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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, December 12, 1907, Image 8

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Piokens, R. 0. 4.
A very pleasant pound supper wa
enjoyed at the residence of Mr. anl
Mrs. Elijath Hayes last Thursda
evening. Names wore drawn by th,
young men to decide whit
young lady each would accompai;
to the dining-roorm, which was ber.u
tifully decorated with holly. Afte
supper lvas served they played nu
morous games.
Mr and Mrs. Dock Chapman, o
the Mount Tabor section, were thc
guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Chap
man last week.
Osio Day and wife, of Greenville
were the guest of their fathe'r, W.
T. Day, last week.
I think, Mr. Editor, that when you
get through with the baby show you
ought to let all of your writers seni
in their pictures. What do the cor -
respondents say to this?
Elijah Hayes and wife visited their
father in Greenville last week
"Pansy," what has become of you-?
"Mountain Spr.tut," if you don't
mind yeu'll get frost-bit. "Old Rid
dlie," I thank vou for the kind coin
pliment last week.
A lady said to me the other day:
"'Clevie,' what makes you write such
strange letters? I cannot understand
them." I answered thus: Friend,
gather a little standard library of
,your o-vn. You will respect yourself,
and others will respect you for it.
Keep a note-book; fill it with the
best things. Read and think. Read
a little and think much. Read them
at leisure; think when at work. We
cannot know what good may result
from an inspiring word that we
sometimnes speak. Our own liven are
made sweeter by being in touch
with those wJo are inspiring. As
we are baildiug a temple the fo.d'i
tion is a very important part in the
building. Cpon it rests the success
or the failure of the cntire structure.
'Theie are just two classes of foun
datione--those that are above the
ground and seen, and those that
are. below the ground and not seen.
But while for these temples there are
these difirent foundations, for your
temple which you are building day
by day,.,the fact is it is already laid
for you to build upon. It is a rock
foundation that cannot be moved.
T .is fouu. alon, which is Christ, im
the kind of foundation which we
ahould build. b is a precious cor
nerstone. The cornerstone is placed
where it can be seen and read by any
one passing by. CLEvTE.
[jWe are compelled to cut short
our corresp~onden t's very in tertest
Sng letr for want of space.-ED ]
ialm.-D~oes your wife believe all
you tell'her?
Wicks-She doees when I am pay-ing
'ixer a compllment.-Somerville Journal
Lincoln's Sarcasm.
Probably the most cutting thIng Lin
eoin ever said was the remark he
miade about a very loquacious man
"'This Person ennf compress the mosl
'words Into the smallest ideas of any
aian I ever met."
We .Hear 3
Not so with us. My books show ai
~ncrease over last year.
'lhe Cause--We have the right goods a
the right prices. We are content wit]
small profits. During the money striti
gency n e are going to make it more in
teresting by dividing profits still furthe
and all buyers of dry goods and shoce
will find it greatly to their interest to d
bheir Christmas trading with us. A
goods must be as we represent, them c
wve make themi goodl to you.
A few priices wi'll convince you whr
say Is true:
Large .size cotton blank:ets Oc the pal:
Large size heavy cotton blankets $1.
A. K.
/V est End,
For Lung
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral cer
tainly cures coughs, colds,
bronchitis, consumptien. And
it certainly strengthens weak
throats and weak lungs.
There can be no mistake about
this. You know It is true. And
your own doctor will say so.
Th" best kind of a testimonial -
"Sold for over sixty years."
Mado bJ. . yr o.. Y or nMss.
we have no necrets! Wo pub'lish
the fortnaIno of all our mnodioines.
Rp tho bowels retgular with Ayer's
Pills and thus hasten recovery.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All porsona lohling ilaigiliist t a
eattite of the lato L. 1). Rt'plhenam muslq
.p en 1th 130e 1 1m Vul proven on or be
fore the 1- day of J1nn try. 1908, or he
d-barred payment; andl all persMons in
debted to s -id estate mustt malke pay
e, ont r.n1 or before tle ab.v' dto t) the
nnldersiained Li. P. STEPIlENS,
Nov 21, 1907t3.
Notice of Final Settlement and Discharge.
Notice is hereby giveii thtr. I will
make application to J. H. N wbery E-q ,
Probate .Judgje, of Picknspti co-sity. in ti.
state oi Southi Caroliin m flt 3d slay of
Jalnuary. 1190-, at I o'look iii th
forenoon, or :4.s son ihr ft or as sail
application can be beard, for Islave to
make fi $eittlemont or theI 8t. fit
J L. Collinau. dettfmased, and oltain d.
charge ats admittistrator of said estate.
28t4 A. J. Boggs. C. (' P.
Notice of Final Settlement and Discharge.
Notice )s heorolby given tlint I will
mnace applieationt toJ. H. % 5whery Eiq ,
Judge of Probitte for Pickicns count y. m
the stale' of 'outh Carolina, on the 7h
day% of Jvinary 1908, at I I O'clock in the
forenooi. or as soon thereafter as the
saill application can be hseard. for leavr
to make final settleiiett of i t eestate of
John B. Siiherlid dec'nsdl. ittd ol -
thiin diseliarge as execntor of snid estate.
