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Pickens S6eninl-Jourad
-VWT Zuarann y avsi ensAY NORNMG.
The Senine-3Jurnal Company.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Entered at Pickens Fretoflcee as Second las b
Mail Matter b
Thirteen Italians were cremated in
a terrible fire in a New York tone h
ment bouse. The fire started in a
saloon on the ground floor of a four
stury building and the occupants
were driven to the top floor where
Iney were burned or suffocated.
After ja hypothetical question con.
taining about 13,000 words, Dr. Bar. M
ton, a Washington expert, declares
Senator Brown's slayer was a sufferer
from puerporal insanity.
The Census Bureau Bulletin shows
that, proportion to the negro pop.
ulation, there are eight black ments
imprisoned as criminals in the North
to one in the South and that Massa
ehusetts jails twelve to South Caro.
lna's one.
South Carolina was well represent- c
ed in the Drainage Congress whicb d
convened Nov. 25th at Baltimore, Md ,
Nearly fifty per cent of the delegatei -
were from the South and there were
twenty states represented. Col. Jam,
Cosgrove and Senator Latimer made
stirring addresses. -The subjct
of Mr. Cosgrove's talk was drainage
and public health. t
Mr. Bryan, in defining Democracy, f
say that Mr. Roosevelt iq a Demo j
crat "in spots." The "Peerless Lead
er" points out tLe difference between i
. t
Democracy and Republicanism in a
Democratic Love Feast at the n a
tional capitol at which he was guest
of honor.
Charles Weeler, assistant chief of I
the Wnukesha,Wisconsin,fire depart
ment, on the night of (he 25th inst
shot and killed M~iss Mary Lynch
and then killed himself in the same
manner. The trouble was believedI
to have been caused by a lover .
quarrel. .
At the sage of 99 years, Charles WV.
Chaice, a well-to-do farmer of Fall
River, Wisconsin, decided that lifea
was not worth living, and committed<
suicide. He took Paris green and was e
dead when found. He left a note1
saying that he was tired of life.
"I -have lived 36O Thanksgivings
and have never had anything to be
thankful for, so bore goes, nothing,"
was the note left by ,Toe Meislin, pro
prietor of th6 Montowac hotel, at Ap
pleton, Wisconsin, who on the 28th
ultimo blow the top of his bead off I
with a double-barreled shot-gun. Be.
fore Meislin killed himself he order.
od off. allthe boarders of the place say
ing that he was going out of the ho
tel business.
Howard Maxwell, president of the
'Borough Bank of Brooklyn, commit
ted suicide on the night of the 26th
ultimo by cutting his left wrist with
a razor while in the bath-tub. He
was under indictment for forgery and
mismanagement and was released
7? ~fromt jail Monday under a $30,000
bond. The bank has suspended.
Twenty-seven hours and 25 mir.
utes were clipped by Edward Payson 1
Weston from the record of pedetriani
jinm between Portland, Me., and Chi- '
cago, established by himself 40 years I
ago, when he on the 27 ultimo ended
hsis record trip on foot between the r
two cities. Weston's actual time ex- '
clusive of Sundays, on the present I
trip was 24 days, 19 hours and 15 a
mninules I,~ 18(17 he .consnmed 25
dhays, 22 hsou., ,te~ J11 40 ), iutza for the
s~s~ I ~p. ts- tie1 sge st-zen d~e~t~'
s mapped route was 1,284 miles,
out the spedometer on the autono
ile which followed him registered
,375 miles. The difference is due
r) the fact that on several occasilms3t
Veston took wrong roads. The -et
ran walker showed fow effects of his
)lg walk.
