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A Sudden Fall
'At a meeting in Verona a
vian thought he could fly, and
s," etc.---News Item.
"'In fair Verona, whore we lay
our scene,"
Thera was aman who thought
he could fly;
A di so he leaped and started
or the sky,
i3ut oh! a burning lamp did in
Ti-he nether and the upper worlds
Arid noting not which way
his flight to ply,
W1ith it he did collide. Where
fore or why
1exaven cut him short, no one
will be so mean
Or skeptic as to venture to in
Or why his purpose failed, or
why his wings
Were not sufficient to propel
him higher,
Wost dormant lie among unan
swered things.
Let it suffice for all, that the
Wasinot of Yeathers that dis
turbed the room.
idegro Mischief-Makers
'The men whom the negroes of
the country have most to dread
nowadays are the professional
agitators of their own race and
color. Some of these, we no
-tice---Trotter, the Boston negro
editor, and two or three kindred
-spirits---have now planned a na
-tional negro conference at Phil
adelphia, April 7, to make "de
mands" uponthe political par
ties, whose national. conventions
will assemble a few months
later. In thetr call they speak
,of the Roosevelt administration
as a "czarocratic regime," and
:say that it has assumed a "no
toriously hostile attitude toward
citizens of -color." The less thi
sensible, industrious negroes
have to do with these mischief
*makers -am& their conforenc(
the better for them.---Hartford
- Courant.
Young people should acquire
the habit of correct speaking and
writing, and abandon as early
as possbie any use of slang
words and phrases. The longer
you put this off, the more diffi
oult the acquirement of correct
tanlguage wiill be; and if the
* gl~m age of youth, the prope?r
seso for the acquisition of lan
guage, he passed in its abuse,
the unfortunate victim will most
probably be doomed to talk slang
for life. You have merely to
use the language which you
read, instead of the slang you
ber to form a taste in agree
ment with the speakers and
poets in the country.
* Young mian, let us givo you
benefit of our observation. We
bave noticed that at least nine
-- teniths of the young men who
* Ahave been before the courts for
pnisdemeanors are those who
take no Interest whatever in ed
ucation, seldom read a news
paper, and are always ready to
miake fun of other young men
arb~o :.nse correct language and
try to be somebody, It conmes
~for natvsial them to discourage
studious and ambitious young
-men .of their acquaintance.
'Their minds run toward dirty
*stories,,,inight spreesiand h)ad
eompany. This in a short time
*means trou~1, a sheriff's invita
,tion to a.tteu1 &ourt, andl a fine
or term in jail.
TheArinking of an abundance
et water will prevent appendici
tig and it Is said appendicitis
ji tiheresult of .comeJpation and
Their Safe has been tried and found B
This Bank has Burglar Insurance, Firq
lose your money.
Liberal Interest allowed on Time D
you up satisfactorily,
II. C. SHIRLEY, Cashitr.
I 11
Mil 3od0A01tq
constipationI, isth rslt o n
suppl of lquid.w T's what an
exchang saysan . I
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out1 64143 ofausouinne
.floqjJ9:)-T~jU1U AQU.0q).
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Ayr' Chrr Peul eoq o-) IV
PtaOn sc) uouo jo opd
Pn s co sum jo p atuoAnd
Xc Ajquosan sq tes pa
023T Duo 03 p~tidde .3;zlitJ;
h ts l ult-Is and Jw k lijo
*J~a!j0 JO)p:a( EatWjoj
There cane o stk a3U
" Sol fo oversixt yea."
"u,,O kAL Isa-UflS a343 I
r 4 DI.49uotUap o XAe
ZAjersdWOa a!id OL
e Aq u 2u J AO pu .iA
suq S1 jazilpa4j jIujaj
0j) J04 SPI
Icntheatonus thanoe resulonen.
sufeept bie rear ithufAyer'
-upply and liquis. has whaovery
exoha e sayo adywayd.Ifny
codny whodanot ay futhr ceo-mta
they'l ave$10 to gohelsountyere spr
eryte tm hre toarn thek (cto i
dav o ub le ra s.Tswilb
stri Cnfory Psteschoral truste
brcith is, ofnupeon. And o o
dTyheir espctbe doistketabo.
this. ou k Eo Ft t. AndER
-inn.2ewe Smqervs of
urglar Proof.
