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* ~ ~ Botored A01I 23, 1(3tPoos.. .,sod.asiterwd etfCongrees of M*rok 8,89
fla of .0
Cold, colder; coldest. Monday
(the furnaces at the schoolhouse
wduldn't work-aad' school had
to be dismissed for t4be day.
Mr. Bas and family,, of Vir
ginia, have cast'their lot among
us. and gone hito "th~iiorcaitlt
business at tho T. N. Hunter
old stand.
J. M.' Hunt. has made addi..
tions to his ... xesidence, whiclf
greatly improves its.looks..
The Young People's -Society
- of the Presbyterian church gave
an entertainment last Tiesday
- night, which was well attended.
Miss Ernestine-Rankin, a most
c'harniing young lady, has had
,charge of tile Central 'phone
office while Miss Pearl Robinson
was at home with la grippe.
Wells Alewine, of Greenville,
who was attending school. here,
bocoming dissatisfied, returned
home last Saturday.
DRLAmmin's GiRL.
Six Milo.
TPhe sad death of Mrs. Nancy
- Mauldin, aged 91 years, widow
of the late Marber Mauldin,
11ihd at the -hohi& of -her son,
B. D. Mauldin, on the 29th nlt.,
at 12 in., after a lingering illness
f~-'more than- two year. .She
was laid to rest in the Gep Hill
cEmetery the following Thurs
day, Rev. S. . Mcirt ton
ducting the hntaa )&* fces.
Mrs. Mauldin leav ns
Eps Mauldin; :6 le'Aniont;
William, of Central; Bascun, of
Stewart, S. C.; Macop i
cus, of Georgia, and two daugh
ters---Mrs. Martha Meares, of
Seneca, and Mrs. Mary Ellison,
of Anderson. Also, numerous
other relatiVos 'id a host of
friends to mourn their* loss.
She was a true Christian and a
beautiful chai'a r. She . is
gone, but thi iid he. has' dbne
still lires;. she is sleeping in
J65us, This is writt6ji 6ione
who knew and loved her
Mr. and Mrs. R.. W. Wilii
mon visited her brother, Ffank
'eniirix, : in Anderson, last
k/vho is very iii.
C.; Willbnon la putting up,
a fine house kil his farm.
Your scribe haid the pleasure
.of spending one day in the .little
town of Central last week.
- the home folks in the Stewart
.section last .Thursday.
Miss Julia Merck, who has
1keep very sick for the last. few
-weeks, we are glad to say is
mnuch better at this writing..
* Miss Mary 'Trotter visited her
sister, Mrs. T. B. Looper, in
Easley, last week.
.1Bor, unto Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Mierck, a fine girl.
,Miss Sophia Mauldin visited
the home of Miss Lizztie Alexan
der, of the Stewart section, last
Saturday night. I tell you,
hoys, Miss Lizzie knows how to
make you have a nice time.
Spence Gantt lost a cow one
day last Week.- -
Miss Essie Arnold, of the
4Stewart section, was thq gu t
of her many friends fonday.
and Tuesdoy.
It is sdlwifik-to-day I was
just -thinking '9ike.everythirg
liftthe inall willek.ap to-mnorrrwo
while I ar'n sittik .by. the fire
tnt hae4iothliabelge. tt think
of.: 0, yes, I hope Sunday :-.i1
be .,beayqtiful.1dityi -"Papa's
rGirl' may 64ine, also -"Papa's!'
L]Bby." Ht, ha!
Miss Maggie'Williion visited
her sister, MIs I. b. Fhidleg;
ok the Stewart section,'Saturday.
and Sunday.
W. P. Pinson's son is very Ill;
not expected to live. Dr. Wood
ruff is ditending him.
Hello! "Papa's Girl," are you
off visiting? Why don't you
send in your items? 1 guess
"Mountain Boy" is asleep also,
Allen Emerson Surrenders
Allen Emerson, who was sen
tenced to serve a life sentence in
the bpiiiteritiary'; for killing
Thomas F. Drake on August 11,
1906, and who escaped from the
Anderson county jail at an early
hour on the morning of August
1, e1't, rtiiiied' to Anderson
Sundy, just five months after
his escape, surrendered to the
sheil'ff, afili is idv 1h~t.9 4pen i
tentiary at Columbia..
