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Noti a M. Wants aps, lege.
,onesr ' 4 01 Co) h t at 5 cents per
3 "I.'t.~ .' ')-otbing taken'
.09R SAl - w aOS, original fqrest,
U miles no. (bt 4 Piokens, $80 an acre;
acre e of Woodall Mountain,-10
o0 bhrahch bottom, balance in timber,
00$10 aere, cash deal. E. F. KUTn.
.F. D., No. 4, Pickenp, S. Of
A few first class sowing machines,
Alislghy sixed to be solid at greatly re
daedd prices. Also sewing machines re
paired. Call at Craig Bros.
o. P. Knight.
Carload of Obelisk F..ar just received
at H. A. Richey's.
WANTED,-500 bushels - ease; will
pay highest market price; cash or trade.
nov. 6.tf Ashmore & Nimmons.
Pay your guano bills at once. I' can
not carry these nodounts any longer.
Come to see us prepared to make settle.
"et. H. A. RIOHEY.
FOR SALE-Two 50 saw cotton gins,
1 saw mill, 1 grist mill, 1 40-h. p. AJins
boler, 1 25 h. p. Eclipse tuglue. All in
good shape. Seven miles west of Picke
one court house at Garrett's store with
ood framed house and all necessary
Udings. W. F. Tompkins,
3088. Pickens, oute 2..
Tke a pe at- Holder & Taylor's
pace. The Hughes farm is at last of
fered for sale. The price is low and
terms will be tnade to suit buyer.
Frot this date until Titnuary 11th my
eutite. stobk ofaDr'Obodd, Millinefy,
Shtes, Rate, etc.., is for sale at and be.
low oost. T. C. Robinson,
dec 268 Norris, 8.'0.
List. pith and buy from Holder and
Taylor-the.y are the medium in this
country between buyer and seller.
Ninety-one acres on the Bell Shoal
road. Holder & Taylor will sell this
property during the holidays. Finest
farm land in Pickens county. ,
Note Holder & Taylor's ad this week.
They. offer for sale the Hugbes farm. It
as a good investment for any one want
ing flue farming laud.
Drop Dr. Horton a postal nnd he will
call and dogour children's dental work
while they at home for Christmas.
Bracelets, bracelets in styles ad
sizes to suit every girl and lady and
prices to suit all purses at H Snider's.
You will find lockets and chains of
beautiful design, also many new and
odd patterns in the ever popular tag
net rimgs at H. Snider's.
)r business people
ery body.
H. Snidei.
Iressing 8 oz bot
d fruits at Cooper's.
ek of Dry Goods
and Ndtioa ior sale at cost at the
T. D. Harris stand for the next 30
days. B. P. MAIRTIN..
If holiday gifts express sentiment
jewelry is the thing to give. I have
a full line of quality as well as quan
titv. In this lot you will find cut
glass and silver for the bride and the
housewife. , HL. Snider.'
Cracker-Jack brand coffee 21 lb
tins 50c. Satisfactory or your money
back. . .D. B. Cooper.
Sweet Mixed Pickles 25le per qL at
P., B. Coo er's.
All goods purchased from H. . $nider
wul be engraved free of charge.
Pure New Orlesas svrup 50c tlil
gallon, at D. B. Cooper's.
6 lbs good parched coffee for $.00 at
D. B Co'oper's.
C'all and inspect H. Snider's line of
new jewelry, cut glass, and silver, all of
which are suitable for Christmas pros
16 lbs granulated sugar for 61.00. at
- ID. B. Cooper's.
J. D. Moore's ilere Yet
A lot of peopletfave taps and doas.
But mine have alway been 4own,
Som1hetimes I'm glad, sometimes I'm
sad, but long to toll my story when we
battlewhanged thronght this vain world.
I am in the mark~et for Beef, fAheep,
Por-k and Mutton. Sell a heap of meat,
and always like to sell to those who
want to buy of me. but don't want -to
sell to those who don't want to buy of
me. because thaere are enough that trade
with me to take all that I can get.
1 still buy hid-s green or dried. 1rbuy
anything you got, always want some.
*thing but can't iell what. So come and
see how itell be whlen you buy your
meat from'me. A nd remember the old
meat market Moore uas in days of yore.
