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Ohl~den suidsOandy. -
Give .children plenty of gur 'uga'r,
taffy and butter scotch and they'll have
little need 'of cod liver oil, shys Dr.
Woods Hutchinson In, Woman's Home
Companion. In short, sugar Is, after
meat, bread and butter, easily our
next most it ortant tnd necessary
food. Yotr#J'n put the matter to a
test very easily. Just leave off the
pie, pudding or other desserts at your
lunch or midday dinner. You'll be as
- tonished to find how quickly you'll
feel "empty" again and how "unfin
ished" the meal will seem. You can't
get any workingman to accept a din
ner pall without pie In it. And he's
absole:tly right. The only thing that
can take the place of sugar here is
beer or wine. It is a significant fact
that the free lunch counters run in
connection with bars furnish every
Imaginable thing except sweets. Even
the restaurants and lunch grills at
tached to saloons or bars often refuse
to serve desserts of any sort. They
know their business! The more sugar
and sweets a man takes at a meal the
less alcohol he wants. Conversely,
nearly every drinking man will tell
you that he has lost his taste for
sweets. The more candy a nation con
sumes, the less alcohol.
The Mayor of Berlin.
One of the principal requirements of
a mayor in Germany Is unqualified hon
esty, for in the municipal administra
tion of Germany graft in any form
would not be tolerated. To become the
moyor of a city like Berlin the ap
plicant must-have established his repu
tation for effiilency in governing other
German cities. His career is carefully
scrutinized by the members of the
town council who select him, for not
only must he be competent and suc
cessfully perfor-m the duties of his high
position, but still so young lp likely to
. remain competent for many years. for
a mayor in Prussia is elected for a
term of twclvp years and if not re
elected after that period Is entitled to
a life pension of half the amount of his
salary. After 'a service of six years
his pension is one-fourth of his salary
and after serving twenty yeavs two
thirds. Ie need not necessarily be a
resident of Berlin at the time of his
appolutment-in fact, the mayor is usu
ally chosen from the residents of other
Culture In West Africa.
Cu t re and commerce are spreading
In west Africa. A merchant sends us
the following letter, received from a
chief: "Dear Gentlemens!--I made my
Step to the house of a certain amable
friend of mine for invitation and wich
our attention highly attracted by taken
coloquy for a few minutes. I took
a certain magazine in reading of Some
thing. And I was pursing through
pages over pages yours name was Sub
stantially Commeroated to ie that
you are the best and known Merchants
In every iiroduce in the city of Loft
don. Therefore I have found myself
Somewhat imelimable to pen you to
Send me your general Samples, to
gether with Catalogue, and I will soon
forwarding . my remittance to you
promptly fore quantity of goods. Trust
lng you will not refust as quick by as
possible Expecting to ieare from you
again good news, * * - London
No L.andlubber. -
Young Jack Tabbslhas only been in
the navy for a .few ionths, but there
is .not .a more enthusiastic sea dog In
the whole of his majesty's service, ie
recently made application -for and re
ceived the usual leave and .proceeded
to London and kis mother's house.
- Mrs. Tabbs lives on the third floor of
a house in Casnberwell, and when he
arrived at her address he stood in the
.doorway and bawled up the stalrs.:
"Mother, aloft there! Jack's come
home! Open the window!"
"Why, Jacky, my dear," eried the
old lady from the landing, "whatever's
w'rong with the -stairs?"
"Stairs!I" cried the weather worn tar,
with ineffable contempt. "What do I
know about stairs? Just you open
the window and lower a rope to the
main deck, and be quick about It!"
London. Express.
A PossIbility.
Old Nancy Deane was noted for the
striking orIginality of some of her er.
pressions. One day she was talking
about the utter inanity of another old
iwoman In the neIghborhood, and she
"I never see her beat! She'll lop
down in a cheer, an' there she'll set an'
Set an' net, dloin' absolutely nothin' for
hours an' hour's, (lay after day. 'Ponm
my soul, I sh'd think she'd mildewi"
Even Worse.
H~e-Darling, don't you know that it
is unlucky to postpone a wedding?
She-I can't help that. My dressmak
er is ill, and1 I'm afraid It would be
more unlucky- If I were to go and get
narried before hav-ing all the ciothes
I want made vile my father Is still
willing to pay for them.
I la Privilege.
Mrs. Cr1im-on beak-This paper says
a normal muan breathes 200,000 times
in the courre of' one (lay. Mr. Crim
ponbeak-Yes, my dear; that is his
Orlyllege wilo the women are talk
Business Locals,
Notioesof Sale, Wants. Swaps, etc.
inserted in this Colunn at 5 cents per
linoofor each insertion. Nothing taken
L lo thani ICcents.
