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After a man has worked in shopi
for ton or fifteen years'there is a great
desire for a change. Some wiant to go
out on a farm, others think -that the
invention of something that van ibo
patented will solve th problem, while
others want to own d run a shop
themselves. The latter is really the
true mechanic, but not necessarily the
man who will get out the most or even
the best work while working for a
boss, says Ctfarles Henry in the Work
ers' Magazine. On the contrary. he
will often be considered the lazy man
by the foreman when the work is of
an ever recurring character. Let. how
ever, some difficulty arise in conmec
tion with a job or have some hard
proposition to meet and he will always
have a suggestion to offer that will
help to solve the problem, while the
ordinary man and the hustler will
stand around helpless and often dis
interested. He will have the elemen
tary laws of mechanics and physics ut
his finger tips, will know enough of
electricity to allow him to discourse
upon the subject in an intelligent man
ner, and he will be well posted upon
the mechanical progress of the day.
A Dressmaker of Yarmouth.
In the churchyard of Caister. clowe
to Yarmouth, Is the grave of the
"quiet, little, gentle voiced dress
maker," of whom at ter ientIttin Oc
tober, 1843, the then bjshop of Nor
wich said, "I would canouize Sarah
Martin If I could." Yarmouth reveres
her to this day. A stained glass win
dow has been placed to her iem(ory
In the parish church, where her prayer
book is still preserved, while her jour
nal is one of the treasures of the pub
lic library in the tollhouse. Under
neath this building was the miserable
dungeon which served as the borough
prison, and it was to the amelioration
of the lot of the wretched prisoners
that Sarah Martin devoted her life.
Earning a bare subsistence of fifteen
pence a day by tolling from early
morning till far on into the night, she
yet rianaged to give up one day in the
weelk to her labor of love. She died In
poverty, but the result of her life's
work was the reform of the prison
system of Yarmouth.-London Chron
days in constructing of cardboard.
mica and green velvet a little model
of an old New England house. coin
plete as to windows, curtains, lawn.
garden, trees and even including a
S-~+~ with n lnv hat and summer
tretched out on a
jack stoop. Thils
ven to several lit-.
v York, and when
-- - ed he deliberately
set fire to the whole farm. His ex
planation wis that had it been spared
his guests might have forgotten the
affair. but they would always remem.
ber the destruction of the house. No
- one who ever saw the little house go
- up in smoke on its little hill of damp
moss will ever forget ft.
The Misplaced Comma.
* *uits of the highest imn
Shinged upon tihe right
y. "nin," said a judge.
>started to practice law
.'came to me In a peek
ot troube~ to defend,. him against a
threatened libel suit growing out of
faulty punctuation. He had not meant
to give some innocent young women
the slightest offense when he wvrote a
story about 'two young men who went
with their girls to attend a lecture and
after they left, the girls got drunk.'
Putting that miserable little comma
out of its right place did the work, as
It made the girls the ones who became
'* Inebriated instead of their escorts. I
managed by proper diplomacy an4 the
publication of a neat apology to stave
off the damage suits, and afterward
my editorial friend became an expert
on punetuation."--Daitlimore American.
His Csnoepelon.
Miss Sallie Miller, the acknowledged
belle of the town, had fewer beaus
than wero her due. This was pwing
to her father's peculiar aversion to all
young men who called en his dangh
ter. Hie had a disconcerting wvay of
* taking possession of the porch and
snubbig 'her callers while they were
waiting for her to come dowd.
One evening Newton Brown, a bash
ful young swain, came a trifle too ear
ly for Miss Sallie. Mr. Mtller and
Newton's father were close friends,
but the- boy had grown so rapidly
that the old gentleman did not -ecog
nise little Newt Brown in this tall,
gawky youth. "It looks as if it might
rain," the young fellow ventured tim
"'Tain't a-goin' to rain," was the
gruff response.
For about a quarter of an hour they
sat in silene, Finally the old man's
curiosity got the better of him,
- "Who are you, spyway?' he growl
"Newton Brown, sir."
"What! Not old Jake Brown's son?"
"Yes, sir.",
"Well, well, said Mr. Miller more
kiadly; "it may rain; it may rain."
Elfrybodfs Magazine.
Business Locals.
Notices.'of Rale, Wantls. Swaps, etc.
