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Entered April 28, 1903 at Piokens, S. ., ga seoond class matter, under act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
T& Vn. 110198, SOUTH CARLINA, ?HIAIDs ECIMBD 10 1907 C
Central. Route 2.
Kings school is progressing nice
1w under the maugelnent of Mis
MyK% Dunwoody. of Oentral.
Miss Fannie Voirath is suffering
&am a eevere attack of rheumatism.
*6 with ber a speedy recovery.
Mrs. Stephen Smith was found
-i in the yard of her home, on. D.
" .L A.eti' plaintation, near Six Milie,
rat Friday. Her body wag intotred
.a tIe P asant Hill cemetery Su
4 y A. tternoon.
-te, and Mrs. D. H. Kennemur
Wted the latter's parents at New
Hoape, Sunday.
Ris Mattie Smith left Saturday
A Eeeley. where she will spend
meweaf days with her uut, Mrs. Jou.
W'ig~r -tuat rplaee.
Rev. wm; Wailker. will- preach. at
easant Kill lBapList churcli 'nexi
W[as Berta .yones.tinw.engaged in
1m6aftieg echoul at. New. Hope, vis,
ited home follis.Sunday.
LEa4ie Morgan. if the Pleasant
RifI weetion, visited home f lks re
Mies &unie Taylor and brother. of
Gundiet, attended services at Pleas
Risec .Nannie and Kate Jones
qisited their anot, Mrs, C A. Mor
- gn, tedayf.
Mrs.-. 0homas Powers and .aon
=ett -visited relatives in Oconee,
A-turday and Sunday.
W. V. Jones is engaged in work at
-dewsenville, weepe he mpects to stay
4tmad Christman. geROOL GRaM.
orm unto Mr. tnd , Mra. Tommy
I~aper, recently., A glii.
4 5. McComba hn'hought a now
AVmp Mgey so that'he-oen attend tht
ONdJog of -ye oseibe. Wonder
'. 8. Looper is lR :ePniiles mince
'Thecaiving Day, fIta a c.gil.
tes Duncan has located iis plain
mg aqehine on; B.iD. "*dhar's plao
A" is doing some good wtrk
Oeet Looper and sister, Nora vis
Reed at this place Sunday.
Misses Maude and 1hzIe Looper
-eiatedthe MissessBerry Sunday.
Jcoeph Trotter, of [email protected],y visited
J- (3. Uughes the'first of the week.
I se' not dead, S'Old /Riddle;" but
sa see to write by lamu light. Bless
~..wa soul syou say 'youawrite by lamp
)tight and tihen ,alyse by -saying you
~ee a. top ttugLy-comniug and it may be
ar fello iv. Pretty ,good.
Where is B? It he 41eadt?
With best wishes to the paper and
J3. R Meece aend Josu. Gaerren -spent
eS~wt week in Rt ,gnan an d .'Brevard,
Y C., On busin- as
U P. Gillespie and J W.AiI.on,
' e. (Gillescie tp. aks well of heit -now
Mrs. B T Baldwin and children
vueo om a viisit to two of her sick
Gtva J. W, and ,AbnerDodon),
af near Rosmuan,'N. C.
HI. F. Wright has -moved from this
tinn~f to R~oss*Moon's place, -just
e.'Wokw Pickuens. We~wish, bimi all the
good luck thit may 'couw his way in
bis new. bomq.
Prof. J..L. alurpbree spenst Sun
4uy a6,d Mobday at the home of A.
I'. Winchester.
J. R. Meeoe. is turning out. some
very fine lumber at his mill.
Farm work is oi a standstill at
present on account of bad weather..
Well,: Christmas is almost herc,
but everything in very quiet so far.
Don't hear much 'suic at out it,
Hurrah for the cont-st, baby show,
poultry show, ate.
-Pickens, R. D. 4.
Alpha and Grover Freemap viasi
Miss Marinda Watson last Sunday.
Guess the wedding bells will ring
about Christmas.
Mr.' and Mrs. Robert McJunkin
visited Beeco Watson and' family last
We are expcting, C'htitmas, to
behr music in Rabbittown.
Miss Marinda Watson viblied Miss
Lillie Lynch-, Sunday afternoon.
. Elbert MeJuuikin spent last Sunday
with Dee Lynch. PANsY.
Liberty,. R F 0 3.
Health of this community very
good at this writisig.
Crops pietty well gathered in thie
Hog kil ing~ aud w' eat sow'ng are
on top these days.
To look over this beautiful land
and see so much produced -and still
we are not satisfied-I wonder why
it is that our Creator blesses us with
so matny good thing.. We forget so
often. If He cared as little for us ad
we do for one another. would we be
bessed with anything? If we had
tongues to speak like angels, and
co~uld preech like Paul, it would profit
i 4 n -tbing without charity. Always
speak a good word for everybody.
1) - unto hli as you wouad have them
to unto you. If you ask for a loaf
you would not wish for a 4tbne, so if
you want a blessing b siways ready
ta blese every one.
