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To -One s Paradise.
1ANU* wast that all to me, love,
OW which my soul did pine
.&.gvemenisle in the sea, love,
A fauntain and a shrine,
Ag mreath'd with fairy fruits and
And all thetilowers were mine,
A, oreamutoo bright to last!
A, starry .Hop0! that didet arise
:ir" 4o be overcast!
& veice from out the Future cies,
-40, 'ti"-but o'er the Past
(Oit gulfl) my spirit hovering lies
.eI motionless, aghast!
Wor delad ala! wibh me
Te light of light is o'erl
-Va aore-no more- no more -
,Staab language holds the solemn
Te e sands upon the shore)
r5hbut btaom the thunder-blasted tree,
Or the etricken eagle soarl
..*M. en my days are trances,
ad Oi way nightly dreams
.mes where thy dark eye dances
Ael where thy footetep gleams -
Vs .bat ethereal dancers,
..Sr what eternal streams!
-Edgar Allan Poe.
lRobley 0 Evans, Jingo.
"lb. more one. learns about Bobley
i. MEans the greater must he the
-mfiiton hat he is mentally and
sapermentaly ufit foi the nCbat
.eWas delicate mIssion upon which
bmsao.emwmander of our "armada."
w n een senL His feast-frolic-or
-AsOA qpeeh -revealed the quality of
bte betggart 4at Is so often conspic.
omms !d him, as well as it showed the
M&Ic of tact and good-sense that
.vnneA so well become a man bet
.wp4a cn undertaking which his supe.
mier ofcers have declared is to be
e&e feast, frolic nor fight, but sim
94 a pratice cruise, entered upon as
Jenseaestratiou or test of the nation's
eseNE iftnese.
.MUtthe selection of "Fighting Bob"
#,*.bad *e fleet has served to recall
WANnher somewhat famous little
eakei of &is, made before the Mae
*adwsette house of representatives
jium -fter tWe conclusion of the war
*sa Spain, in which Evans related
,11 we esepugnaclous, it is natural
fen vsomisa wory pretty little animal,
Ifeafs m'ere soy that if you put
esersatth ldd where there is nothing
whie dar hantme butt, he will butt a
amemneg beaase it is his nature to.
iTUf. dt de sa usteural for an American
ekspee bt a stuimp as it is for a ram.
ag~~we we ase edncated, you flnust
nsse 6.ueaprised if we casioqally
Ytr iatuutpdK"
"I'is .art (f~bmncomnbe ought to
-wsuitr eEouFmilitanlt commander
ifin tsIleMioigi notion that men
mehad& ".hlk'seftly and carry a big
skrfk6----ld6..-after all is but a re
stainei~s:the doctrmne of the pistol.
difr wvwho metands prepared for
""'ens~iLe"- t all times, Perhaps it
maas (be 5leasing analogy between
metre doctriae of "looking for stumpa"
age &e 4doctrine of the "big stick"
-rme de responsible for the selection of
e ttanner ' for the mission he has
- (eue omet out upon.
'16e best-that the American people
#aay bmpe ie that no "etunsps" may
eheraeuad~and that there may arise no
'ssasio 'wr Admiral Eivans to exer
eis. those blundering, bullying, flam
46agent *IRIn-buntin~g proclivities in
etsI&. ie vhbeity so prolifically
sdibeiiwd.-(Columrbia State.
few Csen et the People,
' She 'ioneer American Demo
ara' wae dhe Rev. Thomas Hooker,
- ef teetIeut, who, in a sermon in
UIarfford, In the ye'ar 1633) said:
"The fouadation of all authority is
sEnutiy laid 'in the free consent of the
igma'e. Threin embryo, were
t~aeevoutin ad te geatrepub
- Glia.inne"FudametalOrders of
etmnettiut"ispiedbyHooker and
sega aHartford in 1(088, we have
Mme entwritenconstitution known
da fday hatcreated a government.
Am44Ibd government was as near a
ed e iocracy as the world has
/ .
In speaking of the Williams-DeAt
mond affair, the Washington Poe
observes that Democrats will be Dem
Teddy has given the third torn
talk a' death blow, but Republiopi
doctors will try oxygen as a laut re
sort and see what artifieial respira
Lion will do.
With good crops and good pricqi
the farmers of the -countcry arelesaf
from the stress of financial weather
and an long as the farmere we saft
the country will be safe, for they ar
its main reliance.
If every business mani to Pikeni
Dould do business on a strictly casi
system it would be a blessing to.us
all. If we all had to pay cash we
would learn to live witnlin our mean
[t would save businessi men the ex.
pense of book-keepers and the lova of
bad debts, all of which some one has
to pay for. If our town could grad
ially work into a strictly cash system
t would be better for uq all.