5 Dec. 1007t4 D. F. Sutherland,
Notice of Final Settlemcat and Discharge.
No ice is liere-by given that I will
make application to J. B. Newlbery Esq ,
Judge of Probate for Pick.'ns county. met
the state of f-outi Carolina on the 'NJ
day of JaniuarY 1008. at 11 o'clock in
the forenoon, or ns soon thereafter a
said application can be hearsl. for leave
to make final settlemen t of tie. estate of
Gideon Ellik decc..ased, and4 ontain d.
charge as administrator (if Raid -stat'.
5D)ecO07 G A. Elli.4,
Notice of Final Settlement ad Discba&g.
Notice is hereby given that I will
make application to J B. Newber3 Eq..
Judge of Probate for ickeno Count ,. m
t ti t of 0 outh Carolina, on the 3d
Oay~ of January, 1:908. at 11 o'eisek i~n
the forenoon or as soon thaeueafter ia
said( appheatdon cani be heard. for leasv.
to mnake final settlement of the .estate of
Job C. Smith. deceased, andi obtain di.
chiatge as administrators of said estate.
1Dec 5, 1907-t4 M. T1. SMIITH.
Notice of Final Settlement and Dis
Notiss j~charge.
Nteinhereby given that 1 will maske
aipplicaiti on to J. B. Newbery, Esq.,
Jutdge of Probste for Piekena county, mn
thle State (If Southa Carolina, on the 9th
day of January, 1908, at 13 o*0'ook sn
the forenoon, Or as5 soon thereafter 5as
said application can1 be heard, for leave
to malukeilul settlemenmt of the estate ol
Rt. A. Cochran, dleceased, and obtain
dischargo a~s aldministrator of 'sid estate.
IDec. 12, 1907. G. B. Coehran,
4t Admr. with the will annexed.
hle Cry
North Carolina wool blankets $2.50 pr
Better wool blankots up to 10 the pair
t Better red flannel than we had last
year at 15 and 25 cents.
- Heavier cotton flannel for 8k, 10 and
- 12* cents.
r We believe wve sell cloaks 20 per cent
cheaper than the same goods can be
a bought elsewhere.
1 Hosiery and underwear atock nomn.
r plete. We sell ribbed hose for 1(0 cents
straight t hat can't be equalled anywhter
.t for lets than 1243 Cenis.
We are stribtly headiquarters for good
.shoes, the leather is right, the style it
right anud the price s.atll always be right
Greenville, S C
Fine Far:
At My HL1ome on -Keo
1 will sell my Farm
or 1ess, 40 a cr(s of fine ..J
acires4 under- wire, 25 acr
e3 cll I II (.1 is fl in.e aftst 11e,
t ivat ion, baln ce in or
On th b,)pace is a good
largo bai ns, cribs, tooI
fhct 0 his is one of the fin
tto be fiou.d anywhere.
Also all nItensils use
bu11g ;ies, 8 2-horse was
rak-e, 1 cutaway harrow,
per, 1-2 interest in a Mc(
2 cotton planters, 3 Pla:
(0 adles, 3 Olliver Chille
- n1d evaporator, l compl(
hel, plfw stocks,. hoes, r
eI c., et c., too numerous t
Lot of corn, todder,
lood -tuffs raised oi. this
Five Good work
yea s old arid weighing j
ctittle,'siheep, hogs anld
Let of plow geers, sa
'Terms: Cash on -i 1
the fari; the farm. will I
in onle and two years, wi
ticip paymet
F~or' further inftormatiorn se~e (
A Pleasure I
We Cani supply you wi
Gifts. Toys for the childre
plates, salad dishes, fancy c
ers and glassware.
Lamps, from 25c to a i
If you want to please y
warm shoes for the house.
Remember, small chiel
Come to see us.
n for Sale
C. 27, 1907.
Wee River, Near Old Pick
containing 448 acres, more
,eovWee River bottom land,40
es of which is sodded to Tom
180 acres in fine state of-cul
[nal forest and well timbered.
I-roothi 2-story dwelling, twio
ionse buggy shed' etc. In
egstequipped and best farms
d on a tarm, consisting of 2
'ons,. 1. mowing machine, 1
veed r - stock food . chop
Jormik Shredding Machine,
let Jr. oultivators, 4 grain
I turn plows, I molasses mill
,te set of shop tools, 1 rarm
ikes, picks, foks; iattocks,
o'm ent i butt, aIways needed.
hay, shredded leed, and all
place this year'.
mules, age fion 4 to
ror 800 1 o 000 lbs. Lot of
pigs and several stands of
dles and wilgon harness.
of t lhe a bore :ticles except
)e sold for 1-3 ,cah, balance
th leave to purchaser to an
'ig Bros., Picken. , s.c.
-o Give or R~eceive
th many nice airticles suitable for
n, rugs, rockers,. centre tables, cake
UPS and saucers,. bowls and pitch
i4 swinging hall lamp.
our wife buiy her a pair of our
:ens are dull now.
De Cash Stord4

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