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As we go to press we are
grieved to learn of the death
of Eugene Alexander, which
occurred late yesterday after
Turkich Farriery.
Turkish horseshoes are simply a flat
plate of Iron with a hole In the middle.
fu his volume of "Personal Adven
tures" Colonel J. P. Robertson de- I
scribes the extraordinary method of I
preparing the horse to be shod.
The farrier takes a good long rope,
doubles it and knots i loop at the end
to about the size of a good large horse I
collar. This is put over the horse's
head after the manner of a horse col
- r, the knot resting on the horse's i
Then the two ends of rope are
brought between his legs. Each rope,
then taken by a man, Is hitched on to
the fetlocks of his hind legs and
brought through the loop in front: then
by a hard, steady pull the hind hgs are
drawn tip to the fore legs, and the 1
horse falls heavily on his side.
All four feet are then tied together
by the fetlocks, the horse is propped up
on his back, and the farrier sits quiet
ly down beside him, takes off all the
old shoes and puts on new. When the
work is finished the horse is untied
and allowed to get up.
Crab Has 2, O Joints.
The crab known as the scale talled
apus was believed to have become ex- I
tinct in Great Britain fifty years ago. I
the last recorded speelmens being tak
Ow. In the ponds on Hampstead heath.
But now it has turned up agaiu In
some numbers in two ponds on Pres
ton Morse, near Southwick, in Kirk
eudbrightshire. About two and a halft
Inehes- long, the apusa bears a very'
striking likeness to that remarkable
creature, the king crab, and this be
cause the fore part of the ho.dy is cov
*red by. a great semicircular shield or
carapace, while, as in the king crab,
it swims on its back. In the great
number of its legs the seale tailed
apus has few rivals, while in the num
ber of the points, which these share
between them noiether creatsure can
compare. The naturalig Schaffer once
essayed the task ,oL.counting them and
made the magnificent total of 1.802,
604. Latrelle put dowin the ilumber at
a round 2,000,000.-London Graphic.
German Universities.
The examination for the degree of
doctor of philosophy in the German
universities will be sufficiently ilu
trated by giving in brief the require- 1
ments In the University of Jena. The
candidate after gaining permission to
enter for the degree presents a short
sketch of his life in Latin or German, a
maturity certificate, evidence of at
least three years of academical study,
evidence that he has enjoyed a good
reputation tip to the present tine, an I
original scientific treatise in German C
In his own handwriting and a written
declaration on word of honor and oath '
that the thesis is the candidate's own
Composition. The payment of 240 marks''
is required. In the oral examination I
the subject of chief importan'-e gtal
et whieh the thesis (Mri while the
4? ecnddate .'lsd~ad to select two ml
it' ~' ddects. After this examlnatin E
and the distribgipon .o,%A80 copIes of
the thesis to tlie fa'cultyr the degree Is
conferred.-School Bulletin.
- Inaset Hypnetism.
"Did you over know." said the hypno
tiat as ho played with a curious, glt
- tering hypnotiaing machin, of crystal
'c and silver, "dId you ever know that
hypnotism is practiced among insects?..
"Well, it is a fact. A queen bee can
hypnotize her whole hive whenever
she wants to. She makes a curious
humming sound, and within a moment
or two every bee in the colony falls
Into a hypnotic trance.
"The death's head hawk moth Is also
a hypnotist of great power. This cren
ture. Indeed, makcs Its living out of
htypnotism. Entering a hive, It makes
a sound not unlike the queen bee's
note, and, the bees immediately sink
dng into slumber. the moth proceeds to
plunder at its leiure."-New Orleans
Pree Consent of the People.
The "pioneer American Democrat"
-was the Rev. Thomas Hooker of Con
'necticut, who, in a sermon In Hartford
in the year 1033. saId. "The founda
tion of all authority is firstly laid in
the free consent of the people." There,
in embryo, were the Revolution and
the great republic. In the "Futndi
mental Orders of Conmnecticut." iuspired
*by Hooker and aidoptedl at Hartford in
*1638, we have tile first written consti
tution knownt to iaitory that created
a gov'ernment. And that government
*was as near' a perfect democracy as
the wvorld has ever seen.--New York
Mirs. Kawner-How Is Johnny gettit
along as a grocer's clerk?.
