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Butored {April 23, 1903 nkt Pickens, S3. 0.. as second class matter, nudor iict of Cougroxii of March S, 1879.
Pickens, R, D. 2.
T1he Six Mile school is iii a
fi )urishing conditioi under the
mamainaement of M-Liss Ila Bear
dn.111, o Oak wav, Ocouee a (JXmity.
Perry D1urham, who has be(en
t uite sick, is able to tak_ charge
of his school again at (G arvin.
Mri. and Mrs. It. C. Merk,
while on their way to Central a
few day since, saw a, snake
lying in the road a)out 1 feet
long. It seemed to have as
much life as if it was a sum
mer day.
The 15-year-old son of Walter
Finson died at his home, Satur
clay morning, 1st inst., and was
laid to rest the day following in
he Six Mile cemetery at 3 p. m.
The funeral services were con
ducted by Rev. B. C. Atkinson.
A large concourse of friends and
relatives were present to pay the
last tribute of respect to little
Farman. The following six of
his schoolmates actcd as pall
bearers: ,Iphoun Stephens,
-Noah Merc , Clarence Mann,
Henry Merk, Rura Evans, Ed
ward Powell. Furman was a
good boy and loved- by all who
knew him. The grief-stricken
family and relatives have the
heartfelt sympathies of a bost
of friends. Furman is gone but
not forgotten. LULA.
Mile Creek.
Hello! "Old Riddle," you was
hol-i 1g last week that Sunday
would be a beautiful day, and
said "Papa's Girl" could com(
and also "Papa's Boy;" but it
was not so very pleasant af ter
all. I sure (lid go visiting-, but
'"Papa's Boy" did not carry me,
for he hasn't but one boy, and
he isn't large enough to drive,
and if he was le wouldn't go 1o
.ee ai old maid.
Misses Hattie and Minnie Nix
visited Misses Nora and Ada
Chapman last Sunday.
Mrs. Nairie Murplree is very
ill at this Vriting and is not ex
pected to live.
Thrnie Tomplkins, of th
M ile' Creek sect ion. got his armi
bWre last SaturC~day and11 r
eived soveral bruises onl his
body. He1( was grinding his ax
at D)alton's mill, and his sleeve
was caught in the shiafting'.
Ofin Manldiun, of the Stewart
~.etion, has been ;onlfinled to Ihs
room several weeks. is many
friends hope to see him out
Little Shefford Murphree, the
5-year-old s-on of Mrs. Julia
Murphree, died on the 28th
ult. in Anderson counity. His
remains were laid to rest in the
Si1x Mile cometerdo~v, Rev. R. C.
Atkinson conducting the fu w-ral
services. Little Shffo; I leaves
his mother, two sisters, a. br'oth
er and a host of relati' (; and
friends to mourn his death.
D~er little Shefford now from us
has gone unto his eternal
His smilling fiice we'll see no
more until we reach that
shining shore.
- - _ - ----- si
--'13 LIrt U I)) tole
Bu.ealu of 0
11 forma111it,- ta
........... ...........................................I,
wrtih 'a ol l I t 1c i by t r to n
C0-operlttive UI'lonl.
''oImi 111 11toliepu intetlided for this dIeplart
fllat sh~ozblI. 1e ldressed to .1. ". -
Tlat the am( elnents to the I
nlew (;otitutionl a'o )ted at Co- o1
lumbia, Jan. 22, require all Is
mon y for dues and fees intend
ed for counties or the state sent nc
up from locals to county secre- se
taries and from county secreta- in
ries to State Sec. and Treas. J. a2
W. Reid, Reidville, Spartan- bc
bnrg Co., S. C. ha
All applications for literature F
For organizers, county business lii
agents, new constitution anend- th
nents and all inquiries concern- sti
ing the business department of br
the Union should be addressed th
bo J. W. Reid, state secretary ou
.nd treasurer, who will also ti,
iave charge of the State Busi
tiess Bureau of Information.
In order to facilitate the busi- th
riess of local and county unions y(
and to turn in as much money co
Into the treasury as possible at to
mice for the purpose of pushing ra
3rganizers out all over the state'w
immediately; our executive
:ommittee recommends all lo- "
als to pay in all dues for the
vear at once instead of quarter
,y, as has been the custom. as
We need about fifty or more A
ood organizers of the hustling J
dnd to take the field for work go
1. once. All applicants for the w
)osition of organizers will be sa
equired to produce an in(orse- L
nient of the committeeman, in
;harge of his congressional dis
rict, representing the six fol- w
owilg districts: J. W. Parks, to
ParIksville, EIdgefield Co., S. C.
f. C. Stribling, endleton, An
lerson couty, S. C.; 0. T.
loodwin, Laurens. S. C.; J.
