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Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Bates Beasonabi
Mtered at Plohen FmstofcO AS 50011n 014
Mail Matter
P'ICKEN4S, S. C.:s
Many weekly papers throughot
the country are raising the price <
subscription from $1 to 1.50 per yes
an account of the advance in the piric
of paper, It is the desire of the mai
agement of this paper to keep t
price at $1 a year and it the subsctil
tions are paid in full this can be don,
but this price can be maintained oni
by the absence of loss on subscril
tions. Now, if our kind friends au
patrons will stand by the Sentinel i
the future as in the past, the pap4
will remain at the present price of I
* year. Thanking you all in advant
we remain yours for happiness at
prosperity for 1908
The Sentinel-Journal.
We are proud of the record we ai
making with this paper. New sul
scribers are coming in every day, an
we do not count the renewals as ne
ones, eitbr. We do not have ti
exact number at the end of our pel
cil, but we are safe in saying thi
two hundred new ones have enrollk
their names since the let of Octobe
We are truly proud of the record v
have made this fall. Lots of oi
friends have come in and renewo
their subscriptions and have al
sent the paper to their friends
other parts of the country. W.
Jones was down the other day ai
sent the paper to his married daug
ter in Texas, Mrs. Reid. Other
our subscribers have been equally
kind, .to their friends and relativ
for all of which we are truly thank
and will try to give them th
money's wortb.
The junk heap has been prel
liberally patronized this week, sove
subscribers coming in with seve
kinds of articles of commei
and produce, corn and mnles a
money predominating-now we ne
some fodder and a small fairm.
The Greenville papers have be
very kind to the Pickens Poultry
sociation, giving freely of their spa,
to help to make the show a succe
The managers of the show feel hig
ly flattered at these notices, have
warm feeling toward the papers
tender them their thanks.
The Poultry Show in Greenvil
last week was one of quality and w
huled with as fine exhibition birds
there are in the South. The manag
ment should feel proud of their eftor
and the exhibitors should feel goc
for one of the judges, Mr. Ewald,
Ohio, stated that they had birds
that show that could, and would, ta
first prize at Madison Square Gi
den. Such words of commnendati
were very gratifying to the exhib
ers and to the association mana
Some people are kicking on payir
a rental fcr the coops to exhibit in t
poultry showv. WVouldn't the bir
look floe cooped up in all solrts. of c
boxes and barrelb? Then, again,
these exhibitors think there is no e
pense attachedi to this show? Hc
do they expect thle management
feed and care~ foar thesem birds and pl
a men for attentiing to them unle
there is some charges made. T)
entry fees, alone, wiull not near me
th ex no Just su'ch folks al
- hl. ores e ho always3 s.tand arouI
and6 u c~dwatr n higs
The second division of the Pied
W mont Union wili meet with the firaL
* church of Central on Saturday before
the Afth Sunday in Deceml', a
10 a. m.
1. Devotional service.
- 2. Enrollment of delegates.
8. JReports from the churches,
4. 11 a. n.-Introductory sermon,
by Rev. P. F. Crawford.
1.30 p. in.-Union reassembles.
lt Query-"Is baptism essential to
salvation?" Opened by Revs
Lf. R McClennahan and G. L
2d Query-"Cburch att-'ange Its
importance. IsA it oin e de
it eline? If so, some 6ft the
if causes." Opened by J. T.
Dobson and Hon. Laban
M Bauldin.
Such other queries as may present
e themselves to the Union 'will be dis.
' Union will reassemble at 10 a. w.,
Y Sunday, for mass meeting.
' 11 30.-Miesionary -sermon, by
d Rev. D. W. Hiott.
n All churches are urged to elect del
ir egates who will attend.
1 W. T. EARk for Corn.
Of the condition of the Pickens Bank,
located at Pickens, 8. . at the
close of busines Dec. 16, 1907.
L lane and diecoqut 1.0,230 41
d Demand loans 25,000 00
w Overdrafts 11,82709
Ie Banking house 1,125 75
Furnitura and fixtures 1.57428
Due froim banks and
t bankers 11,36284
d Currency 5,10000
r. Gold 500.00
e Silver, Nickels and pennieb 1.00000
ir Checks and cash itemo 802 78
Ad 188,52315
In Capital stock paid in, 20,500.00
B Undivided Profits, less cur
id rent expenses and taxes
h. paid 23,336.74
Individual deposits subject
to check 70 513 38
as Savings deposits 65,000.00
es, tasbier's checks 1,298 03
ful Notes and bills rediscounted 7,875.00
EiL 188,523 15
State of. South Carolina,
County of Pick(-ns
tY Beforo me came I M. Mauldin,
7al Cashier, of Pickens Bank, who,-being
al duly sworn, ays that the above and
ce foregoing statement is a truc condi
"d tino adBna hw bylbooks
dSworn to and sub erihed before mec
tbis the 18th da'y- of Dec. 1967
0G. R eridricka. [40a1] d
is- Correct Attest No.,bS
M .McD. 'Bruce
W. M. Hagoud Directors
in. J. F. Banisiter
b-n prc
a pui
Lainp eninmneys 4e,
10 cent gents collar Sc
- Stove pans 12 @ 14c
ta Matches 4o, can hominy 8o, coffee 10o,
d Soda 4e, Biking powders 4, j gal. coffee
pot 12o. pink cups 8o, half gal. covered
nbockets 9,, PoL covers 3c, can peaches
"l11, well pulleys 20., bowles and piteh.
lke ers 70c @ $1.14, Lanterns 50c, 100 lbs
r Liberty Boll @ 25, chambers 20c, tin
mn buckets 20c, dippers 4c, axle grease 4e,
it- lantern globes 9c, extrec's 8o, 5c kind
,0. 4o, soap 31, 9 lovely pictures 90c eacb,
3 lovely pictures $1.19 each, mens hats
42c @ $1.59, well buckets 41c, dolls 8 to
g250, $1 umbrella 75o, $1.25 umbrellas
SSpool Thread, Mens clothing, under
wear, trunks, overalls at and belows
id cot.
oStoves at cost.
X Those goods arc first class in every
Wrespect and being sold at these low
to prices in order to make room for a diffe
iy forent lot of stuff. Am goimg to make ar
se change in my business by Jan. 1st orF
de you could not get an article enumerated
et above for one cent less than the regular
,retail price. Pick up some of these bar
dgains while you can.
sus .: SHOES P
too#*. King Quality sh
-V' o* for their uniform
.0:~~: ities. They nev
for each pair s m
to the same high F
--z leaving the factor
4*ways rely on the:
- --- ity shoes require
In." They fity
6o %N first put on an
ONO natural shape in
. the King Quality
shoe for you.
this season's
p1easing In eve
tem before p
Spring shoes
lI you have property to sell or w
scriptions of property are correct, ti
ospective buyers.
Beautiful lot; on new street back of Graded School
33( acres well wooded, 3-4 mile from court house, xc
perty has sold for $200 per acre. Will sell, for $350'
5 acres close in. House and fine spring qn propert
'm-Real Estate and 3
Office over P.ickens Drui
AR IVER: Witou Immane(
Take out fire protection and start the new year right
We represent old and reliable companies and offer li
When in town see use Resp:
~mm.mmFire and Life Insuran
3es are famous
wecaring qual- 000
shoe to conar the
en reak
ror fe. sheer
Leey TK
BRYU ::int
she to buy wrteu.eu
es assures siao o
aresn ul. r a . A ji n
erdisapointrs .
dto conors. *::
Tnrbeotal Loss.~
an you tand That?
ur.hKing yutr
nbreakoinge atrasnbl ats
'our ,6eete
paterAns v

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