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ilE SEN IN.0..
Entered 'April 28, 1908 at Pickens, B. 0.', as second classimatter, under not i rbongrbes of March *,'89
Ganderbone's Dec. Forecast.
Copyright 1007 by C. 11. Rieth.
D cember of the drifting snow
And yule-Jog blizing brighh
A December, w-hen the cold winds blom
Across the fields of white;
W hen winter's ring ia in the grount
And nights are clear and still,
And the boys go belly-buster dawu
The slick and shiny hill.
December of the Christmas t.re
And childhoods brightest dream;
December of the ecstacy
Of hallowet Christmas e'en;
When the last sweet lullaby is sung
Aud children's whispers cease.
And the wee sweet stocking. all ar(
Along the nantel piece
December of the drum and horn
And bundles slyly hid;
December of the one great morn
Of mornings for a kid;
When chime, of sweet and mellov
Are weloming the dawn,
And the house rocks with the merr,
Of kids with )ig hties on.
December was the nineth month it
-the old Roman cab-ndar, and iti
name is from decemn (ten) Wher
.Julius Cesar became Big Stick of th<
empire, the month cont ainel but 20
day". He add-d twu more- ont
:iore to make ready for Cbritmai
-an1d another to recover from it
-Christmas gifts oriaii..attd with th<
C reeks. Hence the sa ing, "Bewar<
of the Gieeks bearing gifts." Santm
-Ciaus was invented by the toy man
u facturers of Neuremburg, Germany
-Where the Teddy Bears came from.
The motto for the month will be
-"Shut the doorl" Mr. Roosevelt aU
\M3r. Bryan will be the leading presi
.dential candidat a and prohibitior
will contioue the burning issue. Th.
liquor interesti will build a wal
around Peorit, Ill.. St. Louis Louis
Mille, and Milwankee, and their war
balloon will make daily observatiune
.of the movements of Mrs. Nai'.n.
The Anti-Saloon League has comn
4'nutedto let the Winit.er $ulatice -
this yiear begin at 7 p. w. on th
22d; but there must bW no MA'likiia
.a14 every one munt he in Iy cife-Y
.The 21st'will be the abeutest das
in the year". This will be on Satur
day, and if you are at church next
day atid stav fr the sermon yoi will
aotice that the 22d, is much 0ger
The moon will be full on the 19th
and the sign of the zoaiae for the
anonth will be Capricorua the Goat
T'his will make but ter go 4apand send
\&ids to Sunday school.
"'The old mill pound will free-ze again,
And every one will skate:
Th e molycoddle moedest awain,
A 1003* attv 'osg
-aq yo puw sqffno
a ej uojrjnaug
sagoenluI puv 30
Mau puw poojq A~
Will thither go with Kate;
81.''1 lip in such a way that she
Will see a brilliant star,
And he will deeply blush to see
How long her stockings are.
The money scare will quiet down
I --unhappy eircumstanc-and money
will fr quent again the pocket of our
pants The new gold coin they're
making now- without "In God We
Trust," will turn up in the hat at
church as prized as any dust. The
scrip we haye will be retired and real
dough will' lopk good, but the old
subscriber will insist on paying up
with wood. -
On the 2d, Speaker Cannon will
assemble himself at Washington,
where he will re-elect himself and re
sume khe enactment of law in the
presen .e of the Drmocratic minority
and'other onlookers. The final edi
tion of the President's message will
be read, Wall street will be given
another physic; and it will be official
ly declared that this country cannot
exist half capital and half water.
Mr, Fiirbanks w!!! tike re'uge in
the dignity uf the Souate from his
cocktail persecuators, and several new
n'mbers will be taken into that ex
elusive club of multi-millionaires.
Congress assembled will take up
great public- q'wstions like the need
of federal building at Podunk and
Coyote Center: The growing demand
fur a nwore elahtic currency, and why
i-body will atay in the army at the
generous inducement of $13 a month
and found--dead in t'ae Philipines.
