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The Sentinel-Joural Company.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Bates Reasonable.
tered at Pickens Fostofiloe am second Clam
Mail Matter
About this time of *he year ihe
American hen is the ph'ief ally of the
whisky- forces aplinst probibition.
-[News and odurier.
A Pris' insurance company refuses
rike on men who dye their hair.
Previous to 1760 the French would
not eat potatoes, it being supposed
that they would cause freckles.
The mines of the world employ
5,000,000 persons, and more than one
third of them are in the British
Italians to the number of 130,000
emigrated last year to South Aneri
can ports, as against 287,000 who
came to the United States.
A St. Louis paper says that bar
gain day was forgotten recently in
that city by the women. who were
absorbed in the unusual number of
divorce cases. Judge Shields had
48, Judge Sale 37 and Judge Kin
ey 80.
Some few citizen* view the ap
proach of Jan. 1 with anything but
enthusiasm. Anti-booze and anti-pass
come then.-[Atlanta Georgian
Dr. Lyman Abbott in an address
in New York remarked that politici
assassination might be justifiable in
Russia, but added that "he was glad
that he lives in the United States '
Evidently, the good' doctor would
paraphrase an old proverb to read,
"When in hell, do as hell does.'
* -[News and Courier.
Cook-"Heavens, the missus ii
coming! Quick, into the linen clos.
etl" Policeman-! What, not into the
pantry? Mina, is that true- love?"
* There is a small boy in Anderson~
who has written .a letter to San ti
Claus asking fojr a "circus with a gir:
in it."'- [Anderson Intelligencer.
What's the use taking your mone
out of a bank and hiding it in a closol
or between the mattresses? The mat
tresses are likely to burn up and a
burglar always goes to a closet first.
- Rnome Tribune.
It is evident that wkaen the admin
istrat ion issued the $50,000,000 canal
bonds to relieve the stringency, it
was throwing on the market the
nearest thing it had to watered stock.
-[Columbia Record.
Many people are -sympathizing
with the army officers who have been
ordered to make an endurance ride
of ninety miles in three days, Oth
ers are sympathizing with the horses.
-[Anderson Mail.
The Birmingham Age-Herald takes
note of ,the foct that the United
States has nc t had a president named
John since 1845,'when John Tyler
retired from the office, wherefore it
thinks John Johnson should be due
about 1912. But ' there have been
demijohns in the White House,
-[Charleston Post.
Sister-"I know Jack is in love
with me." Brother-"What makes
you think so?" Sister -"His hand
trembled when lhe buttoned my glove
for me this morning." Brother
e "uess again. I was out with him
last night,"-[Cleveland Leader.
With the saloons put out of busi
ness, the 8outh's next step should be
o ano paitent mie'icines away from
)Fathr'(tV boU, wo i4 9uini to en
tar bank)-"Above all, be honeot
especially at first "-Puck.
"You say that red-headed widow is
going to Manrry a very ignorant man'
'Yos, ht is ignorant of the fact tbat
she is going to marry him."-[Rous.
too Post.
. The Turks are manifesting great
delight in automobiles, but their
poor roads make it difficult to use
The law may be unwritten, says
the Richiiond Timea-Dispatch, but
the love letters, unfortunately, aren't.
The annual report of the Canadian
department of trade and commerce
shows the total grain crop of the
season of 1906 to be more than '415,
000,000 bushels, of which 125,000,000
were wheat and 202,000,000 bushels
When a hungry man telephones to
his wife he is coming home early to
dinner, should he place-the transmit
ter on his stomaob?-[Baltimore Sun.
Possessing iu ber own right a for
tune of $2,000,000, Miss Nellie Hunt
ington, of Cleveland, 0., daughter of
a late Standard Oil magnate, has for.
saken society and is devoting her time
to the teaching of classes of girls in a
social settlement at Cleveland. Miss
Huntington has latplv been instruct
ing her pupils how to make the most
of lifb in a flat.
Of the condition of the Liberty Bank,
It cated at Libety, S. C., at the
close of business Dec. 16, 1907.
