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'1 E II1E N ~IINE ii> '.' lu
iEatered April 28, 1908 at Pickens, B. 0., as second class matter, undet act of Congress 6tf D.arob- 8, 1879.
Like Mcirrying a Title.
Old Aintie laiidy. who did the Wash
Ing, was such a1 happy, brave old soul
that, although she worked very hard
early and late and Iust often 'have
been weary. nothing coulil depress her.
ilydeverythitng that occurred she saw
oaly "good luck" for herself. One day
she brought home the washing in a
high slate of glee.
".Jes think Mis' Arnold," she said,
"'''s goinl' ter git nuapried. Isnt dat
jes' tine luck to' poor, old tlack woman
like mei?"
"I shall be very sorry to lose you,
Mandy," said Mirs. Arnold, "but I'm
ghld iIf your life will be iEsler."
"Lose mne!" .gasped M1andy. "Lor'!
Mis' Arnold. I can't aiord to let you
lose me Jos' now. Why, l's goin' ter
annrry Br'er Johnson an' his flvo (hil
lun. l's got tel hustle now, fur sar.
"But I fail to see where your good
luck is coming in from such a mar
riNge, Nlandy."
"Why, chile, If I marry dat man an'
his chillun he's promised ine six mo'
big washes his fust wife (one had!
Dat's clar luck, Mis' Arnold, chu' luck,
'sides iabin' de honor ob mnarryin' in
Br'er .Johnson's fanbly!"-Philadelphia
Ledger. -_ I__
When Goethe Dictatcd.
In W1lhohn Bode's "Studles With
Goethe" an interesting chlapter is made
111 from the recollections of his last
secretary, Christian Schuchardt. Of
Goethe's method when lie dictated
"Wilhelm Meister" Schuchardt says:
"lIe dictated with a certainty and ra
pidity which made one fancy that lie
was reading from a printed book. If
this had been done in quiet and with
out Interruption. I would not have
nmarveled so much. But while the
work was proceeding there came the
barber, the hairdresser-Goethe had his
haih singed every other day and had it
dressed daily-the library servant, of
ten the former secretary, his clerk, all
of whom had access to his study unan
nounced. Friends called, the barber
gossiped, the librarian told about books
newly received, some member of the
family would enter and join in the con
versation, and finally, when all was
again quiet, I would read1 the last
sentenee, and the dictation wld pro
oeed as though there had been no in
terruption. -
Talked Too Much.
In a certain village of New Hamp
:shire there Is a quaint old character
'known as Boss Mellin keenly alive to
the trjith of the old saying, "Silence is
gol4en.4 M0lin's gift In this respect
.approaches genius, though he was ful
-ty aware of what he deemed his short
00MiRg th3eren.
Mefit wed to m Inattpspeis fro
.-a iveOneday allolive of the piqvee
-entee ..h shop anA4 asked, -"B.s'
whet's tbe--best kind of a mattess?"
"Reks." was the laconle response ot
Twenty yeat later, so runs the tra
Aiton, the saw* man again entered the
abop an4 again asked what, in the
.opInion of Mellin, was the best kind of
:a mattress.
"Straw," said Boss.
"Straw? You told me husks was the
Boss Mellio emitted a sigh. "I've a
aye ruined- myself by talkin," said
Passed the LImit.
purchased these shoes here last
ath, and I want to get them ---
ngd"began the man i' the de
ttment store. "You'll nottce that the;
ohe, est inelayin thier then a
yarid Je-Whye ftheroeI "thnk are:
s setokhe notent haw s rhabe tie
Fo ayher-you, whco"ou supeposeathat
-quirer. -__ _ __ _ _
Net an Outing.
"E~vpr been in Siberia?" asked the re
"Er-yes," answered the distinguish.
ed Iusslan refugee. "I took a knotit
ng there one summer.".-Chicago Trity
ST olbysDefinition of Rubric.
lhe archbishop of Canterbury at a
h banquet said the boys at a secondary
school had been given a dictation, and
one of the words of which they were
to give the derivation and meaning1
was "rubric." One boy clinched an~
inithil dlfilculty by giving. It two b's.
theni, beIng puzzled for the rest, wrote,
"The word is derived from rubber and
mueans a religious rule which you can
stretch or twist."-St. James' Gasette.
Breaking the News.
