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4R A
FQurei , 1903 4 ?ioienat t3. 0.$ m soocd 010.8mattvro Ander aot of Congress of Marob 8 1879.
~ VQL, XXKVII, 1gz3, 8090H CAROLINA, 1HURSDAT. 11019111% 12 107
Ain't Th
Txvwoof the Con
We vill publisih 1wo more uext we. k
Oau publish the pioturoa.
N. D. Taylor will be in him studio in
day thOrLater until Dec. 15th.
This unlutest. c~bae< December 18 It. 190
The Gatherer.
The Comings and Goiigs (f Peopie-t
Som - yoa k iaw, a , j y su do't.
O ~ ~ ~~1 411i111eneua ace given
iby Meo,4-is. O-c..r ravellv mid Av.-rv
Looper, tit tlie residetice of Bailey
Robiiinsn, V . ~Ilj iedl bY a ntuimber
of younatg pp-ople Those preset
-M-ore M itises 0 1 Ivchey-, Dorm IUen.
W-k1, Mary Luoio, Nora Jimes, Joeie
.Chustaiy,, E'.ize tird, MaId and
Hortonse'StansOell uand Meussrs Sam
-Craig, John Craig, .Jtck LewiR. Ar
'thur Lew~is.x-irimn and Norman Hol
der, Jesse Morris, Furman Morris,
Catlile 'Newton, Frank Smith of
EmitEl1, Frank D. , f E AeY, E nest
iFrerua , Willie Bog,, Frank F"r
.gudon Ltov Grandy .J F, K .wn aind
Ben Martin. M'W'oh Dow. 11 cal'ed
the chanuages.
The Pickeno Chap'et Ii.. U. 1) 0.
T thad a eall meetitg laa4 welnk Is flih
reeidei-ct of Mrs. C E. Robinatn,
zand sent Maui Marie Fsolger III re -
ruseut the Pickeie. Chapter at thu
stat' convention which meets in
Mim \I argaret Holder vioitod re.la
<tiven and friends m InackensB lat
Clon e4 E Rebin~as wenit to Or
angebw.I g laat we-, k to attend thea
Ba tis e vention of laymen which
lanetL inl that city.
Mr'. F'lorrie G:r'flliu at d her grand
* 'aughie--, Mihsas (mr-tume Suitherlaend,
have a et Uaaur d[fom pleaaut ~iu
to relanuvesu and frenda in Cateerbhee
and Centiala.
Mies Ml .ud A~hmore', of Alb i a,
who as vumig her .pare~n~s, Mr. and1
MIrs. W m Ashone , a warumly n -
A .come~id to Packens buy her miany
D) niel Winch. atur oaf E'atatu.,
was, the. gnleat if IiG v. J. M. Stewart,
Geoa. F3. Lee andu B 'een Mahler,
O "e I , wsee thte a'. ' ot f Ho1,q
*VT. J M-mao u bu I1 t 'lThur,.]av. I).
Lee4 is c. hatt aor d 'a sb. ra v ona udi''
*Eralog. , and camte to, Pokleua f.r it .h,
pur'psue of locating a gidd muite.
The friend-.of .Reetso Allgood are
.led to1 14e him alei to be ou
maBin, after havingt experieniced eaach
asitu everet ilness Iroml ty phoid fevy
ey Cute.
Seud in your pholi grapim early to we
Pickous unext Saturday and every Satur
wh ie ait tedu.dit-go Wu1b1d C .l-tge is
Svartliiilurg 13, onur "I hii )b. -
miitn he will bie cokaiveiled to disceon
tiinu" h iI , w.tudiem untt w xt runl
This v% It, be regni ted, -,4 Mr. At -
good niet a Spdiii.tid r. u r1i aa a atu
dent ahdeIat. lit, %k - ftI-.i aid also won,
te et.+rn1 mild confidence1.-t of his.
ltoeieni- , who ht eype-k of hin iu the
VeI I i ItO terians
Mi a G rnide Hurri-j celebrated
bea twi Ifth bitthday lait Thursday
by -untertaiing a nuwber of her
30131.g fri..udA at~ a birthday varty.
Dlcsuus, eire.ine ta were served
atint the happy cauwd of children
pent a plesasant afternoon playiunf
gaujone and 1ouktg at the inuierous
Miss Vi A Gdstrap visited friends
l Pckens last L'huraday.
Mi-s Maad Stanalil was the guest
I her. sister, M rm. Blaley Robinson,
Mr mad Mrs. Dick Teminiga vis
4d relatives and frienads in Green
vihe iast week.
Miuse Licint Folger, Helen B. ggs,
Fran111ces Brucep, and M stils. IH-g-lod
liruce, 8idney . Bruce ad Julius
Bogo, Jr.,-wenjt It) Eie,, Friday
eveinma, to witnime "Tha Old Maids'
Consvention," rendered by the Easley
A. Mi. Mortr Went to Charlestnn,
seturdav. as er d legate from the Ke.
