0unt-4 of Mereh&Wt,, Fbners, Firms, at
- F 0 R C I R I
Santa Clairs
rr*A lot of good
, rt liktkl fMlkes, Nbg folks, youi
augh a- ind, of folks. We
for thena. alhL The Irrgesi
vie1 in ?kekens from a
to, tre fiuest chocola
1Bo-s. Oranges
pes of the ve
varieties a
you all. A bi
of staple
and fanc'
- grocertes
aud in fa<
it we carry
just mos
iyou need
1Wishing you
Christmas. We ap~
trade you may
Ashmore & I
Fall SI
ll Veirious chal'ges in style and colorings of
are ma~de each aas --for the comning FnlI
Isome hues1*. 'TW ilwant to kCeep' y'ou poslted ou
pua3 The new features in Meus* Apparat arte
C oods Sent 01
ialn &Con
'gains in ladies
tnd jackets.
Lost any color at
md cipward.
suits ranging
ing in the line
that you will
green coffee at
lul C o.
H. C. Sxa1r.M,
Dot, Cashier.
- I ,000.00O
- 40,000,00
d bidividhaalme olicited.
8- T At AS
Wi Want
things for
ig folks,. old folks and
ha- [email protected]# the very
line- of, candy car
'Big Red Sock"
tes, aiid- Boo.
nnd Ap.
ry best
g ii'ne
L iwmerwy
prcenat any
gwve us.
'T'orrect Clothes~ for (GoteI4men"
I ni-d Wijuter hIe~y areP prionanced in
whi .'s theo latest. Cani we do, so to
i Approval!.
. S. C.

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