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0 RN
Entered April 28, 1908 at Pickens, 8. 0.. as second clas4matter. underact of Congress of Marcb 8. 1879.
VQL. W ill IICEENI 801f! CAZOLIN, ?1R1DA7. DECEMBE 8190 vs s
The Gatherer.
-The Comings and Goings of People
4ome you know, sonoe you don't.
Tim most attractive place in tow[
at 'eseut seems to be the storeroon
of the Piekene Drug Co. A haud
sonier lot of due china, cutglass, oil
verwarb and toys has never befor<
beeh displayed in Pickens. Dr. Hal
lum -seemst to be keeping pac(
witli the tites and studying th
interest of hii patrons.
On Wednesday evening a delight
ful.dance wr given in the hall oval
Vol er, Thoroley & Co.'s etcre by i
number of the young people of Pick
.ens.in honor of several viuitors Mr.
.. ;oD. Bruce, Mrs. Ivy M
Mianidin,. Mrs. Bruce Hagood an<
Mrl. E. B, Webb were the eboper
enep, and they were accompanied b:
Megsrs. J. McD. Bieuco, Ivy Maul
din; Bruce Hagood and Dr. E B
-Webb. Those preseut were Misse
Lucia Folger, Helen Boggs, Mari,
Folger, Bass Ashbmre, Mattie Thom
ason, Mary Gaston, Emily Bright
Maud Berguart of Greenville, Anni
Shanklin of Easley, Cira McCue o
of Greeuville, and Messrs. J. P. Ca
rey, Jr., Ernest Folger, Parke
Brown of Liberty, A. B. Taylor
Wajue Mauldin, Bruce Boggi
Furman Holder, Rob Heudricks an
W. E. Fendley.
About fifty young i eople enj..ey
a pound supper last Thursday evefr
jng at the reoideuce of Capt. W. L
Jenkins. After playing numeruu
-games numbers were drawn by th
.young men to decide what younu
lady each would ace mpany to th
- dining room, which was beautifell,
-decoroted with holly.
Miss Gussie Cureton entertaine
-a few friends last Thuraday eveninj
- in honor of her - uest, Miss Fior
. Jaweq, of Greer.
.Mrs. Emma Gilreath entertaine
b her-bGarders and a nuier of friend
.lastThursday at a dinner. Awunn
the..gtets.. ware Mr. and, -M;-n
.fillreath and Mr. and Mrs. Wi
.>Amblor,, of oGreenville.
Mr. .and Mrs. It. T. Allen wer
called tol~iedwont last Thursday ui
: account, ofithe ilinass of Mr. A '
ZMrts. 'WVill OBates is seriously il
with, psneunia.
- Mi Lor ena /l'aylor, of the G. F. C
spent-Saturday and Sunday with he
pare.nts, Mr, and Mrs. John Tayloi
Miss Aland iBuieguart, of Greer
v lle, visited aber..cousin,' Miss Emil
tBright, las'.weck.
.Miss Uwester Cuaraton, of the Grad
H lospital.eAtlants, opent her Thanki
iving se*ason.with.Jher aother, Mo
IK. L~ Cureton.
.Jesqe 3lorris seemsr to have enj iv
Aed Thumnksgi-vin~g day -exceedingl
well. A t one time duiting the de
lie was seenl going adown Main 'jtree
~with four youug .ladies 'in hig;&'Agg
--and( it wvas a single bu~g.gy.
Mrs Ema Th ornley went to Amd.r
aanE~ last Wedintesday to visit he
daughters, MEiendaes Walter i
Dr. J~IL. 'Bolt and . is little so
. 4 liver wenot to' Aedersonl, IFrd y.
Prof. and . Mirs. -Swittenberg an<
MIiss Cogburn spent -Saturday si
- Greenville.
Willie iharrs. of the 'Weff ard Fi
ting schod,pu aTil.hasiksgiving wit]
bis .parents, Mr, and Mrs. f. TI
L. L. Isabinet visited Berry Kelley
last Saturday.
Miss Annie Shanklin, of, Easley,
was the guest..of Miss Lucia Folger
last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A.'Bowen spent
the Ihanksging season 'vith relatives
in Cateeohee and Central.
W 11 E -Bruce visited his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. .L B. 'Bruce, i -.Green
Ville, on Thanksgiving.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. H1agood, of
Ewley, were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. J, McD. Bruce on Thanksgiving.