F'rank Ash, Coinnellsville, York11
:ounty, S. C.; T. C. Willough
)y, Florence, S. C.; L. L. Ba
C -r, ~ishopville, Lex' count'-, M
) C. I
>ar state executive commiittee IH
mr committee was agreeably wV
murprisedl to receive a call from sti
t gentleman from Europe who efi
s connected wtth prominent so
otton mitnufacturors of that w<
aountry who desired a confer
mece with our state committee
mn a propo.sition to buy cotton
iirectly from our organization i,
~or his cotton manufacturing of
issoclates and ship direct from a<
~he producers to the spinners of am
;otton in Europe. sa
In his diLsussion of his propo- is
4ition and the importance of bet- th
Ler care in ginning, baling and si
(ra ding of our cotton our comn- ur
mi ittee was favorably imp~ressed is
with the thorough knowledge ai
rf the classification and uses ha
made of~ different grades and ne
whlmre to place the differenut T1~
grades as set forth by this gen- su
bleman, who it seems is here for su
business and has been educated fa
in his work, havineg had anyerm
mars experience in Practic;
ork for European sin:mien
ut as the committee had at
ibled for the purpose of or
diering nittor.s of vital intor
t on the line of orgaizationi
us cotton builness will b
ken up at a future co mei
eeting of the Union.
Well, boys, here we are i
id at it again. In our littl
rimmage at that turbulei
ream that threatened to cu
ir farmers off from the prom
Ad land somi of us wen
ounded, but we trust tha
me of these wounds will be sc
vere that we will not be long
getting over it and all join i1
:ain in one solid compact it
th rank and file to possess th<
ads of our fathers. Ou:
trmers' Union of South Caro
La has crossed over the bridg<
at spanned the treacherou.
'eam and we have burned th<
idge behind us and woe unt<
em that stand up to obstrud
r march onward toward thl
nes of peace and plenty.
0* *
"If thy right hand offend the(
.t it off" is the command o
e good book--well, then, i
m are in trouble about you
tton, cut the cotton off dowi
the plar;e where you wil
,ise only so much cotton a
ill belong to yourself.
Sadder but Wiser
Weary and sore, and hungr3
a bear, Police Judge JameF
.stin, Jr., the "Golden Rulh
tAge," of Toledo, Ohio, emer
d from the workhouse Feb.,4
th a thoughtful air he slowly
id "yes" when asked if I c
mild ever send anotlr man it
0 workhouse. The.n he contin.
d: "But it was as hard a da v's
)rk a., I ever spent and I want
say th It a workhouse sent.ence
not he sneere.1 at. I dont t know
,w it is going to aflect my dis.
nfli, Cf justive, bu; I aI
ighty glad that I have had the
pelrince myself, I'll say some.
ing ater as to my views on the
hojet of workhouse in general.
Y, but my back does ache, an]
n1 chill Ito the bone from c. t
14 it e." Ju lge Austlin com.
iti e i himself. Prosecuto1
-ak Doyer and Matron 1'M
iltey, wvith tw~o rc porters, to) th<(
>rhose i keep.ing wvith hik
itemienit o)f a wee'(k agoi to tht
ect that he intended to see per
nally just what a day in th.
>rkhouse melanit.
Two-Headed Child
News has reached Roanioke,
i., from the H-iawaszi dlistri ci
Pulaski county of the birth of
::hild wvith two he rds to Mr..
ud Mr's. John Mer'(dith. [It is
id the mother of the little ont1
almost frantic with grief ove1
e deformity of her offusyrin g.
ie is conistanltly in tears a-id is
lab~le to sleep. Some relief, it
said, has been afforded her by
rireami, in which she sawv tin
by's extra head remioved wi hi
harm to the nlahural head.
iis has led her to b)&elee thai
rgeryV can accompis !tis re
1t., andl it is aw*e -tel tha, the
miily dloctor sherr 'a the mdh:!l
's. beleif
Groom Shot Cousin
Thinking that T. K. Seay was
one of the cons'tables who came
- aiter h im at his home il Melhore.
Ala. to arrest him on a warrant
from Sulphur iSprings, Tex.,
ClIande Hackleman, a bridc
groomi of a few davys,fired from1 a.
win-dow, killing the former ont
right. When he saw his terrible
mistake, he came out and sur
r*enidered to the officer.
Hacklemuan, who was married
last Saturday to Miss Inez Kidd,
a ted2'2, daughter of William M.
Kidd, w.th wiom he has been in
business in Melborne since last
June , at which time he came to
this part of the country from
Texas. When Hackleman and
his prosp ctive bride realized
that the young lady's father
was averse to the match, they
decided last Saturday to be
marriedi secretly. Hackleman,
who lived in the same house with
the girl, took her to a nearby
minister, who solemnized their
Mr. Kidd was furious. He had
learned something of the reputa
tion of Hackleman in Texas,
which was anythig: but:'of the
best, andl he heard that the man
was wanted at Sulphur Springs.
He accordingly wired the au
thorities at the latter place, tell
ing them where they could find
their man. Beverly Matthews,
justice of the peace here, was
wired this morning by an offi
cer from Sulphur Springs to ar
rest Hackleman. Matthews
ttirned the warrant over to Con
stable Loftis, of Columbus, who
;left for Melbourne in search of
Being an officer from Missis
sippi, he of o1rse had to be
deputized under ani Alabama
offiier. Accordiiigly, Constable
F issio1 was reached, a nd( h
took tlree others with him. to
gether with Constable Loftis.
