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Eutered 4pril 28, 1903 at Pickeunh, 1. (.. amueoond olass matter, uts.ir st of Of'& .on of Marci 8, ) x7
That our American forests abound in
plants which possess the most valuable
medicinal virtues is abundantly attested
by scores of the most eminent medical
writers and teachers. Even the untu
tored Indians had discovered the useful
noe of many native plants before the
advent of the white race.) '.iis informa
tion, imparted freely to,$ e whites, led
the latter to continuo investigations until
to-day we have a rich assortment of most
valuable American medicinal roots.
Dr. Pierce believes that our Ameriean for
ests abound in most valuable medicinal roots
for the cure of Inost obstinate and fatal dis
eases. it we would properly investigate them:
and. in wnfirmation of this conviction, he
points with pride to the almost marvelous
cures effected by his t'Oolden Medical Dis
covery." which has proven itself to be the
most efficient stomach tonic, liver invigor
ator. heartilonic and regulator, and blood
cleanser known to medical science. DyspeD
sla, or indigestion, torpid liver, functional
and even valvular and other affections of
the heart yield to Its curitive action. The
roason why it cures these and many other
afrections, is clearly shown in a little book
of extracts from the standard medical works
which In mailed free to any address by Dr. U.
V. Pierce. of Buffalo. N. Y.. to all sending
request for the same.
Not les saarvelous, in the unparalleled
estes It is .0htantly making of woman's
piany pecultar affections, weaknesses and
distressit dorangements. Is Dr. Pierce's
= :9 .P p atr attested
W~f [email protected] 6otsfio~f con
tpibuted by grateful patients who have been
- ured by it of catarrhal pelvic drains. painful
- 10 1"rregularities, prolpsus and other
60. Ce~~scuseth _ byeakness V~eer
fUqnof uterus and kindr affettonK de n
after many other advertised medicines, and
physicians had failed.
Both the above me od medicines a
y made up from tbelgoeric extracts
Is icinal roots. The processes em
p o teir manufacture were original
.k and t are carried on by
chemists and armacists with the
bt of paraus and lances specially
staue and built fo'apurpose. Bet
eicines are entirely free from alcohol an
- 11 other harmful. habit-torming drugm.
1 lisat of their ingrediente toprinted o
'46h bottle-Wwser.
P{-NrPiry daetring
A man- In New York. atate-who owma
several fine cats, steppede ot. ot him
house one day to see two of his feline
possessions crouched in the grass, and
equidistant between them sat a com
mon striped squirrel, not daring to
move a hair lest he invite the sharp
-claws of one or both of his enemies,
but the anxious brown eyes rolled from
side to side as he calculated his chances
of escape between the Jo, , T4g, mA
walked o toward the squirrel, 'And
when. bsecame within jumping ditane
"the squfrret seined his opportunity and
leaped upon the man's tousers and
tan nimbly to him shoulder. Then the
.san backed slowly toward i' tree at
no great distance from him. Again
when Within leaping distance thei
squirrel jumped into the tree and dis
.appeared amid its branehes.
6ngland's One Protestant Cathedral.
Trtiro cathedral is the only Estab
.Jsbed Cburch eptbedral 9( any inipor
fane which has 'been bullt since St.
- -Pant' was com pleted, by - y ,ChrIeo.
her Wren. All tii Irnt cath Is
and -abbeys-In Efngilad were erected
by Catholirs and were handed over by
.net of parliament in the reign of Hen
ry VII . to the Protestants when ,the
(atholI6 chUreh was established abd
-the Protestant religion ereated by law.
4Beynelds' Newspaper.
r. . -
What the Cloth Get in Beaten.
It yougo to San Francisco and meet
a' friend, he will ask you to stay' a
week witti hine. Ini Omab& he wilt
-take you home overnight, in Chicago
he will take you out -to dinner, lto New
York he will hurry you og' to iubch,; in.
New H vpp he will heind youa good
.eigau, a-s in Wotou he Wrill atte. you
4W abl.-Congregationaffet.
Maiden ineurtne.
