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intered April 28, 1908 at Piokens, S. 0., as soond class matter, under aot of Congress of Maroh 8, 1879.
Masters C
The Other f
They All
Flgure Out fA
Stick -to Your Fri
The Interest is at Fei
body is Workini
dai4d A*ay to
Rushed this Wee]
Day Late in Pub
Omfee Begging ut
old, back account
One dollar buvs 2<
buys 2,000 VOtes. Tw ell
Mierd in first place.. Fift
in second place, and 25
place. Twenty-six subsc
piace, and 1,5 subs wouli
would put Allgood in firs
second place. About the
Henderson, Freenan or
respectively. Just a littk
-the trick for your carrier.
Last report will be 1
gle coupon, good for 5 vc
Hunt for it.
Ross O'Delj, Liberty,
.R F Herd, Pickens,
t~'e:Henderson. Pickens
-Joke Allgood, Liberty
Middleton Hester, Pickens
-0 0 Masters, Central,
Wm Mullinix, Central
JD- lihibert,' EuereY
B F Ireeman, Pickens,
- MeWborter, Liberty,
"Frk Hendrieka, Pickeos,
ixog. fJilhonn,
---Steele, Central,
-Os Arnold, Central
Mark Hunt, DAvusville
Jobn Carpehfer, Easley
-- ing, Easley
-Dreamir's Artbur, Liberty,
-3 sew Lucia-Marie, Pickene,.
S nan~ derett, Euartloane~,
Mis. Zora Smith, Central,
Mks Lens Balentine, Central
Miss Lida Leslie, Erasley, .
Mien Essie 2Keley, Pickens
Mies Kasty Edens, P:impkinto
Miss Elaie Herd, Piokens
Miss Viola Otstratp,
Miss Pearl Datten, Hurrioane
4 Miss Ida Eirod, Pumpkintb~n,
Miss Bessie Thomas, Daouavill
Miss Jessio Pursons, Liberty,
Miss Mat tie Bowen, E asley,
Minnie Kay,
orm Chapm in,
Lena Balentine
Zora Smith
Maittie Bowen
Lida Leelie,
Ella Looper, Esley,.
Lidie MoCollum, Eas.ley
Alma Clayton
Jessie May Paraone,
LucIa EA~le
Easie ,Kelley, Piokens
Viola Gilstrap, ickeus
Marinda Watson,,
iIzzie Day
lose After Hirr
oys Still in The Race,
dake Large Gains
)r Yourself How It Goes
-----0--- -
ends and Bring Them Up.
rer Heat and Uhabated. Every
and Guessing. Many. Coupon
be Vote4 Later. We have Beei
i to Uiye out Coupons and are s
lhliing. Crowds Thronged th4
4 to take Their Money. Lots :
s and eut-offs paying up.
:o votes; $5 buys i,ooo votes; $
6re more subscriptions would have pu
een subscriptions.would. put.Master
subscriptions would give him firs
riptions would place O'Dell in firs
d give him second. Fifty-two sub
it place, and 42 subs would give hin
same calculation would place eithe
Hester up to first or second Placi
bit of work on your part will turi
,blished next week. There is a sin
ites, published elsewhere in this paper
Bessie Thomas 140
12250 Lillian Farmer 869
, ILizzle Garrett 4084
6015 Now Chapman 1387
Pnti Dahon 1691
12520 EAS'ATOE .
1&'0 Flota Winqhester 88p
7885 Leona Chopman 40(
Lid. Thomas 2850
1000 IXd Elrod 1241
, aty BEens 2321
The Letter Fellowed him.
just as Henry Labouebere had beer
1180 appoluted secretary to the pritish em
400 bassy at Constantinople his chief, Lori
Hammond, roquefed him to procoet
995 to Constautinople without. dolay. Bu
this arrangement did not suit Mr. La
18285 bonchere, and a week later hin chie
4530 -sas him strolling leisurely along thb
89)90 'trand. The latter glared menacingl;
12880 upon him and hurried on to his elub.
495 A very peremptory letter was the re
2155 suIt, but Mr. Labouebeve guessed tha
t9)nature of the message and recognize<
Wn) M the writing, so he dI not open thie em
.78601 velope, but placed it in the tall poche
189151 of his coat. 'Then ho set off for a litti
21901 holiday at Baden-Baden, and when ii
975 had been there for a week or so h
e 2240 opened the letter.
"Now," he remarked to a frien(
"you can appreciate my foresight I:
110 placing Hammond's letter in my tal
80j pocket, for I shall write him as rol
'My lord, I have just read your lei
'ter, which followed me to flanden-Bh
12800 This explanation of the delay wa
3010 regarded as wholly satisfactory b,
Lord Hammond, who until be receive
1305 it had beeni disposed to be very wrot
295 with his dilatory assistant.
255 -
200 Very Steacdy.
Farmer Haye --That Jones boy the
7755 ushed to work for you wants me to gh~
865him a job. Is hie steady? Farm.