Loans and discounts 64,840.27
Demnnd loans 4,223 10
Overdrafts 851.87
Banking house 1,543 40
Furniture and 6xtures 1,666 40
Due from banks and
-awkers 16,419 67'
Currency 1,785.t 0
Gold 500.00
Silver, Nickels and pennies 747.45
Checks and cash iteus 175.00
Capital stock paid in, 25,000.00
Undivided Profits, less cur
rent expenses and taxes
paid 5,474 66
Individuil deposits subject
- to cbeck 26 261 22
Time certifiates 12,412 76
Casier's checks 1,153.44
Billa payable 22,500.00
92,802 08
Stt of OiCrolinia,
Before me game H. 0. Shirley,
Cashier, of Liberty Bank, whbo, being
duly sworn, says that the above and
foregoing Htiatemnent is a *true concli
tisn of saigaqlJuk, asobhown by books
of tile in said bank. ..i. c. Shirley..
Sworn to and subscribed before >ime
this the 18th day of Dlee. 1907
J. H. Brown. (seal]
Not. Pun., 8. C.
Correct Attest
W. 8. Parsons
J. P. Smith Directors
W. T. O'Dell
Why Refer
to Doctors
Because we make medicines
for "them. We tell them all
about Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
and they prescribe it for
eoughs, colds, bronchitis, con
sumption. They trust it. Then
you can afford to trust it.
Ask your own doctor.
The best kind of a testimonial
"Sold for over sixty years."
Maaeg .o.Ae Go. nowell e.
ii rcPILLS.
We have uno leorete I We pub~lsh
the formula. of ali our medioine.
Ayer's P1lls greatly aId the Cherry
Pectoral In breaking up a cold.
e - Meandel.00a f)rists
Notice 01 Finai Settlement Ud Difscharge.
Notice is hereby ilven that I will
make appllcation,to J. B. Newber) Esq.,
Judge of Probate for Plickens count , in
the itate of South Carolina, on the 8d
day of January, 1908. at 11 o'clook in
the forenoon, or as soon thereafter as
said itpplication can be heard, for leave
to make final settlement -of the estate of
Job'C. Smith, deceetod, and obtain Ois
ohaige as adilnistratore of said estate.
Dec 5, 1907-4 M. T. SMITH.
Notice of Final Settlement and Dis
Notice is hereby given that I will make
application to J. B. Newbery, Esq.,
udge of Probate for Pickens county, in
the State of South Carolina, on the 9th
day of January, 1908, at 11 o'clock in
the forenoon, or as soon thereafter as
said application can be heard, for leave
to make fanal settlement of the estate o
U. A. Cochran, deceased, and obtain
discharge as administrator of qaid estate.
Dee. 12, 1907. 0. B. Coc4ran.
4t Admr. with the will annexed.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All persons holding ola ma against the
estate of the late J. E. Wyatt must pre.
Fent the same duly proven on or before
the first day of Feb. 1908, or be debarred
payment; and all persons indebted to
said estate, must make payment on or
before the 'bove date to the undersigned.
Dec. 19,1907, t8. J. E. Wyatt,
Admrat., Greenville, S. C.
County of Pickene.
By J. B. Newhery, Probate Judge:
W HEREAS, Lena a1. Cochran mad
suit to me to grant her Lettern
of Admini &tion of the estate and
effects of R.B. Cogbrau
These are therefore, to cite and ad
monish all atid singular the kindred and
creditors of the said R. B. Cochran,
decensed, that they be and appeal
before me, ib the Ocurt of Probate, t<
be beld at Pickens on the 2 day o:
Jan. 1908, after publication hereof, at 11
o'clock in the forenooi, to show canse il
any they have, why the said admiuistra
tion should not be granted.
Given under my hand, this the 191
day of Dec. Anno Domini 1907.
J. B. NEwBERY, recal)
J. P. P. C.
County of Pickens.
By J. B. Newbory, Probate Judge:
WHEREAS, J. H. Lawrence !ud R,
E. Lawrence made suit to me to gran*
hem letters of Administration of the ei.
ate and effects of E. H. Lawrence
These are therefore to cite and admon
iRh Poll and singular the kindred and
crelitors of the said E. H. Lawrence,
deceased, that they be nud appear before
me, il the Court of Probate to be held
at Pickens on the 4th day of Jan. 1908,
after publicatton hereof, at 11 o'clock in
the forenoon, to show cause, if any they
have, why the said Admiistration
should not he granted.
