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Poultry D
FIRS'l': Sleot your Strain ef Bir
Improve then oetry t-mt vo
Good Cook at the Hend of yot
This Is the time of year when some
poultrymen get that tired feeling.
They treat their hens as sme farm
*rs do their farm machinery. You
may find the mowers down In the
meadow where the last swath was cut,
the' scythe In the sour apple tree and
the self binder in a snowdrift. That
man may belong to the grange. but he
to no farmer, and his mtain crops are
mof'tgages. Canada thistles and trou
De. He needs spruce beer tonk-. His
chickens roost on the old pear tree and
the wagon wheel. and his taxes are
larger than his wheat crop.
When a man professes religion, there
are times when his liabilities are his
assets, and no one knows that his
bank vaults are full of hot air till they
blow up. Sometimes he succeeds In
fooling all the people all the time. But
when a man pretends to be a farmer
he has to show the goods. The condi
tion of his farm gives the game away.
He may gab all day on scientific prin
ciples in agriculture, but his neighbors
round the stove at the crossroads store
wink the other eye.
Such are some professed poultry
men. They like to visit other fello.ws'
plants to suggest improvements, to
judge their stoc and to brag up their
own goods. If ekle gets any one to
the good place, they will surely get
a seat up front with the angels. ,
After endtiihg a continual harangue
from one of these smart Alecks for sev
eral months we concluded to visit his
plant. Happily he was absent, and
we had a quiet view. We got enough.
His pens were old shacks illed in with
coal ashes. There were young scrubs
roosting on the lousy nests. Little
crooked backed roosters and wry tail
ed, twisted toed hens ran to greet us.
We felt like telephoning for a barrel
of corn. They were starving. We did
take the liberty to fill up the (try
pans that were lying around half filled
with filth. dnd you would have thought
those chickens would drown them
It was the worst combination of lice.
droppings and diseased stock we have
witnessed. The proprietor. unaware
of our visit, met us on the street the
next (lay and, after learnedly discuss
ing the merits of the dry feeding
method, lie informed us that hie was
about to try an original formula for
forcing hens to lay, and if he succeed
ed in increasing the daily output of his
own penM lie would shortly manufge
lure "egg tonic" on a large scale. We
"stopped. looked and listened." and as
we tore ourselves away we mused
whether that man needed a tonic or a
As we are "on eggs," we will sImply
*say he needed eggnog.
*Now. "there are others." it i*4n't just
some poultrymen and some termers
that ought to be arrested for strifety
to animals." but -tbere are enough
back yard fanciers in our towns and
villages of the same careless character
who ought to be locked up or made to
clean up.
And now, while we are talking about
eggnog. it is appropriate to say that
these people who are continually giv
ing tonics to their chickens are putting
the medicine into the wrong trough,
There 'Is no likelihood of their laying
eggs, and, so far as cackle is con
cerned, they cackle too much now, but
It certainty is plain enough that they
need something to make them do some
thing so that their chickens may prove
womettiing of what these "cocks on the
high perch" of poultrydonm are cac.
jing. . Give them a good dose of gin.
~er, red pepper. fenugreek, and add a
large amount of charcoal for disin
fectant, for they need it badly.
They have a bad attack of "wind
puff," and, as you do with chickens af.
-dicted with that disease, just run a
few hatpins Into them and lot out the
"hot air."
If the' right man is behind the hens
there is no need of egg stimulant what
ever. The best of the egg tonics i
mfide up of one ounce of fenugreek,
itwo ounces of red pepper, one ounce of
manatlan red -a .twv noune 01
1%; Seond: Stick to the'm; T''?+.:
i em; Fourth: Always ke.;> a
Ir Flock.
One pound at 25 cents shows the
vast profit that is made frot people
who are too lazy. too careless or too
stingy to take proper care of their
"You are ketting no eggs this win
Mfy friend. you need eggnog. Mix
your brains with pains, and then you'll
get the gtens.
If y6u cannot run that tnevtiltor by
gas or electricity, buy the best water
-white kerosene ry the barrel. You will
not get the settlings of the storekeep
en tank. the oil win be pure. and you
will save money. Iast summer we
bought a fifty-three gallon barrel 'for
$0.10 and received $1.50 from the com
pany for the empty barrel; cost. $4.GO:
groverymann' price for lfty-4hree gal
Jons. $0.80: money saved, $2.20. Not
PQ bad.