Miss Eloise Herd and -Frank Far
guton spout Thanksgiving with the
family of Capt. Herd.
Misses Mattie Thomason, Mary
Gaston, Josji Chastain, Nora Jones
and Messrs. Ruy Grandy, Christie
Robinson and R. E. Bruce spent
Thanksgiving in Greenville.
J 0 Pickens, of Easley, visited
. friends in town last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ivy Mauldin and
a their little daughter visited Mr. and
a Mrs. Ross Eatan, in Central, latit
Paul Robinson, of Easley, was the
guest of Julius Boggs, Jr., last week.
Willie Chastain visited his sister,
Miss Joeie, on Tuesday.
J. A. Williams, of E-ksley, spent
Tuesday with friends in P.okens.
Mrs. H. F. Smith was the guest of
her sister, Mrs. Hamp Craig, on
Felix Hendricks visited friends in
Pickens last week.
D Mrs. Florrie Griffin and her grand.
daughter, Miss Ohristine Suther
e land, visiited relatives in Cateechee
. ad Central last week.
Miss Olevy Roper is visiting her
I sisters, Mesdames Hamp Craig and
L. F. Robinson.
Tom Norris. of Cateechee visited
his aunt, Mrs. Florrie Griffin, last
Miss %llie Kennemur, of Easley,
4 so-ntvl Thanksgiving with her friend,
Miss Cora Mcue, of Greenville,
was the gnest of Miss Bess Ashmiore
D lost week.
Mrs. Isaac Uravelly spent Tuesday
with friends in Pickens.
Miss Bertha Glazener, of Brevard,
N. C, visited relatives in Pickens
last week.
.Ira Knapp, of the state of Iowa,
r was in Packens last week looking up
.the ploperty be bought here last
Y Will E. Bruce has boughti a half
inter 'at in the Bolt & Co. drug store,
and after Jan. 1,-1908, he will sever
*his connection with the Heath-Bruce.
Morrow Co. and work at the drug
Avery Looper spent Thanksgiving
with the family of J. M. Sutherland
J. McD. Bruce left Monday for the
SJohn Hvpkins Hospital, Baltimore.
Miss Emma Fin ney and her chum,
Mlinb Nora Jones, en~joyed the hospi
-tulitie<~ of Russ Moon and his estia
r ble famiuly, and other friends in that
I: vicinity, several days last week.
Mr.- H., B. Hendaicks entertained
i a nubr of her friends on Than ks
giving. A most elegant dinne~r of
Ave covers was served. The -halls
and large dining-room were artietic
ally decorated with exquisite ferna
and palme fron her conservatory,
and the tables were tastefully deco..
rated with flowers-and fruits. Mrs.
He- drieks is a charming hostess and
notedi lor her excellent uts
Capt. and Mrs. J. A. Griffin spei
Sunday with their daughter, Mr
Will E. Bruce.
Sam Oraig, John Craijr, S. I
Craig of Cateecbee, and R A Cra
and W R Craig of Walhalla, spei
Thanksgiving day chasing rabbits :
the canebrakes on the banks of ti
Keowee river.
Mrs. T.J. 3Yauldin went to Greem
ville, Wednesday, to visit her aun
Mrs. Eliza Mfiles.
Miss Cecil Hester met the youn
children of the Baiptist church c
Sunday afternoon ind organized
juvenile missionary society called. Su
William Ashemore left for Atlani
on Monday to visit his daught4
S. L. Robinson s. ent last Sunda
with Dr. L. F. Robinson.
Dr. and Mrs L F. Robinson an
little daughters Marf and Bess sper
Thanksgiving with John A. Robinso
at Easley.
A number of young people enjoyc
a pound party on Thursday evenin
at the residence of Elias Mauldin,fA
and Mrs. Mauldin are both popub
with the young people of Picken
and to say that one has visited i
their home is to say that they haa
had the best time imaginable.
Mrs. Alice Cochran and her st
Thurman, of Calhoun, visited ti
family of A J. Boggs Saturday nx
Rob Anthony spent 'hursday
Mrs. J. W. Winchester, visited
Pickens Monday.
John Roper. of Easley, visited 1
daughters Meedamnes E. H. Cra
and L V. Robinson on Monday.
