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00 ugtred AptLI 28J, 1908 at Pickens, So 0., as second class matter, under actofogreofaoh8179
Ain't Th
Two of the Con
We will publiih two moro next wei'll
- can publish the pickur..
N. D. Tayjor wail he in hiw'stiin in.
day thernafter uutil F br t-y 1t, 1938
This contest closos February 1st 1908.
couarl INATnDY
0 1 pivt apple- vinegiii;
I piast Mlck moaxs;-,;
.A pint flix -ied;
1 pound o' rait-itf.;
1 poned of rock cal it%;
3 lemon<;
3 stick4 t.f licu. ice:
5 cent., worthb (. fie
1 tablespoonrul of
small l1ulp of aluim,.
Cook slowly f..r siveral hour4 I:
earthen or poic -lain vesoel.
We are indubit.d t.. a kind-hearted
-Christian woman, Mrs. Otrriu Kinig,
for the above formula. It is recom
A .-mendled f r all lung troubles, cold.,
croup, tc. I wish I had time and
space to'tell you all the good things
said of this rewedi. I thougIht ic.
ol just keeping it and univ giving it
to particular friandi, wtuai tht
though 't cane -to) mil.- tIhM . I *ire
all-every one of yoi1 -m i-so-nds.
o far .ms I know .his r-lv he
n-jiever been in print b 1-.., a1i 1 .1m
glad to.l-t, the -J b" Iih- fi ,,t 9,o
give it to the public.I hall - .-U
you all the true aind tiled r--mde,
that I get, beanuse -a iay down i .
).y heart I have a feeling for %.A)u."
A Song of Gits.
at willt the bells of the New Year
atwill thAe dayM of time New Yoar
Aarraows .and aighsa.
G. ardetua of bkbm mnedr brighter skcins,
-A ros.. er a grave where. a ded ros.e
What vwill t-be New Year bring uii.
'What wili the-bells,-d f ih. Nw Year
mring u&,
. Sungs to (Jne er.
*'ri~ The harts that, bar',
* Ouarlatide uor the iih. .ma wi4wIr,
And Li .ve ino kiss awaty '.neh tear
TVhee will the New Yuear bring n i
"Water of Life."
Dilstllled spirits -camo into use in
*London in 1450 and bad to be prohib
ited in 1494. MIchael Savonarola pro
*duced a treatise on the making of "wa
ter of life" in the fifteenth century
which became a standard authority on
thant subject and was followed by the
*work of Matthioli of Siena. These
books g'ave an Impetus to brandy mnal.
lng in Italy, whence the trade extend
'ed to France.-London Graphie.
ey Cute.
testants in our C
Send in your piolograpis early so we
Pickens next Saturday and every Satur.
The New Hats.
Wonen's hats this winter will be
built in at-nries - [F"'shioi Note.
Let spriug ike % tine', of pottage.
Now they will looK lke cottage
With an add-dsecond story and
on L,
A-tl i Ie woman ,h Ito x able
Ti #f -rd an ,-xtra gable .
By tho rest will be considered very
,sW 11.
If vo-a have a horseless c arriage
a* vour hut tuode like a gorge
(Yes,we know some folks pronounce
it as "garazhe,"
But in that event Your lonnet
With 4 roof and ebitnueys on it
Might ae w-ill be term d so much
exess "bggazhie").o
Think of %lt the ad4ed glories
1Of th. deftly added storis
SA'd the porches and a nubby porte
cochere -
(~usnw be' kindfesauih, deat~ teader.
Sop pronone that as A leader
To a line about its resting on the
S %tely dames in hats Ionie
Will observe with smiles sardonic
All the bat effects created in Queen
I And each maid with smile ecstatic
Will rejoice to see atm attic
Added to the milliner's bewitohing
But -of course we may conjecture
'T~ vill be like all architecture
When the specifications have beena
fully smade
And the hat h.as been created
Thaen we'll find they tastimated
Something like a third as much as |
we have paid.
- [Obioago R-card b
Best Railway Mall Service.
Sese the Gireenville News: "The
patrons of the O & G. now have no
Kro.'und for compiaint againat the
South.-rn Railway.. Three mail and
passenger trains a day each way be
tween G*reenville and Columbia is a
Service that cannot be improved upon
anad the i4bke doubtless will be duly
apprecilative of it." Alt of which we
iadorse, And whi'e we are at it let
ne not forget Oongressman Aiken's
Sfiorts i'n securing the additional ma
seanvce, lie worke I in E ea ion and
i'nt of season for months, and the
people who-now enjoy the splendid
~ervice should thank him fnr Nhat I
lhe did toseoure it.-hAnderson Daily t
Tart Note f
,omes Back to
and Bring:
Hrites a Letter to ti
MUD CREEK, ;)eo. 23.