The matrimonial failure of Pat
bartender in the center of the city, I
been commin knowgige for so
tIme, and It has also been no see
that Pat really does 9not blamie
wife for her impatience with his h
its. Pat Is in dead eAirnest when
says that his wife really Is too gi
for him and deserves a divorce, wih
the self abasiig Pat would gla
grant her if It wasn't *so expen l
The good faith of Pat in this resp
was, however, never more forcibly
lustrated than during the severe
'tack of pneumonIa from vlich he I
just recovered. "Pat, the doctors C
you are very sick,"'sa!d his wife d
Ing her visit to the hos)ltdl onc (1
"Wha"t do they really say,. You .ca
hurt me by telling the truth," aunsw
ed.I'at. "Well, Pat, they say that y
cainot live." whispered the wife, fl
ly yielding to Pat's insistentEden
for the truth. "Don't you belIeve
Doctors iike a habit of holding
hopes to the last," drawled'Pat in
wearisonle style. "Thpy- are or
breaking the news to you gerrtly.
ai going to get well."-Philadelpl
Tolltale Bibles.
A dealer in secondhand books adv'
tised the other day for old Bibles 1
longing to three families that ha
lately coie into proinience.
"Do they want thema as heirlooms
asked it customer who had iread the a
"Not a bit of it," said the deal(
"They want the Bibles because th
contain a record of births; consequci
ly they reveal ages-women's ages. pI
sumnably. Very often dealers in c
books are asked to ,look up inconvc
lent documentary evidence of that kit
Before days of affluence tije family ]
bles got lost in the shuflle of movi
around. Nobody thought Imuch abc
the loss then, but with the advent
prosperity the books could easily 1
come a source of mortification -to ma
women if they happened to fall In
the hands of malletous persons; her
the frantic attempts to gather all su
records into the family."-New Yc
He Robbed the Thief.
From Czenstochowa, the Mecca
Polish pilgrims, comes a'n amazi
stery of coincidences. A pilgrim w<
to one of the priests and complali
that some thief had stolen his pui
while he wps In church and asked
money. The priest replied that
had no money and that the best tbi
for the pilgrim to do was to try
And the thief.
"I shall go into the church and et
Iolpy from somobody elui" saId .t
plAPim, "for J r n4th1isg tp
,hose* ytt." ' .estiate the chur
anse~pga nan in the eowg .w
a let 60. bis bAk, sipped N ha
Into it and pulled out his own stol
puhe, W.i.-the emet sut he had 14
in It. "iAW0 d to find his mw
*y that b iristid; to ten the prie
and the hief et-Away.-Warsaw C
Pall Mall Gasette.
Clara-Prn gotag to beekk of may<
p4.ement with To&h. I *4 d o a
love him. Maude-Iadeedt When 4
YOU 6.0 te discovery? Clara-L
afght. 'Aout riding wth i
other girl, and 'didn't feel like pulid
her hair or seratching'her eyes out
all.-Chlcago New.
H. Had N. Chelee.
The wife of a dynamo tender we
to a haberdasher's, to buy a necktie I
her husband, She selected a brillia
t'ed one, ready made, whereupon t
young and InexperIenced salesma
with compassion for the future own,
was moved to remark:
"Excuse me, miesus. is this tie I
your husband?"
"It is." replied the woman.
"Don't you think he'd rather ha
some other color? I'm afraid he wo'
wear this red tie."
"Oh, yes, he willI" said the worn
firmly. "He'll have to-he's dead,'
London Answers.
The Iislh Priest.
Stephen Gwvynn has said son
where excellently that the Irish pri
possesses the secret of Irish life.
does, and so entirely is the key to
in his posession that I doubt if a
genius, however great, could give
adequate rendering of Irish life wi
out Introducing the priest.-Itgther
'Tynan In Fortnightly Re~vIew.
A Diseourager.
Miss Kreech-Some authorities1
lieve that the practice of singing a
keep a person from getting consun
tion. Mr. Knox-Yes, but most abth
ities believe in "the greatest good
the greatest number," -Philadelpl
Not Responsible.
a " Hold on," said the learned chemist.
as ")idn't I give you a bottle of mly won
rot derful tonic that would ua'O you look
I twenty years younger?" ,
b "You did," replied the pltieUt, "and
h I took it ill. I was then thirty-nine,
>od and now I amn only nineteen."
tch "Well, then, will you please settle
this bill you owe me for the treat
11 nt?'
Le "Oh, no1 As I am only nineteen now,
t I aim a minor, and minors ire not held
responsible for the bills they lucur.
