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QutoLrd April 28, 1903 at Pickens, S. o.. s sewif cfam wntter. undor Rot of Uongre',% of Mqroh 3. 1879.
.VOL,, 1XXVII, PICKSINS, 301O UT I Af, TURDAY. JANU&RY 30 logo 9 *
Ain't .T
Two of the C(
We will phtb)$wh two more noxt W4
eau publish the piteres
Author of "Graustark"
Copyright, 1904., b Dodd. Mead and Compani
The firat thing thait General Marhu
did was to instruct Quinnox to set
vigilant watch over Daldos. Hie wi
mot to be arrested. but it was unde
:stood that .tie surveillance. should .
but little short of incarceration. r
was found at the barracks shortly aft,
the report. conernin-,the signai Sor
and told in plain words that.Gener
Marlan'z had or'dotc a guard plac4
over hilm for the time being, pendir
the result of an investigation. 15ak
bad confidently expected to be throu
into a dungeon for his affront. He d
not know that Grenfall. Lorry stoq
firm in his cenviction that Baldos wi
no spy and was supported by others
high authority.
Marianx was bottling his wrath si
holding back his revenge for a disUn
purpose. Apart from the existence
a strong, healthy prejudice in t
guad's favor, what the old general t
leved and what he could prove we
two distinct propositions, Hie w
c rafty enough, however, to take adva
tange of a condition unknown to BE
erly Calhoun, the innocent cause ofa
his bitternes, toward Baidos.
As he hastened from the coun<
chamber his eyes swept the crowd
eager, excited women In the grand ha
From among them ho [email protected] Bever
and advanced upon her without rega
for time and consequence. Despite Ii
animation ho was keen enough to s
that she was sorely tr~ulbled. She d
not shrink from him, as lhe had lui
expected, but met himt with bold d
dain in her eyes.
"This is the work of your~ chamipiot
he~ said in tonen that (lid not reach er
other thani her own. "I p~rophesied
you must remember. Are you satisli
now that you bave been deceived
him ?"
"I have implIcit confidence in him.
Kupposo you have ordered his arrest
she asked, with quiet scorn.
"He ia uinder surveiliance, at my at
gestion. For your* saike, and yoi
alone, I am giving im a chanuco. rir
your protege. You are responsible
his conduct. T9 nccuse him would
to place you in an embarrassing pr
tion. There la a siekening rumor
court circles that you have more t11
a merely kind and friendly interest
the rascal. If I believed that, MIss C
houn. I fear my heart couldi not be k
to him, but I know it is not true. 3
hey Cute.
mftestanits an our
r C S ln1 Oll
.... .....,
Itk. Send in your pfhotograpbs early so. we
... ce r seoui etlk ~ctii i. oi telT
Ing how much hafMf he has already
done to Graustark.. Ills every move Is
to'be watched and repovtd to me. It
will be Impossible for Afn to esenpe.
To save him from the vengenie of the
army I am permitting blin tro remain in
$our service, ostersibly at east. Ills
4e'rs of duty have been Canmged, how
Ner. Henceforth he is iW Ahe night
guard, from midnight till d'UNWa. I am
telling: you this, Miss Calbotib. because
I want you to know that in- splbe of all
the indigwity I have sufferel .mnu are
m.re to we than any other belilW in the
world, more to me even than rhy' lsyal
ty to Graustark. Dbme the hontdr' and
justice to remembor: this. I ba~ srd
fered much for you.. I am a rough
a hardened soldier, aidf you have' mis
construed my devotion. Forgive the
r- harsb words my passion may have- tn
splied. Farewell! I rmust off to undo.
the damage we all hy at the door' off
rtheman you and I are 'Protecting."
- 15. was too wise th6 give herlwte
chance to reply. A rtbment later lie
was mounted and off for the osatetin
gates, there to direct the'movemmitt of
Colonel Braze and his scouts,. bverly
n flew at once to Yetive Wtlilierrjllea for
Baldos. She was confronted' by a
rather sober faced soreratb. Te'
news of the hour was not cognforti
to the princess and her ministbrs.