The Maiden Insurance company is a
alnguiar Denmark institution. It is
.confined to the nobility, and the noble
man1, as soon as a female chid is born
to him, enrolls her name on the comn
ipnny's books and pays in a certain
.aum and thereafter a fixed annual
.amlounit to the treasury. When th
young girl has reached the age of
twenty-one she is entitled to a fixed
:lncomie and1( to an elegant suit of apftt
m nents. al this income and this resi
.dence, both almost princely, are hers
until she either marries or dies, The
s.ociety has existed for generations, It
lIas always prospered. Thanks to it.
poVerty stricken old maids are un
knmown among the Denmark -nobility,
buit every maiden lady is rich and
* happy. ________
Do The Cheaper Way.
"oyou know, hubby, that when I
go to Osntend I shall dream of you
,erely night?"'
"If it's all the same to you, I would
prefer to have you stay with me anti
.dream of Ostend."--Fliegranda Rlntter.
lanuary Forecast.
What are the huglesi blowin' fort"
Said Beh'lor on parade;
'Its New Year- Day, It's New Year
The Woman-titer said.
'What makee yom look-s0.-ahima
Said Bach'lor on parade;
I'm dreadin' what we've got to face,"
The woman-hater said.
'Fur Leap Year is upon un,
And the pirle will use a wire,
Phe-'I hook us like a pe.ad'
When the licenses eVxpi'e
Lad tbeflU dump as in the Ragon
And we're off to find a squire.
For they're la.ong for the Baoh'lor
In the mornin'."
The big bet for this month will be
raft. The 4tlanfio fleet will ap
,roacb the Burn with a beat spyglass,
pooking 'oundm for Japs. "0. hell,"
whispered in Uncol JoeCtasno's ear,
sill be the passwor to get anytibg
aefr-e congress. Japan will have a
1ack moonth at jlie 'Tagseaki navy
rards, and will build only twenty
ieven more war ships, rhe gues*
)a Roosevelt's future for this month
sill be that he will beconte a con
gressman after he leaves the White
EIovse, and will go into the ring with
Williams and DeArmond. Mr. Brysa
will walk around the Democratic
mn.mination wih a hammer, to see if.
bhere is anty place where he could nil
it down. Money wilt continue shy.
rising out of range and flying eight
miles. Mr' Lawaan will put bi, unak
rn and go book into the gamen; jobs
will continue to run when they see
ran comni' , nd s rm'etime during
bbe month Mr. Morgan will decide
whether he has all the money he
want. now, or if he will continue the
After the 29th we shall be under
tha influence of Aq'uarius, the water
arrier, the 11th sign of the zodiac.
Under tbis favorable sign Prohibi
tion will establieh about eighty more
stormn centers, booze will run another
mnite in nothing south of the 'Mason
anud Dixona line, and Carrie Nation
w .1 worK with a hatchet in each
hand. To qitot- an Omar of the
Oklahaoma' desert
tinush, little bar-room,
Don't you cry
Y-u'Il be a drug-store
By and by.
January was named after Janus
B.fronp, known as "Two-Faced Ja
nus. " lie was the originator of what
1s isnow asW) "tbe) p iticlin B
saver" A wave of pr-,bibition was
swelping Rome, asd Bifran0, a .
didate for the sonote, hlia to l e
himself one way or themsther to .
thirt man he met. But be "
foxy Dago, and whnu he wias a,J d,
"Do %ou drink, Bifonrs" he w-od
slyly ask in return, "I1 this ani invi
tation, or do 3on just wan nt to kov'
Rome had a gate name'd for J usna
It 11 from the Palatine -to tbo Qair
inal Hill, and WAS clos,,; only V-n
Rome was at peace'with the world
This ocurred bat four times-mier
XUiua, Augustus Cmar and Ve-spiA.
tias, and ifter the Afeit Punio war
Zitus Cai*ar kept tbe irate Open
vider thad anybody. Ju & to sat pf.
'imualf thAt no "tbier Aonan had ever
ny anUiA g on him in this retsppct,
he one dtoto teAnty loads of ha
reoor 1 toari*n biada. Caeoar
was a gtdi k and is favorite
OUR. ;404p- r. Op a-dijng,
tho'g 4 trpedo.'was selling,
he 'point -at Sb anirmet with 1.tie
bad sid 'a te jaing railroad con
struotiQn drew *ith the other, *n4
exclaimld to hli lieutenints, "Be
h6ld, the do1 god l"
Another .est (mark well the rbmo')
Has j Ined ihe boat of Father Ti e
A few more solid banks wi I burst
To muany treAting ones' disgust;
The widow recently bereft
Wilt pop the questi osieht b&& ft,
An& lueklewsumn. of Lap lear itt,
'WIWirrable f the tsl 'uncut.
