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The Gontinolournal Company,
TvoMPSON & Rionur. PnoPs.
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fatered at Pickena FaftofRoe an Second Claus
Mail Matter
PICKEN8, 8. C. a
"What are your views on curreno)?'"
asked the busy citizen. "Mostly bad
and reminiscent," answered the ma.
who had been to the races.-[Wash
ington Star.
The hunting season in Wisconsin
bas so far-resulted in the killing of
thirty four men and the wounding of
forty five. That is a startling record,
compelling the observation 'that the
state may have to prohibit all hunting
simply as a matter of self preberva
The odors of backbone, sp reri ,
puddings" and sausages, thekind
mother used to make, are- being I. orne
on ldvery passing' bieeze. W6 get
the odors, that's all-[I eneaWiellij
A man seems4eP think if her can'
be anything else he -can' ber a- yolfli
cian, and maybe he is right.
"What beosmeof -all the buds. who
were here lps~t year"- Some have
grown into-. bachelor's-butt6ns, and
some ibto wall-lowers."-(Life.
1Dny. makes the equipe go,
As everybody well.doth know;
And if you have not ready dough
The mare will
Perambulate for
-[Augusta Chronicle.
In St. Louis fifty insane womei,
from an asylum were allowed to shop
in the department stoaes last wek,
in the belief that the div'.rsion"would
be beneficial to tbem. The dispatch
es say that they could not be distin
guished from the thousands of othe
women who thronged.the storce.
The- Tennesseo farmer who mistobk
the btist of "ntlew leakson'at Mes,
phis ,for, .Bogler Whslington an'd
plastered it with mouh4, thereby caus
ing a, .riot, ,m.uatc-have imbibed the
kind of -whilsky..they: now-.-sell -in
South. Carolina dispensaries.- [Co
lumbia Record.' -- '' r1'
People kick'- abont the indqaeed
cost of living, blitt there are * very
great dmany other tihings tha$.people
dem. nd now And 'that cost the miost
money that "they could' just as well
10i without.'- [Florence Times.
If Bryan's enemies an the Denmo
cratic party had more sense they
against him. As it is, their Ill
conideed ttaitupon him and
reptitonsof ongexploded fabrioa
tIOnsagnshi have only made the
people more solid for him.--[Griffin
There is only one cotton mill in1
Fgypt, which in this respect Is behind
all other cotton-raising ecuntries,
where the tendency is for the 2otton
mills to go to the catton fields. The
anomaly is due to taxes and to the
mnsufficiency of efficient help.
Austin Corbin, whose ~game pre
serve in New Hampshire was one of
the bobbies of his famous fathet, has
found the Corbin buffalo herd sue
.easful to the point of embarrassment.
Despite the predictions of old plains
men that the animals would not breed
in the New Hampshire park, the
herd hac increased and multiplied
until it is becoming a problem to
'1*~'- supply enough grazing space for
thetm, even ini so large a tract as the
CoXrbin fenice inacloaics.
tbe entfac. ot [email protected] eld,
but if the soil is stirred to a deoih of
two or tbree inches, I surface iruleb
is formed-and the upward movemeut
of soil h6e4Iture Is checked
"Tbe elephat's trouik," says Dr.
Ray Lahkester, "originatted $brougb
,a shortening of the lower jaw. 'There.
fore I -am sorry to upmet Rudyard
Kiplinla's explanuation that the lengtl
of the trunk was accounted for by its
havibg been pulled by the crocodile.'
A senator who is not a senator is
John Sharp Williams, of Mississippi.
He has campaigned and been eleoted
by a very narrow niargin to succeed
Senator Hernando DeSoto Monoy,
He beat Gov. Vardanun. But Senator
Money's term does not expire until
two years henee. It is sgIsy that in
Mississippi where they have an in
formal an unoffilial way of boosivg
senators by popular vote, they like to
settle the suecession early.
A stranger, according to Harper's
Weekly, approached a littlergirl whc
was somewhat bccuetomed to Inter
views with the usual question,
"What's your amine, little girl?'
The little girl, without looking up
from br and- pile,- *eniedi
name is Edith, and ^w phe's I m
little-sister; bhsename's Mildred,-afn
she's 2. I dit want th'o'with'you
and be' yourlOttle'-tIrlinad I Yo
36 kow
u44ft steal my ."tij. iitsr.
-.A Threaten(Ofiangr. .
Of last vast ali4%odtliatinu'n
dated odr land lasf ihf% 6hg
toh. Pbet says ' f thing si line
with .what .the -Ay..d or
so ago.. that ought to".pi,Dur pjp e to
hinkling seriously ou tbe eAid -o joe.