"Vm getting up. Maria." "George.
why. It's only 4 o'clock!" "Well. I
must feed and water the hens before
ithey 'start to lay and get that wagoa
load of eggs to the early train to. get
them to the city by 12 o'clock. Good
. "Get .up. -Will! It's most 0 o'clock.
BreAk fast's cold and the hens are starv
Ing." "Blame the old hens! Let 'em
starve. They haven't laid for a mouth
Moral.-Tiie early lien gets the early
worm; the early worm makes the early
egg: the early -egg makes the 'almighty
dollar. Ove your hens a good big dose
of early risers for breakfast and buy a
seat in Wall street.
When a poultryman keeps White
Leghorns. he sees a big difference when
he changes breeds. We believe them
to be the wittiest and the prettiest ex
tant. .,They .can read you like a book.
They knotv your mood:as soon as you
step into the pen. They are flighty or
calm. just as you are. Cranky people.
cranky Leghorns. They are the chan
pion foragers. fliers and- layers.
They take up less room, are sick
less, sit less and eat less, while they
lay more and larger eggs than the
larger breeds. A Plymouth Rock sits
on a nest egg; a White Leghorn uses
it for an inspiration. Put in a larger
nest egg, and her eggs increase in size.
You can't beat her. She never loafs.
Her egg pops out so quIckly the mites
can't catch her. If you aren't sharp.
you can't catch her. She understan~s
English and hates swearing. She will
love you if you are lovely; but, being
high bred, she appreciates quality.
"But the Leghorn is small for mar
ket." Yes, but fine flesh Is . for epi
cures, not for gluttons, just as leghorn
hats are for beautiful maidens, not for'
coarse swineherds. The Leghorn is
"quality, not quantity"-"best goods
done up In small packages that cost
less andl taste better.
"Blut- they' are, great fliers." They
miount ihigh: but.-like the climbing vine,
their activity bears fruit, and when
they -rise' on Enow white wings to
meet us you must exclain). "Beautiful
as doveer'
"Go to the ant, thou sluggard!" Go
to the Leghorn. thou lazy poultryman!
Shove those culls to the high priced
market. Don't stand under when the
dr0o) comes.
Fresh eggs, like government -bonds.
are at ai premium. The egg Is the na
tional asset. Invest.
Eggnog Is not now the fad. It is
cheaper to take it straight. Spruce
beer is needed to keep some lazy poul1
trymen straight.
Why do so many poultry medicine
firms ofrer' "swelled head" remedies
for prizes? Did you win?
When a man has lots of greed his
hens get little feed. The liberal man
has a full egg pan.
What is neded by the man who sells
dirtyv eggs?. A drubbing and scrubbing.
Hands up!
Are you getting lots of big fresh
eggs? CongratulatIons. You are not
a genius, but you can pay your bills.
IWhen your hens. have gravel they
are not sicl, but you have sense.
'Feel your hens' crops at night to see
If they get enough to eat. They are
more reliable than government station
lleu fruit hapgs hih ?ho apide
on the top of the tree are always thq
best. There, knocker!
Don't cut the puntpkin pie with th4
excuse that eggs are high. That's n(
way.. Cut it with a knife.
'lMverybody works but father" 01
some egg farms. Time for a tneral
This is no joke.
Grind corn on the cob In your bcmn
cutter. Corncob has 8 per cent pro
tein. It will save money and clean thq
cutter, which you are too lazy to do.
They are rushing the mint In Denye
to get through $80.000 in quarters ant
halveas Rush some this way.
awful hiAb.
Don't make bachelors of your roost
ere.. You will rul their future use
fulness, .and the hens will commi
ra. .4d1d.
All spoony couies are warned no
to court in the henhouse. 'That Is th<
havana. All bilvag and cooIng Is don<
in the-pigeon pArlor.
When the ducks are quacking there'i
something lacking. When the turkeyi
gobble what's the trouble? Take thet
lead; -It' time' to feed.
A proficient poultry judge these dayi
Is a prise bird 'and scarce as hen'1
teeth. There.ae too many goose bon<
prophets In the chicken house Judict
ary. Time to cull.
When you get that Heense to judg;
chickens, no' baek door business oi
rushing the growler: no zigzag stunti
or shell gaine behind the blinds.
The new Standard plates are to be ir
colors. If a color blind engineer can'
draw a train,. can a color blind Judg
draw a color line? "4Specks not."
Seized Har Opportimaity.
He was not a very rapid wooer, and
Bhe was getting a bit anxious.
Again he called, and they sat togeth.
er In the parlor. "Just those two."