The sport in conigress will crnsiiet
tif battles with the horny flit; the
gentleman Missouri bred will call
some one a noodlebead; they'i clinch
and b.'e each othmr's cheek, the
frighteoed gatIries will ahri-k, the
Speaker will get out a gun, the m*n
fram Ark musa will run, the segoa t
*ill bt. through so door, the flrh
Iri'lRspreid upon the floor, the clerk
will climb the ohaplain's back, and
thM eir will sound with biff .nd whack,
the war department,will turn out, the
senate will get in the bout, and Fair
hanka wath .riumphant cry will black
Bpn Tillman' other eve, the prel
d40t 'will get i .1, ' ' b1xing
Te'$~S' eMi W iusi, b'; a' will .1
claia oi -inig ask, Wit's. gU'
After that we shall bave very plea
anot weather. The moon will be full
onjb 18AU, ani4 .tprqow, ,we never
beard of will b~i mentioned for vir.
Ellsey Troutile liakes You MIserable.
Almost everybody who reads the news
papers Is stirs to know of the wonderful
cures made by Dr.
IKimer's Swamp-Root,
. the great kidney, liver
and bladder remedy.
It la the-great:rnedi
cal triumph of the nine
tpeth century; dis
covered after years of
scientific research by
Dir. Kilmer, the emi
--- - neont kidney and blad
--- der specialist, and is
wonderfully .successful in promptly curing
lstne biok, leidney, bladder, uric acid trou
bles audBright's Dinesse, which is the worst
form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is not rec
ommended for everything but if you havekid
nay, liver or bladder trouble it will be found
just the remedy you need, it has been tested
in no many ways, in hospital work, in private
practice, among the helpless too poor to pur
Ichase relief and has proved so successful in
every case that a special arrangement has
been made by which all readers of this paper
who have not aiready tried it, may have a
sample bottle sent free by mall, also a book
telin moe about Swamp-Root and how to
find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
When writing mention reading this generous
. offer in this paper and
send your address to
Dr. Kilmer &Co.,Bing
I hamton, N. Y. The
iregular fifty cent and Jiom or Swnap-inoot.
Idollar sizes are sold by all good druggists.
-Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N4. Y.. on every bottle,
know that if they have
teed Scott's Emtd
ek healtx and strength.
it point about Scott's
t you don't have to be
rom it.
thlete's strength, puts fat
es a fretful baby happy,
e girl's cheeks, and pre
md consumption.
rated form for sick and
rich and poor.
ko drugs and no alcohoL
'St SOo. AND $1.00.
iced by Young Man Is
r Entire Country.
he cause my New Discovery medicine
to toneerthestomachnUp.to required
ug strength In about six weeks' time.
ry: -Tat..Ia.why L.have.had more peolle
come and thank me wherever I have
of gone to introduce my medicine, than I
ble. have bad time to talk with."
re- Among the immense numbers of peo.
is ple who are now strong believers in
ury Cooper's theory and medioine is Mrs.
on- M. E.L Delano a prorninent resident ot
ic the suburb of Brookline, Boston, Mass.
sed She says: "For several years I was
In broken in health, caused primarily by
ras stomach. and nerve troubles. I gradu.
as ally became worse, until recently I was
Ing compelled to go without solid food fer
oil, day-at a timei I had sour stomaeh,
hat palpitation of the nerVes of 'stomach
and heart, dyspepsia and extreme nor
in vousness. I suffered terribly with In.
oat somnis, and my liver, bowels and
or# whole system gradually became de.
[on ranAed. I felt instant relief the first
re day I began this Cooper medicine.
I now feel like a new being. Today
of I walked all per town, shopping
by something I have not done for years.
Ich "I make this statement wholly from
a sense of duty. I feel I owe it to
k. anyone who might fnd relief and
renewed happiness as I have done.".
a The record made by the Cooper med.
OW Iclues Is atonishing. We will take
he plessure in discussing It with anyone
PO- who whftes -o know about QN.
be --Pickens Drug Co.
ht- will semv them.
