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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, January 30, 1908, Image 2

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Pickens Sentinel-Jourinal
htomos & l1mpl, Paorn
J. I i. * ') N ku.
SbscrbQ'iption I LOO) C r Anuumu.
Entered at PcA:ns l'ovtom.fl;ce as Second Claw
PfCg t N, S. C.
Back There-in 1808.
The samo old world, dear brethrer,
as of old;
Same fiehlds, Same flowere, Same
starlight at the gate
Where Love's delicious story was re
Back there-in 1808.
The same sweet joys-tbo grief for
joy denied,
The Swe wild wondering of To
morrow's fates
SOUlS wele uplifted, heart were cr
Back there-in 1808.
The same glad gatheings at the flower
deoked feast,
The same loud orators who "rise
to state-"
The same old healths to Beauty and
the Beast.
Unk he-n1808,
The iune old Ceying of the Obrist.
Mas poor,
Passing with Plenty or an empty
%be n.Sold iquey-bRngere at the
Back therA --in 180U.
Aod's ba'iSenl be with youl'-Nor
A world nbhere Luve mill triumphE
over hate;
Tbank God t'\ World was green
. enough for them,
Bick there-iu 1808.
-[ Frank Stanton.
An Anecdote ot King Oscar.
Once the ling was inspecting t,
clases of young gials, who were niatur
ally overcome by a visit from their
sovereign, says the Washington StarL.
"Cian you tell me," a.Aked King
Oscar, "the names of the g'reat kings
of Sweden!"
"Gustav us Adol phus," answered a
little girl,
"Charles XIIL., promptly..respond
ed another.
''Oscar 11., stammered thde small
est, who wos something of a oortier
in her way.
The king, much amused, w'ent up
to her and mshed. her to 4ell him of
t'io great events of bis reign. The
chuild blu' hed, besitnted an~d finally,
in tears mulI:rm(d.
The~. Kwg, imiling strolked the
child's hair an~d said:
"Don't cry , (101:! I don't know
Benefits of Candy.
Give childr.,1 plenty of pure
and( thll ha111ve little needi ot
cod-liivr oil. S'ari afte
e our1 ne(xt, imIlportanft and neces
sary foo(d. You can put the
natter to a test very eaisily.
Just le'ave off the pie, pudding
or' other dlesserts at your lunch
or' niid-da!y dinner. You'll
be astonished to find how quick
ly you'll feel "empty'' again,
againu, and how "'unfinished'
the meat will seen't. You can'l
got. any workingmnan to accnp
I o. UanMbert, of I
Believes Stomac
One of tho most Interesting stal
ments made recently concerning ti
much discussed Cooper theory, th
has spread over tho country during t)
I part year, is mnade by E. H. Lambeo
a retired business man, whose home
at 115 F rancis Street, Everett, Mass.
Mr. Lamberb has this to say in co:
nection with Cooper and his med
ces: "Some time ago I read an a
ticle about this man Cooper, in whic
he claimed that stomach trouble wi
directly responsible for most Ill healt]
He went on to say that, although h
medicine did nothing but get the ston
ach in sound condition, it would, I
many cases, remove kidney and live
trouble and various other ailment
He argued from this that the stomac
was the main cause of sickness, an
stated that the success he has ha
with his medicines was due entirel
to this fact.
"I am now fully convinced that thi
theory is correct, and believe Coope
has a really remarkable medicizt
judging from my own experience,
1 have been a lckma for AV
that the free lunch counters rur
in connection withj&4rs furnist
every imaginable thIng except
Even in the restaurants ani
nch grills attached to saloon,
or bgojf ten refuse to serve des.
serta of any sort. They kno-w
their busins. Thej more sugai
and= weet t aman taken at P
meal, the less he wants. Con
versely,every drinking man will
tell oou that he has lost his taste
for 6weets. The more candy a
nation consumes, the less al
The United States govern
ment buys pure candy by the
ton and ships to the Philippine
to h,(. gold Rt ege.t to the .oldiere
In the canteen, All mn crav7
It In thti' opics, and the more
they get of it, the less "vh10
and whisky they want.
In fact, the prejudice Against
sugar is born of prejudice and
stinginess, equal parts. ' What
ever children cry for must b
bad for -them, according to th
pure dkoctrine of original sin
besides, its'costs money. 'I know
fam'ilies in the ir'al districts yel
where the head of the' famnilj
groans over every dollai's worti
of sugar that comes into th<
house as a sinful and: "unwhole
somec" luxury. ---Dr. H-utc3Yin
son in Woman's Home Comn
A Shocker for Mother.
"Why is it," a younig nirothe
is quoted by an exchange e.
asking, "that- personal cleynli
ness is a taste only- :aognired
with years? My bahies hav,
been scrubbed from infancy up
ward, till you wouldni't thini
they could enfihire a speck ()
dirt. And altl i seem to hav
accomplished is a regard for out
"The ote (lay my hushai
I Grippe or Influe:
I to call it, is one c
[email protected] diseases known.
I 'LiSctt' Ema
I..ve Ol ndHypo
gested form, is the g
Sknown to medical sci
X It is so easily diig
the system, making.1
and strengthening fn
Use Scott'.