2 inserted in this Column aiit 5 centts per
lineofor each hisertioh. Nothing taken
fbor le than 10 cents.
Fon SAL-17 aeres, originli frost
14 mi'ee north 1-f Pickens, 80 an acre
75 aerea west of Woodlill Pontin. 10
acres brauch bottom. balanen inl timber,
price $10 store, cash deal. E. F. KMrrn.
R. F. D., No. 4, Pickens, 8. C.
Cnrload of Obelisk Flonr just received
at H. A. Richey's.
Pay your guano bills at onne. I can
not carry these tecounta any longer.
Come to see a prepared to mak,. settle
ment. H. A. RICH"Y.
One thonwmd dollars' worth of watoh
a to gn at. cost f. r the next. tau days.
f. Raider, Easley, S. C.
From this date un'il amnary 10th my
entire stock 9f Dry Goosds, Millinery,
.Slhoes, Hats, etc., is for sele at tand be.
low flo-t. T. U.- Robinson,
d'c 26:8 Norris, 8. 0.
Drop Dr. Horton a prstal and he will
call and do your cbildren's dental work
while they tire at home for Christnias.
From the -1.4 day of Janfiary, 19508. 1
will a-il pny goods striolly for cash. No
goods.will be charged to a single person.
[ do tria simply because it is a mat-er of
bujiness. - My -tock eotisista of Dry
Good-, SlIe, Notions, Grocerb s, and a
General Line of Merchandise. I have
put the prices down on them ao as to
give you the advanntage of paying cash
for your goods. Come anld see tm, I
will trenit you right. J. F. JENNINGS I
Liberty, . .
Notice of Final Settlement and Dis
Notion is heby given that I will mnk.,
application to J. B. Newbery, Eq.,
Judge of .Prob. te fir Pickens county. in
the StIa'if South Carolina, on the 6th
day of February, 1908, tat 11 o'c'ock in
the forenoon, or an soon thereafter as
said tilapplication .can be. Ceard, for leave
to make final settlement of the estate of
- ett Smith, deepased, and obtain
'argo as administratrix of said es
c. y A. Smith,
. 9, 1908.--t4
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All persons holdiog cla m14 against -le
estate f the late J. E. W3 att must pre.
sent the same duly proven on or before
the first day of Feb. 1908, or be doharred
payment.; .an.d all persque indebted to
asid estate, must make payment on or
before thA -b-ve date to the undersigned.
Dec. -19,1907, t0. J. 0. Wyatt,
Admrst., Greenville, S. 0.
Notice to Pensioners.
I will I e in the courthouse every daye
in Jaunary, .1908, for the ptirpose of
makimg out opp io ticons for ol sol- iers
and widowa that are not now get ting
pensions, and wish to apply for pt nion.
All now drawing uill continue to gt-t
pension, without fnither sipphteation.
J. B. Newbery,
,Pension Commiasioner.
-...Jan. 6, 1908.
Pickens. t3. C., Dec. 28, 1907.
There will be an examination for
teacehers in the courthouse Friday, Jan.
17, 1908. Examination to commence at'
9 o'clock. By order of State Board of
Education. B. T. HALWM,
Co. Snpt.. Education.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All. persons holding claims against the
estata of thn late R. B. Onchian mirst
present the same duly proven on or ben.
fore the 1st day of March, 1908, or be
debarr..d payment: and ell persons in
debted to said estate must make pay
ment on or before the above date to the
Mrs. Lena Md. Cochran,
-. Admimastratrix.
Seneca, 8. 0., Jan. 9, 1908-t8
Auditor's Notice,
The Auditor will begin to take returns
for fiscal year 1906, on January 1st and
continue til February 20 without penal
ty after wh ch time 50 per cent wilt be
added as prescribed by law.
County Auditor.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All persona boldungr claims against the
estate of the late E. H. Lawr ee must
present the name duly proven on or be
fore the 1st day of Mlay, 1908. or be de
barred payment; and all persons indebt
ed to said estate must me pay.
ment on or before the abcve date to tin.
underaigne:i. .1. H. Lawrence,
B. C. Lawrence,
Liberty, 8. 0., .lan. 9, 1908-48
Write at once ad learn wh we see. best
posItions, and best salaie iuour graduate.
EuosNB AvNDEsON. Pre..