IIwnE Tj'14e of P'ickf-.it to the Grand
Lodlge, Whiebl mne'et in I hat city.
osf (1 -e-ovt .., ,i--ntg 'Sat.uadayv hunt
ingi. 0on the 4old A mulder place above
Pic <..os,
Mrs. W. E Hill, of E isley, spn
F1. bi'r' ith her siater, Mira. Duav.
TI \el Mc i, of Orangebu'nrg, is
VIsiti on. Iis bro~ther. Rev. S. T. Mc
It is said that Ma.;o~r L eli -on wants
to have a free-and easy tojwn dur1ingi
the P~U ur sho w. He~ lsa vS for
e.verybod,4y to) ceme to to)wn on1 thiose
days oad oijoy themseolves.
PI'eendent'a~ Neoalerv Foays that dingn
1.be F1"r ---Dec. 19, '20, '21, be will. lay
aiside his vested authority and be onte
.(1 thi ee 'os and will b)othiler no one
unless they say they have a better
.addie hemron t han hm ha
Pickens Will, Havej One
. ~---o
Will Pull Off a Stock Show and Agri
. cultural Exhibit.
Oa Dec. 19-20-21 what is known
a 3 the .Pickens Fair Association vill
have an exhibit. It will be small,
but it will be good; and means thy'
hucleus of something big and good
another year
Everybody should help bring this
,-nterprise through - successfully. .
'l'here can be no money premiums 8
paid this season, but the ribbons will
answer and are worth as much or '
more, from a competitive point, than
a cash p:ize. l
Exhibits. are solicited of. all kinds
of needle and fancy work, vegeta
bles, agricultural products, fruits,
preserves, pickles, jams, jellies; and
baking, such as bread, cakes, etc. If)
fact, anything you feel like exhibit- a
ing --old clocks, heirlooms of any
kind. old laces, silks, etc., any fancy Y
band-stitching or machine sewing, or i
anything else you care to place on
exhibition. h
Elsewhere in tbis paper is publish- 0:
ed a premium-list whci gives fuller g
information about the fair. u
Circulars, handbilla an(] l'angers
are being distributcd about the fair, a
and Pickens extends an invitation to ,
i-verybody to be our guests on those If
days. A cordial welcome awaitm
/ou all.
By the way, it is said that Capt.
T. J. Mauldit, cannot make up his
mind what breed of chickens to stock
lip on-and he can't get the room to
put in a pen of every kind, so he is
liable to miss the Puultry .Show.
flon. J. E. Bogge, who has a little
bitch, or affetation in his speech a
when making remarks in polite soci
ety, has become very much enthused
over the Poultry Show and talks it
a great deal, so much so that when
talking now, on any subje.ct, he pre
faces his remarks with, "Cut-tut,
cut tut," He's a g reat old rooster.
By way of the b.ck fence we hear
that R E Brueo says he is a good
chicken-raiser - w hen it is cooked,
het he hasn't got time to fool with
them with the feathers on, but when
it comes to having the best driving
horse in the county he's right there.
We heard the following: "I tell d
you, that fellw Ballinger is a
scorcher. We thoughit, that Jones1
amnbasted us, but they sy he isa
nothing compared with the newa
preacher. Why, they say Ballinger a
scores you on one Hide and then rube a
salt in. then he scores you on the
other side and salts that, then he a
scores you In front and puts both salt
and pepper on. Oh, but won't, he
make these folks feel like 'small pots- n
toes,' and some that couldn't be a
gathered, as the old cat sat up is
a-yiowliing about this tim I ti
"Well, now, John, 3ou are awful
change'able. Why, some time ago a
you wvere sure and positive that cot- a
ton was going to 15e per pound and u
you were goir~g to hold for that fig i'
nrc. Now, here you are, changing h
front, and advising me to sell at
11&c I won't do it. I'm going to"
hold if I loose " But the listener
puss8Od oni and he doesn't kniow
whatir John aid, oi whet her either
suRC4.(eldd in con.vincinsg the otheir, or
ndo aold or who held their cotton,
"N.,w, Ben), those (chickenis are all ..
right. They are wvarm and comfort.
able-, and are on the roosts Why.
no, you know they havel,'L laid -did
you ever see or hear tell of a chicke,
laving at 12 o'clonk at night? Here
Ain't She.
d1ow 1Does It 101
Where llave Your
Report Iublished Again Next Issue
is 2 o'clock, ,ind just as I get (1ffi
eep you hav' to wake me tup going
ii about them. Thoy are i11 right;
0 upo to go out there to see about
iem afny more to-night, Whenever
'ill yoii go to sleep? Y m do worry
1e life out of ne about those chick.
as." But the liitener-pas8a on.
nd he is wouderipg if Mrs. Parsons
ersuaded Ben toego to sleep without
[*ain going to tike hen house.