Th'le ola meat market,
.. .or...bidden to trespass
N. 0. Cothran.
Author of "Graustark"
Copyright, 190, b Dodd,Mread and Company11
00th t hey pa.tfaij subdued .th at
Lights were springing into existene
in ahl parts of the park. Beverly saa
the solitary window in the monaster
far away, and her eyes fastened on I
as if for sustenance in this crisis. of he
life-this moment of surprise, this m<
ment when she felt him laying hand
upon the heart she had not suspecte
of treason. Twilight was upon then
the sun had set, and night was rust
Ing up to lend unfair advantage to th
forces against which they were strut
gling. The orchestra in the castle wa
playing something soft and tender
oh, so far away!
"I forget that I am a slave, you
. higbness," he said at last, and his voie
thrilled her through and through. Sh
turned quickly and to her utter db
may found his face and eyes still clos
to hers, glowing in the darkness.
"Those men over there," she whl
pered helplessly-"tbey are looking i
"Now I thank God eternally," I
cried softly. "You do not punish m
you do not rebuke me. God, there is t
"You-you must not talk like that
she cried, pulling herself togXether su
denly. "I cannot perImit it, Bald&
You forget wbo you are, sie."
-"Ah. yes, your highness," he said ib
fore he stood: erect. "I forget that
was a suspected traitor. .Now I -a
guilty of leze majesty." Bdverly fc
herself grow hot with confusion. .
".Waf am .I to do with you?" s!
cried in perplexity,' her heart beath:
shamefully. "You swear you are ho:
est, and yet you won't tell me tl
truth. Now, don't stand like tha)
You are as straight as a ramrod, and
know your dignity is terribly ofl'ende
I'ma b floolish, het I' do helieve yc
intend no rn to Graustark. Yc
cannot be :a traitor." .''-a .
"I wlr some day give my life 'to r
pay you ar 'those words, -your ;big
ness," he said. Her hand was resitira
on the side of the chair. 'Soirethai
i*artm touched it, -and then it was lif
ed- realstlessly. Hot, palusionte lil
burned themselves into the whlte il
gers, and a glow wvent into every fiba
of her body.
"Oh!" was all she could- ay. I
gently released the hand and threw 11
his chin resolutely.
"I am almost -ready to die," he'sali
She laughed for the first' time sin<
they entered the park.
"1 don't know how to treat you," si:
Miad in a helpless flutter. "You kno
a princess has many trials in life."
"Not the least of which is woma1
"Baldos," she said after a lon~
p'atae. Something very disag'reeab)
had just rushed into her brain. "Hai
you been forgetting all this time thu
the Princess Yetive is the wife
Grenfall Lorry?"
"It has never left my mind for a
instant. From the bottom of my heal
I. congratulate him. is wife is a
angel as well as a princess."
"WVell, in the. code of morals, is
quite proper to be so loyal to anoth(
man's wife?" she asked, aid thtoa si
trembled, lie was supposed to kno,
her as the wvife of Grenfall Lorry, ain
yet he had boldly shown his love ft
"It depends altogether on the otha
man's wife," he said, and she looke
up quickly, It was too dark to sc
his face,, but something toldl her I
press the point no further. Deel) dow
in her heart she was beginning to ri
joice in the belief that ho had founi
her out. If lhe still believed her to I>
the real princess, then he was--but th
subject of conversation at least ha
to be clhngedl.
"You say your message to Ravon
was of a purely personal nature," sht
like the W47. in whieh he said "
highness." It dounded as it he ft
"How did you know that you i
to see him today ?".
"We have waited for this opportu
since last week. FranN was in the
tle grounds last Thursday."
"Good heavens! You don't mean
"Yes, your highness. le carri
message to tue from Ravone. Thi
.'Here La what Ravont says."
why Ravone and the others waited
-me in the hills."
i"You amase mel"
e "I have seen Franz often," he
r fessed easily. "He Is an excel
ti "So .t.wuld seem. We, must J
r Ia lookout for. .hii. He is the g4
tween for you.all, I e.
"Ibid yot leUtn'' ty shy '&ou'
Ameriea ?" he asked-. Her -heat I
a great- leap. There Was somet
so subtle-In -the -queny that -she.
vastly.relleved. -
'Never mind about that, sir.
won't tell me. What..you said In
note to Rayone."1
"I calinot."1
"Well, he gave you one in return,
you are.-perfectly sincere, Ba-ldos,
will hand that note over to ine.
shall go no further, I swear to yot
as you vow, It does not jeopal
Graustark. Now, sir, prove your
alty and your honesty."
He hesitated for a. long time;
from an Inner pocket he drew foi
bit of paper.
"I don't see why it has not
t destroyed," he said regretfully. "I
a neglectful fool I have been!"
"You might have said it had bee1
stroyed," she said, happy becaus
had not said it.
