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Pidkon SontielJourn8
The Sentinel.Joural Company.
THoMPSON & Rioxur. Paois.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Bates Reasonabb
antered at Pickens Fostoffloe as second Olai
Mail Matter
New Year Muggets.
Start right.
Wind up right.
Keep to the right.
Resolve and right about.
Don't sham, but be real.
Be content with the little you hav
Think evil of none, but well of all
Keep busy in order to be bealth3
Consistently add to what you hav
Undertake something good a<
stick to it.
Redouble your eforts, show man
liness there.
Have push and get-up wind shoi
that you're alive.
If you break your resolve, dons
give up in. drapair.
- Advertise from the-start and mak
your husirese thriv-.
Break away from bad habits, evi
companions and. bad bdOks.
Cultivate courtesy, kindness, ebeer
fulness, carefulness and 'pomptness
Aim to be sothething, -4o .Sowe
thing, get something and keep some
Keep your wor 1, keep out of 'debt
keep good company, keep your ow
Don't kick, don'. grumble, don
criticise your brother's shortcomingi
but smile at your obstacles and b
gracious and forgiving.
irst lynching, th
0ma is now 01
me to -full stat
ad-a- Republica
toayor. Uccasioualy''this' sorfi
thing is necessary to make the pai
pie appreciatei a Democratic adnmb
A Chicago alderman. .alked hon
from. Milwaulkee, sage the 'Atlant
Journal. We suppose plst tP demo1
strate th'at he could walk after. havin
imbibed the liguid which made Mil
wankee famouas.
The Savannah~ Press is adding I
hehorrors of ''th's prphibition eitui
tion by jai poetry. tL says: '"Gathe
eggngs while you iiffy; time bring
nly-sorrow, andt the eggnogs of t<
ay will be but dreams to-morrow."
The boy who saves his anopey b4
comes the bankier,'the mesrchant, th
professional man. The boy who neve
eaves a cent . makes the man -w
"earns his bread by the sweat of hi
faece," whtl'rever owns a home or .ex
joys the luxuries of life.
*Thomas,Jefferso~n spoke- an imnior
tal truth when he said he would prefe
'a country governed by the newepr
pers and without; laws to a countr
governed by laws without newspaperi
Hle knew what he was talkmng abou
and w hat he said then la mor'e appli
. calile now than it was-we the wv.rd
It is noteworthy, sat's the New
and Courier, that the several evil
Senator Bleveridge says "we will
correct after the next election at
those which have been born of R<
publican principles, and which th
Democrats have been insisting shoul
bi corrected. If the Republica:
r V, rm, the tariff so it will not be un
jn-i a n d pie v + overc pitailizatii
anid ,ai,,,lin:p iber, s ill not be mue
On D.C. ' Installation.
On Dee. 28d the installation exet
Joes of Keowee L dge were held I
the Masonio Hall at Pickerfs, and i
vited guestsrom far and near wet
present to help spread good cheer o
this festivd- occasion. The installi
tion was private aid took place aftA
the banquet.
The banquet was served in tt
storeroom underneath the hall, ad
- was graced by the sagacity, wisdon
youth and beauty of the surroundin
country-the wives, mothers, sistel
and daughters of the Masons. Oc
of the most informal occasions evi
held here was this-the sparklin
wit of the younger set mingling wit
the sage remarks of th4se who wrn
older only because of the lopgi
years they had spent in this vale <
After the collation 'the Masoni
fraternity again assembled in the
hall and the officers were installed u
follows: A U. Morris, W. U ; . I
Roark, 8. W.; F. E. Co:, J. W.; J.]
Parsons, Treas.; R. T., Hallum, Sec
W. J. Bol, t, S. D.; Henly 1?orter, J.,I
R. H. Baker, tyler; B. B. LaBoon an
I J. T. Partridge, stewards
After these services were goi
through with, appropriateoAdress
were uade by Rey;.IJing
T J. MauldIn, . E. -Rg Ilother
The oooasiQn was all that could bj
1desime-anud greaty *ejoy3d.hy.a
A a6fo tee Lidge t
at tid the' initallation exercises i
SFasley "on UiWMtrtuoon of the 27t
was rbivid,4lcbd ed..