I would not minI sittio& down to
write to the S.-J., if I could make it
as interesting as does the versatile
"Dreamer." *
I guess the wedding bellas will ring
soon at "Old Riddle's," from the way
she writes about that top buggy
coming down the road.
Christmas Holiday Rates.
Great'y reduced rates via the Southern
Account Christmas Holidays the
Souithern announces Special Excuir.iion
Rfat.'s of one and ouie-third first-claise
une. way faire plus 25c for the ronnd trip
to all points south of the Ohio and Poto
teino and cast of the Mississippi river,
inrnkding Wasuington, D. C., aind Cian
Ticketa will be on cale Dec. '20 to 25,
m)i)liVe; December 80 to 81 1907, and
Januiary 1st, 1908, with limit good to
leay. destination not later than Mid.
utgh hanary 6th 1908.
A pply to nearest aageiut of 'he Southern
4Mailwauy or addread J1. C. Luck, Div.
Pass'. Agt.. (haurloston, S. (3.
W~auted-r o rent mny Crowv Creek
firan adjoining Capt. Herd. Apply to
J. ii. Newton, Picokona. .30w1
Afteri Doc.'?Ath we will gin cott an ona
ly ont Mondays of each week.
:30t3 Pickens Oil Mill Co.
The Gatherer.
The Comings and Goings bt Peop
8ome you ka ow, some you don
BY MIss oUdIs 14UDWAltD..
A small number (if youtg pe
enjoyed a most delightful sociabl,
the residence of Mrs. A. M. Mc
Wednesdiy evening. 'Those prei
were Misses -Maud.,; Ashmore, I
Ashmorp, Luis N6wton; Emma]
ney, Nora Jones, -Josie Chast
Gladva Mauldinb and Mesers.
Lraudy, Earle Soaburn, Sam Ct
John Craig, Oscar Gravley, A
Looper, and Herbert Newton.
John D. Harris, of Greenville,.
in Packens* o Thursdoy.
.Iult went to Andel
atn will spend the gre
p0 witer with 'her mo
lf Poole,
, live Newton spent last v
with her frien.d.Mrei. Swittenburl
the bome of M: . Emnma Gilreat L
Mr. Carlisle Newton in cletkin
the Heath Bruce-Morow Co.
Mieses Lillian Bolt. and G.
Prince are clerking for B. P. Ma
during the busy season.
Miss Delia Henessy, of Grecni
visited friends in Pickens last w
Mr. and Mrs. J. McD. Bruce 1
ret'urned from a trip to New i
Baltimore and other pinces of no
Miss Helen Boggs has retu:
from a visit to friends in Easley.
James lagood, of - Easley, vii
rulatives in ileksns last week.
Th e Ant' Welderchen uhlb
with Mins Hulo Boggs on TOrI
Mrs S. J. Garrick is visiting
sister Mrs. N. A Ubristopher.
Gregg T. Mauldin is now cler
for the Pickens Drug Co, and
be a valuable equisition to this
John D. Oh istopher left the
Instant for Safford, Arizona, wher
goes to accept a position sectar'
him by hs brotbr Rtev. W. A 0
We are glad to learn that Rev.
A Christopher. formerly qf Piel
county, but now of Safford, Arii
is fast regaining his health.
R. L Ambler, and W. H. Am
and wife, of Greenville, came
last week to visit their mother
remained at her bedside till
Mdrs Flora Lithem, of Greens
visited homefolks Sunday.
John Harvey Rihbey, of Ea
spent Sunday with relatives -in I
Mrs. J. W. Sheriff visited in 1
ens last week, As sie expeoti
move here soon she came up tc
speuct some houses offered for rei
Mrs. Emma Ellison, of Es
spent Thursday in Pickens with
brother, R. R. Roark,
Miss Rtella Ne.wherv spent a
tion of last week in Gre-enville.
Mrs. M J. Harriq is visiting
daughter, Mrs. J. F. Hlarris.
Mrs. A. 3. B gsgs and children,
J. and Olliver, are visiting r..a
at Calhoun
MiQs A lice Finnev, a fine-too
young.. lads , and n experie
traind iinres of A tlanto, is visi
the f -mily of hier father, D. U.
ney, during t he hiolidays.
Miss Adtie Hliott, of Eialey, s
TIhursrtay in, Pwexoti wvith friends
Comae to the~ poultry show
heln to make it a grand snccess.
,..Pickens Jr
F kple Hendri
3 at
It Is a Free
Mrs. Zealy Ann Ambler.
very Mrs. Zaly Ann. Ambler, ne Cox
relict -of the -late Jamses It Analier
was departed this life at the residenco o1
her dnighter, Mrs. EMunia A: Gil
'eon reittb, in Pickens, M11onday -bveuiog,
ater Dec. 16, at .6 o'clock, having reached
tber the ripe 61id ige of 91 years.