"But that would have been a
Read it, your highness, and retu
to me. It must be destroyed."
m - "It is too dark to read It here." I
it out a word he handued the taer t<
and -cae'd the chair bearers. to ,
he gave insiruetions that brought
speedily beneath one of the park In
She afterwaA recalleddThe guilty
pulse whilh 'forcel( her to sif 'n
telltale note whIle the men were c:
j lg lier 'f16ong in the driveway. V
It Wras qut sadshe slyly 'opejied
misv.Hs. lhand. .cluted. over
uand -the notie, ound lhe.'bent close
:In e.''e..
*"M'y~ only- fear is- thnt the test
~make .it impossible for tne to kiss
ghand again," said lhe in a stra
voice. She loo)ke<up in surprise.
t. "Then it Is renlly sonmething di
S "I have called it a test, your I
r ness,"- he responded enigmatleally.
"Well, we'll see," she said and f~
e Withturned mei. eyeds to the'aii in
p tant paper. A quick filpsh crossed
brow; her eyes biltiked .ljopelessly.
. note was written In the Graustark
e guagel. .
"PIll read it later, Bald-os. This I
e place for me to be reading piotes,
Syou know; really, It isn't'. PIll gia
back to youj tomnorrow," she wa:
-. haste to say. -.
An inscrutable smile came over
e "Rlavone's information is corre<
e am now convinced," he said slo
Lt "Pray, your highness. glance OV(
,f now, that I imy destroy it at once,
n "The light isn't good."
t "It seems excellent."
n "And I never saw suchi a raiser
scrawl as this. Hie must have writti
It Oin horseback, and( at fuill gallop."
r "It is quite legible, y'ouri highnetsi.
e "I really cannot read the stuff.
v know his handwriting. Read It to
(1 Il trust you to read it carefully."
r "This is enmbarrassing, your highi
buit I obey, of' course, if' you comm:
r Here Is what Itavone says:,
d "We have fresh proof that she is 1o0
e princess, but the American girli. lio
o cedinigly careful that 14he does not
you into any adImissions. 'Tihe Ani
are tricky. Have little to say to her
guard your tonguo weall. We are all
di and are hoping xor- the best."
Wanted- I o rent my Crow C
e farm adjoining ('apt. Herd. AppI;
e JT T.* Ne...n, Pi:keu.
Thinks Much of Our Sch
It gives me great pleasure
arships which you offer from
A a business colleges.
1 was fortunate to secure c
and studied bookzeeping he:
H. L. Bridges.. I am now a
High Company, one of the I
in the South. My work is p
salary. I think any young n
spending their time wisely in
the scholarships which you of
0 Wishing you much suctes
the scholarship which you ga
'We Never Sai
for EPEATED sales
Rmonials any we
Con This is how we kno
.be. '--OF
rave. . i one .of the very bes
Mug market for all cought
was .
Try one bottle and
you BOLT
then Pick ens,
th1 a
c. . CAnTE, W. T. O'DEI
e he President. Vice Pr
th , -. MmIGAN . W. T. C
o Metchants, ,'armerr, Firm
WM. N.1Ri
SWheelwright' and
Ian. Makes anything in th<
Horse Shoeing
et Shop on Ann Street.
-I am running a first-class R
able tevery best rae
me. EVerything in Season that the M
CS%. Fish and C
Also, handle Canned Goc
* Ce. Candies, Bananas, Or
a Soft Drinks, Cigars) Smoking an
well Your patronage respectfull
accorded to all.
Ow Fish and Oystr for sale Friday:
ola8hip PropOsiti*di.d'
t, GA., 28th Nov. r
to recommend the schoL
time to time in Atlanta
one of your scholarships,
re in Atlanta under Prof.
bookkeeper for J. M.
argest dry goods houses,
leasant, and I get a good
ian, or woman, would he
trying to secure-one o
s, and thanking you fdu
we me, I am' I
v the Likes!,
ire the beet testi.
dicine can have.
w that our
t renedies on. the
ah4 dlds,
be convince.
& CO.
South Carolna.
ED 1901.
HI. C. Sunmm,
e-Sident, Ghe
Y, S. C.
O S -ED=
-DLL H. C. Fkna~
*R ,p '9ry
Wood workman~
wood and iron line. -
a Specialty.
Pickens, S. c
ESTAURANT' and cai,'r t~. . -
arkcts afford.
ysters Fridays and Satidiays.
ds, Fancy Groceries, S~ugar,
nges, Apples, Sunidri'a and
d Chewing Tobaccos.
y solicited. Polite at1ttion~
kefield, ~
and Saturays.

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