DEAR JIM:- I will try.,and expit
he ca use of my absencefor a numt
of days in a fowrwords as possib
Jast Monday I got a letter from C
Pline containing a very urgent invi
ion to come home, which read abc
is fol'o vs:
mud crick,
deer zeke-i think it about time y
nit in a appearnuce on the crick,
tir hug killin' time en you air need
3ea-, en hev hanged erround picka
bout long enuff, i shell look fer y
)y thuesday, no more, till deth,
Now, Jim, if you knew Caroli
you would agree with me that th
ar- tUnes when, in the interests
peace and harmneuy,-women should
allowed to have tieir own way. .
as'I thought one of those times I
at haud, I stood not on the order
my going but lit out at once, and
the -aa:W&were-bad Itaghtgat
loIa, arriving there game time beI
As I Olimbed the bill the run
dropping behind old Pisgab's I
lengthening the shadows in the Vall
From the upperfloat branch of a d
chestnut a be lated thrush was sm
ing its little throat to burting w
tho gushing melody of its eveni
B 'ng; the frogs down in the millpc
were piping their Niyl, while old D
bin v as lazily rubbing his sleek Sil
Pgainst the corner of a well-fl
Dornerib. A picture of rural pei
and contentment.
I heard a terrible commotion in I
barnyard, and as I rounded the c
mer of the cabin I saw Caroline cc
ing from the cowshed with a I
D)minicker under her arm, follom
by Liz with a fat pullet hanging h(
lownward on either side while i
tad a firm grip on their legs, a
[kcev was legging it across the co
rard in pursuit of a big Muset
"Wba t un~de- the canepy, Es
a~a I. (I always call her Katy wi
be Bky Is overcast) "gre you doij1
"We air going to the poultry sho1
he answered, as she pushed the pc
ry undier tho wash pot.
AR "Discretion is the better part
~alor,'' or, in other worda, "at
nouth" is the beat p licy, I walk
nto the house, mat down by the flr
plaon, and pnlling off my brogans, i
o rumlruating,
After supper 131l1 Peppercorn a
he parson dropped in to get I
lewa from the courthoue, andi~ I
inverqation turm. d on the pout
bemy~ Bill aid:- "V see by the p
Jets thant a feller doiwnl the counut
wna4 a goose that i'e 6'( years od1."
"O'h, that'sr nothirg," remarked
rn "Iwats at ai p)oultry t
neee on a time up in York staito whou
preacher had a goose on exhibitid
hat wdis I04 years old, and ti
iremeher was selling photographs
he old fowl, with its pedigree, and
ertlleate to prove that the gooash
rom Caroline
the Poultry Show
the Family.
1e Editor and Tells all
His Tlp.
, lived in the preacher's family 1(4
in years"
er Ikey poked me-in the side, saying,
le. "Pap. do you belieye that yarn?"
Lr- I replied, "Well, my boy, 1 have
ba- no reason to doubt it; a. preacher
lut wo'Idn't lie for as small a thing as
the prvfits on the pictures of an old
ou At this C.'roline broke in with the
it remark that tihe' had never been at a
ad poultry show, and abe c uld beat out
no any chicken there with the old Dom
on inicker, and she was going to take
the kids and see the sights, and had
sent for.Z-ke to come and act as ea,
ae, cort and look after the outfit.
)re "I have been trying to coax mam
of not to go," says Ikey, "'cause her
be biAt dress is not in style, and red
ad stockings.are not in fashion down in
as geikens, and we air not fitted out to
of go into society nobow,"
a Th Aire daued in Caroline'e eye,
k4 sebe took her offjring by Lhe lat.
or la-, and marching him to the back
Iproh interviewed him with the
f OR clothes paddle, with the result that
op, the youli hopeful has beern taking
ey. his weal standing up to the present
bad tUne.
-11- Then she says: "It is fii1ed; We
ith air going to Pickens, and the briudle
ng heifer is going with us, 'cause she's
pd for sale."
ab- When a woman saya ab will she
les wi". So tle next morvn j0# steers
led were yoked to the wagon, and Caro.
m line, Ikey, the old Dominicker and
the pullets were loaded in, with your
he U-iele Zeke seated on a'hox of grub
Dr. to do the driving, while L z trudged
m- on in front leading the brindle heifer.
