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Pfickons Sentinel-Joural
The Sentinel-3ournal Company.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
-ntered at Pickens FuStoflice au second ola8
Mail Matter
Look around you. There as not a
co:nmunity in the county but what
4here are a lot of people livirig who do
not take his paper. A neighbor on
some side of you does not take it-go
to him and persuade him to join the
ranks. Our list could mighty easily
e doubled if each one of our sub
scribers would get just one new
subscriber. This is not much of a
task to ask you to perform. Why,
S. H. Brown, Elisha Gilstrap and
S. F, Curtis have each gotten 15 ot
'20 new ones, and neither one has
hardly miesed the time-and there
are lots of others who have done.
nearly as well. Get busy and each
one of you. make up.,your mind to
bring, or send, in two new iubscrib
era by the let of February, 1908
. Surely you have that much influence
in )our community and that much
interest in the paper.
Regulation of Commerce Between the
- Several States and Territories.
In the House of Representatives,
Dec. 3, 1907, Mr. Aiken introduced
the following bill, which was referred
to the Committee on the Judiciary
and ordered to be printed:
A BILL to limit the effect of the reg
ulation of commerce between the
several States and Territories, s
to certain commodities.
Be it enacted by the Senate' and
House of Representatives of the
United States of America in Congress
Ec-n'JoN 1. That all intoxicating
liquors, including ale, wine and ber,
shipped from one state or territory
into another state or territory slali1
immediately after crossing the boun:
dary line of the state or territory in
which its destination is located, and
before delivery to the consignee, be.
conmo subject, in every respect, to t4p
laws of such state or territory which~
have been enacted therein in the ex.
ercise of police powers, just as thou gli
said liquors had been produced ir
said state or territory; and the inter
state commerce character of suelk
ship~ments of intoxibating liquors shall
ternainate immcdiately after such li,
quors have passed into said state or
territory of their destination; and no
exemption shall be made of original
packages of intoxicating liquore
shipped in any form or man ner:
PnovIDED, That liquors sh~ipped en
tirely across a state or territory, that
are not to be delivered therein, shall
not be subject to the provisions of
this act, nor shall this act affect the
right of common carriers to trans
part intoxicating liquors from points
without a state or territory to any
point within that state or territory.
SEc. 2. That any railroad corn
pany, express company, or other
e.>mmon carrier, or other person who
shuli, in connection with the trans
portation of spiritous, vinous, melt
and intoxnnt i n or, a~i i...
* ueomea jieteou, mne pur
chase price, or any part thereof ol
such liquors, or who shall in any
manner act as the agtnt of the con
*ignor or sellor of such liquors for
the purpose of selling or completing
the sale thereof, saving only in the
actual trnsportation and dielivery of
the same, shall be subj. et in so doinR
tn all ihn polic.' npawers of the et
or territory into wbich sucb liqau
are transported and delivered; au
for this purpose in all oases of ti
sale of. spiritous, vinouv, malt .am
intoxicating liquors of all kilnde., I
inter state commerce, where the sea
is sold "collet on delivery" the pla(
of delivery shall t. deemed and hel
the place of sale.
Occupations of An Ex- President.
But it is not the restraints I
which he is iubjected as a mere di
pository of the people's dignity whic
remind him most dire etly that h!
retirement means something very di
ferent from an absolute rest and fre
dom from the people's service.
He is deluged with newly-writtme
bo->ks- most of them indifferent c
positively worthless-and these he i
expected to read and commend te
adver ti-ing porposes. #1 iq .pae
target for all manner of pecuniar
solicitation, embracing all aorta <
objects, ranging from large endov
ment funds and disinterested offers c
fabuloisly profitable investment t
pathetic and depressing appeals- ft
the relief of individual distress.
He is almost daily ivaportuned t
join in the management of publIc o
semi-public enterprises which-p*ofe
to be useful or beneficent or charit
-ble. He is persistently urged to mak,
raddresses on topics and; for irpqpas
that are, bewildering, an at time
and places- that ave. imp" Ie;' HI
daily mail furpishes':Oodi ubjil i
dence that his exisfcdbe4 nit t
looked by any class ..or - condition o
our people in an% corner of our land
and the visitors he receives forbidf
the reflection that he is only it "mel
ancholy product" of our governmenta
system. - [Ex-President Cleveland it
te Youth's Companion.
A Lake of Burning lce.
"Uold? Then we'll set fire to som
ice and warm ourselves."
Ihe speaker made, with the he<
of his skate, a hole in the ice. E
applied a match to the hole. The ic
hiazed up instantly with a hot, brigt
1"Oh, how good it feels," said tI
young girl. She removed her glov
to warm her slim hands the bette
"But isn't if rather odd," she sai
"to- warn one's haads at at firet
ice!" -
Y,u are a stranger to Atchison
aid the young Kinsan, "or y<
wouldn't find -it odd. We are 'isi
3 'it. lere. Alwudys, when we lla
.o.Lake Doniphan. we set thei
..tire if --wve are cold."
She Watched her bwvn little fire.a
*"What is the. explanation ofott
miracle?" she said,..
*"A very siniple one," said the youm
saan. "This lake is full .of natui
gases. When it freezes oter, gas~
the form of I' ubbles impiregnates t
ice. You have only to burst open
babble and put a match to it, and1
shoots a magical, flame."
" Wonderful!" said the young gi
"What a fine thing it would be
the ice .f all skating ponds could
impregnated ini this zway with gi
'1 hen .skaters would never. need
'' Why Our Seaboard Is.Safe,
Our Atlantic seaboard just now
amply protected by our commerce al
(by the millions of fighting men
the farms and in the hives of andusti
'Lhere is not a nation in Enrope era
enougli or suicid al enaough to. lift
finger to molest us. Thete is not o
that -wonld not lose forty times
much as it could dare to hope to ga
Noic.t ebtors and Creditors.
All persons hold(mg claims againsti
estate of the late E. H. Lawrence m1
present the same duly proven on or I
fore the 1st day of Alay, 1908, or be
barred payment ; and all persons in de
ed to said estate must make pi
ment on or before the abcvo date to
undersigne:1. J.* H. Lawrence,
R. (I. Lawrence,
Liberty, S. C., ,Jan. 9, 1908-t8
f We wish t: thae
duriug the past yetir.
We appreciate
ac cez d to you the samf
We are contihua
ing ourselves in better
Always consult i
You are losing mo
fneare building lot wvell leta
.?aue Jlots close io-ahd~on pj
a '4' tract, clos'e to'oi :m
!' il pay .for'same Jam
be 30 -acres, .in town df Liberty,
a "Waghes Farmn-91 acres
Sroom house. Large stable, cribs
Pickens, o
e a stitch in time by gettir
represent safe and reliabl
policies are liberal and pr
b ire an
ek ns
Ak our customers and friends for their liberal pt
your business and assure you that in the future
i fair tieatnent as in the pavt.
1ly Increasing our stock by adding new lines, there
position to serve you.
is before buying. Get our price s and examine th
ney if you do not owr n your own.-place
ted in most desirable section of towvn.
ublic -road.
ground, near Pickens. This is a bar;
n old Pickens-L.iberty road. . House a
~o acres in cultivation--2o acres under
and sheds. A good investment. See
.1 Estate and Stocks.
eover Pickens Drug Co. S 3
a Hard Teacher.
ig a fi're insurance policy. You may n<
a companmes.
emiums light. -* See us.
d Life Insurance Ag-en1
we will
by plao
a goods.
or farm.
rain as timber on place
nd spring on place.
wire for, past 3re. Six
us for price and terms.
ckers ...1*
- .
ver regret it.

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