Dr. Jonas, pastor of a Presbyterian
shurob of Pittsharg, refused to accept
e purse of $100 from the congrega.
Ion as a CQbistmas present because
I costated of. five twenty
lollar gold pieces without the motto,
6In G6d W6 Trust," which, he said,
I4 10nther AWi taught hiq to look
lor. Juat let some enreb try that
ittle game on usi, say* .the Columbito
Rtocord, if it want. tW l3e, sigcht of it*
money forever. We would take the
money and do our own trusting.
Mail Order Houses,
We don't love the big mail order
iouses In the great cities because of
he harm they do our home merchanta
knd the way they bleed our hom,
people of their hardearned money
not a dollar of which ever gets back
to thum or any of the rest ol um
Hence we are glad to hit said house
a lick when we con do so fairly and
squarely. The last issue of the
American Newspapet Press tell,
about one of the biggest of thesi
sinners as follows, and we hope thi
news will undeceive someo of its. vic
time in this part of the country:
"Bears, Roebuck & 0.., the grea
Ohicago mail order house, must stant
trial in the federal court at D,
Moines, lo., sayo the Leader of the
9ty. on charges of using ths Unitt
States malls to defraud. An. indwri
nent containing three conts s.
returned against the firm by the f.a
mrol grand jabky. The penalty 'up ,'
3ontiction will be a fine of $500 0u
ach countL The indictment is base
n three cases in which it is alleg-e
lbe company anisrepresented artiel.'
isted for sale in its estalogu1es, A lseA
were sent out through the matil
Beelides the catalogues, it is cleaiw&e
bhat tha ooncern used letters, cmreu
arm, paemphlets, order blankse and
letter beads to deceive aend defrant
'A austomers.''-[8eneos Farm and
After Dec. 24th we will tgin cotten on
y ont Mondays of achi week.
30t3 Pickene Oil Mill Oo.
Auditor's Notice,
The Auditor will begIn to take return
for fiscal year 1908, on January les ant
:ontinue till F'ebruary 24) wIthout penal
ty after which tame 50 per cenc will b<
cdded as prescribed by law.
County Auditor.
Clvii Engineer,
Surveying, Mapping, and Topograpi
cal work a Specialty.
Over Postofilce, Anderson, S. C
Practice in all Courts In Sonuth Carolini
A Delicate Task.
"The newspapers." said the orator
solemnly. "do not tell the truth."
"Perhapa not," answered the editor
regretfully. "We 0do our best; but, you
know, there is nothing more difficult
than to tell the truth in a way that
won't put i up to some on1e to chal
longe your veracity." - Washington
His Ambition.
"To think." said the visitor. "that
you will have to go through life an ex
"Well. mins." replied Crowbar Claude,
tp tell you the truth. just at present
there ain't n'othing I'd like more to be."
Her Generosity.
He--I wish that you were poor. so
that you would be willing to marry
me. She-Evidently I am far more
generous than you. I wish you were
rich. so that I might be willing to mar
ry you.-Exchange.
-The nian who is driven to drink by
bad luck would probably have been 0
ruined by prosperity.-Chicago Record
Latypp enimneya 4v,
10 cent genita collar 5c
Stove pans 12 @ 14o
Matches 4n, can hominy 80, coffee10r,
Soda 4o, Bking powder. 4, 1 gal. coffee
rot 12". 'int cops So, half gal. coveed
buoket. 9, Pot coversS, can peaobem
110, well pmullsy 20., bowlex and piteh
ers 70o Q 31.14, Lanterna 50o, job lbs
Liblrty Hell @ 25, chambers 20, tin
-baoketa 20fjo-ippermi 4, xue grease' 4,
labtoe'ra glolb. 9.-, ex.acjta 80, 50 kiud.
4j, toap 81, 9 lovety picture a 90. each,
8 invelypiur 1.9ahrna -t
42 @ 1.59, well lnmket- 41c, dolls Rte
25., 31 umw. re'la 75o. 81.25 umbrellao
Spool Thread, Mena clothing, under
wear, trunks., overalla4 at and belows
StOve.4 at oost.
The0e good.- -we firt clawa in every
respect aud being ta.de at the low
pria a in ohler to make room for a dife
f..eut lot of stuff. Am going to make a
C m1Wge inl my I na"iness by Jan. Lt or
you calid nor go t an article enumerated
above for one tcut len than the regular
Ieta:il priLg. Ptok up some of these bar.
gains whil& .(oU ean.