Given under my hand this, the 4th
da.y of Dec., Anno Domini 1907.
J. B. NEwnBERY, [Seal]
J. P. P.- C.
Notice of Final Settlement and Disharge,
Notice is hereby given that I will
make application to J. B. Newbery Esq,
Probate Judge of Pickens county, in thi
state of South Carolina, on the 8d (lay of
January, 1909, at 11 o'clock in the
forenoon, or as soon thereafter as said
aplilcation can be heard, for leave tc
make final settlement of the estate of
J. L. Collins. deceased, dind obtain dis
charge as administrator of said-estate. -
28t& 'A.'J. Boggs, C. C. P.
Notice of Final Settlement and Discharge.
Notice is hereby given that I will
make application to J. B. Newvbery Esq ,
Judge of Probate. for' Pickens county, in
the state of South. Carolina, on the 7th
dlay of January 1908, at 11 o'clock in the
forenoon, or as soon thereafter as the
said application can beoheard, for leave
to make final settlement o f the estate of
John B. Sutherland deceased, and ob
tain discharge as executor of said estate.
5 Dec. 1907t4 D. F. Sutherland,
Notice of Final Settlemnent and Discharge.
Notice is hereby given that I will
make application to J. B. New bery Esq,
Judge of Probate for Piekens county, ini
the state of South Carolina on the 2d
day of January 1908, at 11 o'clock in
the forenoon, or as soon thereafter as
said application canbe hear'd, for leave
to make final settlemen t of the gestate of
Uideon Ellis deccased, and obtain die.
charge as administrator of said estate.
5Dec1907 0. A. Ellis,
Sale for Partition.
On Salosday In January, 19, we will
sell to the highest responsible bidder,
one hundred and twentr (120) acres of
land, known as the Robhnson Mill tract,
located in Dacusville township, waters
of Carpenter'sCreek. Good mill on place.
now running. Two fine shools on creek.
Several acres goodt bottom, 20 to 80
acres in cultivation, balance well ti
T1erms of sale: One-half cash, balance
n twelve months with Interest from day
>f sale.
Purchaser to pay forallpapers.
J. M4. Crenshaw,
a ents for heirs of Mary A. Sutherland,
We Hear lT]
Not so with us. My books show an
inoreas.s over last year.
The Cause-We have the right goods at
the right prices. We are content with
small profits. During the money strin
teresting by dividing profits still further
and all buyers of dry goods and shoes <
will find it greatly to their interest to do I
their Christmas trading with us. All
goods must be as we represent them or
we make them good to you.
A few prices will convince you what
say is true:
Large zize cotton blankets 110c the pair.
Large size heavy cotton blankets $1.
A. K.
West End,
F 0 R C R R
Santa Claus
A lot of goo
the little folkes, big folks, y
and all kinds of folks. I
for them all. The Irrg
ried in Pickens from
to the fiuest choc
Bons. Orang
ples of the
you all. A
of sta
and la
aud in
we cai
just mT
you ne
Wishing yoL
Christmas. We
trade you m
Ashmore &
ET. A. R]
Bull Tl4i J
Chicken V
can run through
or climb over an
Have You E
This is the season of the year v
or 'l opcoat, or a heavy weight!
more comfortable than a doctor<
on the temper and more conduci
Owing to the stringency of the
ing our vast stock at greatly redi
e Cry
North Carolina wool blankets $2.0 pr
Better wool blankets up to 10 the pair
Better red flannel thai we had last
rear at 15 and 25 cents.
Heavier cotton flannel for Eke 10 and
1 cents.
We believe we sell cloaks 20 per cent
3heaper thi the same goods can be
ought elsewhere.
Hosiery and und.erwear stock nEom.
lete. We sell ribbed hose for 10 cents
itrail:... i: -n
hoe. .
-Igh& ,nu
Greenville, S C
Will Want
i things for
oung folks, old folks and ~
Ve have got the very
est line of candy car
a "Big Red Stick"
olates and Bon
es and Ap.
very best
s and
big line
a merry
appreciat any
Ly give us.
Nim mons
s. N. c.,
it, crawl under
i break it,
rhen you need an Overcoat
suit, and it is cheaper and
>r drug bill and less wearing
ye of cheerfulness.
money market we are offer
iced prices.

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