Dr. Evans' testitiony w9s dramatic.
to spoke with feeliig of great sym.
athy for Mrs Bradley and referred
intemptuously of Senato' Brown for
is ill-treatment of her, all. of which
e said preyed on her mind and Un
Bated her reason. He declfie'd that
grown, hv his own hand, had de.
troyed the children which he bad
egotten. His refer# .-e ta Senatpr
Irown was so pointed that Juiase
tuafford admonished him that Brown
ras dead and could not answer for
iniself and that further, Mr. Brown
as not on trial. Dr. Evans was not
Will Norwood, the game manager
ud quarterback for the Anqiston
'resbyterian football club eleven, who
ran injured and paralyzed in Satur
ay's game with the Albertsville dis
riot eleven, was alive at last account,
ut there is little hopes(o'f his getting
At a meeting ofrthe ; chamber of
onmerce it has been 4ecided that
inderson will have a "Home Coming
Veek," sometime during the coming
ear It is probable that it will be
eld during the annual Counity Fair.
,ailroads will be aske I to grant spe
lal rates of faire and all former An
ersonians-and there are many --
rill be invited to come there and
pend a week in pleasant reunion.
For the benefit of the cotton and
ugarcane fields Governor Blanchard,
f Loujaisna, recently sent out in
tructions to every sheriff in the Ptate
r enforce the vagrancy law. This
3eans that idle men will have to look
or work or leave the community.
asui help is mucb-needed.
Hon James Aldrich, of Aiken, has
endered hbis r esignatiou to Govern
or Ansel. 4 judge of the 2d judic al
ircuit. The* resignation took Pf
ect on-December- -lt... His successor
vill be elected by the General Assem
ly. -
Tickle .the.People.
We have beo :u(raid it would
o:ne, but the advt~ocany of it. has- ap
eared a hittle -sooner tbari we ex
-When iome was ina transit
tate between republic .d t empire
howvs and spectacular a(~' ree paraides,
ritenaded with more or less pomp andl
ranity, began to be the orde0r :>f the
lay. It was a sure sign that liberty
and about departed, and these thina's
were introduaced to withdrawv the peo
ple's minds until the last great blow
ihould be struck shattering the vest
gee of ancient republican .inetitu
ions. And after the empire was
irmly established, these spectacles
and pomps got to be more numer
>us and costly. They pleased tho
>eop!e, who were thus made to forgi t
le loss of their hbarties. Triu-nphs,
with all tbe pomp and circumstance
af war; gladiatorial contests, in which
ome of the later emperors took part;
mnd, finally, largesses of corn and
vine flung to the Roman canaille,
o hush their growlings and keep
bem in good temper, were the order
if the de'y. All these marked
tot only the passing a'; y of the re
>Ublic, but they were also signs of
he decay of thbe empire.
And hisitory may yet repeat itself
n thi-i land, if the advocacy of the
lew York Worid for more pomp and'
>ageantry should he injected into
ur public cerom->nials, such, for in
tance, as the inauguration of a pres
dent of the United States. Per
laps the World has discovered that
he time has come for the display of
ailitury trap~pings for all that pomp
nd show which tickled tbe Romat
opulace and made them unmindful
If their ancient liberties.
The Washington Post treats the
W~orlId's proposition in a vein of
Perhaps such airy touch will,,, prove
more effective than would a graver
touch, anu( so we hasten to rake way
for the Post, whioh sayst
di '''ha's What Washington
yearus for, but hesitates to demand.
The World is right when it thinks
American prestige suffers when its
chief pagetnt consists.of "orpulent
governors on livery stable steeds,
precedirng a string of carriages in
which unknown municipal dignita
ries loll smoking 6 cent cigars. . As
the Post has often hinted, what we
want in Washington is pomp. The
he blare of the bugle, the
flash of gorgeous uniforms, the
neighing of steeds, and the glitter of
enormous *mythical and -allegorical
pageantry-these are what'we want.