Good day, sir."-Illustrated Bits.
til Christmas Holiday Rates.
ty. . Greatly reduced rates via the Southern
n't 1ailw y.
er- Account Christmas Holidays the
0 Southern announces Special E curion
al- Rales of one and one-third flirst--olone
it. one way fare plu1 25o for (he round trip
uit to all points south of the Ohio and Poto
As tonac and east of the Mississippi river,
1 including Wasuingtcn, D. C., and Cin
I Tickets will be on nalo Dec. 20 to 25,
inclusive; December 30 to 31 1907, and
January 1st. 1908, wili limit good to
r. leave destination not later than Mid
ie wght January 6th 1908.
VO Apply to nearest agent of 'he Southern
Railway or address .J. 0. Lusk, Div.
d- Pass. Agt.. Charleston, S. 0.
Christmas Holiday Rates.
The Clintu'le-tanm & Western Caroli
rt- Railwa will seli r-xeurpion tickets
on account of the Holidays at very
low rates for the round trip
Id. Ticlieta on sale Dec 20-25 inclusive,
. 30th and 31st 1907. and Jan. 1, 1908
ag with final limit returning Jan. 6.
ut 1908.
of For further information apply to
w- ticket agents or,
ly Ernest Williams,
to Gen. Pes. Agent.
tee 807 Broadway, Augusta, Ga.
rk H. Snider has his stock repleiished
for the holiday trade with. new patterns
in watobes, lookets, braoelet, ete.
of A fair line of emblem goods also sev.
ng eral brands of standard quality ailver.
int More usw geods will be in before this
reobes Yon. Make somebody glad with
a nice piece of jewelry from this stock.
he 1
"e Iledilnt Unli.
to The seoond division of the Pied.
ial monet Unions will inet with t4e firt
N* otich .t Centbl on 88 efegg
r e rtt i ay In. tbr,;, e
th 10 .,. .
1 1. Devotional seriice.
N 2. Euirothtest of delegates.
in- 8. Reports fran- the eburobes.
-~ 4. 11 a. u.--todutomry aermou,
by He. P. F. Orawford.
The real valuiek and
r. section 'of the state
or crought out that it
the prices as we offel
he. The peeple are corn
ndnew stylish 1902
itilothers, it is a goc
anqit-at the prices ne
no get them again.
No alterations-r
Is your baby tb
Make m a
Scott' s.. E muI
and Hypophosphites
easily digested by litt
Consequently the
Scotffs EmCCIs
checked. little fellow I
1.80 p. m.--Union reah-semlhes.
l1t Query-'I4 baptism esenitial t(
saavation?" Opene;d by Rev.4
FR. R Mce1naan and G. L
2d Query-'OChnrh .aftindance. Its
. ,.. importance. 18i6 on the de
.cine? If PO, somte (if tb
caluses" Opened by J, T
Dohen an 'is Honn. Lahar
# Thinks Much of Our c
It gives me great pleast
arships which you offer ft
business colleges.
rwas iatunate to secoi
and studied bookzeteping
H. L. Bridges. .I am no
High Company, one of ti
in the South. My work i
salary. I think any youn
spending their time wisely
t wli glarships.which you
Wishing. om nuch suc
the scholarsip which you
ody That K
YWIll Ever Doubt
bargains we are offe
.Every day the fa
is an impossibility te
ing from far and rn
-8 clothing and over<
dI time to remember
w Qfn hem they are~
othing chiarged--Ioi
In,'weak, fretful?
cotit's Emtdson
n/on is Cod Liver Oil
prepared so that it is
le folks.
baby thet is, fed on
n. 'is a sturdy, rosy
ul of health and vigor.
;.509. AND $1.00.
Such other queries as may present
thoweelves to the Union will be dis.
Union will reassemble at 10 a it.
sundsay, for mass meeting.
11 30.-Mimsionary sermon, by
Rtev. D.'W. Hiott.
All churcbes are ur ed to elect del-.
egates who will ,ntten
W. T. EARILE, for Com.
'cholarship Pmopositions.
NTA, GA., 28th Nov. 1907.
re to recommend the schol
om time to time in Atlanta
e one of your scholarkips,
here in Atlanta under Prof.
a bookeeper for J. M.
te largest dry goods houtes'
3 pleasant, and I get a good
Z man, or woman, would be
in trying to iecure one of
:ess, and thanking you for
gave me, I am.
ring the people of this
cet is more plainly
'find sufh cl9thing at
~ar to buy high-grade
~oats at ONE-THIRD LESS.
the boys with anew
cheaper than you will
hing on approval.
S. Plain Street
Greenville, S. C.

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