Persons born inder the sign of
Capricornus the Goat, are great orn
tors, thinkers and teacher-; qelf.con.
ecious and not meddlesome; good sto
ry tellers, eat too much, have style
and pride, talk too much, are dis
trustful, and can keep a secret (if
wales). They are selti-h, and never
get the hot end of it in exchange of
Christmas gifts. Tihey continue to
hang up their stockings when it is a
hardship upon others to fill them
Girls born in Capricornus are hard to
win, generally ;referring a parrot to
the stork.
'Ibo want-wolt's wail will ride the
-Whe overty prevaila;
A few late laggard geese will pass
With winter on their taila.
The sleigh will jingle up the road
the lines around the whip, and
George and Nellie. in the robes,
will love's own honey sip. The sleigh
will hit a 10-foot bank, and they'll go
rolling d'wn -vith Nellie's foot in
George's face -and walk six miles to
The new rules~ for farmers promul -
gated by th Farmhlad's, Union will
go into effect on the 1st, viz1 Fa m.
era will provian a.toneohiles for alt
dodAH PU, ! JeAl
irn~anu .r~$o3d
help, and will serve as chauffeur.
they will eat at the second table, ae<
sleep in the hayloft; they will rise a
4. do the chores and serve breakfas
to the hands in bed at 9; they wil
provide a phonograph and the oum
rent magazines; hands will supervis
farm wirk from 11 to 12 and from
to 3; the -earnings of .the farm will b
placed in a bucket every Saturda
and poured through a 'ladder place
horrizorntally on two chaire; whit
goes through the hands get-an
what- sticks cn the rungs goes to th
Santa Claus will make the usua
rounds on the night of the 241b
Men will get cigars, neckwear am
and mustache cups. L adies will ge
the money-which they would muel
rather have. - Children will- get th
stomach acbe and its coinplication
And theL comes January ill
To plague us with some ancient bil
As only January can
Dieturl" the bappiness of man.
Then Leap Year dread ebiall comL
again with Nineteen Hundred Eight
when wcmankind of growing year
ano single up to date, will hit th
bachelor's plain trail-the unpropos
ing wretch--and make that' woith;
for awhile exceeding hard to catch.
For a Christmas present, nothin(
nicer than D,>minocards; the grea
combiiation game set, do-nino shuipe
with card colors: Play cards, domi
noes and new games, "Show Me" an'
"Hig Stick." Parents fascinat. d
children delighted. 56 parts in at
tractive box postpaid 50 cents. BoyE
and girls make Christmas money, at
agents. Dn't delav. Write to-day
Dominocards Co., 1807 Chouteau, St
Louis. Mo.
County of Pickens.
By J. B. Newbery, Probate Ji go:
W 1i E R E A S, y. G. ry a t
made suit to me to grant hin
letters of Adminietristion of the estat,
mad effects of J. E. Wyatt,
These are therefore to ofte and admon
ih ill and singular the kindred . and
creditors of t i sail J. E. Wya l
deceased, tbat they be and appear before
me, in the Conet of rQEte too. be held
at Pickena (i, ilis 12t0A day of Dtq; ne~t,
after publiu-tron hereof, ht,1 o'oleok iW
the forenoon, to show ean if stay they
have, why the said Administration
should not he granted.
Given nuder my band this, the 26th
day of Nov., Anno Domini 1907.
J. B. NRwBERY, [Sealj
J. P. P. 6.
)ver-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Intpure Blood.
All the blood in your body passes throught
your kidneys once every three minutes.g
The kidneys are your
blood purifiers, they fil
-. ) ter out the waste or
impurities in the blood.
If they are sick or out
of order, they fail to do
their work.