Mrs. Crossway - Well en'ough, I
guess. Hie can tie up a paickage withi
a knot that you catn't untie to save
your very life, yet it'll comec untieed it.
- self as soont as you get on the train
-with it.--Chicago Trribune.
Aittle Too Far.
"There is such a thing as-overdoin
your part," declared a man of the lav
wIto now ha~s the knowledge gained b;
much experience.
"Shortly after I began practice il
the west I was called upon to defel(
I man who had drawn a revolver. m
mother and threatened to kill lin
rhe accused did not have a characte
tbove reproach, but the prosecutisji
sviltness was also shady in reputation
and I made the most of this fact.
)Ictured him as a d )-perador of th(
nost dangerous type, i man that wa*
t constant menace to the communit;
md one who would recognizo no othe:
aw than that of force. Such men i
ie, I inslbted, made necessary the or
"anization of vigilance committees aIm
njured the fair name of the wes
tmong the older communities of thti
"The jury returned a verdict of gull
:y and my man was sentenced to 1
rear's imprisonment. As soon as cour
Idjourned the foreman of the jur%
:nine to me and said: 'Young elle'
rou spread it on too thlck. After tha
:hore rip snortin' speech of yourn w(
:ouldn't do nothin' else 'an what w
"'I don't understand you, sir.'
"'You don't? Why, we found thi
lurned gerloot guilty 'cause he didn'
shoot.' "-Detroit Free Press.
Ballet Shoes.
Ballet shoes fit like a stocking. The)
tre of leather, with a thin leather solf
khout an Inch wide and with th* up
pers sewed so that they dome unde
the foot. The ballet dancer wants nc
rubber heels, instep arch supporte no
any- other of the toot supporting o:
reforming devices which are,.common
ly used by ordinary mortals. The tot
ilancer desires a hard box toe on he:
ballet shoes, but the ordinary dance:
eeks only shoes ftfat will give perfee
freedon of movement of the joints An
muscles of the feet. It Is a rile ,t
Iood dancers, a shoe man of expe'ri
ence says, to wear shoes that will al
low for space between the toes. It I
i point of good fit that all person
should heed, he s!ays. High heel;; ar
Put on to stage shoes for eftect. not to
)rotmote good dancing. Many stao"
;hoes are made with short fore part
tnd high heels to make the feet look
nmaller and the person taller.-Pposton
What Did Ho Mean?
Mike Maloney's wife was an invn!!:i.
tud the doctor had been dolig all
iorts of things for her. chan.Im: then
nedicine so often that poor Mike's in
!ome would searcely reach awl m:k.
oth ends meet. and at last the do, ;or
iaid that his wife must go to i warm.
r climate.
Mike listened to that advice for rev
Pral months, and finally when Oeml.'v
!ame the doctor told Mike one amr.
lay evening after all of his wook'.
wages had been spe- that his wife
Positively must be s< c "to a warm4
'limate withoutdeli) ' r.e
Mike left the room for a f r min
tem, and when he returne" le wax
riping his eyes with )' left hnwI
rhile with .4k-r ttand he brought
eL~r. *hich he gave to the physlelmn.
"I hate to do it, doe. You phas~~me
o it for me."-Kansas City Independl
Prmotioai Help For Deafners.
I have provse.that .this is really prnec
Get a common pasteboard amilln
ube such as pictures or music is mail
d4 In and hold it to the ear closely,
The result Is wonderful. A very dent
erson can hear distinctly everything
hat is said by any one- sitting on thme
ther side of the room. At first ihoughi
ne is inclined to ridicule so simple a
aethod. I bought a good ,long rne,
arge enough to fit over the ear, for
0 cents. One can get theum At any~
usiness stationer's. I tried It 4o1
rrandmnother, who is very deaf. Shen
ould hear well and, what wais more
emarkable, could also hear wiih her
'ery deaf ear, with which she h. nol
ceard a sound foi- seven years. Try it
That's all 1 have to aay.-Harpaer'i
American Woman in German ICyes.