On Sunday motning T H Hollida
and Miss Mattie Mlaftt were marrie
by Rev J M Stewat, at his resid n<
in Pickens. The f'llowitig were I
attendance; Walke- Youugblood am
family, Willie 1laan and famiiy4 A
Mann and familyKJ#4 Giif5#it
family, Waddiu Stephone sand wif<
John Gilstrap and family, Mrs J
Youngblood, Johu Youngblood, I
F Mauldin, Miss Josle Boggs, Wi
Holliday, Walkar- Holliday, Var
Holliday, Mises Iola Hollidav, Anni
Fanniu Youngblood, Oc.r Garret
Lillie Gilstrap, Nora Gilstrap, Viol
Gilstrap, Essie Gilstrap.
Aaion Morris has purehaced the Clen
ent mill and farm. He wi, later oi
make quite extensive im;'rove ments o
the mill.
Do you know Blen Pausons? Wel
Ben is destined to get into tronble wit
the hog-raisers of Pickens county. H
has a bit of ai porker in the pen, undi
bragging that it is a little the bigges
thing in the hog line on fosot, and wi
tip) the soales aut somethiing over aqu
ter of a ton.
Two men were driving into town M'ot
day3 and when near Allgo'd's satore th
horse fell dead. The names of the me
could not be learned
T[he Piokens Poultry Assoointion er
filling the store windows with beauutifr
cards, advertising the coming poultr~
show, Dec 19-20-21.
If you go to-the Big Store a'nd as
Ben Parsons if he has1 any~ prunes, hi~
answetr is siure to be, "Yes, air e-e.
Thoroughbreau, Dnsaton strain." H
has got the fever, and pins huis faitht
Whrio Wyaundottes, purchased from M
O. I Van Wyolk, Anderson, & . O
Monday WIas salesday and a grel
many people were in town. Votingi
the- contesb was eorrespondin6ly livel;
A number of the Pikang can ni
.t poultry fanciors will exhibit their birds tM
. at the Greenville show, Dec. 1044..
A. J. Voggs spent several days at tal. A
V. houi last week looking after his busi
nei mie*rsts.
The corn on exhibition at the Piokens on
u Drug Co.'s Store has attracted considea
able sattention and many farmers olaiin if
they can pasily beat it. .Meybe they th
can, but we are from Missouri, and they
-will h1ave to show up.C.
* Olndo Healer claims to be the dhitnu% to'
. pion bird shooter. One day last- week,- to,
shooting from his buggy,'he brough6
down five'birds on t he wing at a single a
n shot. .
- - : . -ba
John W. Sheriff Starts a New Busi- Cal
John W. Sheriff. who hma11 been saw- be
ing timber in this county for a number W,
Y of year#, has branched ont and added fal
on to- his-businesad. He has t3ken over
tho BendiugFactory on the north side b
' of the Pickens Railroad and has "trans e
imografled" thk plac, >until those who 'a
n used to be frequent visitors there would tit
know it no more. do
d There is in courae of erection a build
ing 40x100x16 feet, with an addition
g 18x100x16,feet, and these buildings sare
. nearing completion. They will be
ir used for machinery ULd for packing
I, dressed lumber and the finished products as
it of the mill. It
'e He has placed iii position at 80 h. p. ti(
boiler and a 45-horse power engine and Ul
will have plenty of power to drive all the tal
n machinery he will now put in or will t
le hereaft r need. t,
d - All of his ainhinery iU of the very to
bltest pattern nnd his planer, which is he
a v-ry large one, I as a capacity of 40,000 L
n feet per diy.
There is also a ateam dry kiln which C
will hod 10,000 fevt 9f luWber, and i ad
so arranged that thisi hanui is fra-b
quently dried every 24 hours.
S The~re are resaws, edgera, gangeaws, -h
ig and band Paws, which will be used for
their various purposes, In this im
mense lot of machinery, a1l of which
we will not attempt to describe, is a
I very flue turning lathe, which will be hi
d used for turning columns, Newell posts, ch
ie halisters and all such t hing. and is on a M
n' of the very latest improveI machines gi
d and is saaeptible of severAl changes i
and of turning out many kinds of work.
ThIUoontctu will also put in a big lum.
ber yard, entting their product at their bli
mill and finishing it up at this plants ,
r A sidetrack will be run alongside of the Cb
V plant for the easy loading and unload- va
n ing of the products handled by this tb
0 Concern, ad
e They are erecting a large warehouse
and will handle lime, ceme:nt, molding,
a lath, sash, doors, blinds and builders'
a hardware and supplies. In foct, if ynn
want a house give your bill to John m
Sheriff, and when lhe gets through with ten
the bill lhe will move you into a moderns Ga
house with all conveniences, If you want
him to, as lhe will lhave to work skilled
" hands, and among the lot will be several
R first- class carpenters.