In the account he gave ot his
escape from jail, he completely
exoppates Sheriff Green or
Jdaor Cochran of anyconniv
antee or assistanice"
In' his story he said:
-iTt 'was an-ehsy matter for
me to unlock that door with this
key which I made. The plumb
ers were 'heie Workihg on the
sewerage system and when one
of thelm put 'down a )1ece of sol
der and turned his back, I
grabber.d it. .tas. out of that
piece of solder that I carVed this
key. .'It took Me about fopr aid
a half hours.. to eut..it'oit with
my.yodkewt ktfv:..Jo not know
.whether this key will 6pen this
door now or not.' It opened it
the- night; I.:t away. I have
been carrying it arIound in m y
pocket evei since arnd 'it may be
twisted or a'little 'crooked'now.''
While he "was saying 'this he
was fitting the itation' key in
the big lock - and wvith a twist
of the wrist the bolt of the lock
flew back and the door swung
Emerson . gave as his reasons
for returning as follows:
"I read In -the papers several
stories about my delivery. I
sa'w Sheriff Green and Jailer.
Cochran were somewhat ceni
sured and the.,.people, seemed
to blame -them for my escape.
I want to say right now that in
my- opinion a million dollars
would not move either. Mr.
Cochran or Sheriff Green. Both
of them are honest men and It
never entered my head that a
bribe would secure my escape.
Those gentlemen should not be
blamed for my escape for they
wvere not responsible. As soon
as I road in the papers that the
people blamed them I made up
my mind to return and to suir
render and then tell how I did
Ldid noi want innocent mor
to sifter for what.
.9rnEersoq.. declared that h
-would- not tell where he had
S."That 4,s.ecret: will.. die vitl
me,' said*Fnerson.
He said that he --had ,W'en
stricken with typhoid'fever,'but
'%,ras well cared for.
. *. . JURY LIST
The following-named perjois
wjillyserve as grand jurors, for
the .ensuing.yegr:
. LR, G. Gaines,
- 2. .A. J. Welborn,
3. F. H. Clinkscales,
4. Q. E. Hamilton,
5. George H. Hendrixp
6.. C. B. Findley,
7. J. Bird Looper,
8. J, A. Hunnicutt,^
9, S. H. Brown,
10. J. P. Findley,
11. A. B. Mann,
12. James J. McCombs.
The following will serve as
petit jurors for the February
term of court, which meets on
the fourth Monday, Judge J. C.
Klugh, presiding:
1. M. D. Cantrell,
2. H. W. Far".,
3. Lemuel Nix,
4. A. T. Winthester,
5. J. L. Thornley,
6. William Ellis,
. ..:Jaris t:'tilrener'
8. M. W. Newton,
9. John E. Craig,
10. Silas A. Hinkle, Jr.,
11. J,..Sami Witsonl,
, T. W.Hogshed,
13. Jaines R. Morgan,
14. J. E. Garrick,
15. L. L. Smith,
16. A. L. Edens,,
17. John I. Looper,
18. S. W. O'Dell,
19. W. F. Johnston,
20. J. M. Gillespie,
21, A. B. Talley,
22. James .H. Clayton,
23. Joel H; Miller,
24. B. H. Callahan,
25, IT. A. Gary,
26. John Chapman,
27, James K. Lathem,
28. D. M. Matildin,
- 29. George A. Ellis,
30. A. R. Hamrilton,
31. .E. E. Mauldin,
32. Walter J.'Boggs,
33. I. D. Rice, .
34. - B. N.. Glazener,
3.Elfo1:d Bolding,
:36. A. B, Chastain.
Horses in Burning Stables.
El. JOURNAL: I have noticed
repeated alecotmits -if -horses -and
mules.heing btirral to death on
account of the owneris not being
able to lead them out of a burn
ing stable, arid have found ouA,
by asking, that very few people
know that if they will blindfold
the horse it wvill come out with
out the least trouble, Wrap
something around its head and
eyes so it cannot see the light
and it wvill walk right out.