Amerleaun girls, whether born or
serely brought up in Ameriea. evt.
lence the same independence of Jundg
nent and the same complete self re
lance. It ia hard to say whether this
a the result of the ediucation in the
tmlic schools and] raileges or, in thena
reedomi from thar-condition of' lega;l
md social. subserviency to~ whmlem the
rentler sex is doomed in older cim
flIes.-Max von Ihrandt i Bermii
)eutsche Itevue.
Women in Japan.
A Japanese saying rn: "Woan Is
n unmanageal d creature; flatter h er,
lio is elated; thras1h her, she weepth;
:1l1 her, her spiri haunts you."
We would sr~gcest that the best rem
dy is to love he'r.--Japan Trimes.
Carlyls's Creed.
Man Is born to expend every liar
iele of strength that God Almighty
mss given him ini doing the work in
iuds he is fit for, to stand it out tc
~he best breath of life and do his best,
-Thomas Carlyle.
A Tale of Two Parrots'
An old taId lid a parrot Whose f.
Voritte exlleesit wi. "I wish the 0]
woImn wV314 deaid."
Tihis worried her a great deal, au
one day wtheii the minister called ai
spoke to him about It. Ie said lie hai
a parrot which only said religlot
tlil!ig:wand that he would I)rlng It ov(
sole time and see if It would n(
break lier bird from usiug Its favorli
So one uIlght they were golug to hav
a meeting : her honlse. and he gathei
ed up bl.4 parrot anid took It with bin
When it wenit I:a he holn; 111.4 eaige II
near where the old nald's was han
Ing 'I'le mteeting was being opene
with prayer, and all of a sudden he
parrot saidi:
"I wi'kI the old wom1an11 was dead."
Th1e mInilstter's parrot coV1'l'il lis ha
antd, looking at the other pirrot. In
soleinit vokle said:
"We ie..:eeelh thee to hear us, goo
I.ord."-indge's L.ibrary.
Rotation of Crops.
It seems that every force in natur
is trying to compel the farmer to praq
tiec a rotation of crops. If corn I
grown for several years on the sam
plat. the land will be Infected with a
manner of insects. from the root wor
and louse to the Insect that eats tb
tassel. The farmer who grows whel
year after year on the same plat <
ground has the Hessian fy and ti
chinch bug to contend with; cotte
planter and tobacco planter have eac
insects to fight and fungous diseases I
overcome because one crop has bee
grown continuously for'a number 4
yeqrs on the same plat. It rotation
practiced these Insects and diseias
may be hold in check. If t'otation
not followed no remedy will destrc
.or over-come. thens-SotstherWt ftoittvl
Quit* a "Charaoter."
Here Is a "character" given to
servant on leaving her last altnimtioi
"The bearer has been in my house
year. less eleven months. DurIng th
lime she has shown herself dil:gent i
the honse door. frugal In work. min4
ful or herself, prompt In excusea au
hione-t when everythinl was out of tl
v.V."--London Tit-llts.
Awed into Humility.
Man for iall. if not woman ft
voman. the humility anid terror <
Amerie.'.nm in tIhe' presieice of En.
!lsh peoule. 'ti' their own class (
alove' It li. w!th wh:tever ('are di
Telsed. a :'tke thing.- Lon(l onu
Dut Har-1 - Tzit.
"Walt Is the re''essential diffe
enee"' !mww. Im'hoos and to"'
T. ne'iv the dif'erence between
I eaist and a funeral."-Baltimore Ame
A blithe heart makes a blooming Y1
age.--irlsh Proverb.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All personsl hoelding olalma against ti
e- tate of thn itnta B. B. COnh ran mn
c reaent tihe same duly - proven on or hi
fore the 1t d ay of March, 1908, orI
d,'hstrred paiymenut: and~ 'cli personccs
euted to ai tatettc mnatit m ke pa
-nou;t in or before the above, date to ti
umlner, ignc"d.