Seedo-Well, if he wvas any steadhl
he'd be motionless.-London Express
2620 Poor Jack.
11900 -Clara-Jack Intends to have all hi
-own way when we are married. -Clara
Mamma-Then why do you wannt
7851 marry hIm? Clara--To relieve ii
6001 mindo a nfalsc imnronn.
Mr.. :and Mrs. Arthur Boggs, of
Foin'ain Inn, visited relativea at
Liberty during the holidays.
Miss Addle Lee Davis entertained
a few friend* in Lonor of her 14th
birthay, on the 2d inst.,.at the res
idence of her father, D. H. Davis,
The Junior Eudeavor Society of the
Presbyterian ch'reb held its annual
bazaar Dec. 17-18. A large crowd
was present each night. They took
in over $60, which is to be used in
church work.
Dead.-dlidge," I thought after
writin is I did'bSetge Ugige
well XW night, that perhaps the
Mae ag ile,,too. , I hed.
got the es? 'at 4honebrighteret
Liberty ths 0el4ewhere. but to'bea
4 the SErriu*04 4ditor talk, one wovfi
I think aunshine, moonshine and all
other shinee were to be had only at
I was at the poultry show the last
day, and atong about hungry time I
drove out to my brother's for dinner,
and had to turn aside to let 12 wagons
and buggies pass, all "chook" full of
t people. I overheard an occupant of
'one of the wagons say to another, "I
t wonder If that old fool 'Dreamer' will
t be there with her tuske., boy and
3 jewsharp?" It went all down the line,
I and they answerrd back one and alt,
r "That's ahst's taking me." I helped
! them, and when I asked some of them
1 to vote for my boy tbey had all
"promised to help othere," like they
- couldn't give the girls the township
. and my boy the scholarship votes.
You better reckon I was glad I didn't
get off on the first day of the show,
fot I had six jure of tomatoes land
pli'ek, somo sirup and severql thinge
I intended taking just to help w.
The family cautioned me not to go
giving oit advice unasked, but I got
my "dagsler, up" pnd eoneluided to
5 keep my AneY!. atd' dot hslp tlQ
show any longer, as Pietens wout or
don't help my WV. ;il get ve *Ith
them 3et. I'll ta $ phtal at tib
Srt; all that's needed is a suitable
) title, plenty of funds and talent-and
I'll get friend Rankin to help me and
we'll get up a dog show, and the way
we'd boost Liberty will be a caution.
I'm not out of beart it my boy Is be
hind, for [ believe you will help him
- to catch up. Now, won't you, my
friendb? Thank., I knew you wonld.
SI will nut tbe with you again soon.
Of course'; I don't expect to be missed
---except pleasantly-for 'tie euaid
'a dreamer is one you can't under
.stand;'' but ah, well, we all know Jo
L seph was a direamner, and we under
e tand what he did finally.
Hogs and Distilleries.
S Well, there is no use saying any
longer there are no bard times. The
.o--iis is hetre. With the uhortest
c otton crop that hias been made for
aten years, and not any sur plus from
y previous crops, and the staple only
1i bringing about 70" per cent. of the
I) cos6 of production, there Is no use
saying there Is not something wrong
the matter, Cotton will not get any
higher, either.
Had I ben elected yeaur before last
~r and got'mny bill' through, there would
~r have been at least 500 distilleries in
upper South Carolina, with a cap icity
of from 700 to 1.003 - man per day,
k and would have be la to. have
s upplie~d Atlt.nta this ,~. with 500,
is 000 gallons of whisky,{ .d we would
awring asubsidy from Other fcpl statei
of more than $20,000,000 this yea
Besides, those hogs I meet farr
ore oarrying out of town every time
go would have been raised her
Over 400 come in to Greenville ever
week from Tennessee and Kentuol
'Rome 1oo14 may say thaIt I %M
aggerating. Let's so. I was to]
by a conservative man in Greenvill
(dn who is opposed to whisk
drinking, and one who is not afral
to butt his bead against the bel
brains in the city), that over $70
left that city every day for whiuk:
It that is correct, then have I exap
gerated as to Atlanta using 500,OC
this Vear? Some w4ill sa1
Bult tlhamapit." Had we so
fiwell fae it as OtbOW-uWqzunitIel
n the lit day of January tw
de i urMiU - floating all owd
Ashevile and Atlantv, "from lo'
mon4, Va. and various other place
readiug thusly; "One hundsed pi
cent, whisky. delivered at your ou
bolse, .at $2 per gallon. Guarantee
under the pure food and drug law.
Had South (arolina had the rigt
kind of. laws she would be like a stee
with his tail coked, head up an
neck bowed, prancing on the road I
progress and prosperity; instead
that she standa with her ears il-.ppe
hair turned the wrong way, tine
ing, while the vehement reptiles su
her life's blood away.