Our Vtiting Contest is
While in Pickens don'i
fice and have this pr
'This is a IF
The premr o be
eaci townghip arg no
Pickens D ug.. C 's. it
All the PremiumS
Pay your dollar on su
We "will also give,a-scholarship ir
Business (Jniversity, of Atlanyta,
number of votes for this prize.
Exhibit in our Baby Show. Hani
Babies. N. D. Taylor, Photogra
pictures. If you have no photo
There are no entry fees, or'charg
...Subscribers and non-subscribe
the age limit is restricted to unde
Write to your friends at a dista
per, of the baby show. All entri
SFor every dellk
J. D. Moore's Here Yet
A lot of veople have ups and downs.
But mine have alway been down,
Sometimes I'm glad, sometimes I'm
sad, but long to tell my story when we
battlewhanged1 throuigh this vain world.
I am in the market for Beef. sheep,
P'ork and Mutton. SelIl a heap of meat, in
and always like to sAil to those who
want to buf of me, but don't want to
sell to those wiho don't want to buy of hi
me. because there are enough that trade en
with me to take all that I can ge. g
I still buy hides green or dried. I buy ar
anything you got, always want some- ,
thing but can't tell what. So come and
see how it will be when you buy your th
meat from me. And remember the old g(
meat market Moore as in days of yore. w<
The ola meat market,
J. D. MOORE. sa
Will receive bids for sale of 5-room
house and lot containinig nine-tenths of
an acre more or less in the town of Lih
erty, 5. C. until December, 15th. Pur
chaser to pay for papers. Terms to be g
stated in bid. 3T. 0. O'Dell. t
'Riainbridge. Ga.'
nival of
I Cood Nature
creating a mighty heap
good-natured rivalry.
fail to call at THE SE1
oposition explained in a
jiture of the
We ar
to som
* ~ tion nn
- Heath .
- t-he na
Co. wvill
R~en- to the most.popm
10 .. display im' the sho
ore; and are beautifuli
are Beauties. Take a P
bscription and cast 20
tes in the above contes
a first-chi.s5 Business College (Th
Ga.) t..the person-male or fen
dsonie .Souvenir Premiumiswill b
her,.will ble in his Sttitlio ih Picket
f your.bkabyr this is your chance to
es.df any lisa in the Baby Show.
rs alike. .Jiist'send pictitre of b~
r 2 years old, and the pitctures are
nce, and tell your friends at home
es must be in this office on mormi
ir paid in you get
Ye Hear Tlie
"Dull 1
Not so with us. My books show an Nor
areasea over last year. IBet
Le Cause-We have the right goods at Bett
a right prices. We are content with year a
hall proflts. During the money strin- Hea
noy we are going to make it more in- 121 ces
resting by dividing profits still further We l
*d all buyers of dry goods and shoes cheapi
1ll find it greatly to their interest to do bough1
sir Christmas trading with us. All H~osi
ods must be as we represent them or plete.
a make them good to you. straigi
A. few prices will convince you what for leai
y' Is true: We
Large elso cotton blankets 50c the pair. shoes,
Large size heavy cotton blankets $1. right a
A..K. P
Vest End,
of Fun, Interest
II of its details
going to give away
e .mail carrier in the
It is.now on exhibi.
Phe show room of the
.Br'ace"- Morrow Co'vr
Go...see what gia ut2.~.y. i
giving away. It is. ul
nteed in every way by .
ke- and the H4B.-M.
put a. written personal
ce on it also.
lar young lady in
v wihlows of the
Lnd costly sets
eep at Them
0 votes for your
Southe-n Shorthand**andl
ale...reelving the largest
a Givend to the Prettiesg
is, every Saturday to taka
get some made.
It is open to the worl
Lby,. tilat is all, except that
the property of this offico
who do not take this pa,
~ig of Januairy 30th, r1903,
200 votes
fimes i"
~h Carolina wool blankets $2.50 pm
er wool blankets up to 10 the pair
er Wrt Annet~ th we .had gas
Li15and 25 cent..
vier cotton flannel for 8*, 10 and
elieve we sell cloaks 20 per cent
r than the same goods can be
ery and underwear stock com.
We sell ribbed hose for 10 cents
it that can't be equalled anywhere
than 12& cents.
ire stribtly headquarters for good
the leather is right, the style is
and the price shall always beright,
Greenville, S C

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