)g We gut along very well antil a few
ed miles of Piekens, when Avery Looper
ad cane by driving his b!u..-ribb n step.
he per, and when opposite the gal and
nd tie heifer pulled uip, and tipping
-1his bat, said: "Miss, are yon goirig
ivy1 far?" "Only to town," she replied.
"Well, you had botter hitch the crit
,y, ter behind and take a seat in the
en~ buggy," said the young man. The
~p" heifer was tied to the hind axle and
r," Avery jumped into the buggy,and
ul. picking up the ribbens started off at
a rapid kait, hut the animal, did not
of take kindly to the new order of things,
ut, and as the horse startedl down the1
ed road the heifer turned tail and started
e~ up the road. The buggy arted in
elI the middle and the gal was h.ft in a
mudhole, and Avery turned a flipfiap
rid into the ditch by the roadsidee
he When we got to town we unloaded
lie ties poultry at the courthouse and the a
ry folks went up to the a'how, while I
a.. hitched the steers dlown, in the lot,
r'y Carioline is somewhat sensitiv&, and
has a way of. speakiin her mind
'* prelty freely.. I thought I had better I
>w go and look after theu:. As I entered
re tho hall Ikey came rnnnmg toJ me,e
im and sayb:- "Dad, do they wash the
ie chickens before they bring them to
of the shiow?" "Sometimes," I replied. 6
a "Well, come hero. Dr. 'Webb has 0
zd got a litble runt; here in a con.. and
te calls it 8allv White. He bao
vashod and starched the thing all
ight enough, but forgot to iron it,
nd the blamed feathers are sticking
traight towards its head
"That's just like I)r. Webb," broke
n Uaroline. "ife may be all right to
lose pills an i squills, but he ain't got
derned bit of souse whou it comes
o running a chicken laundry."
I soon beard Caroline talking in an
ieited manner down 'at the other
ud of the hall, aind Mayor LiBton
vas trying to pauify her. "It is a
hamne," says Caroline; "it is can
lalou',,and a burning shame. That
here man Fintiney has got a pair of
>ig yellow chicke,4- in tho show with
yajnnas or.'' "Why, miadam." re
narked the rmfiyor, "those are 13biff
JIchins, arid they are feather legged.
t is the nature of the brutes."
Hub ' says Caroliteo; "then I sup
>ose my apologies are due the chick
I started for the drug store to find
11z, and when I got to the foot of
be stairs saw her and Claude Hester
kolding han is,. eating gubers out of
poke, and watching the niggers try
og to climb the greased pole. The
bal said: "Dad, who is that nice
,oung man acting as master of cere
nonies" "Why," I said, "he is the
roung druggist and superintendent
>f tho Baptist Sunday school." The
zal laughed, and said: "It he super
utendent of a Sunday school? Well,
.0 has been casting goo-goo eyes and
iriug to flirt with me. But I reckon
there ia no sin it, as they ail do it
tid he is awfully eweet. just the
In the back room of the drug store
lIaw B. Lewis reclining ini a chair.
Dr. Hallum was fanning him and Dr.
Webb stood with a finger on his
pulse. while poor B. was mutttring,
"Head and beak 1, comb I, book j
wings 1" 'Seriqus case, is it, Do9"
I remarked.
"I cha tell yet, 2ske," repied thi
clootor. "I have not fully diagnosed
The case, but as there is no breaking
ut, I am inclined to think that it is
iot chicken pox, but just a plain old
38pe of chicken fever."
As I stood there watching the foot
races Caroline said she would go over
and get a drink of soda water. You
know, Jim, that Caroline i. not so
3ustomed to anything stronger than
buttermilk, and soda was out of her
moe. Well, Claud Thomason rushed
ip to wait on her, and as I came in
be was gulping It down as she would
whisky sour. All at once ahe bout
ver and clasping her hands across
esr apron, she made for the door, ad
said: "Caroline, what under the
on is the matter?" "OuebI" she
ried. "Oh, ouch! Zeke, he good to
he kids. That smooth-faced scoon
Irel has doped the drink and I have
wallowed a gas well."
When we got home Liz was work.'
rig "I love you" in the corner of a
scent swipe she bought at the bar
ain counter at the Big Store, and
when I asked her what she was going
a do with it, she said she would send
to Mr. Craig for a Obristwos, prete
nt. But I replied: "Hamp Is a
tarried man." "Naw, not him. I
tean the tall one with the sunset
air. lHe is my affinity," she an
Jim, I have thought well of the
fly' down In Pickens, and they have
eon very kind to me. But please
ill them that when they hold another
nocken show to keep it out of the
ENTINEL and not advertise it on the
reek, as it Is very harrowing to my
nor feelings, and disturbs my peace
'mind. Sincerely .vour

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