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Business Localse
Notices of Sale, Wants. Swaps, eW,
inserted in this Column at 6 cents per
line for egeh Insertion. Nothing taken
for less than l0cents.
Fon SAE-17acren, ori insti forest,
I miles north of Pickens, an &Oo.
7A Soiree went of Woodall Mountain, i
Sores branch bottom, balanob in timber,
c eO T~, ohl deal. -E. J'. KurrH
L F m, \o.1, Pickense, ,,
A I ' irW'a'~- sewing machineu,
jlti no~ C sold at greatly re
SI sewing nsaohinee ro
a 41d. fl at kaslg Bros.
0. P. EKight.
Carload of Obelisk Flour Just received
at H. A. Richey's.
WANTED,-500 bushels will
pay highest market price; oar trade.
1o3. 6.tf Ashmore & Nimmons.
Pay your guano bills at once. I can
hof, carry these accounts any longer.
Come to see us prepared to makt, settle
went. H. A. RICHEY.
FOR SALE-Two 50 saw cotton gins,
1 saw mill, 1 grist Mill, 1 40-h. p. A.ins
boiler, 1 25 h, p. Eclipse engine. AlI in
good shape. Seven miles weat of Pick
ens court house at Garrett's store with
good framed house and all neoessary
buildings. W. F. Towpkins.
80 83 Pickens, Route 2.
Will receive bids for sale of 5-room
bouse nnd lot containing nine-tenths of
an acrq more or less in the town of Lib
erty, S. 0. until December, 15th. Pur
chaser to pay for papers. Terms to be
stated in bid. J. 0. O'Dell.
Bainbridge, Ga.
J. D. Moore's 'Here Yet
A lot of veople have ups and downs.
Bit mie have alway been down,
Sometimes I'm glad, sometimes I'm
sad, but long to tell my story when we
battlewhanged through this vain world.
I am in the market for Beef, I heep,
Pork and Mutton. Sell a heap of meat,
and always like to sell to those who
want to buy of me. but don't want to
*ell to those who don't want to buy of
me. because there are enough that trade
with me to take all that I can get.
I still buy hides green or dried. I buy
anything you got, always want some
thing but can't tell what. So come and I
see how it will be when you buy your
meat from me. And remember the old
meat market Moore as in days of yore.
The ola meat market,
. . g.,appng, and Topographli
cal w..ork a Specialty.
Plckens "Ed Monday's,
.Joe Looper's Gin 2d Tuesd ay's,
Six Mite 2d Thursdays,
Liberty 2d Saturd ays,
Of each month, meet him at any of these places
by2~ p. m...
M. C. LONG,.
Over Postolice, Anderson, S, 0,
Practice Ia all Courts In SonutliCarollaa
,WelRNINQ [email protected] '
ALL PEaSONS are herqby warned
not to hunt, fish, cut timber, make
/ roads or in any manner trespass
--I-upon any of my lands under penalty of
the law. Any person disregarding this
notice will be prosecuted to the fullest
extent of the law. 0. P. FIELD.
Warning Notice.
All persons are hereby warned not to
hunt birds, cut timber, set out fire or in
any way trespaflss on our lands--rabbit
hunting exepteLld. tS. H. Brown,
Mrs. W. T. Field.
All persols atre forbidden to trespass
my lands. N. 0. Cothran.
All persons~ a-. hereby warned not to
harbor, hire, sulpport or extend credit to
mnywife., ih-ate w asrd, as shelhas leftmy
home; anid iiM not be responsible for
. u wuit., mtilkanuawnuum wi a noI
their anunuti ieting on Thursday 9th
day of Janniae mi xt. All claims against
the county im filed on or before this day
-will be bariu. C. E. Robinson,
Autber of "Grawveark"
Copsridt, I*, by Dodd.MAead and Compas
he smiled as he said it. The real prin
cess looked at him with a new, eager
expression, as if spnething had just
become clear to her. There was a
chorus of coughs and a round or sly
"She could hardly ask you to die,"
said. Yetive, addressing 'him for the
Arst time.
"A princess is like April weather,
madam," sau Baldon, with rare hu.
mor, and the laugh was general.- Ye
tive resolved to talk privately with this
excelleot wit before the hour was over.
She was confident that he knew her to
be the princess.
"I would like to ask the fellow an
other questi6n," said Marlanx, finger
Ing his sword hilt nervously. "You say
you serve the princss. Do you mean
by that that you imagine your duties
as a soldier to comprise dancing polite
attendance within the security of
these walla?'
"I believe'I enlisted as a member of
the castle guard, sir. The duty of tie
guard Is to protect the. person of the
ruler of Graustark and to do that to
the death."
"It Is my belief that you are a spy.
You can show evidence of good faith
by enlisting to.4ight:.agalust Dawsber
gen land .by.- shooting to kill," said the
count, with a sinister gleam In his
4y. I
"And if I decline to serve in any
other capacity than the one I now"
"Then I shall brand you as a spy and
a coward."