Sverett, Massachmetts
h the Seat of Life.
e- Years. Three years ago I was told b3
S13 a physician that I had Bright's dis
t case of the kidneys. I have treate
1e constantly for this trouble since, with
t, out results. After reading the articl
Is I have mentioned, I purchased somt
of this man Cooper's medicine. I hav
1- been astounded by what it has don(
,I- for me. I was relieved to some exteni
r- within 24 hours. Today my health ir
h better than for five years, and so faz
s as I can tell, my kidney trouble has
. disappeared.
s "My wife, who had stomach troublc
I- for some time, tried the preparation
n after noting its action in my case,
r and her improvement Is fully as marle
ed as mine. She now eats heartily
three times a day without any distress
d whatsoever. Her nervousness has also
y left her I certainly believe this man's
success is fully justified, as he un
s doubtedly has a wonderful medicine,"
r We will gladly describe the remark
v able ree'rd made by the Cooper medi.
clues to all who wish to know of them.
D -Pickens Drug Co.
t'phoned me from the office thal
L he wanted to take Jack to a bal
game, and asked me to hav
him ready and at the subway
station in half an hour. Jack
was wild with joy, and I sent
him up stairs to dress. After
fifteen minutes he appear
ed, his face wearing an expres
R -?f keenest anxiety, as he
"'Oh, mother, may I wear
my gloves, or must I wash my
Supersedes Time Table No 6
Effective March 10 19Wr
iAd Down " - Read Up
i No i1 8TATO.Ns No 1o No 12
Ax1ikel Mixed Mixed Mixed
! naihI 11:30 am iv Picken ar 8:30am 5:5 pi
U b; am 11 :35 am Ferguson 8:25am 8:0 pin
7:05 am 11:15 IaM *Parson's 8: Iflan 410 pm
7:10 am 11:50 am *Ariall's 8:10am 4:45 pm
7:15 am 11:55 am *Mauldin 8:0San 4:40 pm
7:20 am 12:00 m ar Nasley IV IR0tham 4:85 pm
*Flag Statione
A ll trainl. lytl 6*tP %u- , '
NOD CArfhheth with 44%fan ilWay N1441
0 10 00onnects; with tg~hern Riailway 1% 11
0. 11 connects with Fouthetn Hallway No
No 12 connects witt bouthern Rtailwtwol
IN"For any inforofttion app'y to
4 'r TAYLOR Deli Uakcixe
L6:30 a ang No. 48 day i ci Sunday, for Lau
a t'M ad in ters NM*M tations, arrive a
- t:te' 'f, No. s5 M4:'y for Latt'rens Clintol
- 1 ewbtfr " '.*ablta, Sumter and Charlei
'tdniixoth 4at Sumpter with A. U. L.
li Iti Nb. for Itichmond1, Washingtoj
.'.TanIo orSatnbr n
A i've aures 135,p 1in, Clitt
42 p m, Newberry 3.10 p. ma, Columbia flMI
Sumnter 6:20 y in, Charleston 9:40, Spiateu
A gusta 3:ip in, Gireetwood 2:46 p in. ip -
4:40 p im, No. 30 lis$1y except Sunday, fo~r Waa
- rI a re 6a:d itelate stations. A.ivea a
Lannrvat 0:'0
10:210 a m, No. 87, daily except RUan1(Iy Pz'oi
Laurens and intermediate stations.
-.00 pm, No. 85x, daily except Sunday, 'Po0
aourens and intermediate i'tatiorna.
C 3:25 p mn 'No. 52, d a'ay fromn Charleston Snlfie
Cokumbia, N ewberry, (Chnrtoni, Sparurbn.I
Augusta,G(reeliwood Laurehn. Otc. -
e Trains ho. 62 and 1.3 run tharough betwee
Charleston without ehiange.
- J. W. Ligon, Agt. Geo. T1. 1iry'an Ccen. Agi.
IErnost Williams, G. P. A.
II. M.i I rad raf. Mait. Augiata Ga.
aza, whichever you like
f the most weakening
i?slon, which is Cod
phosphites in easily di
reatest strength-builder
:es(4 wt it sinks into
1ewbloos and- new fat,
rves aid' rhucles .
Emuli' /on after
Thinks Much of Our
'It gives me great pleas1
arships which you offer fi
# business colleges.
I was fortunate to secu
* and studied- bookyjeepi ng
0 H-. L. Bridges. I am no
High Company, one of tJ
in the South. My work i
0 salary. I think any youn
spending their time wisel3
the scholarships which you
0 Wishing you much suc
the scholarship which you
A great many pt
matism during the
Dolt & Co.'s IThI
one of the BEST 1
ket for, this trov
by puttllg tie eyet
Breparel only fo
HU. A~ R
- . ---SEL/J
tBull mT
Proof _
can run throug
or clim-b over at
'H ave You
Ihis is the season of the year
or -1opcoat, or a heavy weight
more tomfortable thani a dlocto
on the temper and more condh.
IOwving to the stringency of ti
ing our -vast stock'at grmetl ,.
Schola;ship Propositions.
a, G.\., 28th Nov. 1907. *
ire to recommend the schol
'om time to time in Atlanta 0
re one of your scholarships,
here in Atlanta under Prof. e
w a bookkeeper for J. M. j
lc largest dry goods houses 0
s pleasant, and [ get a good
g man, or woman, would be
in trying to secure one of
I offer.
cess, and thanking you for
gave me, I am
olpe sufier with Rtheu.
Whiter months.
umatio Comrpnund is.
emediies on the mat -
ble. It cleanses the
lire into the p-tient
mi in good conditimn.
& (D0-6
S. South Carolina.
NS, 0. c.,
i it, crawl Under
ad brea.~k it4
when you need an
cive of cheerful~nessi
duicedi pr1ices.

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