Fon SALE-17 acres, originail forest
1 miles north of Pickens, $30 an acre
75 acres west of Woodall luountain, 1
acres branuch bottom. balavce in tiuber
rice $10 acre, cash de-al. E. F. KhIlTH
. F)., No. 4, Pickens, S. C.
Onrload of Obelisk Flour just receive(
at H. A. Richey's.
Pay your guano bills at once. I car
not carry these accounts any longer,
Come to se us prepared to makt, settle
ment. H. A. RICHEY.
One thousend dollars' worth of watch
es to go at cost f. r the next ten d ys
H. Anider, Easly, 8. 0.
FOR SALE-Two 50 saw cotton gins
1 5eiw mill, 1 grist mill, 1 40-h. p. A..li
boiler, 1 25 h. p. Eclipse tingine. All it
good shape. Bven miles west of Pick
ens court house at Garrett's store wit
good framed house and all necessar'
buildings. W. F. Tompkins,
8088 Pickens, Route 2.
Bargains in first-class jewelry for th<
next ten da s at H. Snider's, Easley.
''om this date in'il Jainary 10th mi
enti re stock of Dry Goods, Millinery,
Shoes, Hate, etc., is for side at and be
low cost. T. C. Robinson,
dec 26t8 Norris, S. 0.
Drop Dr. Horton a postal and he wil
call and do your children's dental worl
while they are at bome for Christmas.
' All goods purchased from H, Snide
will be engraved free of charge.
I [all and inspect H. Snider's line o
mew jewelry, out glaWys, .iilhver, all o
whioti are suitablelor Zhristmas pres
From the 1st day of January, 1908,
will sell my goods otrictly for cash. Nq
goods will be charged to a single person
I do triat simply because it is a matier o
busienms. My stock consists of Dr,
Goods, Shoe., Notions, Groceries, and i
General Line of Merchandise. I havi
put the prices down on them un na t
give you the advantage of paying cas1
for your goods. Come and sef n,-,
will treint you right. J. F. iENNING8
Liberty.', S. 0
A big lineof clocks to go at cott, wi1
silverware and other goods too numor
ous to mention, H. Snider, Easley, S. C
H. Snider bas his a60ck repleaishe
for the hohdaytrade with new pattern
in watclies, lockets, bracelets, etc.
A fair Rue of emblem goods also sez
eral brands of standard quality silver.
More new goous will be in before thi
reaches you. AMake somebody glad wit
a nice piece of jewelry from this stock.
SnuW as Medicine.
"0h, res" -said the tobacconist, as I
tapped a Jar filled with a cinnamon ec
ored powder. "I sell an ounce or two-<
snuff occaslonally--to the old, as
rule. The young will seldom look i
snuff. And those who do use It in
pute me(liclnal virtues to it. Thus o1
fashionedl watchmakers, gem cuttei
and~ taIlors thInk that a pInch of .snu
now and then implroves the eyesighi
They 'think it refreshes and fordflk
weary -eyes as a cup of tea refresh<
and fortifies a weary bralna. Guhe
think snuff .cures a cold. Others tala
it .for the headache. Others still bi
hleve that .it 'wards off contaglon. Pc
sanally I believe that snuff taldlag:
?es- harmnfni than smoking. Its effee
teo, la pleasainter than the effct<
smoklng-lt is a most soothin~g an
fascinating efiect once you get used i
it-but the hanbit is untIdy and ther<
fanue it -can get no hold upon us in th:
aesthetic age"-Lcs Angeles Times.
Dogberry's Poetry.
(Giving evidence at Marytetbee,
yong constable said lhe found a -daj
ger on a man Ihe had arrested.
what?" Mr. Plowden asked as the .cor
stal'le held-: the weapon up to wlev
"Whiy call it a dagger? . It has neet th
s11ghtest resem~iance to one." "Well,
falter'ed the constable, "a sheath katfe.
Mr. Piowden returned: "Yes. Now., tr
in future to be less picturesque Ia p~ou
descriptions. Yen cannot be too mal
ter of fact in the 'witness box. I dor
say you have leanings toward poeti
in your nature, but you must st12
them in the witness box." - Londe
"Now," said Mrs. Goodatrt. "If ye
do a little work for me, I'll give you
good meal after awhile."
"Say, lady," replied Hungry Hawkeu
"you'll glt off cheaper if yer gimm
do meal now. Work always givos m
a fierce appetite."-Exchange.
Net His Fault.
The Vicar-I was. surprised to se
your husbhnd walk out in the middi
of mn3 sermon Inst Sunday. Mrs. Jone
--You must really forgIve him. lie's
somnamnibulist and walks in his sleer
you know.-London Opinion.
