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gotre Ari 2, 903atPikeu,. .4As e1cwoad eaeat undetr sot of 0op6 o ad 8 89
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IAoti nto itfl o-uipit. 1
A Madisou avenue pastor who likes
40 be Arst In the eyed, ears and hearts
of his congregatio4 had decasion to
discuss. seriously with his curate -one
of that young man's "habit4."
"There have beer- qomplaints." said
te pastor severely. "that you talk too
tauch. Not gossip, understand--oh. no,
apthing of that nort-but certain pa
rlshioaers-have Sound you loquacious
.V. long winded. Oiue might say. At ,a
IL christening, at a wedding; at a funeral
A* at -any- little meeting over which
you may be called to preside you talk
unuch-more thau is necessary. That
snay in. time become asserious fault.
Thero ae certain prescribed forms for
those. ecauions, you know. *Now, if
y Ipu would only keep Your discourse
do'wn to the proper ien "
T4e curate braced him f ' fight.
-" could keep myself 'dwn"' he i
- tirupted. "if I was alMded 'lo talk a
little sme place' else. The trouble is
V n' inj with 4 ce in amount of
t e 'got to go rid, of. If I
w aiod ro s preach relar ser
w"a e. in awhile &tnI ' eve'
tstra:n,but as I am denied that out
have to seize a&4,1 those 'otber op
ilUes and. .deliv iittie' sermons
en. The only way 0iBtda '
anjybody else from -talking too much
'he shouldn't talk t6 to let. im
A It tVear peea" said the 'pastor mildly.
The next Sunday evening the curate
foccupied the pulpit.-New York Sun.
uaperintendent in the elementary
hools of )Nest York efty was making
d s dread rounds among the teachers
of a girls school. Ile suddenly opened
Otpe door of one clasq room and asked
9tm teacher in vharge:
"What are ott- dotag in nature
She-biurrIed out -of, the room and
etched out a basket of bones.
"We are taking ep the vertebrates,"
."Very good. indee&" said the superin
'tendent, and he hurried out pleased
1-with this evidence 44-tndoetry and in
.tafrest, in school wvort.
Halt' en- hour later h appeoqed in a
Aftboting r'md taking A. couq
- W4enslve glanoe. Xemarked. "What
"afte you done In Van'* study?"e
r4etched out
a& basket of bones.'
"t seme to we tbat I have seen'thsa
Wasket of bones %a another room be
d'e" ventured the euperintendent.
BSir," she indignadtly zepiid, "these
Ad*my own bonea!"-Msw York Times.
Nantee of Da".
The poeltIon taken b the dancers
*ive the name to the "quadrille"
eg lsb for "a little a uare" in
Matter f thA .no reeroce o
esp oits eb oer ib read y
orupted Ito "countri dance." The I
olka" is a Polish dace, the name
ag derived from the Bohemis49 word
b a meaning halt, an4 refer, to
atj step; which ocers- in 'this
a r-i The "walts" is Gernasn
tb ten meaning .to revolve-the t
\a.t' motion of the couples easily eg
Ming the 094noctt~n.' to "elI
egenivei'tbvio %. "Jij" is of
re the T'rench gigue-War
r's~ Weekly.
4 Inse4AIdt,~
'~number of batebe'I rere coee4
tbm on what they7 had found in the~
mebth of animgls'thek had kiede
fter narrating severai stories which
is' . lde only be :hoeoped by the credu.
'us an old farmer sitting~ by declared
hat he had 'bos44 hing to beat anything
Sdt at had yet ' " e9d. The company
4t kod for it. ",WqiI" git e fstmer,
hbada cowo oeand .-utInto
the yard with a lantern to t her,
d lftth lantern in the yar and
asth lantern in her stomach and the
II t tl burning."
t An intelligent .Servant.
The Mistress-Who hung the ther.
n omueter to the oaIUng? The Servant
K, mn'ann, You *,re complaining be
e(Ause it waM so lew!--Translated For
Traynsatlanitie Tales From II Motto
A etOn of Clss,
"They are ntantly catching more
rafters," said bopeful citizen.
"Not reguler' I " answered Mr..
:) ustin - Stax- "*es who get cuh
-are only amateuem Wasington Str
One cannot be ~4have Ime.
~ 4'mmcih P'roverb.
