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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, February 06, 1908, Image 8

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"Business Locals.
*cestof '41e, Walks, Swaps, etc.
I nsed In th Colunku at i .c6nts per
j lInCqr each isertion. Nothing taken
.for I" than 10 onts.
Fon 8AL1-17 aeres, origin'dl forest,
14 miles uor th of Pickens, 830 an acre;
'75 acres woat of Woodall uounttain, 10
lneres brauch bottom. bainuen in timber,
l)rico $10 ipore, cash deal. E. F. KEITH.
-it. F. D., No. 4, Piekens, S. (.
Carload of Obelisk Flour just receivcd
att i. A. Richey's.
.Pay your guano bil1g at once. I can
mot carry theso lccoiunt any longer.
omne to see Us prepared' to make, a. ttle
uent. H1. A. RICHEY.
One ithousand dollara' worth of watch
j1; to g) at co-t f, r tho noxt ten d-ys.
11. Mider, Eaal.>y, S. C.
From tlhiq dato lnil .TanluuwiaryN 1111th my
ntiire stock of Dry Goods, Millinery,
Shwe Hats, etc., is for stale at and be
,(ow Coat. T. C. RobiRon,
dec 26t3 Norris, 8, C.
Drop Dr. Horton a postal aud he will
,al and do(i your children's dental work
-while they are at howo for Christmas.
From the 1st day of Januairy, 1908, 1
nvill sell my goods atrictly for (ash. No
tgooda wilt.be ecbarged to a single persou.
J do this imply because it i. a inatter of
'busines. My I-took consists of Dry
Good, Shoe", Notions, Grocveries, and a
(leneral Line of Merchandise. I have
put the prices down on thon so n to
give you the adventage of paying cash
for your goods. Come and son im-, I
will treat you right. J. F. .ENNINUS,
Liberty, S. C.
Notice'of Final Settlement and Dis
Notice is hereby given. that I will make
.applicatiou to J. B. Newber', Eqq.,
Judge of Prob te for Pickens couinty. in
tbe State of Siouth Caro!ina,. on the 6th
day of February, 19!)8, it 11 o'e'ock in
the forenoon, or is soou thereafter as
said applieakiu cnn bo heard, for leave
to make tinal settlement of the estate of
3arnett Smith, deceased. and otaiun
discharge as administratrix uf 9aid es
tate. Lucy A. Smith,
Jan. 9, 1908.-t4
Notice tto Debtors and Creditors.
All persnus holdio g ala mas iginst .he
estate of the late J. E. Wyatt must pre
sent the Same duily proven on or before
the first day ,f Feb. 1908, or be debarred
payment; and all persons indebted to
said estate, inust tuke payment on or
before the : hove dtele to the undetrnigned.
Dec. 19,1907, t3. J. G. Wyatt,
Admrat., Greenville, S. C.
Notice to Pensioners.
I will he in th conrthouse 4very day
in Janunry. 1908, for the purpo-e of
ruking out applic ttiona for old sol-iiera
and widow4 that are not now getting
pensions, aid wish to apply for penAioo.
All now drwving %oil continue to get
pension witnout farther upplheAtion. 9
J7. B. Nowhery,
Peaioni Commuisioner." i
Jan. 6, 1908.
Pickena, 8. C., Dec. 28, 1907.
There will be an exammnation for
teachers in the cour-thouse Fridmy, Jan.
17, 190)8. Examination to commence ist
0 o'clock. iBy or-dr'. Or Sltet Board of
Co. Snpt. Eaucation.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All persoens holding claima against thne
estate of tim~he at R . Omlhran must
present the anmie duly prIoven) "n oCr b)e-,
fore the let day of March, 1903, or be
debarred payment: andl all persons in
debted to sid estato must imako paty.
ment on or before the aibovem date to the
Mrs. Lena M. Cochran,
Beneca, 5. 0., Jan. 9, 1908-t3
Auditor's Notice,
The Auaitor will begin to take returns
for fiacal .vear 191)8, on Janmuary list and
contmue till February '20 without penal
ty after which, thiue 50 per cent will be
.added as prescribed- by lnw.
Respl)V fully,
N. A. cli lSTOPHER,
Countty Atuditor.
Notico to Debtors and Creditors.
All persona habl~ing claims ngainsat the
estate of the late E. H. Lawrencee mnat
preseut the ame duly proven on or be
fore the 1st day '.f May, 1908, or be do.
barred payment ; and aill persons inidebt.
ed to said eetat~. must maike pay
ZOOent onl or beford tdha ah)( va date to the.
nudersige:1. .t. H. 1Ltwrence,
11. U. Lawrenice,
A dnministrators.
ibry .O,.an9,18-3
J~~ 8~a'y2
We ncver expe
set the price on
that come but c
We Nav4
have one. We hav
is like a man ctiaii
way we have done i
A Ghost Under the Sea.
The story is told of a div'er who saw
two ghosts "full fathomi flye" under
the surface. IIe had gobs dlown to the
wreck of a iarg;e steamer and was
crossing the main saloon when two .
gray sha[pes of enortnous size came
shambling toWard him. He didi not
wvait to make notes for the Psyphleai
socIety, biut gave the danger signal and
was at ,oneo pulled up. Told in the
cheerful light'of dlay, it seemed rather
a lame story, anud another diver went
downt to see what he could make of it.
Toward him also camne the ambiig
gray shapes. 11e stood irresolute for a
moment and then, going boldly .for
ward, struck his hatchet through-a
miirror! The ghosts were only a dimI
reflectIon of his own legs. mIuch en
larged, of course, as every thing Is that
a diver sees through the great frontal
eye of hi. helmet.
Hooded Snakes.
The hoods of' akes were unques
tionably tutendTh4 by nature to nect as
weapons of intimidation, for when sud
denily openeld. as they are during the
excitement of a cont'st, these give
their owners an apparent aind foridda
ble enlargement. Ilut the hoods which
have been so useful at some period in
snake history have now become so en
larged as to tend toward the extinetion
of their owners, just as the overde
velopment in the tusks of prehistorie
animals led straight to their destruc
tion. Dluring a fight the hooded snake
in thme act of striking his foo suffers
from the outstretched and weighty
hood-he overbalances himself anid top
pies forward. Ils assaIlant, the mon
goose and some birds speelally, selzs
him when prostrate and, rippiug upl
the back of the uneck, speedIly dis-1
D atches him.
Dry Goods, Millinery
Clothing, Overcats,
Shoes, Hats, Caps..
et 1o. nwIk( another offer like this, h
somne oI I)% goods, an1 on all, we ar<
11CC inl a lifei melili.
Knifed Withoi
aidvertise a sale, but i' taGOs GO
Sthev goods and a1so the gritto cut
g off his own leg to mark down s(
t, but. we have the sand and you c
eaders in Low Pric
For twenty-three ye
the standard of the St
7Ish scrap is used in every ton of Farmers'
balanced and carefully mixed, Insuring bigger yield
See thttis raemal
F. S. Royster
soenw~-.aNorfolk, V
t we will let you
a giving bargains
it Mercy.
ODS and GRIT to
down the pices. It
>ine (of the good;, the
Ln get the bargains.
ow Co.>
Bone. Properly
s with less acreage
ek is onevery bag..
'Guano CO.

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