For wordat are wise men's counters
they do but reckon by them-but the;
are the moneyv of fools.-Hobhha.
A Ca
BOur 1V/uting Contes
While in Pickens <
fice and '%ave thi
This is a
The rweniuns to
ieach township are
Pickens Drug Co's
All the Premil
Pay your dollar on
.We will also give a sdolars
e Business University, of AtI
I- number of votes for this pri
aExhibit in o-ur Baby Show.
pictures. -If you have no p
iThere are nio entry fees, or
Is ...Subscribers and non-sut
the age lirnit is restricted to
o Write to 'your friends at a
aper, of the baby show. AIl
For every di
.J. D. Moore's .:H re I
e A lot of neople have ups and dow
But mine have alway been down,
Y Somnetimes I'as glad, sometimes
r sad. hut long to t.ell my story when
-battlewhange.' In t eh ih vain woi
r I am' in 'temartk ot for e'ef, e
e Pork end Mutton. .SIell a hteape of me
U and alwa~v like to s-11 to those 1'
want to tbuy of me. but dotn't want
sell to those who dlan't wanit to buy
me.* because t her' 'are enough that trn
with me to take tall th at I can get.
I still buy hidet s gre~eu or dried. I 1
anyitag youI got. always wanth eor
thmng but can't tell whalut. So Comne a
I see how it will be when you buy y't
e! meat fromt met. And remem~aber the<
meat mnarkcet Mloore asi in days of yo
The oka mlet maiarket.,
SWill receive bida for saele of 5-rou
house anjd lo. contaiing nine-tenths
an acre mo're or loss in tho town of Li
erty, 8. C. nntil Decemntjer, 15th. Pi
ichaser to pay for papers. Teorme to
i stated in bid. J. C. O'Dll,
R~ainbridge. Ga.
rnival o
ind Cood Nati
t is creating a mighty
md good-natured riva
Ion't fail to call at Tn
s proposition explained
Picture of t
be given to the Most
now on display in the
Store, and are beaut
ims are Beauties. Tak
subscription and cas
vorites in the above ci
hip in a first-class Business Colle
anta, Ga.) to the person-male
Handsome Souvenir Premium.
ographer, will be in his Studio ii
Ioto of your baby this is your ch
charges of any kind, in the Baby
scribers alike. Just send pictu
under 2 years old, and the pictu
distance, and tell your friends a
entries must be in this office o
allar paid inF'yqu
en ear
ep), Not so wvithi us. My books show a
'at, incorease over last year.
0'Ihe cause--w'e have the right goodsj
ofthe right prices. ,We are content wvit
~de small profits. During the money- stri:
gency we are~ going to riake it nmore' i
teresting by dividing profits still furth<
uy and all buyers of dry goods and shoe
ewlfnd (i t grea'tly to their interes~t to dl
ur their Christmas trading with us. A
>ld goods m1ust be~ as we represent thorn c
re. we make thoem good to you.
A few prices will convince you whi
say is true:
-Large .ize cotton blankets 530c the pai:
Large size heavy cotton blankets $1.
beest End,
6~ ~~~ 0140,4 64'~qq
heap of Fun, Interest,
[ in all of its details
)he Buggy
We are going to give away
to some mail carrier in the
:ounty. It is now on exhi'bi
tion in the show room of the
Heath - Bruce - Morrow Co's..
store. Go see what a beauty
we are giving away. It is ful
ly guaranteed in every way, by
the makers and the I-i.-B.MV
Co. will put a written personal
guarantee on it also..
popular young lady in
show windows of the
iful and costly sets
e a Peep at Them .
it 200 votes for youir
ge (The Southern Shorthand and
or female......receiving the lar
3 will be Given to the Pret
ic~ Pkn, every Satrdy.toae
ance to get sorno-mflade
Showv. It is open to the world
re of baby, that is 'all; except thasr.
res are the property of this office:
t home, who do ngot take this pa?
-1 morn nig of January 3oth, i9o8L
get_200 votes
['he Cry
I Times!"
n North Carolina wool blaaitet42-io pr
Better wool blankets Up.to-10 ,e pai-'
Lt Better red flannel than~ wo- lta last.
h yeair at 15 and 25 Cents.
I- Heavier cotton flannel for 84. !% and~i
i- 124 cents.
r We believe we Bell cloaks 20J per ceng.
s cheaper than the same goods o'.n bc,
o bought elsewhere.
11 Hosiery and underwear rocL *oam.
'r plete. We sell ribbed hose' for lE~ rWats
straight that can't be eq~ualla.c aser
,t for less than 12A- cents.
we are stribtly headqunrt're1 'or- ;;oodg
,shoes, the leather is right., i'yin is
right and the price shall al ways heu#ght~
Greenville. S Ct

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