But some one will ask, "Wh
about our religlou' Better subsl
tute for the word "religion" tl
word "a'uperatition."
Those who have got the paper col
tainitng my first article, keep it at
watah. My mouth and pen are
pr esumed to be prophetical, but son
thing. I say will come true.
I hae fattened 17 hogs this yea
and it's a Solomon trick to kno
when to quit, but I'll be d-d if
ain't Anu..
: I am going to nake 100 bales 4
umton this year. I can make it i
heep as anybody in this country.
0 got the hands and I will tai
ap my old rule, (for which they turne
iue out of church) fuss and cuss.
can make money out of cotton if
have to. I did it at So per pounq
bu it took a lot of cussing, and
don't know how much tbat is goin
to cost me, but- I'm going to iry I
have it charged up to the prohibi
I forgot to say in the proper pia<
that besides the money that woul
come in here from other states it
whisky, there woul I. be sent doa
hero a lot of money trom Washingtc
to pay storekeepers, gaugers an
otber officers; but we would not Des
the other officera a great deal, as t
distilling business would go isito i
hands of men that would be pron
to violate the law.
Elijah Wincbester recently calle
on Robert L. Gilstrap, at WValhall
on business, l4e says that "Bob,"
he is familiarly called throughout i
county, is yet. the same "Bob." E
repotrs health good and' crops fik
in that section
Mr. ad Mrh. 3. L Thomas visite
at the home . of A. T. Winchester
00o1)10 of days last week.
Jos. Garrot spent the holida
with friends i flosmnan, N C.
(G. W. Nelso anid Alex. HIenderst
spent Christmna with friends in til
Flat Rock seoti ni, below Liberty.
-Your miwort y scrihn .ent Chri.
Mas in Greenville at the hospitable
home of Prof. y. L. Haynie, the mu.
sic mao. The professor had been
quite sick, but was muel; better,
being able to go our riding Christ.
mas day. This excellent family sure
know how to entertain a fellow aid
make him feel at home. We were
treated to some very fine vocal and
y instrumental music b ies May and
:y E Idle Haynie.
Mr. anid lra, bbert Edens spent
d Tuesday at the home of Daniel Win.
R J. R. Meeoe now sporta a fle
h borse and buggy.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R Meece treated
0 their friends and neighbors to a'fine
dinner on New Year's day in honor
0 of th 18th anniversary of their mar
riag. .It wg.. indeed -a grand treat
* to all present. 'ThA long tables were
heavily laden-with all'ttagood thing*
the inner man could desire, to which
ft:the guests did amplo justice. You
Sough.tf have been with us, "Unle
Born; onthne Rdinst., to Mr. and
Mrs. R. A. Oraveley. a daughter.
I Mrn. Mary Stewart, wife of [email protected]
Stewart, of the Reedy Cove section,
I died on the 80th ult., of consumption.
d and was buried the day following her
d death in the New Friendship church.
so yard. She leaves a husbar d, two
>- children and several grandchildren to
mourn her death. She was between
- 50 and 60 years of age, and had been
a consistent member of the Baptist
church for a number of years.
le Cateechee,
To the editor. Uncle Zeko, the com
- positors, the devil, the many read.
d re, and in fact to the whole push
t of the SzNTwicL-JouRNAL:
e After a regular Rip Van -Winkle
sleep, the old pencil-pusher from Ca.
teechee woke up this morning and
found 1908 wrote on the board. After
inquiry he was informed that the year
1907 was a thing of te past only
Irom a historical standpointsud with
the advent of the new year many
cbant es had taken place. We find
d many vacant saat. at. homes we once
visited heretofoie. When we pass
cemeteries and see new graves we
are told huah an one was bui led thew
during the year 1907. Then the
thought cones to our mind that only
g865 days ago and maybe less time
0 that those friends were upon this
beautiful earth enjoying no doubt
agood health and the luxuries of life,
but now they are sleeping an ever
rlasting steep. It la not for us to
nksow where are their souls. One
n thing we know, and that is this, ther e
d are only two p'acs whore they can
d go, and when we leave this beautiful
world we are firced to take the one
0for which we ar e best suited. We Are
told that one of those places Is a
place of joy and happiness, prepared
especially for those who do thb Lord's
wdll, the other place is a place of mis
ery and torment, prepared especially
for those who do the devil'a wIll.
LNow, my dear friends, as the year
"1909 may find us beneath a mound.
Iof earth, just as our deceased friends
e tare now. Then how Important it is
[e that we take choice of the good place
e at the beginning of th~e year, so that.
- we on prepare and fit ourselves as
a the scholar dt~es for college, Cer.
a tainly, as we fail to stand~ the exam
ination so sure will we be turned
,s away.
Cateechee seems to be suffering
in from that dreadful demon, fire. Three
Ie dwelling houses' bave burned at this
paein th~e past six or eight months.
t continued on last page.)

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