A Bold Step,
To overcome the well-rounded ash
reasonable objections of tho more inteli
ligent to the use of sefret, medicinal or" -
pounds, Dr. R. V. Pierce of Buffalo, N.
Y., some time ago, decided to maake,'* bald
departure from the usual .course presued
by the makers of put-up mdicinos for do.
moste ,usp, and so has pblished broad.
cast and openly to the whoe w4rld, a full
and com]a 0t of all the ingredlentA
eriterinit h composition of his widely
tolebrated medicines. Thus ho hs taken
his pumerous patrons and patie)its into
Iis full coufidence. Thus too ho has re"
moved his -medicines~ from amo~g seerd
nost.ums of doubtful piorits -, Ulda .
thopf Rtemedies of r FPnm= i
fythis bold step Dr. Pl~rce h0iciholih
t his formulas are of Och ecelldnco
that he Is not afraid to subject them to
rm weI 0 Sl
Der.i 6tce~o U.it
stand mediclIIw A
boot b o ~
e of thug a
o the n sr t t a
I to Ofa to v
Vras "v6b by the Indiana toW smia a I ient
Mectin their bauaws. In fact, one of the
moot valuable medicinal plants enterint Into
L.he composition of Dr. PIe ' orite Pre
w~ow'..dk"own to , nans as
neua-wed."Our knowledge of the as"s
4 not afew of Our m~ost valuable native. tpor
n a was cined from the IndianS
As mode ubab rm ed and xact pr
tvec ,n evilut uPreslo U to a uote
etent remd fr =tu a g th woft
pr assu anteverion. sut etorveAr
ealh Soldb all delrs anae - -,e
A Wdep's Mistake.
Itis generally supposed that Instinet
;uorringiy teaches birds and insects
he best way in which to buid their
uiues or nests and also to provide for
.hiar offspring. The following Inci
lent will show that instinct Is not al
Ways Infalible-:
A agtursliaE placedit fee sroll,9q-p2
ty aviel:raa open her on a bheltfa
a -upright positton In .close contact,
mo they were 9usort9I.. A shott lipe
mfterwiht it was a matter of surpims
be Ind that thes hd bee"n approprI
ated by a entale mud wasp. She bad
pipoed a goodly numper of spiders in
the center vtdi. doubtless Intended to
Perve as food- ftr her future brood,
hen proceeded to deposit her eggs In
those on either side. Sbe next closed
tightly the vouths of all the eepta
les :with a hard lime cement. Having
IWOW. her work, she then doubipos
vent her way, satisfed all had been
16e ,?het depring- that f thought
ful wnoh.iPould do. But just think
~te sensa ' .of those li$e wasps
t 0
$$y edm piaZly see t4pongtr te'.
enetrable glass walts te .bountifel
y of food whieh was ppovMed for
ufr Oe.
It. Thought H. Wee.Deed.
Maginnis had been Hi for sosp. time.
md, like a great many Inaias, he
was somewhat Iritable. and when
thihgg faled to meet his approval the
riqzt unfortunate who ea& within
range was pretty apt to be remninded
~f it fr;a way; far mome foroIbie than
peItte> )te l ingered in this condition
for severai weeks, daily gr.Wing weak
ir. but stil -hotdlbg his ow~ suicient
ly to take things lively and more or
lesqt interesting for those about him.
Pfienahl oe day when the fansty doe
for called he met the long muffering
hips. Megnunis comnhag out of~ho sick
*oom, and, rubbing his hands, he cheer
1y remarked: "Ah, good morning Mrs..
Ilagnnis! Hew is our. patient today?"
"It's dead the poor mon 1s, O'im
'attier thinkis', hgvts -ret his sowl !"
was the resigned prdj'y
"Ydts think ho is de*d? Don't you
cojiw whether he Is or not?" demand
'd .the ddctor.
"Not fer shure,"\ responded Mrs. Ma
ginnis briskiy, "but thin he bothrays.
very symiptosa of it. I wint into his.
coom fist now, an' he didn't t'row any
hing at mte"--London 'lit-Bitg.
Very L~ikely.
Mr. Hogg--Here -Is some fool says in
the paper that women have forgotten
how to laugh. Mig, Hogg-I giless he
means married women.--Cjncinnatl En
Hurt His Peeling.'
She-I think Mr. Rymner, tabe minor
poet. .felt hprt at a reupairk fou made
the other ight. He-What did I say?