"You don't believe he Is a spy?" eried
id Beverly, stopping just inside the door,
1t presuming selfishly that Baldos alone
was the cause for worry. She resolved
e to tell Yetive of the conict In the
e-- park.
re "Dear me, Beverly, I am not think'
as lng of him. We've discussed him Joint
n- ly and severally and every other way,
"- and be has been settled for the time'
dU beiag. You are the only one who isV
thinking of him, my dear child. We'
IIhave weightier things to annoy us."
of ."Goness how you talk! Hie Isn't
-i annoying. Oh, forgive me, Yetlve, for
1y 1 ami the silliest, addle patedest goose
dlin the kingdom! And you are so tron
er bld But do you know that he Is be
inlg watched? They suspect him. So
Id did I at first;iI'll admit it. But I
Ifdon't-now. IHave you road the note
is I gave to you out there?"'
,~"Yes, dear. It's just as I expected.
IIe has known from the hw'glnning.
rs . le know when he caught Dagmiar nnd
it, me spyIng behind that abomInable
~curtalu. But don't worry me any long
ie r ab~out him, please. Wanlt here with
mie until we have reports from the
troops. I shall not sleep until I know
what those fires meant. Forget Rldos4
for an hour or two for my sake."
-I"You dear 0o(d prIncess; I'mu an awful
brute,'sure 'nough. I'll forget himi for
ever for your sake, it won't be hard
either. Hle'su Jtitta mere guard. Pooh!
si I(e' no0 prInce."
I Whereupon, re-enforced b~y Mr's. An
ini guishi andi the Countens Halfont, she
an' pr1oceededl to devote hierself' to the tas4k
Iiof soothing and amusing the dhistressedI
mdprincess while the soldlers; of Grau
stark ransacked thmemoonlit hills. The
-a..s_'adt5nm dyws a
61ii" way to iunset befi~ie 'scout
caine in with tidings. No trace of ti
mysterious signalers had been fouti
The embers of the half dozen fir(
were discovered, but their bulkier
were gone. The search took 1in mil
of territory, but It was unavaii:n
Not even a straggler was found, T,
lo called troupe of actors, aroun
whom susielon centered, had Ic
--Vullevr-ed bV .:-e Calmr-lous saliude<
the hills. 12. fr':n the~ C
postsm io thc :::0euei ihi
report th :' v ulet 1it!e th:
enid! :t-::e. Dawsbergen was ly:i
::ecent, but with thle readliness of
I kulklng Xkg.
TIere wv:i nbsoi'itely no ' 1
the nyste'rV c-imected with the flr
n the iOUiiinfl sides, Ba ldos w%
quest"4n.l pO1ately and earnestly b
Lorry An.! Ills reply w'
simple, bit It ftlhIrished food for r
Ilection and at the utilu tlio 11o littl
relief to the troubJed leader,
"It is my bellef, Mr. Lorry, ilm hj!
tires were bullt by brIgandai and hC
by your nilitiry foes. I haIve see
these fires in the north, near Axpmalt
and they, were Invariably. meant to e.
1it bI Ish communleation between sop.
rated squads of roblers; all belongin
to one band. My fiends and I o
more than one occatsion uarrowly ei
caped.. disaster by prying into they a
fairs of these signalers. .1 take it thai
the squads have ieeii opQratrin,,in Vi
soith and were brought together'lai
night by means of the tires. Doubtes
they have some big project -of tbel
ow. sort on foot."
That night the city looked for a rel
etition of the fires, but the mountain
were lack from dusk till dawn. Wor
rie.ched the coatle late in - the evenin
frow Ganlook that an Axphalnian nt
b1timan and his followers wo-ild rede
Mdelweiss the next day. The vialt wa
a friendly but an Important onq. Ti
nobleman was no other th4n the yoniU
Duke of Mlzrox. intimate frieid: of ti
unfortunate Prince Lorenz who-. m
his death at the hand of Prince (1
Iirlel and was the leader o'r the parl
which o;posed the vengeful .plans i
Princess Volga. Ills arrvail ii Ed<
:weiss was awaited with deep anxiet
for it was suspected that his nev
wouil be of the inost important cha
Beverly Calhoun sat on the baileo
with the princess long after midnigi
The sky was bluck wtth the clouds
-an approaching storm. The air w
heavy with foreboding silence. -Twiq
from their darkened corner near il
pillar they saw Iraldos as he pae
ateadlly past the custle on patro. wii
Haddan at his sid.. Dreamily tl
watchers in the cool haleony loole
down upon the soaWr park .and 1
eccaional guardsma". Neither was I
the mood to talik. As they rone at Ia
to go to their [email protected] something whizze
through the air and dropped 'with .