Mr. Sheriff will work fiom 25i to (50
, bands and has completed, already, sever.
5 al neat and nice cott~ag's close to the
e mill for their occupancy, M
a Barring the cotton mills, this will be H1
t the largest industry in the county, if w
i not in the piedmont. and means much B.
.for Pickens.
Mr. Sheriff we welcome you arrd your
plant, not only to the town but tio' the
county, and wish you great suceses iw
your venture.
Li O r
Killing at Central.
About 8 o'clock on the night- A.
of the 29th, John T. WVerner,
son of Engineer WVerner of the 8o. Ma
Rly., was shot and almost instantly
k killed by Chief of Police A ttauway.
_Werner was sahot three times through
e his breast. The killing occurred in
o a restaurant of the town) and caused
.considerable excitement
Some time before the killing Wer- phi
Lt nor was armrested by Attaway on a
u trivial charge. lie was released and a
-. later in the day he maet Attaway inl a T.
y restaurant. A diffienlty arose be. i
reen tbe two men and it is claimed
Werner's friends that he struck
tAsway in defendinu, himself, where
ion Attaway drew his pistol and
ed three times, all of the bullete
tering his eltst.
Att'ieay later surrendered to She
Jennings, of Pickens, who ceme to'
e s'enbe upon being. notified of the
noting. He is now lodged in the
ekens jail. At the coroner's inquest
lay the jury brought in a verdict
it tihe deceased came to his deAth
the hands of Policeman Attaway.
r. J. J' McSwain, of the Green. ille
r, repretented the State. he having
en retained by the Werners to aid
a Solicitor in the prosecution of the,
rhe &dceased was a young mAn,
ing about 87 years of age. He was
krried but had no children, H1i
her is a well known railroad man,
ing one of the oldest men in the
ploy of the Sothern. The killing
ised great excitement here for the
ie being but things have quieted
wn now.
An Ancient Time Piece.
Mrs. A. J. Boggs is in possession
a clock that is "ery highly prized
an heerloom in the Looper family.
is in a splendid state of preserva
in and ticks off the seconds as reg
%rly as any of the fancy timers of
er days. Tpis old relic bears the
me of its maker with date of man.
utture, and if it could talk could
Il more of the changes that time
i, wrought than the oldest resident.
was made by L, M. Churchill 4
., of Hamburg South Oglroinu,
ay 10, 1791, and was bought
r Mrs Boggs' graufatiher in i1ie
ear 1802-the old man piying for
6 timbpled6 With i4 9 9f tobacco,
Iling the same to Hanmburg, as wif
e case in those days.
In 1860 the old man had a sale of
a personal effects, but reserved the
twk, giving it to his youngest child,
r Jere Looper, rcquesting that he
re it to his youngest, and so psg
on down. Mr. Jere Looper, now
years of age, retained the clock in
i possession for 47 years,and a
v weeks ago gave it to his youngest
ild, Mrs. Boggs, who no doubt
lues the old "timer" far more than
) other fancy little tickers that
Dra thi manutle.
Conference Appointments.
The folluwiug is the list of appoint
)ntq as read by the General Confer
se of the M: E. Church South for
weville Distric~t:
Presiding Elde:- 'V. M. Dunesu,
Dirton - W, H, jjdg'es,
Easley-C. D). Ilurnis.
IFountain Iuo-G. H. Waddielt.
G1ray Uourt--R. M. DuBoe.
Greenvillo-Buncombe St., W. A.
rssabau; St Paul's, J. L. Harley;
mwnpbon Avenue, A. E Driggers;
est Greenville and Monaghan, W.
Just us; Samson anid Poe, J. N,
(Greenville circuit-J. P. Attaway.
Greers --J. A. Cook.
[jaurens -First church, J. D.
Laurens circuit- Supplied By A.
North Pickens--Supplied by S. T.
Pidkeis --4; d. Ballen ger.
Piedmot--S. T. Blackman.
Bouth Greer.- J G. 1Huggins.
Traveler's Rest--J. R. Walker.
West FEley -D. D. Jones.
Moneghan and Woodside --Sup
ed by P. A. Gross.
IH1,'00 stock of Dry Goods
d Notions for sale at cost at the
D. Harris stand for the next 30
ya. B. P. MARTIN.

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