"You have already called me a spy.
your excellency. It will not make it
true, let me add, if you call me a cow
ard. I refuse to take up arms against
either Dawsbergen or Axphain."
The remark created a profound sen
"Then you are employed by both in
stead-of onel" shouted the Iron Count
"I am employed as a guard for her
royal highness,"- said Baldos, with a
square glance at Yetive, "and not as a
fighter in the ranks. I will fight till
death for her, but not for Graustark."
** Y Jove, :1 'like that fellow's
coolness," said Lorry to Har
ry Anguish, after the meet
ing. "He's after my own
heart. Why, he treats us as though we
were the suppliants, be the almsgiver.
He is playing a game, I'll admit, but
he does it with an assurance that de
lights me."
"Ie Is right about that darned old
fort," said -Anguish. *H'ils' knowledge
of such thlngqs proves ponclusively that
lie ia no ordniry pet'son."
"Yetive had a bit of a talk with him
just now," said Lorry, with a reflec
tive smile. "She asked him point blank
it he knew who she was, lie did not
hesitate a second. 'I remember..seelng
you ir the audience fbamber recently.'
That was a facer fol' Yetive- '.I assure
yozF'that it was nel fatilt of. mine -that
you saw me,' she replied. 'Then It must
have been ,Your. Cg ndf Wyho, ryzstled the
curtains?' said'.*th confoundddcI'bluU~dr
Yetlve couldn't keep a straight face.
She Laughed, and then he laughed,
'Somne day you may learn more about
me,' she said to him. 'I sincerely trust
that I may, madam,' said( he, and i.11
bet my hat lhe was' enjoying It beitter
than elther- of us. Of course he knows
Yeth'-e Is, the princess. It's his inten
tion to serve Beverly Calhoun, and he
couldn't do it If he were te confess that
he knows the truth, lHe's ho fool."
Blaldos was .not long in preparing
plans for the changes in the fortress.
They embodied, a temporary readjust
ment of the armament and alterations
in the amnmunition house, The gate
leading bo the river wvas closed, and
the refuse from the fort was taken to
the barges by way of the main esn
trance. There were other changes sug
gested for unmedi~te -.consideration,
and then there was a generali plani for
the modernizing of the for'tress at some,
more convenient time, Uidos lacon
ically observed that the equipmnent,
was years behind the times. To the
amazement of the ,ofliclals, he wvas
able to talk intelligently of forts in
all parts of the world1, revealing a
widle and thorough knowledge and ex
tensive Inspection. He had seen Amer
Ican as well as European fortiflcatIons.
The Graustark engineers went to work
at once to perfect the sImple changes
he advised, leaving no stone uniturned
to strengthen the plIace before an at
*k could he made.
T'wo, three weeks went- by, and the
,;ww guard wds becoming an old story
h> 'he castle and army folk. Hie rode
'idi Beverly every fair day, and he
looked at her window by night from
afar off In the somber barracks. She
could not dissipate the feeling that he
knew her to be other than the princess,
although he betrayed himself by no
Wordr.(Lj.gan. -Sho w a nsi.- thm
fun of it t;o inteisely"to "pose it to
the risk of destruction by revealing
her true identity to him. Logically
that would mean the end of. overything.
No doubt he felt the same and kept
his counsel, but the game could not
last forever, that was certain. A
month or two more and Beverly would
have to think of. her return to Wash
His courage, his cool Impudence. his
subtle wit, charmed her more than she
could exprersi 'Ri ~ihe ~~was 'begi
ning to study him from a standpoint
pecullarly and selfishly her own. Where
recently she had sung his praise to Ye
tive and others she now was strangely
reticent. She was to understand an
other day why this change had come
over tier. Stories of his cleverness
came to her ears from Lorry and An
guish and even from Dangloss. She
was p'roud, fastly proud, of him' in
these days.
The Iron Count alone discredited the
ability and the conscientiousness of
the "ilounfebank," as he named 'the
man who had put his nose out of joint.
Beverly, seeing much of Marlanx,
made the mistake of chiding him
frankly and gayly about this aversion.
She even argued the guard's case be- P
fore the head of the army, imprudently
pointing out many of his superior qual
ities in advocating his cause. The
count was learning forbearance in his
old age. He saw the wisdom of pro
crastination. Baldos was in favor, but
some day there would come a time for
his undoing.
In the barracks he was acquiring
fame. Reports went forth with unblas
ed freedom. He established himself as
the best swordsman in the'service, 'as
well as the most efficient marksman.
With the foils and sabers he easily
vanquished the foremost fencers in
high -and low circles. He could ride
like a Gossack or like an American
cowboy. Of thetn all, his warmest ad
mirer was Haddan. the man set to
watch him for the secret service. Tt J.
may be timely to state that Haddan
watched in vain.