She--Yo said there 'was only ony
Rhak re.-London Telegvidhh.
T'llman Firing at Random.
Senator Till man may be very pt
son rpei he discusses others, b
ke Ub the sPen of the impersonal
4Iaoussing himself, In an intervie
on bli *atheotened oration on bankii
refolfe 1e said:
#I have in mind about what 1 wai
to say, and will say it in my way a1
o satiafed. But the trouble I
witen a mhan starts talking in ti
iseate he) does not kuow what
Roing to happen. I way be intei
rupa I vted, teased and provoke
6n iings I now do nat iv
Istid toa ."
Here is a ooseplete formula
staemanshIp ps practiced by 41
distinguIshed senator contribute4 ,l
1he service of our country by the fr
P"ple of the state of South.Oaroli
Y -ii$''unded it the "en
Oro# deasg, o be a deliber01
WAy. - 8enatorTil tmabrusbeqt
ms!l Ihde . h
restraint tb him. 14e is an 60t41
When he begius to perform he give
himself freely sud fully to the roprin
torrent of feeling which storms withi
his manly bosom -hicago Poet.
A fatAl Austrian Flag.
Once there was %n epidemio 4
plagae 0t Odessa, in Russia, whic
hMed 1es. than a year, It had
most remarkable origin, being due i
a fatal fag. An Adetrian yeuisel w
rived at Odeses, bringing one of ti
crew who ho died during the vo
age. The sailor was duty interred i
the Oatholio cemeterv at the poi
and at the funeral the. Austrian fdo
On theft vay ubek to the Vwseel i
Anes otered a geat number of a
loous -and laid downthe fag whi
drinking. A very short time atte
ward the sailors who had carried Ut
flag died, and before log g it w4
found tWit people were ill in all '-st
houses where the men had calk
with he fatal d4g.
Soon lbe plaguespread throughot
Udessa, filling Mll with terror an
ei ing a frightful toll. Tnere
U*40666 tht the flag contained ti
pague beinih in the folds, and I
spread The di e.ae.Batitmore s8i
In On* Service 72 Years.
Mr. William Udejrwood, who bi
just died at Roemry Honistead, a
the Hiddingbam Caatle estate of t
Majendie family, bad a length of s
rioe which probably, eonatituates
reoord. He started work at the a
-0 eight, and dying ot eighty, h
worked on the estate fur the ton
period of sewentytwo jysars, duriq
which time he had served four get
grbtlons of Majendli~rn-[Thei Inndc
My Hair is
Extra Long
Peed jbour hair; nouridii It;
give (It something so live on.
iht will stop falling, and
vIfl\ grow long and heavyr.
Ayer's Hair Vigor is the only
ge~ ulne hair-food you can
buy. It gives new life to tile
hair-bulbs. You save wl at
hair you have, and get mote,
too. And it keeps the scalp
clean and healthy.
The best hIna of b testianonial -
"Lold for ver sixty years:..
saasm u.we
j9 14 SARSAPALt.8.
T A Boston
e460"IU end sickly.
Up - did't have a
- nttre body.
T e physicl
the fain ly for thi
To fed i
ndthin he w
~'iwsN Rae.
G lydoe be Southern
R Iailway.
a Account Ohritmas nolidays the
Southeku aunounces spea"i -EMiourion
Rates of one and one-hard Orst.olasa
one *Ay far, plus .25 for the re.md trip
#o ali.point. south of the Ohio and Poto
omAo and asmt qf the MiuAeppi river,
i Including Wasningtou, D. Q., nd Cia..
Tickets will be on a.e 20 4o 26,
meineue; Dedember 80 to 10'W, and
January Ist, 1908, with limit good tc
lee. destination not later tbau Md.
e night ianuary 6th 1908.
Apply to nearest ageunsof 'ba *onthen
A Railway or addrss J. 0. Lusk, Div.
-Pws. Agt., C^harlestos, S ..
Ite~Ier of Iudges.
a' The following i4 thW risteroff air
a- oit judges for the year 1908 a fied
le by the supresnart The drist see
-on of the repeOtive circuit. will .be
0. hed by the circuit judgee to folluws
M lot circuit by judge of 9th circuit,
* Judge Memminger. -
d 2d circuit by judge of 10th circuit,
Judge Prince,
it 8d airouit by, jutdgC of let eircuit,
d Judge Daitwzier. --
is 4th oircuit by judge of 2d aircuit
, to be eleotod.,
. .bhqi cul b141w fut 8 i drcuit,
Oth eircuit by judge of 4th ei. cult,
7th eircuit by ju 1ge of Sth qlreWid4
n3 Judge Gary.