You would be surprised, -if
you -vere to ask, to find how
few people know this valuable
Marietta, S. C., Jan. 20.
id. you over think what a lot of
good you mig1it have done in the wQrld
if you hadn't made up your mind to
begin inmorrow?..Chio Newsa.
Fr'ipk, Hendrioks, Piokens, 77085
os O'Deli, Liberty, ---- 50090
F F ,erd, Piokeus. t2455
a; 0 Muaters, Central, 19440
It 14. H'derson. Pickeus 10425
B F Freeman, Pickeu.i - . 9750
Middletoi tlenter, Piockens 7810
* sloke Algood, Liberty 0.
D G Faumbort, Esley 8525
wm. -VililI,~r 2e0tra
Hal. lioggA, (tir'flicrun, 183
John arenutr, Esley . 1580
Mairk- Hunt,. -Dawesvllo .1400
O.s.Arhiod,.Ceu r , * 800'
..king, E Iley 800
- *iloW'h rter tieiy,- .'405
Mid. Violli (iitramp,' 83040
Miss Leu Baleutine, Cotral 50880
Miw 'Llocit Earle, Piokens, 2730
Miss E;ie Hord, Pick -us 23530
Dreamer's Arthur, Liberty, 176G'>
Mies Ida Elrod, Pumpkintou, 621'5
Tillman Garrett, Hlu-ricaue, 6020
Miss Z.>ra Smith, Central, 4770
Nora Chapm ai - 4610
.Miss Jessie P rsou.i, Liberty, 4130
MisS KAy Ele.6a, Paiapkintowu 4125
Miss E- io Koll -Y, Pxqkeus 3570
Miss P4 arl Dadton, Iurritauo 2270
Miss Bessie Thomas, Daiunsville, 2240
lipsg Miiti Bowou, Euloy, 795
Miss Lida LeMi.e, E'sley, 600
Minnie Kay, 230
Lizzio Dy 100
Lena Baleutiue 31410
Zra Smuith - - . 46115
Mattie Bowen 4555
Lidie ~McCulfin, N4oy 1950
Ean Loopirw, Eruhuy,''' - - '5
- Lida ,i .. 410
...- .. .LIBFAJTY~
Jessie May Parsons,
Ahha Claiytoi
APta li(iE 17735
.. .- . PCKNS
Vjola Gibtitrapt:Pickcus 49360
Lucia. Earle 12610
Essie Kol.a y okens 3600
.Lillia'Frnk''.....:- --23400
I izzla'Duv .: .:. . 8'95
Besaie Thomas . 3(395
IIIariada Wtn. 860
Nora Chaipuana 3120
L zzie Garrett 210
Peawrl Daltwon 198.5
Flora Witcheast-r 12890
Lida Thoma 7340.
Leotia Ch pm it . 4C40
KAty E 10u.4 -3130
Lia Elrod . 30
V/asp's Javs'M.asp Qeolpony's Nest'.
Wasps readily succumb before t1
increnosinrg cold . of-inh -au t, TPhe~ fe s
that es'eng~e the tmerelless scoutrge r
mii(iility a re thea quieens of naext' se:i
sain. They paass' the iuts'r i I;ome1
warm erannyv and wh'en the spring
alrrivesI oach comiesi forl a fromn lis hi
hang plce andai seeks a suitaable -pls~a
for the tit that i4 to) b. This fun ad,
Ihe queena tejta irs to' Is fenace -or treer.
tru nk and iih her jawi~ rnahsp off a1
bundle of wood(. fiber whiach wheni
moistenedi withi~ini eila- and knn(dd
formsaa the papelige sustancae of which
the ntest ia entirety 'onastrueread.