slight thud in the center of the balcon;
Thie two young women started back I
a'lhrm. A faint light from Beverly
wrindow filtered acron the stone floor
"Don't touch it, Beverly!" cried t?
princess as the girl started forwai
witr an eager exclamation. But Be
erly had been thinking of the very o0
jet that now quivered before her I
the dull light. saucy, aggressive an
jamity as it was the night when Sh
saw it for the first Umne.
A long. slim rod foather bobbed t
and fro ats IC saluting her with soidllerl:
fidelity. Its. laaso was an orange, Jut
wlisch it huidi been stuck by the han
that tossed it fromn below. Bleveri
g?asped it with more ecstasy than wi
domn aind then rushed to the stone rds
ing, Yettve looking on in amtaeen
ilIigently she searched the groun1x .ba
lbw for the man who had sent the re
message,. butb he was nowhiere in sighl
Then came the sudden renaliaton tha
she was revealing a most u:naidel
eagearness to hint as well as to th
princess, for she di not diouti that h
was watching from the shadows be
low. She withdrew from the rail I
confusion and fled to her hedehamnhe
followed by hier curious' companioi
There were explanatlins-none<
whl.hi struckl speaker or listener as lo,
ieal-and there were giggles whic
c~omletely siminlted the situatlo1
Beverly thrust the slIm red fautht
into her hair tiand stiruck tan ntitiu
that would have aet Baldos wild wit
joy if he- could have sceen It. Thle nier
daiy, when site appleare~d in the park. tU
feather st ood up deiatntly front ti
band of her sailor hat, though womai
ly perverseness Imlleld her to ignoi
Roidos when hie passed hier Oin his wa
to mess.
IThe D~uke of Mlzrox came Into tI
c iity hours after the time set for bla~ a
rival. It was quite dark when thee
cort sent by Colonel Quiunox drew 1
Iat the castle gates with the visitc
The duke andi his party had been ro
hned bw heigands in the brad dnvtil
d -a
kA '9 ) .- ti
~1 0
vb ?..~.!L-- .Z tit
1)on'ttouch& it, DeverlU !
d nfnaf a3"diufiiBo mordqhan fiv nL muG li
tfrom Eddivef And thus the mystery tf0
K f thle aigihal-frats wais exphiued. Count, m<
'1. ,iralahn'x dlid raot soon forget th~e triumn- iy
I- plhant l'ooft' he' rtteived from .Beverly fa
'-Calhoun when the duk~e's 'misfoturnes fuj
e seentI,SheC rejoleed er~eedingly ovethe Dr
It 'acts of the robbers. b e
a 'larox anmnouned to the p rinces enI
r sLd her friends thiht e' was Inot ao be
.fenissary frI .the 'Axphuintte gyvern
SOfnt. Instead he wits. but little less
, tplaru a f Wigitrve Mro-u the Wrath of"
d Volgai ai the crowui aahidrents, Ear- rm
. .er in the week he hld beennmon
a d before Volgai tand. intormed that his enu
r asenie, for a fewv mhonth . .ast eas p
a from the prinepalify was desirable, t l
The. -privilege. .fwa -liowed 'iwat f se
Ie(ting the .ountry wich he d'esfred to Cl
ed - ' oring thant period, rind he hioolly
t dhoe 4Gruiastark. He was'i k~lhen to "
have- friendly feewinagi for 't: .ste,- t
b)mt. nh .ObjptionIsy were eaird This 0
>f ~nM~liip also..gre himn a we'o in t
ee;sh.ouMizrox whclie stlated hto
Sposition to Yetlve and the i'me olly- m
ister. Hle asked for protetion; t d
lined. to reveal i of' the plaie Vtiec1n
tmaturing In his home country. Tih!.s fil
.rehctun.-e to beeome a traitor; even to
3 though he was not in sympalthy w.th
his sovereian, was respected b t
illIn UW1 N
, prnCesS. 716" nhunei "lii wifIbi
ness to take up arms agalust Daws
' bergen, bI woul li no way antago- n
i nie Axphaft& ftomt nn enmy's cftip.