Mrs. Ambler l-aves surviving, her
eek children, . Belton 0. Ambler, Jamei
L. Ambler and Ars. Emma A. Gil
reath, of Pickens, Robert L Ambler
an<| Wn. R. Ambler, of Greenville;
for Mrs. Addie A. Barrett, of Waa'ing
ton, D U, and Mrs. Sunie E. Dickou
race of Alabama.
rtin, She had .been,, for many years, e
cons4istent iember of the Pres)yte
rian church, and hd long.enjoyed i
eek. ' assurance of the pead6 inti
whici she has triumphantly entered
lve as the reward for her life of useful
neles and cns' cruti)n to bigh 9.
P. puro ideals of. living. -
ened- Her faitb was anchored to the u:
filling promises of the Mlaster, an(
ited ber' bope faltered not through th
years ao adorned as a d-voted -vif
and nother and as a ounscorate
met Cbislian woman,
ada7 Mr.. Ambler'& last vears were fu
of siffering. yet the restrictions <
her her infirmities could not rub her of
Ceaseless.cheerfulness, and to a via
. .tor it was a pleasure to see her an
kin to gither from her oufaiing bright
"w ness, under her very trying afflic
r.tiene, fresh hope for each youngte
10th life.
e he Less than three years before, he
I for aged and lovable husband was calle0
bris- to his last-e eward, and she has beei
sseeuingly yVfaiting in patience for th
w. sum ons and the reunion,
tens .'oher children and grand-obild
ona ren she leaves an inestin.able het itab
and men and wotmen of her acquaint
ance will cherish with reverence an<
bier resj e3t, the memorv of her life no(
over love wh3icb were :o full of willing nac
and rifice.
her Tne funeral services wore held frora
the residence of her daughter, Mrs
ille, Gilreath in Pickens, at 2 s'clock De
comber 17th, and the re-msius wor,
tea. derly laid to rest beside her hue
ek- I~anid, in the Hi~guod cemetery, in Lb
presence of many fiends and ac
to Th, Bud,.
in- Old Dr. Rlyland, clergyman and ed
ucator, was greatly beloved in the
south, and his visits were always en
eley, joined by his former pupils and par
her ishioniers. In his later years it wai
his custom to offer prayer wheneve
he made a ministerial call. On on
occaslon he called at a house wher
par- thriee of his former pupils wiere stay
lng. These ladies were all past tha
her thirtieth year mark, but in the eye
of tihe old gentlemian they were stil
girls, which explains the petition 1h4
*"Lordl, bless these dear girls, jus
tai B budding into sweet womanhood."
Trhis was too much for one of thi
onnb11kr, who. takhag ardvantrge of .hi
king doelor's deafness, added this clans<
riced sotto voce: ''Alas, Lord(, b)udded, bloom0
Qed, CUaded and still unzpickced!".'
'j Owing to the rotatIon olf the earti
rive'rs flowin~g ini a northlerly anfl
sout herly directionl iinlfest. a tend
pent eney to growdI to the right, with th<
, effect that the right ban11k is apt ti
alwearl away slightly faster than thi
to be deeper toward the right side.
The Lead.
pks Goes Head.
For all Fight.
Jump in to It
Ross O'Dell, Liberty, 7605
R F Herd, Pickeus, 3980
R L Hendersou. Piokeus 3010
Jake Aligood, Liberty 1010
Middleton Hester, Pickens 4090
C 0 Masters, Ceutral,
Wm Mullinix, Central 1010
D 0 liumbert, Ensky 1214
B F Freeman, Pickens, 4295
McWhorter, Liberty, 300
Frank Hendricks, Pickens, 7740
Hal Boggs, Calihouu, 1000
- Steele, Central, 900
Mark Hunt, Davusvillo 600
Dreamers' Arthur, Liberty, 5125
Miss Lucia 2arle, Pickens, 5620
Til!mau Garrett, Hurricane, 2735
Miss Zora Smith, Central, .2465
Mits Lena Balentine, Central 6270
Miss Lida Leslie, Elisley, 296
Miss Estie. Kelley, Pickens ' 1280
Mies Katy Edons, Puimpkintown 1005
Miss Elej Herd, Pickens 475
Miss Viola Gilstrap, 7625
Miss Pearl Dalton, Hurricane 1690
Miss Ida Elrod, Pumpkinton, 400
Misa B. ssie Thomas, Daouisviite, 200
Miss .Jessie Paraons, Liberty, 1200
Miss Mattie Bowen, Easley, 105
Lena Balentine 0470
a Zora Smith 244)
Mattie Bowen 835
Lids Leslie. 295
Ella Ldoper, Easley. 250
r Alma Clayton 4980
Jessie May Parsona, 1200
Lucia Earle 8629
Esaie Kelley. Piokens 1280.
Viola Gilstrap, Vickens 6625
Marinda Watson,, 840
Lizzie Garrett 25q0
Nora Chapman 1885
Pearl Dalton 1490
Flora Winchester 1515
Leona Cbnpman 400
Lida Thomas 460
Ida Etroa 91ig
Katy Edens 1285
ui ,C
< *~ O

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