Wigr-ais we are geing.. .Wht ther
the "o nglomerated rr.ixture'' will acef
on.the system of our body politic-e'
a tdnic or as a .xxious drug depetids
of course upon the kin and character
of the people that have been admit
ted. If they are of out blood and race
characteristici there will be invigor
ation of our blood and a general ton
ing up of the system of our body
politic; but if they are aliens in race,
with ideals of life utterly unlike ours
then, like indigestible - food in the
stomach, they .%ill be, iassimilable
and hurtful. On this point we invite
atttention to what the Post' says, as it
W a matter provocntive of aarm Nnl
worthy of serious consideration.:
. Or that vast army which we took
year more than 900,OOQ9te
fr~n ifaly, Austria and Russiit, pecS
ante- and poverty-stricken, driven here
*byoppiressiona and conditione-of hivivg
whicli/made existence nubearaible for
thetn . nger in their, ogn lands:Tha
personal habits of mnany of thisse,
their customs) metbodd and ideals of
'life are ungpeakable to A:YAca.os.. It
cannot be doabted tba the emigra
tioli of. many of themi was 'for the
good of .their country.'. Nuntopers of
thetm. brought with ,theim stranige dis
edses, secret connections.-with crim
iftf.. ogders inimical to the .law .and
okfder cof any organized community
which may receive them. More than
81,000 - were from Oriental-- donde
where the ideals of morality and'ethic6
to -which-they have been trained are
vastly different from ours. -And yet
of all this vast army only a few pal
try thousands were rejected."- [Co
lumbla Record.
Will reoeive bids 'for' ile of 5-room
house and lot containing nine-tenths of
an acre more or less in the town of Lib
erty, S3. 0, until December, 15th. Pur
chaser to pay for papers. Terms to be
slated in bid. J. 0. O'Dell.
Biambridge, Gla.
H. Sniderhas his stook repleaisahed
for the hohiday tradewith new patterns
in watches, lockets, bracelets, etc.
A fair line of emblem goods also sev.
eral brands of standard quality silver.
More new goods ill be in before this
reaches you. Mak4 somebody glad with
~a nice piece of jewelry from this stock.
Notie' is hereby given that I will
make application to J. B. Newberl Esq.,
Judge of Probate for Pickens count , in
the btate of Routh Carolina, on the 8d
dalyof Japuary, 1908. at 11 o'cluock j
the-forenoon, or as soon thereafter as
said application can be beard, for leave
to make final settlement of the estate of
Jbb 0. Smith, deceasnd, and obtain dis
chauge as administrators of said estate.
Dec 5, 1907-t4 M. T. SMITH.
Notice of Final Settlement and Die
Notice is hereby given that I will mako
applicatiou to J. B. Newbery, Esq.,
Judge of Probte for Piokens county, in
the State of Sonth Carolina, on the 9th
day of January, 1908, at 11 o'clock in
the forenoon, or as soon thereafter as
said a pplication can be heard, for leave
to make final rettlemout of the estate o
B. A. %ocbran, deceased, and obtain
discharge as administrator of 4aid estate.
Dec. 12. 1907. G. B. Cochran,
4 Admr. with the will annexed.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All persons holding cia me against she
estate of the late J. E. Wyatt must pre.
sent the same duly proven on or before
the first day of Feb. 1908, or be debarred
payment; and all persons indebted to
said estate, must make payment on or
before the above date to the undersigned.
Dec. 19,1907, t8. J. E.- Wyatt,
Admrst., Greenville, S. C.
.ounty of Pickens. t
By J. B. Newbery, Probate Judge:
H J EREAS, Lena at. Cochran. made
of 4dministration of tHe estat6 'and
effects 0( 11. B. Qochrau ,..-.
.*hebitre therefore, to cite and ad.
moniah all and singular tpe.kin4ed and
creditors of the -said - H.- 1B.* 'Cochran,
deeedsed, ..that.,.tluey. IM - and : ppatr
'fore we, in ttie Ceurt of Probate'. to
be -he-ld at Pfokens oif the 2 day of
.Jan. 1908, after publicatfir b&MtMf, at 11
o'clock in the f('renooi, to show canse. if
any' thby have, why thd said 'ndmiujatia
tion boald nbt be graimted. .'
Given ander my hand, thlis -the vieBh
day of 'Dec. Atano Domini 1907.
- -J- B. NEwBEinT, [sea
P. P. 0.
.... .ITATION..
County of Pickens.
By J. R. Newbery, Probate Judge:
WHEREAS, J. H. Lawrence and R.
E. Lawrenco made suit to me. to grant
hem letters of Administration of the es.
ate and effects of E. A. Lawrence
These are therefore to cite and admon.
ish all nod singular. thje kindred and
crntlitors of the said E. H. Lawrence,
deceaded, that they be and appear before
me, in the Court of Probate -to be - held
at Pickens on the 4th day of Jan. 1908,
-after publicatton hereof, at 11 o'clock in
.tbe f noon, to show chtse. if any they'
havQ, \ why the- said Adinjuistration
aloulu not be granted.