The duke admittad that tho toling
in Axphafn's upper ereles was ex
tromely bitter tward Graustark. The
n old tiene wr spidt bad not died down.
it Axphaia CtesWied her progressive
neighbor. -
a "I may ao well inform your highness
that the regent holds another and a
a deeper gruige againt. Grauastark." be
,if said In the udlenmce chamber. where,
were asemWed many of the- noblets o'
e the state, brte on the night of his ar' It
,d rival. "i18si insists that you. are har
boring and even shielding the pretend' r
or to our throne, Prince- Ftederle. IN
Is known that he is In, (iQnustark, and',.
moreover. It, Is asserted that he Is hu be
direct touch with your government." all
Yetive aud her compa-nions. loeked at Il
one another with glances of comprp- tb
0hension. lile spoke nah Inglish. nowr for- l
the ben~egt of Bleverly Calhoun, an in- p
teres-fted spectator', who, felt her heart sh
1leap suzddenly and wi-ftly- into. violent wm
Vinsurroction. v
"Notinbg couiki be more rldkeulous," tt
said YetL~'e after a pause. "We dto not gte
~:Iknow Vrederle, and we are tnt liar- Ju<
Sboring hIm." s
"I aim only saying what lis beleved) fp
Sto he true by Aiphaiu, your ighness.
it Is rneported that he joined you In the th
itoittffis in JIune and since has held st1
eat positioni of trust ini your army." sip
"Wontd.you know I~rinee Frederle if'
you were to see hIn.? ' quietly askced y0
1.or'. 0'
"1 have not seen hlim since he wats a lhe
ve~-ry small boy at-td thaen but for a mo- fut
mient-on the day when ho andi his
-amother wvere diveni through the streets gr
Ii on their way toa exile." a
- 1 "We hae at new 11 nanx~ in the eastle th
r a guard, a ad there is a mystery alt t achledl
SI to him. W.ould you iInd looking at
hIi im and teiling us If het is w~hait lFred
Et I eri le int be In hl.s manhood?'" Lorry
Ile | ut tihe (ques'tlon, andu eve'ry' one~ pres
leo' est drewv n deep br'eath of' iinteretst.
M-Iizr'ox readily3 constouited, i and Eni- til
'0 dloa, inti~'eracpte oin hisa ronni~,. was leil5
* . liunsunpoetin:g into an outerw ('hnmher).
The duke, accompanied by Lorry3 anid tc
ic) Bnron D)ana:;os, enteredc the r'oom.
r'- The~y we're gone fr~oma then assemnbhtge r<
s- but a fewv~ minutes, returninugitihg
IP) rimiles of unicertalinty' on their (races.
r. "It is lhupossible, your highness, for
b- m to say whether or not it is Fr'ed
tat eic. a t tan anten frnny, una s.
int I imiagino the pretd-iaer iiilght
at his age, but It would be sheer
ly for me to speculate. I do not
ow the man."
leverly squeezed the Countess Dag
Lr's arm convulsively.
Hurrah!" she whispered in great re
r. agmur looked at her in aston
ient. She could not fathom the
ilmsqleal Ameriean.
T'hey have been keeping an inces
it watch over the home of Frederie's
nu. ise Ia to marry her when the
o ia pr'opitious," volunteered the
ui duke. "She is the most beau
Ill gll in Axphaiu, and the family
one of the wealthiest. Her parents
terly or)gwne thle m atch. They werg
hare b.x:ti serotly married some
miths ago, and there is a rumor to
i effeet that they did , succeed in
ading the vigilance of her people."