A colhmotion. heard in the back
ird of hev. Rev. P F. Crawford, on
Iveatigationt, wa4 found to be caused
y him catching up and eulling out
is chickens, picking out, his best
aes to exhibit at L! e show. He is
rooming up a mighty fine I t to send
V to Pickens- to exhibit.
Mrs. M. F. Hester is working early
ud late grooming her Black Minor
is to exhibit them at the Pickens
The country needs i'oro water.
rays, said J. J. Hill, president of the
treat Northern Railway, lefore tha
Liver and Harbor congress now iii
ession in Washington, and declared
hat the railr( ads would aid and sup
art cordially any plan for the legiti.
aate development of the waterwayi
f the United States.
John A Steele, ilasane, walked intto
he executive mansion in Boston or
he 5th, and finding the governor's
Loor closed, turned on three prom
nent labor leaders, wbo were in the
nte-rooi, and shot them, ,ith prob
big fatal results.
Mrs. Olara Youngblood, a noted
ctress, shot herself in the mouth, in
er rooms at a hotel in Baltimore on
ae 5th inst., with fatal results No
iotive can be assigned byond the
tot that she had Ieer. warking very
ard and feare I a nervous break
Col. Win. Elliott died last Thurs
ay at his home in Bedaufort fromw an
ttack of acute indigestion. Ho had
sen down on a duck hunt.~ le was
dIstinguished citizen and soldier
nd had met many responsibilities
B a citizen, and served his section
A freight tr.,in ott the Southern
ear Blairs fell in a trestle last week
ud killed three men who were steal
ag a tidle. They were operatives of
be Union-Bufr-lo mills at Union.
Goldfield, Nev., is under arms, and
clash bbtween the striking miners
i'd the citizens is immainent at any
tioment. Presidt nt lloosevelt has
sued orders to have fr-deral troops
ed in readiness Lo aid in restorin g
eder ini 0 Adfield
THIS COUPON entitles
The Sentinel--Jourl
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viva owl
>k To You, Now?
Guesses Gotten To?
More Surprises in Store for You.
Ro'ss O')el0, Liberty, 745
R F Herd, Picken. 2010
R TL Henderkou. Pickelin 29)10
Jak, Allgood, Liberty 1010
Middleton Hester, Pickens 3260
C 0 Masters, Central, 4335
Wm Mnllinix, Central 1010
D 0 bumbert, Eaisley 815
B-. F Freeman, Pickens, 4145
- McWhorter, Liberty, 300
Frank Hendricks, Pickens, 6235
Hal lBogga, CallIoun, 1000
- Steele, Central, 500
Mark Hunt, Dausville 600
Dreamers' Arthur, Liberty, 4680
Miss Lucia Earle, Pickens, 4265
Til!mau Garrett, Hurricane, 2505
Miss Zora Smith, Central, 2465
Mips Lena Balentine, Central 5180
Miss Lida Leslie, Ensley, 295
Miss Essie Kelley. Pickens 1230
Miss Katy Edens, Punpkintown 1005
Misi ElAie Herd, Piokens 460
Miss Viola Gilatrap, - 5340
Misa Pearl Dalton, Hurricane 1470
Miss Ida Elrod, Pumpkinton, 400
Miss B-sai ThOIas, Dacunville, 200
M ins Jessic P .rgonas Liberty, 1000
Miss Maltie Bowen, Easley, 105
Lena Baleitiun 5380
Zora Smith 2440
Mattie Bowen 415
Lida Leslie. 295
Alma Clayton 4980
Jessie May Parsons, 1000
Lucia Earle 4265
Esasie Kelley. Pickens 1280
Viola Gilstrap, Pickens 5140
Ridney Watson , 300
Lizzie Garrett 2360
Nora Chapman 1235
Pearl Dalton 1270
Flora Winchester 685
Leona Ch ipmnan 200
Lida Thoman 260
Idla Elrod 915
Katy Edena 1285
The snowstorm last week as] gn
eral all over the state .nd was fol
lowed by very cold weather.
The American Audit Co. finda the
books of the state dispensary in a
chaotic condition, and loose methods
of keeping them and misapplicatio~n
of funds means a heavy Ioss.
Antu.rson county is working a
novel scheme to get good and relat -
able men to serve as jurors. Coerk
of the Court Watkina is sending a
circular letter to responsible people
in each townshiip urging upon them
to furnish names of the beat men in
each township to put in the jury box.
~')A0od scheare.
the holder to 5 votes in
ial's Prize Contest.
----- ............Rural Carrier
--.. . Township
................ ...... ...... for scholarship.

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