Ir. The tfrutew will no'tinue to show
ri. where lo hjeNd in, and congresa will
ng VotA otur M may like, it was their's.
a: 'lb. fa.Khiohnabi.. wintering pilaces for
srr the m-mth will b. ~southern Califoarnia
ag- and the F~ioreli coaet, and aill trains
na bound~ to those544 p)ointa will bet loaded,
ed with laaNt.rers and bricklayere, with
pm, their families.
hst And th.en tl.h srt-liv.d month of
reir February, wheun womaen will complete
m~e her web,, and foolish zian will hum~z
about until thle Hpitier dashea out and
Jid nails him nearly to the mast for so
a y igng s his life shall last.
a'1s But niotwitbatamndinag Leap Year's
tad And maid.' and widow.' wee,
ek And thoughl our hi r I Iluck c mes
rea Ju..t uk.. a string of be',ds,
n's Uuneer 'all chieer up! It'~.saot so bad
sir. With, na. nu 'tilt with Ted,
' e Whio had to co~me to it aind knoc~k
e i, third term in the head.
ver - ..
*IF YoU AImE SUT OF w~oJIK, or have
hisapare tem.-,3you Thould g~et our prop
'ONItIIIn, N. masil o-der scoheme, but
If othe a aire umakinsg moneay, witha no
ut compitioni. The. first acceptable
ieap lbe-nt ge tiyuar territorty. -Write
to-day, to-miorrow mai'y be too late.
an jPaurisculars free D uuinsorar le Co.,
Most people
been sick they r
a/on to bring bi
But the strongei
Emursion is the
sick to get results I
It keeps up the a
on thin people, Mali
brings color to a pal
vents coughs, colds i
Food in concent
well, young and old,
And it contains i
New Theory Advax
Spreading Ov
TW C pletheory concerning
innwuacbme. wha1 .be...cna
proM with his new medicine, iabe
ustee eesspecase~amnes
day; .. -
Cooper claims that 90 per cent,
all ill health is due to stomach trou
When Interviewed about his theory
cently, he said: "Stomach troubl(
the great curse of the 20th cent
so far as the civilised races are 4
corned. Practically all of the chr<
III health of this generation is cav
byanormal stanokchio con4tiops.
ealiser da"a When 'the human race'
closer to nature, and me* and woz
worked all day but of doors, diga
their frugal existence from the a
the tired, droopy, half-sick people t
are now Ao common. did not exist.
"To be sure, there. was siekiems
those am ut.t 'Wa. of a Virul
aaotern, Wy temporary. Th
was non of this half-efek condit
an the tim with which so- many I
aMloted nowadaya.
"I haOw positively that every bit
this chrolo ill health Is caused
stomach trouble. The human stomi
In civilised people today Is degener
It lc ton and strength. This we
Bon has gradually come through
sedentarY 6Xistence. I further ka
that few people can be sick with 1
digestive apparatus in perfect ohs
The sole reason to my success is
Irepid.-nt Tho F1-,h-Rarrim,n fig
vill g-) into the tenth ,emind, anul %
Fish will comtuplaia to T us H .gu-, C
bunal that Sir. flharinen is uni
kamuehn. Gen. FUnh'hll, isn guard
Lioldt1eid, wall appI--al to Secreti
lietoaIC to, tran-aier him to Washli
on, where the flghting~ is going
Dhristmas pres~eta will be vxchwng
ror somethiug youl Welnt, and J &p
In acroes the Pacinec, will wove u
>n the mainland ansd .Ig (lych~
P,-rsona born in .'Innmry have e
reet, and do not pluay pok. r. If ti
ire born uander the inilusnnen of A q
rna, the wale,-ciarrier, they will vi
a'y. Trhey are vety ingenibous, a
knoW houw to tun the gae-meter ba
'T'by have large fam lies ansd aen
luacom. s. Thie.y are gooid ati fgu
and can toll you whether a woma,
shape is real or . ii eleier. '1 hey
slow to marry. but, can get a divo
as8 qui -k as aniybotdv. Theby are y
shrewt in mor1)a3 maQter,, and* no
give their wives thes hmoney.
D)on t answer th~ 'lor-bell I
mn n~ ; it's a b)e.1k nge, nt. Keep
'silverware under the coal pile
y ou come bomne late at night, look
for highwaymue, and walk in.
middle of t'ae road, as the policoni
ane. Don't <vrito l...e l,.tm.. I

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