A loud rap came at the front door.
"Oh, bother!" she said. "Who can be
"Bay you're out." said the deceiver.
"Oh. no; that would be untrue." mur
mured the ingenuous one.
"Then say you're engaged," he urged.
"Oh. may 1. Charlie?" she cried as
she threw herself in his arms.
And the man kept on knocking at the
front door.-Illustrated Bits.
A Rejection Slip.
"Sir," said the shivering beggar
stopping the prosperous magazine ed
Itor on the street. "I have a long. sai
"Sorry." briskly replied the magn
rine editor. passing on. "but we ar
only open for short. funny stories now
full of the other kind."-Success Maga
No Thanks.
"I broke a record today. Had th
last word writh a woman."
"Didn't think it possible. How'dVl
"Why. I said to a woman in the cat
'Madam. have my sent.''-I"hiladel
phia Ledger.
Good Trade.
"Oh, my b .sinet.s is good." said thI
trombone player. "In tact, I am al
ways blowing about it."
"Well. I'm sooted with mine, too.'
saidl the chimney sweep.
"And mine is out of sight," said tha
Do one thing at a time and the bi
things first-Lincoln.
Dadiy Joined.
Mr. Russell in his "Collections and
Recoliectiona" tells this story of an in
appropriate quotation: The leading cit
izen of a seaside town erected somni
iron benches on the sea front and, wltt
a view to combine the commemoratiot:
af his own benefleencee with the givinj
a profitable turn to the thoughts of hi
public. inscribed on the baqks. "ThMs4
seats were presented to the town o1
Shingleton b~y Joseph Buggins. 1psq.
J. r. for this borough-'The sea Is his
and he made it.'"
The Secret of Centent.
If rumin today actually possessed the
acres on which they toil, they would
be in no hurry to leave them; they
would be effectively chained to the
roll by the sense of Independence and
proprietorship, as is the case among
the rural population of France, who d<
not rent but own the land.-W. J
The Hard Part.
"Hlow is your son getting on In hli
new position?"'
"First rate!" answered Farmem
Dobbs. "He knows more about thE
business now than his employer does
All he has to do now Is to convince his
employer!"-London Express.
"It took you an awfully long time t<
pull that fellow's tooth," said the as
"Yes," answered the dentist grimly
"He married the girl I lovedi"
The worst whipping a bully evol
gets is from some man who doesn'
want to fight.--Chicngo Newst.
NUN. 8. D. ALM
Noted Oregon Statesr
on Recent E
ton, Shiller I, Werman, distin.
gushed statesman and legislator of
Portland, Oregon, who was recently on
an eastern trip, is among those strong
ly in favor of L. T. Cooper, in the di.
eusuion over Cooper and his medicines,
which has raged for -the past year On
cities visited by the young man on 1 a
educative campaigns, as he calls them.
Cooper was explaining his now the
orles and medicines to Boston people
during the Oregonian's visit to that
city, and In a recent Interview- Mr.
Herman said: "My trip east accom
plished more for me than I ever be
lieved possible.' It has actually been
the means of restoring my health.
While In Boston I heard a great -deal
about this man Cooper and his medi
tines. and one morning I talked with
a Boston banker who told me that be
had been relieved by Cooper's medI
cines after ten years' chronic dyspep
sia. For the past twenty years I have
been a fearful sufferer with nervous
dyspepela. It has been so bad that it
all but forced me to resign from the
Algerian Olive Trees.
In Algiera olive trees spring up wild
and are grafted where they stand. In
some regions they are so close as to
touch overhead. 'rho average annual
yield for a tree is 80 to 100 pounds.
Some of the trees are believed to b
over 400 years old. It Is estimated
that there are over 5,000,000 wild olive
trees in Algiers. The grafting of these
Is being carried out systematically un
der the auspices of the government.
J. D. Moore's Here Yet
A lot of Deople have ups and downs.
But mine have alway been down,
Sometimes I'm glad, sometimes I'm
sad, but long to tell my story when we
battlewhanged through this vain world.
I am in the market for Beef, rheep,
Pork and Mutton. Sell a heap of meat,
and always like to sell to those who
L want to buy of me, but don't want t I
sell to those who don't want to buy of
me. because there are enough that trade
- with me to take all that I can get.