In - London -the :<telighted. 'people
last week were treated to a living
picture of a line of kings, all Ed
ward., from first to last, all sur
ronfded with their entourages in
appropriate attire, each striving to
outdazzle the other. This is wh&t
shoula be done in Wasbingten. Let
the next iauguration spectacle pro
cession unfold to enraptured eyes a
stately procession of -American pres
idents, in choicest make-up,surround
ed by the mighty men who made
their ad'miuistrations glorious. Let
the show be gotten up well, -re
gardless of the cost of paint aud
gilding. Let the horses be steeds of
mettle, and let the floats be of enor
mous size. Let the calliope at tiie
tail end te a terebner of the first
rank, so that the in -p ring strains of
Yankee Doodle way be heard to the
remotest corners of the republic."
- [Columbia Rtecord.
To Farmer Unions.
There will be a rueeting of the
Pickens Co. Farmers' E. C U. of A.
held at Pickens 0. H, Friday, Dec.
20, at 11 a. n. rho annual election
of oflicers will taku place at this
All locale send delegates with
proper credentials.
Remember the day and date and
be on hand promptly.
By order.. Cominittee.
For Co Ex. Com.
A lA t'if;ONS are "hereby 'varned
not to hunt; fish. cut timber, make
roads or in any manntller trespass
upon any of my lands under penalty of
th lnw -Any personl disregarding- this
hotiee will be prosecuted to the fulles;
rtenh of thdlaw. 0. P. FIELD.
Do You Think
* Fpr Yourself?7
Or, do you coen your mouth likce a young
bird and gulp down whatever fogd or medi
cine may be offered you ?- --
If. you are an intelligent thin-king woman,
in nced of relief from weakness, nervousness,
pain and suffering, then it means much to
you that there is one tried and true honest
medicine or KNOWN COMPosTION, sold by
druggists for the cure of woman's ills.
The makers of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription, for the enre of weak, nervous, run
down, over-worked, debilitated, pain-racked
women, knowing this medicine to be made up
of ingredients, every one of which has the
strongest possiblo indorsement of the leading
and standard authorities of the several
schools of 1)ractice, are perfectly willinit, and
in fact. are only too glad to print, as they do,.
the formula, or list of ingredients, of which
it is composed, 4n plain English, on every
The formula of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pro
scription 'will bear the most critical ex amina
tion of medical experts, for it contains no 4
alcohol, narcotics, harmful, or habit-forraing
drugs, and no agent, enters into it that( is not
highly recommended by the most advanced
and leading medical teachers and author
ities of their several schools of practice.~
These authorities recommend the ingredients
of Dr. Pierce's Favorite P'rescription for the
cure of exactly the sae ailments for wich
this world-famed medicine is advid.
No other medicine for woman's ills has any
such professional endorsement as Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescript ion h as received, in the un
Qualifled recommendation of each of its
several ingredients by scores of leading medli
cal men of all the schools of practice. Ts
such an endorsement not worthy of your C
consideration ?
A booklet of ingredients, with numerous C
authorativo profesional endorsenments by thme
leading medical authorities of this country,
will be mailedi free to any one sending name
andl address with reouest for same. Address
Dr. R. V, Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
eer Fall to sltore Qray
This is tle time of year for y<
goods as Lap Robes, Umbrellas,
coats, Comforts, and Blankets.
For any of the above we can s
Now is a good time to sell all
ers you have to spare this year.
such demand. You make a mist
ens till Christmas expecting a h
market at that time of. year is a
of any kind are hard to dispose
One-Price C
3an run through
>r climb over and
Dave You BO
This is the season of the year wh
r l1opcoat, or a heavy weight St
rore comfortable than a doctor or
n the temper and more conducive
Owing to the stringency of the n
ig our v'ast stock at greatly redut
>u to consider buying such
Fascinators, Shawls, Over
how you some good values.
the chickens, hens and roost- A1 4
Later on they will not be in
ake by keeping your chick
rood price for them. The
[ways glutted and chickens
of at anything like a fair
ash Store
it, crawl under
break it,
en you need an Overcoat
it, and e se (eener -and
dlrug b
Of Che
ed pniees.

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