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Entered April 28, 1908 at Pickens, S. 0., as second class matter, under act of Congress of M1aroh 8, 1879.
Two of the Co
We will publish two more next wi
can publish the pictures. -
N. D. Tayaor will be in his studio
day thereafter uutil Februay let, 19of
Tlis clontest closes V ebruary 1st 190
Street scene in Pickens du
Superstion vs. Statesmanship.
One great phii--sopheor -aid:
.come not to brinag )-Hee (tm eart
bue a reward " Niw, we know tht. hI
.no signiflinee in J.*ns' dity. As a
'have man narr tivs to Aho v, F
-was a peace-mak4r, as shown by Hi
.driving the devil out of the peop
-int. the Swine, aned then attracted Il
muention of the people )y emplovit
4hem to help drive the hogs into ti
uiver. Jesus waa living ahead of H
ejiy. He foresaw ia gosp-l wou
bintg a reward He saw .John 1
heaededl, Paul ex-ented, and thousan<
,of othersa burnt at the stake for I1
saae of His religi n.
What dad the people say of th
nuew rehigion? Just what they woul
.e4y tic~day if a nu.w religioni sheou
.o-u ' up: "Hfe haa e unae to make
swew r.ligiorn ande tear down ours thi
* u.- fatherai lival b y anid that o,
40 .there conf.tsal on their dvir
p'lloweb" S~o :'a esily seen he
.J.osaa faw l[ uHela *'rou .-:t a rewas
J3u a.. a ot every a-41p, ev ry toa
toeward bh ingingt ulpwar(I C Vmizat I
andl higher hfae~ usued~ e4trif. eed tel
*i cit But Jesaus e a iill Hle c-,i
-d-ell tha't coulId have *u beiienlone
The.I world yet iN int its infames
ciiz elion cin he eruadio. But iN
ld igh- time I >r haoIsue of tute siup
ietitionr to be done away with? Sunr
weth whit I ha4ve. "Ble'ssad tare~ tj
pos"Demake~trP for they shadl e call
th% children of God1 Of c ua
there are millions conibuted. E~
what frr T8 it toknj -an army..
n testants in our
ek. Bend in your photographs ear)J Q,
in Pickens next Saturday and every Satur.
ring the fair and poultry show.
the field to yet instil superstition in
the peopler in order to keep peace
h While others away inherit tLe eartht
Ld eLt us pray that our stuatnamen may
not ie so absorbed in superstition as
to put stumbling blooks in the way
of the poor. Let un pray that they
1 go to their duty armed with that fear.
10 less ambition that will prompt thenm
to make su0h laws as will promote us
(their own people) financially, physic
a. ally, moraliy and spiritually, so mat.
d tears don't conilict.
e. If we have to have an impover
Is ished country, give us .,new religion,
e one not q-iite so expensive.
The tish thatL swims in the rivitet
is Knowso n a of the salted s.er;
d Never a bird in a wirebound ea8s
d TVold all these things-to me.
a Yours truly,
at M W. H E TER
R Six Mile.
M% Sr. anid Mirs. Clifton Snyder, ol
'i lhe Greenville side, visited t he fam'ila
of R. W. Wijlimon last week.
,, A psaund rnpper wa~s given at thie
bom, ofI Mrs. A. D. Mann last Thur.
m y~ nuight. A line time is reported
Good morinug, "F~armer Girl
, o sid the top buggy came dow:
,t the roaid. I did not say wvhich waj
rit came. It came just the Saniae.
13y Don'L 30u know whoo it wvas? I knco
.1 joot as well. Come some time wh.
,,. youi haven't got long to stay, not
ed miuiithe .wu will see who it is.
"ii Mwrs. Lula A-nold, of the Stewari
cit reclioi, visited her father, 11. W
in Willimon. Friday.
Several from here attended a po-s
supper at the home of Miss Ouu
Holden, in the Stewart section, la
Thursday night. A pleasant t:
was enjoyed.