The princess, humoring her own fan -__
cy, as well as Beverly's foibles, took to
riding with her. high spirited young
guest on many a little jaunt to the
hills. She usually rode with Lorry or
Anguish, cheerfully assuming the sub
dued position befitting a lady-in-wait
Ing apparenUy restored to favor on
probation. She enjoyed Beverly's
unique position. In order to maintain
her attitude as princess the fair young
deceiver was obliged to pose in the a
extremely delectable attitude of being
Lorry's wife.
"flow can you expect the paragot) to
make love t you, dear, If he thinks
,you are another man's wife?" Yetive
asked. her blue eyes beaming with the
fun of it all.
"Pooli!" sulffed Beverly. "You have
only to consult history to find' the ex
euse., It's the dear old habit of men to
:uake love to queens and get beheaded
for it. Besides, he is not expected to
'inake love to me. How in- the world
wild you'get that into +our head?"
O -a day soon after the return of
L~o%~ atid' Anguish from a trip- to the
frontier Beverly expressed a desire to
v'isit the ' mnondstery bf'- St. v'alenitine,1
high.-ozt the mountain' toji. It- was ,a
long ride over the .cirkultous route..by
which the steep) incline was avoided,
andl It was necessary for the party to
make .ah'eprly start. .Yetiv9' rode with
Harry Auiguish. and his wife the count
ess, whi)e Beyerly's companionu was the
gallant Coion&b Quinnox.- Baldos, rele
gated to the background, brought up)
'the rear .withu.Haddian.
For a week .or more .Beveriy had' been
behaving toward Baidos in the most.
etvaller' fashion. . Her friends had
been teasing ther, and, to tier own in
tense amazement, she resenitedl it. The
fact .that she felt the sting of their sly
taunts was sufliclent to arouse in her
the distressing conviction that he- had
Qlc ome important enough to prove em
barrassing. WVhile confessing' to hier
self'-that it was a bit treacherous and
weak she proceeded to ignor'e Baldos
with astonishing persietency. Apart
from the teasing, it seemed to her of
,late that he was growing a shade too
He occasionally forgot his deferential""
air and relaxed into a very pleasing but
highly reprehensible state of friendli
ness. A touch of the old .fauntiness crop
ped out here and there. a tinge of the old
Iz'ouy marred -his otherwise iperfect mien
as a soldier. Is laugh was freer, his
eye's less under suljulgation, his entire
personality more arrogant. It was t
'time, thought she resentfully, that his
temerity should meet somec sort of
And, moreover, shte had dreamed of
'him two nights in successIon.
Hlow welt her plani succeeded may Es
best be illustrated by saying that she
now wasi in a most umncomfortable
frame of mind. Baldos eefused to be
Properly dlepressed by his misfortune.
He retired to thme oblivioni she p~rovid(ed C
and seemed dIlsagreeablly content. Ap
parently it made v'ery little dIifference SO
to hizm whether he was in or, out of fat
v'or. Bever'ly was in high duidgeon and
low spirits. aCC
The party rode fortli at an early hour
in tihe mnorning. It was hot in the city,
but it looked cold aind bleak on the
hegilmts, Comfortable..wraps wer tak
[To EU commNTInU.1 &Fis
e Never Say
EPEATED sales mr
!monials any medi
This is how we know
is one of the very beat
market for all coughs a
Try one bottle and I
ickens, :
eASIet, W. T. O'Dzrz.
President. Vice Pres
, Dens - -.
Locounts of Merchants, Farmers, Firms,
V. E. Freen
[ave s me rare ba
nd misses' cloaks
Long cmats in alir
2.50, $3, $4, $4.50
Boy's knee-pant
a price from $1.25
We have everyt]
f fancy grocerie
ieed for the holida
Try some of our
Q lbs for $1.00.
~WM. M. R(
Whewright and
Makes anything in the
Horse Shoeing
Shop on Ann Street.
I am running a first.class RE
Svery best trade..
erythinig in Season that the Ma
Fish and Oy
Also, handle Canned Good
iffee. Candies, Bananas, Oran
ft Drinks, Cigars, Smoking and
Your patronage respectfully
orded to all.
J. P. Wal
h and Oysters for sale Fridays
the Likesr
e the best teeti
oine can have.
that our
remedies on the
nd colds.
South CaroFomv. -
1 1901.
lent, H. .S
J. Ir. amme
nd IndividtL as solicitem.
iah & C.
'gains irvI
and JaCkets
apst any a
and upwalW7
s suits ranging
ling in the line
s that you wilt
y season.
green coffee -a,
Wood work manu
wood and iron liiae1...
a Specialty.p
Pickens, S. ~C
e S in.
STAURANT, and..us r
rkets afford.
sters Fridays and. Samn
s, Fancy Grocepies; imagr
ges, Apples, Sun je.
Chewing Tobaccos
a~nd Saturdays

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