'you mean that they may be mar
d?" asked Yetive, casting a quick
nme at Beverly. - a
jt is not improbable, ydir highiess,
fA 14nown to be a darig young feP
v. and he ijas never failed in it alege
ilust the heart of woman. Iteport
4 it that 11(y is the most Invinelble
hicu1o .th-af ever donrred oto'ls air
dr9' teverly' ,ais conselou, of fMr
e glinea!5 fin Jer directon, ind a
nt pink stole Intaher temples. "Our
itive princes are Jucky in neither
e nor war,' went oir tWe duke. "Poor
ntan, who is hiding from Gabrief, Im
rothed to the daughter of the' pre%.
prime minister of Dawsbergen, the
%utiful holanda. I have- seen her.,
e Is glorious, your highness."
31 too, have seen her,"' said Yetive,
re gravely than she thought. "Tis
ort of their betrothal fi tru'e, theuF'
His sudden overthrow prevented the
ptialr wbicb were to have talcem
ce In a month had not Gabriel: re
ned. Her father, the Dutie- of iatr
ey accepted the inevitabe- and be
ne prime minister to Gabref. Dolan
it is said, remains true to !hm and
ids messages to him as he waud'era
*ough the mountains."
leverly's mnind Iustantly reverted too
? coufessious of Baldoa. lie hand ad
tted the snding and receiving of
ssages through Franz. Try as she
mild, she could not drive the thqught
Dm her mind that he was Iantan,
Ad now came the distresuIng fear that
4 secret messages were words of
re from Iolanda. The audience last
Iutil late in the night, but she was
occupiedl with her own thoughts that
P knew of but little that transpired.
f one thing she was suro. She couki
t go to sleep that night.
HE next morning Aunt Fanny
had a hard timo of it. Her
mistress was petulant; there
was no sunshsie in the bright
lgat day as it appeared to her. To
trd dawn, after she had counted
Liy millions of black sheep.Jumping
rkward *)vpr a fence, she lind fallem
nop. Aunt Fanny obeyed her usuat
itructionso on this luckless morning..
was Beverly's rule to be called ev
r morning at 7 o'clock. But how
is her altendant to know that the
zeeful yowng croature, who had kick
the counterpane to the foot of the
LT and had mauled the pillow out of
shape. had slept for less than thirty
nutes? How was she to know that
tiushed face and frown were born
the courke of a night of distressing.
rplexities? She knew only that the
Oping beauty who lay before her
is the fairest creature in ail the uni
rae. For some minutes Aunt Fanny
mod off arnd admired the rich youthful
iry of the sleeper, prophetically re
'tant to disturb her happiness. Then
a obeyed the ipulse of duty and
ske the summoning words.
'Wha-what time is it?" demanded
, newcomer from the land of Nod,,
'etching her fine young body with a
lendid hut discontented yawn.
'Seben. Miss Bev'iy. Wha' time de'
' s'pose hit is? HIlt's d' reg'lah time,
co'se. Did yo' all have a nice sleep,,
ney?" and Aunt Fanny went bliss
ily about the business of the hour.
'I didn't sleep a wink, confound it,"
ambled Bever'ly, rubbing her eyes
41 turning on her back to glare up at'
a tapestry above the couch.
'Ye' wan' winkin' any when My
at comeC Into de room, lemmie tell
" cackled Aunt Fanny, with caus
'See here, now, Aunt Fanny, I'm not'
ng to stand any lecture from you
ia morning. When a fellow hasn't
apt a"
"Who's a-lecturin' anybody, Ah'd laic
know? Ah'm jes' tellin' yo' what
>' was a-doin' when Ah came into de
'em. Ye' was a-sleepin' p'etty dog
me tight, lemnme tell ye'. Is yo' goen'
it fo' yo' walk befo' b'eakfus', honey?
ausce if ye' is. ye' all 'Il be obleeged
t clunh ociut'nt dat hajlLmarbig ge~
to Dm eon~WReme)

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