' 8thfircutby j-.dge of 0th circoir,
JAudg age.
a 9th cirouIt by judge 'f 7th ircult,
* Judge Rydriek.
d . 10 cireult by jiadge of 8 b eircuit,
g Judge Kiugb..
II The secondi session of the reepee.
1tire circuits will be hekd by the car
" cult judges es follows:
1nt circuit by judd~euf 10th circuit.
21 circuit by judgar of let circuit.
3d circuit by judg~e of 2-1 creuit,
4th circuit by jaa e of 3d circuit.
5th circuit by judge of 4th cissuit,
6th circuit by judge of Sth cirfonit.
7th circuit by judge of 6th oironit.
8th circuit by jaudge of 7th cIrcuit.
9th circuit by judge of 8th circuit.
10th circuit by judge of 9-b eireuIt
Trhe third sessiuon of tihe reepective
circuits will be hekd by7 the circuit
judges as followsr
let circuit by judge of n1trat0.
21 circuit by judge of 24 eiroen.
3d circuit by judge of 84 cirenl'.
4th circuit by judge-of 4th cIronit.
5th circuit by judge of 5th circuit.
Why H. Ldceed.
Hiojack-Why are you conmultlig the
dictionary? I thought you knew how
to spoil. Tomdilk--I do. I aen not look
ing for Information, but for corrobota
tlon.-London Tit-Bits.
Philosophy Is nothing lst gcet,
schoolboy Was ta,
rere soft and flbbVy.
strong muscle in His
an who had attended
rty years prescribed
at bofs arm you
as apprenticed to a
600. AND *0.O.
Pointed Paragraphs.
Swift men are seldum fast friendak
The secret of success is to aim
high and stick to it.
Nature seldom stores a lot of
brain*. bebiq4 a pretty face.
Ba-4ure you are wrong before you
go awV back and sit down.
Wa..-tvabys feel sody'for the w
ried man who talks in his sleep.
It'V easier to drive some men to
drink than It is to hold tbp.baek.
Men seldom fly for their lives when
they meet a woman who as dreses
to kill.
Most of the splinters in the bania
ton, of life are unnotioed until we
gin to slide down.
A queieie livrawt 6tu who makee
his mistakes when they don't coat
against him.
0an0 np th liftle tasks of to.Sy
and you will be ready for the big
tanks of to-morrow.
Don't get the idea under your be
that other people think as much o1
yuU as you think of youraglf.
Probably ther is- nei'personal se
r floe so greaL as that of the hm.
guided woman who marries a mas
to reform him.
Thebe's a good deal of fun In thInk.
ing you are going 'to have It.
A man's idea of. a suceessful mur
rinags i smoking all over the house
when has wite is away visIting -
mothee '-obahiago gewe,
~ o.-Of any
SUdden Death&.
fier ie a disease prevailing in this
C V Ubcus sedecp.
tive. Many sudden
deaths are caused by
It --heart disc
pnemonna, hear
falr rapoplex
are often the result
0 kidne trouble isa
lowed to advanceothe
* r kidney-poisoned~
blood will attack~'the
vital organs or the
kidneys omemelves break down and waste
away coil by ceil.
.Bladder troubles most always result fromi
a deranemnt of the kidneys ahid a cure is
obtain quickest by a proper treatment of
the kidneys. If you are feeling badly you
can make no mistake by taking Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the groat kidney, liver and
bladder rernedy.
It corrects inability to hold urine and scald-.
ing pain in. passing it, and overcomes that
unpleasant alocessit of being compelled to
go ofteni durib the ,y and-to get up man
.Mms4rig ~snli. , The mild and~l
** , $ot f wamp-itoot is
reali)4 :tM~the highest for its a
derful ores of temost distressing casess
Swamp-Root is plcasant to take and aMt
ridrggists Infity-cent and ono441ler
have A sam'ple bottle of
this wonderful new die
covery and a book that
tells All about it, both iumao ~
sent free by mail. Address Dr. Ku e & Co.
binghamton, N4. Y. When writl! hotion
tedng this generousafrints' .
Det'nakeany m cutber

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