Pains, achesandrheu
matism come from ex
~ ' co3s of uric acid in the
-----blood, due to neglected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble cauces quick or unsteady
heart beats, and mnakes one feel as though
they had heart trouble. because the heart is
over-working in pumping thick, kidney
poiaoned blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseascs have their bcgin
nmng in kidney trouble.
li you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamap-Root, the great kidney remedy is
soon realized. It stands the highest for its
wonderful eures of the most distressing cases
and 13 sold on its merits
by all druggists in fifty
cent and'one-dollar siz
c5. You may have a ' "
sample bottle by mali Some or awamp.nloot.
free, also pamphlet telling you how to find
out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmrer
& Co., Binghamton. N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
S"amp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
Followers of Cooper Aq
Reason for Thel
Wtth a theory that human health is
ependet on the stomach and with a
D medicine which hensays proves, this
theory, L. T. Cooper. a comparatively
.young man, has built up an immense
following during the past year.
Cooper has vjsite4.most of the lead
ing cities of the country, and in each
city has atoused-a storm of discussidn
about his .belefs and.his medicinos.
Wherevet 'he has. gone, people have
called upon him by tens -of thousands,
and his preparation has sold in iut.
mense quantities.
The -sale .of this medicine hah 'nO'w
spread over the entire country, and is
growhig enormouBly each day. In view
of this. the following statements from
't*o. of the great number of followers
.which he now has, are of gnrl in.
Mrsi. Agnes Viggenhouser, of 942 St.
.Lolis Avenue Chicago, has the follow
ing to say on the 'ubject of the Cooper
preparations: "For more than 'ten
years I was broken down in health. I
could not sleep and I was very ner
3 vous. Gradually I began to lose my
memory, until I could not remember
things from one day to another. I had
nevere pains and cramps in my body,
and I would at times see dark spots
before my eyes. I was unable to do
any work whatever, as my strength
I was failing. I had no appetite, nor
L could I take any medicine.
0I had about given up hope of ever
bein" well again when I read of Mr.
F 0 R C HI
Santa Clas
- *A lot of goo<
the little folkes, big folks, y
and all kinds of folks. I
for them all. The Irrg
ried in Pickens from
to the fiuest choc
Bons. Orang
pies of the
you all. A
of sta
and fa
- grocer
and in
we cai
just m1
you ne
Wishing you
Christmas. We
trade you ma
SAsh more &
Youns Mens Suit
Fall Desi
The young man who is reall
something different from the or,
our distinctive collection of "Cor
a style and pattern sure to strike
There are three-button Sack
breasted styles for street or dires
smart and fashionable. These
backs and come in all the latest
Jutst the style smartly dresse
this fall, at prices ranging from.
$15 T(
120 Main Street
d His Novel Ideas Givi
r Belief in Him.
Cooper's remedies. I decided-to te
them a trial, and I began to feel b ter,
at once. After taking the medicine for
two weeks I can say that I am a new
woman. I can eat with enjoyment, the
pains in -my body have left me, and I
am stronger than I have been fez
"I cannot say enough for 3W.
Cooper's remedies. They are wondeL%
ful, for. they have done everything
claimed for them in my case."
Another 'statement by Mr. W. R.
Stewart, 109 W. Madison St., Chicawj,
is as follows: "I have had stom#acbs
trouble for years, and anyone who I
afflicted this way knows what an awtf3
distressed feeling it causes. Many *
time I have felt that I would give mOs.
any price to be cured. It was by Wgi
cident that I heard of this uss
Cooper's remedies. I immedlat .
made up my mind to buy a treatmeM
of him.. I used it for about two weef
and it is impossible to tell how mubfa
good it has done me. I feel altogether
different. '1 have more life and energy
than I have had for years. This med.
icine certainly does stimulate aW
strengthen the0 wholo system. Tired
feeling and weak condition of the
stomach has entirely passed away. S
feel well again."
We asll Cooper's colebrated medi
cines which have made this wonderfut
record in all parts of the country.
-Pickens Drug Co.
Will Want
:1things for,
oung folks, old folks and
Ve have got the very
est line of candy car
a "Big Red Stick"
olates'and Bon
es and Ap.
very best
s and
big line
a merry
appreciat any
y give us.
s and Overcoats
gns and
y looking for smart clothes
dinary products will find in
rect Clothes for Gentlemen"'
his fancy.
Suits in single and double
s wear that are wonderfully
are mostly with form-fitting
shades and fabrics.
d college men are wearing
Croonville. S. C.

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