SupersedewTime Table No 0
Effective March 10 1907
esd Diown Reed Up
No 9 No 1i STATIONS No10 No13
Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed
e:50 am 11:80 ar iy P'inkene. er 5:80am 8:05 pm
I :5'.e i :M5 m Fergumon :2'6am 5:00 pm
7:05 am 11:41' aim eI'arsona's 8:15am 4:5,0 pm -
7:30m i :50aan *Aulrill's li:iQ0m 4:44 pm
74A ii :t'. An. -'.bMAuh ia8;05u,4:40- as
1:3am 1:00 mn ar Eawle lv 8:00amn 4:31 pi
el'Iag S'tations
?All trains dailyecptunay .
SNo9 auiecba with sthern-Baillwy No4
No10 conne:in.with Ilouthein Railway No 12,
No la connects with Southern Ratlwa~y.%aoU1
.1 T" TAYLOR (Gen Manseer 2
Arivyat and Jegaarure of Train., Greene.
wille, 8. 0. Efe.'., le A pr11 14. 19e.
8:30 a m, No. 48 daily except Sunday, for Lau
reus. and Interznediate stations, arrive at
i au teux9:00 aan
12:15' p mn, No. 58 daily for Lauren. Clinton
Newberry, ('olumbi a, Sumter and Charles
,toni connectinag at sumpter .with A. C. L.,
Traits No. 82 for Richmond, Washing ton
' and eastern cilies', and at Lauren. withC. A
W. U. Train No. I for Spartanburg and
train No 2 for Greenwood, ugusta. etc.
-Arrive Laurenis 1:3' .p mn, Clinton
2:;22 p mn, N ew berry 3.10 p. mn, Columbia .4:46
Sumter 8:20 p m, Uharleston 9:40, bpartaan
burg 3:80 p, m,. Greenwood 2:46 p mn, p in
* Augusta 5'25 p. im.
4: 45 p m, No.386 D~aly except Sunday. for Lau
reinn used intermedliate stationa.' Arrive at
. Lavrens6:40 ..
i0:.N0 a m, No. 87, daily except Sunday from
SLaurens and intermediatestations.
00 mN . , daIly except Sunday, 1rma
ues and untermediate station.
S3:26 p mn, No. 52i, da'.y from Charleston Samner.
* Columbia, Newherry, Cinton, Spartanhaxg,
Augusta. Greenwood Laurens, etc.
'Trains ho. 14 and 53 run throuath between
Charlesbton without sllange.
.J wV. Ligon, Agt. Gee. T. lifyan Gen. Agt.
Ernest williams,, 0. P. A.
Ri 11 lirand. Trafl. Alan. Angusta Ca.
Annuial Meeting. E
The County ('ommissionorya w.!l hold
dhay of Janunrt nw xt. All claims ,agalnst
ihn county not filem' on oar besfore~ this day
Iwill lit be rred. C. E. Robinson,
Clerk. U
Write at oeo and tearn why we secure best
positions, and beat salaries for our graduates.
K unnan Awremaon. Pree.
Our business in 1907 1
ther records and we's
%ach and every one of <
ppreciation for their I
We expect to try bar
larger business and <
hat can't be resisted I
Craig br4
N. E. Freem,
We wish to return out
uri man~y lriends. anud. cii
radei during the past ye
was larger than we expe
good goods and closE
niythbing you will increas
s durin~g 1908.
A happy new yea'r to;
SI. E. FMeeuj
outhiern Sliortha
and Busines
Atlanta, Ga., albo Alban
Reeve8Over 1 5,00o Graduates ii
R e Ive lJ,000O applientions every year for liookkeept
c. An average of two open inga for eveiy Mtiient that
70 typewriting machines,."'"e
The go0nthern also cotintslt the
*rn *vle 'nh ltu nte roadis andi toeserap~h com,
Main Line Wires Run mnt
A. C. BRISCOE, Pres., or W. L.
Ims surpassed all
ish to extend to
)ur cus omers our
ileral pai ronage.
der in 1908 to do
>ffer inducements
>y the cash buyer,
et fully,
an & Co.
- hearty thanks to
stomera f'ar t~he r'
ar. Our busjiness
eted it to be,. and
figures count for
ec your trade~ with~
you all.
aijS ifLD.
s University
y, Ga. Branch
rH, Steonographers. Tele.graph Operator e
attenda the Scuitherns.
nrgeat i lleetlon o( .t elrlters4 owned
atesj~ are constanitly caIling for opera
> This School.
13 olta and larget Iliiess College
A R NOL.n VicePr.s.

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