Mr. M. C. Feidley, of the Stewv
neighborhood, visited in this comn,
nity one day last week.
Christmas passed off very quiet
I wished this day came oftener, I
then I would more frequently g
something good to eat, like cal
pies, etc.
Miss Sophia Mauldin visited Mi
Findley, of the Dalton section, Is
Saturday and Sunday. Say, bo;
Miss Essie knows how to make y
enjoy yourselves.
Born, unto Mr. and Mrs. John D
lard, of this section, a fine girl.
Miss Maggie Willimon and b
ouins, Mis MaSter, sl44
the Kidg section fast week. i
Yes, ."Dreamer,:' it Is a fine thit
fo have grood eyesight, Theo bed
tiful moonshiny nights one can a
s large a thing as a top buggy co:
ing a long ways out the road.
I am doing my writing at nig
this time, for my old pen has bat
on a drunk and wouldn't write at a
I had to foot it two miles out to t
store to get a pq, point before I cou
write to the S. J. -I have had a ha
t me to get in my items.
Miss Cnia Holden, of the Stews
neighbo.abood, was the guest of h
friend, Miss Sophia Mauldin, We
Mr. und Mrs. R->bert Mauldin v
ited in Anderson lat wetk.
No, "Mountain Boy," it was I
my fellow in the top buggy. It v
only my friend coen to dine with i
Continied success to the S.-J. a
its large army of readers.
Long Branch.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lawrence,
Hesrindnt,' Ch., visited their paren
during the hhdatils. W' .. *
Thor< wa' a pund party given
Mr. and Mrm Austin Boggi',- Frid
night. It w s well attsuded ande
joyed by all.
Willie Lawrence, from Chappel
is visiting his parents this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Martin visit
their varents last week.
Miss Carrie Liwreuce visited 1h
friends in Easley and Greenville Iv
week, and will ave for Easley, 8
orday, to take charge of her sche
Monday near that place0.
Piokens, R. 0. 2.
Chrirstmas over, everything q i
and the clouds passed away. T
welcome suns~hine ia he're again
dry the mud, which abounds pIe
Thos. 0 irrett and si ster, of Nor:
were pleasant visitora at the home
J. hi Gurret t, 8stard ey night
Cadets Oraude lBor.ughs and C
yin Garrtett spentt the~ r h:dlidays wi
bomne folks in this vicinity.
1Mr. and Mri, B.,rker, of Oconi
ate visitinsg reliatives i:i this sectic
Seu&ra~l fromn c aonnd hero attend
Mr a. Craig's' salei Friday.
WVell, the tone is here, as the<
saying is, to bearin a new leaf, ai
Imost of s have to begin a new Ie
b -oause 'ha old one i.s already till
up and no0 room for ainy more.