Insurance, Caihier Donded, so you can't
*pcsits. See 11, C. Shirley and lie wil fix
D'Lt ujp
the tate oft Snout al it-.ovte2
Uab-a_ _~o-j ;V '04z I
day;'i0- ofFbur 1,a l 'cociad
sai applicS~ation a'nbeharafrle
to mak f!u~ ini setlmnto te sat
Wome asul Wel as Men
'0 p wwhen tekd
ie.& UIl(~)Uoua,
-i l bon s pve
for a child to bepurlborn
- aff'Ulctj ictdwt ekkd
-2IP~ o ya ftechljrn
. . .I A te o fei h
oq uri sau. tho flsor hn hChl
tese ofportantlgnt Thd ischage.n
Nide s klderb and giot tohat asil
me aiato wel as men arewmae ms
Jrabge ofithkidney and bldern rount, ,
adbnedthe stt'oSohCamot.o gethremedy.
Tho enoi n, and a the nimm eiterff eto
sbi drilcst, n h bfifty- ~ fo l~
ct nd n ettedollar heesat
sizes. You0may have
Arpebe Md byMiserlb
frealodamhey el Tombes.no
Idnl toub it, :' ncupn ay o thedl
thoursand otentimion; ety recigod
from sfferes ur d cewrittin s Dr.K omn
meto thi dipaper.enthkd
Don'tmake nyisae but ofmorber
the nmehat-R ot r uncomer's
SwampRotandte tooofen ifnghamon
the. doncut iever ey troblaneefi
Wool Rolls,
Cabbhage I
Extra ]
Cyphers (
We hnve on ha
Rolls at 60(- per p
need them rgw yoI
had bettier get a t
y ou enn for they
It is not too early
hage ground.
We are going t<
season. Place you
FLOUR: We ha
of good patult fl
very cheap. Y)u
barrel more in a <
We art- ngonta I
pheis chick fee-n
chicks off on a we
Craig B
and decorate
With all cash pu
pons which are red
valued at $7.50, $10
Come to see us
prcture to you ac
pie and Fancy Oroc
. Your. for a
"at the c
P. 8.-Bing us yc
Egand in fact a
Southern Shori
and Busi:
Atlanta, Ga., also.
Over i 5,000 Gradu
iteceive,, 12,000 appl)ictions every year for 11
Etc. .\n average of two openi1ngs for every stu(
70 typewriting machine
Thc Souithern, also conEinets the
Upon wichI inittionm the railroassanot legr
Main Line Wires Ri
Write for entalogue. Enter now. TIhe Sont
in the Southi. Address,
A. C. BR'SCOE, Pres., ori
?ine Flour,
Ihicken Feed.
id a lot of nice Wool
ound. It you don't
a will need them, and
;upply of them while
Are hard to get thes-i
to prepare your cab
handle i.laute this
r ordeis with us.
Lve about 100 barrels
our that we will selL.
will pay 25 to 50a per
Pw weeks.
or the celebrated Cy
tart ynur little
I-balanced feed.
spuctfull S
rour home with
Picture -:
rchascs we give cou
eemable in pictures
.00, $15.00 and $25.
andl let us show the
anything that you
Notions. Sihoes, S9ta
square deal.
14 stand."
tsr chickeni, Butter,
ything saleable.
Eless University
Albany, Ga. Branch
ates in Positions
nokkeepers, StehnographrN. Tel.~egratph Operstors
cnt that nttentis the .Scntherts.
8, the n; i e iers owned
ph coni"''*uins areconatanitly callig for opera
mn into This School.
aern is the oldest and largest Ifusiness college
V. L. ARNOLD, Vice-Pres.

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