Mrse. Lent. M. Coehr .n,
Arlib mhstratrix
Runeca, 8. ci., Jan. 9, 1908..8
Notice to Pensioners.
I will I..' ine the courthouse every elh
in Jacnuary, 1908, for tihe peerpo.we
makingp ont alppIi~ inis for old en! /ie
ccwii wid-'W4 thiac ar--- not tnow gettim
pensMd~ion, 11nd4 wvah to eapplty for p,-ncsioa
Aill now dr-ewing wIll cntinmna tol g<
yeencsion withouct fnrther Iuppheooition.
J. B. Newbery,
Pensionu Commissioner.
Jarn. 6s 1908
Pickens. S. O.g Dec. 28, 1907.
-'hcere will he an exacmmtiton f<
I teob'e in thme cour13tholcE' Fridl y, lai
1'7, 1908. Examninaion to e ,mnmction
9 o'clock. Bly order of state Board<
Edmwati n. 11 T. HAue,
Co. Snpt. Eanmoetion.
INotice of Final Settlement and Di
Notie in hnrebsy givens thait I will mieli
auppli.-ncii.-i to J. B. N.-whurs , E-q
.1 eIde elf Probl to focr Picnken<' county,.
tie' St.re. * f ".onthi (3croiina. (cn the 61
I 'Iy el Fc'Irnacr., . 1908, cat 11 eooek
thli ~'ee for iiio, 'r a aonl th 'reaftmor a
I aaid jplion-i 'enn (hu e hieard, for' len
anke fialcttletmut, of the e'state
R reet Smth, Areased, andi obtai
diuchabcrge as aedmncitraerix of( 'eid
inte.Luc(y A. Snmith,
Ad mintratrix.
Jan. p9, 1908.-I4 '
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All percsonc hobbei go. ht ma gainst .I
cetcte elf thes la1e J. E, u. We tt maalet pr
ent~ the saeme eiuly prove-u tin ('r befo
th.e first day of Feb. 1908. or hei dhhrn
pacymlent; and till personsA ineb~ted
scid eatato, mnact mnako paymI1ent on
before thn -.hovo dato to the nudersigne
Dec. 19,1907, t8. J1. E. Wyatt,
Admrat., Greenville. 8. (L
Our business in 1907
their records and we
each and every one ot
appi ecia tion for their
We expect to try ha
a larger business and
Sthat can't be resisted
Craig br
oX L3.PRI(.'E CA
W. E. Freerr
We wishi to retutrn ot
on~ar may riend~.stand c
trade' dusring the pa. y
w as luarger thanat we exp
it ,good goodIs andi clJos
_ tay ahing you will iuncres
Ius dur~ing 1908.
S A happy new year to
in. E14FF011
Southern Shorth
and Busine
Atlanta, Ga., al~o Alb
Over r15,000 Graduates
Ete. An average of two opeiiga for Oeey bItdent th
-70 typewriting machines,"
'The SouthIern,11 a ~ls ondcts~ the
1:1p011 whicih inst itut lon the ralltoarix ant telexr uph co'
Main Line Wires Run ii
Write for enaltogne. -Enter now. 'lIhe Southern l3
In the South. Areidress,
A. C. BRISCOE, Pres., or W. I
I Atlanta, C
Ias surpassed all
wish to extend to
our cus'omterS our
liberal patronage.
rder in 1908 to do
offer inducements
by the cash buyer.
Ian & Co.,
ar hearty thanks to
us3t(e'rr for' the r
'ar. O)1ur buisnnness
ecte'd it to be, and
~.- fioggre ouut for
se youri trade! wiI h
', ou ull.
li D o.
ss University
nly, Ga. Branch
in Positions
peN tI~o apher ~ 1eraii Operatorh
aIpani-a are cuntnntly calIllex for pera-.
'to This School.
the oieie auct latit hlustates C (llegt!
.ARNOLDI, Vice-Press

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