On the-27WhuIt. MPIokens Rail
road placed a special rai at the die
posal o''Keowee Lodge to attend 'th
inletallation exercises,, of. the Bate
Lodge in .their lodgeha,4in.. )&aeley
which was to come.tif [email protected] o'cloc
with the conferring of the IUaster
Star degrees -afterward and a .bat
quet at 'I In. Representatives fro r
other 'des were present at thee
exercises, but theickeg delegatio
did.not get downia. timae to take
part-but they did arrive in time t
partake of. tis. fine 0A repast as. he
bee, set before them in many a daj
The banquet : \ves ser'ved in .~
sp.,cious dining.hall of.e Mjoutae
n iew Hotel,-and the losgg:obies wet
loaded with alijbe delicApies andaul
stan tials . of the. qAesop -An'd otu.,-L
Q paason. Oysterse,.rkoy,eKbry. fri
chicken,. cold...bo.iLedi.baia, picklef
cakes, pies, fruite, e.,1 , wexj6
.very much in evidepcen f'The servie
was althat col bendesifed-th
waiters, seeing and, ieiaf.ng that tb
gguests be satiated -and above al
lov'ely, woman,. .arouid Wbose shris
we all love to bow linger' .nd pa
*homaige1 prae. .therpi to. bedeck th
occasion" with .har'ovelioess, Wi
.beauty .a;cau iai- fittin
,settitg for the oqqaeion. a.;,
9'the afdressefugeWos was mad
by Rev. D. W. Hiot,&.; wigh.jhtra'r
charm ant graiqe of wmspzar pecuifari
his -own. Speech9.4 were .etade-1i
r Snmith, tbro Fqater end..thiers, an
Seach hantld hiis tppio well. Thie
came cigars and Jpe jeonverse. atnon
the brethrenagn4 0iete:'s--but tesuIl
to the."sisters. -.
A bout. .9,830 -theq guests and :hosl
'and hosteses asaerabled In th
r school auditorium wvhere the Ester
star degre, was ptnferred upo
several andidates and those who ha
s. already .partaken of this .sublime ti
t., thiat binds the fenale portion of ma:
_ kind to Masonry had an opportunit;
s to .refresh their memories. The do
greus were conferred and the leoture
.given by..Bro. A. S. Rowell, of Pied
a mont, . and at 11.80 the guests bad
a farewell to their brothers and- sister
"of Easley, feeling well repaid for th
e pleasant hourMs spsnt with them.
- It was one of the most enjoyabl
e occasions in which Keowee Lodg
dI has ever participated, and her mear
s bors will always have a most pleasaE
-- feeling for Bates Lodge. How bles
n the tie that binds. How bksoed fe
b br, thren to d .voll together in peac
and unity!
4 mis
c -.
I. e
a -
O - -
8 -
- urn teHoi
W aretein
esrpioso poet
auifuo.n e'tee bc
dur ase..
I. ,acre c.seI ,ios n i
It . Sis
t rmim aeEay
King Quality shoes are famous
for their uniform wearing qual
ities. They never disappoint,
for each pair is made to conform.
to the same high standard before ''
leaving the factory. You can al-.
ways rely on them. King Qual
ity shoes require no "' breaking
in." They fit your feet when
first put on and retain their
natural shape indefinitely.. Try
.. the King Quality shoe. It is the .
shoe for you.
This-season's p.atterns are,
pleasing in every respect. See o
them before' puarchasing yout
Spring shoes.
ays by buyingaLot-sr Farm from.
are Correct;rthisassures
of Graded-Schooyl i*13-3 acres *elf.
frhm eppet h~uae, io acres. onl .pub
Will sell for $-350o.oo and arrang
ie spring on 'iiroperty. A bargain.
fartiliffl' nd' IA the contry~ iN c.i
~q..us .atsonce forprice and terme.
rPickens' tbrug o. 5
Our policies are Liberal.
* 'See us
-and begin the Ne4 Yee.r r
ieInsurance Agentai
a .
rV ele
Irt s u
satisactio i
loae-t*i *.asy~
r or 1 sellr
ie. Oues
* .4
licro Aining
*e py. e-s to sui
)ao ia

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