I still buy hidts green or dried. I buy
anything you got, always want some.
thing but can't tell what. So come and
see how it will be when you buy your
meat from me. And remember the old
meat market Moore as in days of yore.
t 'he ol< meat market,
Will receive bids for sale of 5.room
house and lot containing nine-tenths of
an acre more or less in the town of Lih.
erty, S. C. until December. 15th. Pur.
chaser to pay for papers. Terms to be
stated in bid. J. 0. O'Dell.
Insbridge, Oa.
Civil Engineer,
Surveying, Mapping, and Tropographi
cal work a Specialty.
M. C. LONGi,
Over Postoffice, Anderson, S, 0,
Price -n all Courts la Sonuth Carolina~
I - Nursing baby?
-. It's aheavy stra
Her system is cal
* ~ nourishment for tw~
Some form of nc
: .. be easily taken up
is needed.
Scott's Emu
greatest possible a
ment in easily digest
Mother and bal
helped -by its use.
an Restored to I1 ir
astern Trip.
"I was feeling wrtohEdi t . w
ing,and made up any mi i
the medicine. .I had son lead -
sfcians without number both E' n
West. They: hadeben .unabl:'
me- In the least, and I no u
lieved this Cooper ndisLe ot
me than It could - ing - i' des
bact life. I-ralily don't knt
I bousht It. It waslIke a d
man clutching at a staw.
"To make a long story ahort, I
been astonishingly sutoessful
case.- Today I am enoying
stomach and perfect health '
first time In twenty yrs. I
heartily without the -lihtest- 1 1'
nience afterward: 2! hav, e a Ia
tite, and r mti. #- .m b4 'O
moody ai deifressed. and'til I.rl"'c
neas has entirely'dI1appear )
"Any man who has ehrno 6.
la owes it to his family t
In all our experience as dtt':' t",'
we have never seen anythipg
pass the famous Cooper. prepar
-Pickens Drug Co.
Supersedes Time Table No 0
Effective March 10 1907
Read Down
No 9 No 11 STATIONS No 10
Mixed Mixed Mixed
8:50 am 11:80 am 17 Pickens ar 8:80am
6:64 am 11:85 min Ferguson 8:26am
7:05 am 11:45 am *Parson's 8.15iam
7:10 am 11:50 am *A riall'm 8:10am
7:15 am 11:55 am *Mauldin 8:05am
7:20 am 12:00 m ar Easley Iv 8:00am
*Flag Stations
All trains daily except Sunday
No 9 connects with Southern Rnilwa)
No 10 connects with Southern Rlailwa
N o. I I connects with Southern Raliwa.
No 12 connects with Southern Railwa
ofFor any information apply to
Artival and Departure of Trains, 4
yille. S. C. Effective April 14, 19
0:30 a m, No. 48 daily except Sunday, ft -
rena and intermediate statioDR, ar.
Lauren 9:00 a m
12:15 p m, No. 58 daily for Lauren,
Newberry, Columbia, Sumter and (
ton connecting at Sumpter with A.
Train No. 2 for Richmond, Wasl
and eastern cities, and at Laurens wi
W. C. Traitin No. 1 for Spartanbui
train No 2 for Greenwood, Auguta, a
Arrive Laurens 1:35 p in,
2:22 p m, Newberry 8.10 p. m. Columb
Sumter 6:20 p mn, Charleston 9:40, h
burg 3:30 p. m, Greenwood 2:46 p n
Augusta 5-25 p. in.
4:40 p in, No. 88 Daily except Sunday. fo
rens arid intermediate statloib. Ar.
10:20 a m, No. 87, daily except Sunday
Laurens and intermediate stat Jins.
.00 pm, No. 85. daily except Sunday,
Laurenasand intermediate stations.
3:25 > m, No. 52I da'ly from Charleston S'.
olu'nbia, Newberry, Cinton, Sparta
A ugusta, G reenwvood Lauren.. etC.
Trainas No. 52 anxl 58 run through be
Chaerleston without ehanage.
J. W. Ligon, Agt. Geo. T. liryan Gen.
Ernest Williams, 0. P.
R. M. Brand. Traf. Man. Augusta 0..
Clearnsea iad beautinesl
-Nevero $s1.00 fatorg
Notice of Final Settlement and Dlsj
I will -apply to J. B3. Newbery
bate Judge for Pickens counlty,
18th day of February, 108 forn
settlement with moy ward, rr S&
and ask to be dismissed as gurdi
jan16w4' Guar
i on mother.
lied upon to supply .
urishment that will'
by mother's system
Ildon contains the
mount of nourish.
ed form.
.y are wonderfully
Tas Sate ANt) atLMS

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