I Given under my hand this. the 4th
lay of Dec., Anno Domini 1907..
J. B. NEwBERY, [Sealj
-. P. P. ,.
Notice.of Final Settlement and-Discharge.
Notta- is hereby givin that -I 'will
make application to-J. B. -NewberyRq.,
Probate Judg of Peens county, in the
state of South Carolina, on the 8d day of
Janua, 190i, a 11''clc ihe
cuake final settlement of the estate of
J. L. Coii9.0.11.hrdceased, and obtain dis
charge as aimin'istrator of said estate.
98t4 A .'J. Boggs, C. C. P.
NotIM(ofFal SettlenientadDshre
'Nofice li .hereby given that I will
make applcation to J. B. Newbery Esq,
Judge of Probate for Pickens county, inE
the stat p-of South Carolina, on the 7th
day of January 1908, at 11 o'clock in the
forenoot,; or as soon thereafter as the
said application can be beard. for leave
to mnake final spttlement o f the estate of
John B.''Bditerland d'eeased,' and' ob
tain discharge as executor of said- estate,
5 Deo.,1907t4 D. F. Sutherland,.
E'recif or..
lotico of Final Settlemont and Discharge.
Notice is hereby given that I will
make application to fJ. B. Newbery Esq,
Judge of Probate for Pickens cpunmy. nli
the state of South Carolina on the 2d
day of January 1908, at 11 o'clock? In
the forenoon, or as soon thereafter as
said application can be heard, for leave
to make final settlemien t of the estate of
Glideon Ellis deconsed, and obtain dis
charge as administrator of said estate.
5Deck907 . 0. A. Ellis,
Sale for Partition.
- On Salesday In January, 1908, we will
sell to the highest responsible bidder,
one hundred and twent (120) acres of
land, known as the Rob neon Mill tract,
located in Dacusville township, waters
of Carpenter'sCreek. Good mll on place,
now running. T-.vy fine shools on creek.
Several acres go~a bottom, 20 to 80.
acres in cultivatio , balance well tIm
Terms of sale: 0ne-half cash, balance
in twelve mouths with interest from day
of sale.
Purchaser to pay for all papers.
D. F. Sutherland,
-J. M. Orenshaw,
Agents for heirs of Mary A. Sutherland,
YV e Hear f
Not so with us. My books show an
inorease over last year.
The Cause-We have the right goods at
the right prices. We are content with y(
small profits. During the money strw
gency we are going to make It more in. 12
teresting by dividing profits still further
and all buyers of -dry goods and shoes cli
will find it greatly to their interest to do bc
their Christmas trading with us. All
goods must be aw we represent them or pl<
we make them good to you. s#
A few prices will convince you what to
say is true:
Large size cotton blanket 50oc thb pair. sli
Large size heavy cotton blankits $t. rij
A. K. I
West End,
F 0 R C .1 R
Santa Claus
A lot of good
the little folkes, big folks, yo
and all kindl'ot folks,
or, them all. The. lrrge
ried in Pickinsfroon
I * to the..fiest. choco
... J*ons. Orange
ples of the. v
you all.. A 1
of .stap
and .ano
- ..aud.in ft
we carr
just o1o
you nee
Wishing. you.
Christmas. . We a
trade you may
Ashmore &
*. 1A.I
can run through
or climb over arid
Have You
YThis is the season of thle year wi
or 'lopcoat, or a heavy 'weight S
more comfortable than a doctor o:
on the temper and more conduciv
' Owing to the stringency of the
ing our vast stock at greatly redu
North Carolu. ". . i' pr
Betur wool ' . 14 11e pair
Better red flannel W .u hid last
ar at 15 and 25 cents.
leavier cotton flannel for 81, 10 antA
j cents.
We believe Wvo sell cloaks 20 per cont
eaper than the salne goods can be
ught elsewhere.
Hostery and underwear -stock com..
ite. Ve sell ribbed hose for 10 cents
'aight that can't be equalled anywhere,
r les than 121 cents.
We are stribtly headquarters for gobd
nes, the leather I's, right, the -style is
Cht and the price shall always beright..
Greenville, S C
Wili Want
things for
ing folks, old, folks and
e have got 'the very
st. line .ofcandy car.
- "1g Red.Sti.ck"
lites.Ag4 JRon.
s- a'pd ApA
ery best
>Ag line
e .
*S ..
ct .
a merry
ppreciat any
give us.
a, . cx.,
BEST - -
t, craw uncle
brak t
uIt, ai is nhea ernd
en yu blnd ans Overcing
e of cheerfulness.
noney market we are offer
ced prices.

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