Just as beena have inavenated a ponear:
nest builinug ater'ial . ian wvax. so
wasps have prepaired a specwial dui-able'
paper for the szame purplose. The queen
mother lays the fonations of the
city wi:th her owvn jaws. She aittaichesi
a sort of stalks of wood - paaper to a
chaosaen support. Thbis many. .be the
brnhch or a1 tree, a root tt 5 a nvity
below grounad or a beam ina a garden
shned, Thne staik prepatred, the queeni
builds a few shallow cells, ian each of
wile she lays san egg. As these mna
ture, hate1- and dlevelop ibto worker
Wasps the labor of. the little colony ia
turbed 'over to them, und thus a vast
neit with thbusatnds of cells is evolved.
--Chicago Tribune.
'Te b)est kupowtpleture in the world,
it hans beens said, in Vandyke-a p)ortrait
of Jamtes 11. of E~nglsand as san infant,
known as tho "Blaby Stuart." Two mil
lion copies of it are said to be in Amer
iean homea, and it is equally popular.
li' England~ and continental Europe.
London Exrrsu.
All"Ineubers -of the Pickens
County Farmers' Union. are
urged to beyptreget.on the first
Monday .Mach, as bu.sines of
importance is to conie. t4con
that day:4 .To- b.hel at Pick
ens C. 11. ai o'clock a. m.
W.~~IN3 L iWi4,pres,
. .L. Cu eton spent..a few
davekw.h. theo. . folks this
-eek. -. H1 .reports that things
reemioy.ing . .ajong. qqletly in
,Qharleston. Charlie will come
hqnie next . month to stay, and
will devote his time to, 1pprov
ing. his ..farm and incidentally
look after his chances for.being
thQnext sheriff of' the county.
Mrs. Haley .Kemps, of Flow
ery Branch,: Ga., died at the,
hohie of her relative, B. B. Gil
strap, on Tuesday morning,
aged about 82 years. The only
inmiediate relative she has liv
ingr is a sister. Her remahis
were laid to rest in the cemetery
at, Bethlehem the (lay following
her death, Rev. W. C. Seaborn
conducting the funeral services.
"Aunt Arey" Price died at
the home of her son, W. R.
Price, on the 5th inst., at the
advanced age of 96 years. Be
sides her aged husband, she
leaves two. sons and three
daughters and a host of relatives
and friends to mourn her'd'eath.
Her reilains were laid' to rest
the day following her death at
Holly Sjirhgs Baptfst uu'rch,
a large doncourse of sorrowing
relatives and friends witnekssing
the obsequies. We hope.some
one will give us a more extend
ed sketch of her life;
Last Thursday: night the post
officv.p wds. -discovered on fire,
bit by the heroic work of Louis
10pal,. Ed, Hunter .and. others,
it was put out. It seems that a
pailof. ashes. had been'taken. up,
and, as was, thought, was well
wiTatered out,but a spark blew un
der the building, and igniting the
shavings and trash gathered
thore, came near causing a dis
astrous conflagration.- 'fost of
the citizens of the town were at
the schoolhouse, and had it not
been discovered when. . it was a
serious fire would have been -the
*Miss Olive Lewis, daughtei- of
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse J. Le vIs, of
the upper section of the county,
died. Sundfay evening at Tiger
'fille, S. C,, where she -*as in
attendance upon the North
Greenville -High School. She
was taken sick Wednesday and
died the Sunday following from
pnienmoniat. Her remains were
prepared for burial and shipped
home on Moniday. and the funier
al was held Tuesday at Moun
tain Grove church, Revs. J.
M. Stewart and B. F. Mur..
phree conducting ,the services,
in the presence of a lai'ge circle
of sorrowing friends and irela
tives. Olive's teachers and cjass
mates came with the corpse and
spoke in glowing terms of her
attainments and virtues.
Notice ia hernb given that I wifl
mask application to J. B. Newber~y, Ese,
JuigI ni P'robate. for Piekens, county, iin
the' stt of South Unsrolinai. oin the'20th
day of February 190$, i-11 o'clock ini
the forenoon, or as boon, thereafter as
sad nppheationi can be heard, for leavn
to miake final settlement of the estate of
T. II. Mo)orn~, decased, and obtain dis.
charge as administrator of said estate,
. D. G. MOORE,
.jan2Sw4 Admma..

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