the beginning of the new year
should form a resolution not to be
,our leaf for 1908 filled up witi
maBSb of blurs and mistakes, but rat]
r' Some One of the Low
at Next Pub]
It's Who Will i
et Stick to Your Friends
Ross O'Dell, Liberty, 105C.5
B F Herd, Pickens, 10480
-B L Henderson. Pickens 8040
3.ko Allg904, Liberty 4515
,,,V,ddleto !ester, Pickens 6485
Sd Ma u rs, Ceitral, 9920
- W M'illibir, 1?rntral 1010
kg D G hutmbert, Eesley 1215
n- B F Freeman, Pickens, 6720
el - MoWhorter. Liberty, 405
. Frauk Hendric! a, Pioke-s, 15220
Hal Boggs, Calhoun, 1000
- Steele, Central, 900
bt Os Arnold, Central 800
an Mark Hunt, Dau'usville 1800
1I. John Carpenter, Easley 1100
le - King, E-Isley 400
rd Dreaners' Arthur, Liberty, 8655
Miss 'Lucia Earle; Pickens, 11650
Tillmau Garrett, Hurricaue, 4580
rt Misa'Zora Smith, Ceutra', 8190
er Mies Lena Balentino, Ceutral 986(
d. Miss Lida Leslie, Easley, 4' 1
Misa Essie Kelley. Pickens 185.U
Miss Katy Edeus, Pumpkintown 1600
Miss Elaie Herd, Piokeus 451(
Miso Viola Galstrap, 14851
Miss Pearl Dalton, Hurrioaue 219(
Pas Miss Ida Elrod, Pumpkintou, 671
i. Miss Bessio Thomas, D~acusville, 224(
Miss Jessic Paraous, Liberty, 2871
ud Mips Mattie Bowen, Easley, 1.1
Lena Baleutine 954f
Zore Smith 844
Mattie Bowen 884
ta .da Llie. 29t
' A la r, Eaalsy, 255
at Lidle McCollum, Easley 200
Alma Clayton 7.85
Jesaie May Paro's, 2640
Lucia Farle 6745
Eawie Kelley. Piokens 282C
5(1 Viola Gilstrap, Pickens 10500
Marinda Wntsou,, 78C
er Iizzie Day 400
Beuuie Thoman 1400
t- Lillian Farmer 2400
.Lizzie Garrett 8880
None Chapmnan 109C0
Pea.rl Dalron 1690
et . Flora Winchester 2280
1he Leona Chapman 400
g a Lida Thomas 2405
Ida Etrodi 1240
.-Katy Edens 2081
decide to matke it b~etter than the one
which has juit gone oSut, We sihould
-raise our thoughts to higher ideals ini
th life and strive tod the little things
of life, anid doi them well.
0, FuSsu
0. g~odsH m1ust be as we represent %hnem 'in
elwe make them good to you.
A few prices will convince you what
say is true:
d Large .size cotton blankets 50c the pair
Large size heavy cotton blankets $1.
A. K.
we WeTst End,
retting Busy.
Ones May Top the Pile
ished Report.
mnd Who Shall.
and Bring Them Up.
Baby Show
Open to the World
All the ladies are interested in "The
Sweetest Babe in Dixie". Of course
you know and we all know,.
that the babe at your house ie
the ''Sweetent Babe in Dixie." So mend
the little "Tot's" photo and win a prise
in the Sentinel.Journal's "Baby beauty
We shall offer a number of prizes to
be announced next week for the hand
someat baby two yerrs old or under.
Hand us, a photogiasph of your baby
giving name age and place of residence.
Do not write on the photograph. As
s:)on as the photograsphs begin to come,
in we will select two each week to grace
the columns of the Sentinel Journal.
These wilt be selected by lot so all will
have an equal chance. At the close cf
the contest all the photographs will be
placed in the hands of a committee who
will award the prizes. No names will be
published until we print the pictures of
the winning babies.
Send the photograph early so we can
print its picturn to show to the world
what a handsome lot of youngters we
have in the family of Sentinel Journal
Competition open to the world.
Keep Your Eye on the Vote
If you take an intereat in your mail
carrier clip the coupon from this paper
and send them to us with his name and
number of route; they are worth 5 votes
and the carrier receiving the greatest
number will get tha t boautiful Piedmont
buggy or. Feb. lt For the dollar you
pay on subscription you have 200 votes
Though All Were Fables.
Though all great deeds were proved
but fables flue;
Though earth'a old story could be
told anew;
Though the sweet fashions loved of
them that sue
Were empty as the rnined Delphiam
Though God did never man in words
With senes of His great father
ho- d esdue;
Though life immortal were a dream
And He that promised it were noB
Though soul, though spirit were not
and all hope
Reacbing beyond the bourn melted
Though virtue had no goal and good
no scope,
But both were doomed to end with
this our clay;
Though all these were not, to the
ungracad heir
Would this remain -to live as though
they were.
-- Jean Ingelow.
Ghetelahr is itd, ey

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