Hackleman aid his wife were
seated in a buggy when the ofli
ers approacheI th 1 Kidd home.
TV. ]K. Snyw standing on i
Viw por~ch" nlear 1th1e Kidd hlonl!..
Iakemnan 1 jIIIped frlm the
huggy as soon as he spied the
officers anIld ran in the house.
Seav followed him to his
home. Hacklemam pick]ed up
Seay's gunn and the litter ia
saidt have gonie tothe rearii of
the house,.i wh1iih thw offic;ers
went to have a. peaceful surreni
dler if pos5sil.,e. Hi. stepped into(
(d hack and stepped onlto the
porch wt te inutentIion of hav',
ing a talk iHacklemian and
iniducinig him. if possible to sur- '
render quietly, Just as he step- ~
pdon the porch, however',
Hacklemian, who believed himn
to be one of the officers, opened t
fir'ed thirouigh a V.inldow. The
first 1 >aid of' shot, whic.h wa~s the a
only 0ne fired, stru ck Seany and 0
he fell hack ward, hnt re''over'ing 5
himnself, lhe rag inlto the house g
anda fell dea d in h~is ow hiallwai v.
Seay), who was 28 yearst of r,
a'e, wvas a pr'om)inen t and wvell i
lilk ( yo;'ng man and leave- a t
wvife ando onie child.
When 1-ac lem; ni saw his
terbl i dlaTe, he openi the
door and appear'ed onl ihe porch
w'ithiont 8 -.:aonl)l, anld statedl
that he would aurrender. TIhe
Alabamn 1 o1'1 rs then ref use d to
1.-t the iMissippoi officr ha-J
the prisoner, who was taken to
Nernon, where he is now locked
Up. Hack'e nan's young bride
r'ode to \Ternn)Il with him, and
she declared that she will stick
to him through all his troubles.
Why He Concealed K4 Calling.
"I lope." sahi thie young man. "that
piartial concealnent of the truth is no
lie. I r it is. I am teiillag a whiopper
right now, and l'm a divility student
too. That is what I am1 lying about.
I don't toll that I amin studyin: theoi
ogy. It I did I wouldn't liud it so
eisy to h.Ll this jot). l'mi one. of the
tiown-on-bh:.uck studento who has to
work3 his way through college. One of
the first t hinigs I lar ned wh'imen I be
ganii to look for a position was that tIhO
tivern;.,' etnisl~o::r o' labor has no0 use
ror tih. uilvity stutient. somehwv ev
lry man1 engagetd lII busines.s holds the
opinion that a young followv who ia
ttdyilg for the wInistry lacks back
bone. and he is afraid to trust bim
with Important dutles.
"After I hd~ lngenuously exiluned
iny elrcinmstances to about twoseore or
employers and had bwen turnted udown
by all of thei I got wiso.- I am i work
Lg now. The boss doesn't know I am.
pe'ggiIng awny nights oi church his
tory. If he did the chiances are hed
lischarge ne, not beenuttse hie has any
grudge against parsons or church his
tory. but because be, like everybody
ese, would think I hadn't pluck enougt&
to earn my salary."-New York Tnimes
Staggered Webster.
in the soiewbt famitous case oC
Mrs. Bodgen's will, which was tried
in the Massachusetht supreme court
many years ago, Daniel Vebster ap
peared as eounselor for the appellant.
Mrs. Greenough, wIfe of the Rev. Wil
linm Greenough of West Newton, was
a very self possessed witness. Not
withstanding Mr. Websterts repeateit
efforts to disconcert her she pursued
the even tenor of her way'until Web
ster, becoming quite fearful of the re
sult. arose, apparently in great agi
tation, and, drawing out his large
snuffbox, thrust his thumb and finger
to the very bottom and, carrying a
deep pinch to both nostrils, drew it up
with gusto, and then, extracting from
bis pocket a very large handkerchief, he
blew his nose with a report that rang
listinct and loud through the crowded
Ile then asked, "Mrs. Greenough, was
urs. Bodgen a neat woman?"
"I Cannot give you full information
is to that, sir. She had one very dirty
rick," replied the witness.
"What was that, madamn?"
"She took 91n1u11."
Most Popular cf Pictureo.
The b hest known pilture it the world,
t ieen eid. Is Vndyke's portralt
f .1aims n1. o1 l.:glnd nU an, infint.
iopularly kno"wn as Baby Stuart. Tw,
tililion cohl s of it are bald to be In
Unerlc:n holltvs, ami it Ia equally
opuar mIn Eniglanld and continentali E
ope. This is not be'.niutse it is a por
It of n (hll11d vlho beamue king, but
>etIlse It 14 it ilasterly plece of in
;itt portraturo. The plumip. rotind
h'eks and tnay no), rmollt'd by
I I lit ling -tit, e Ap. -p em I to every Io -
r' of chIldr'en. TIhe figure wIth which
he' w(J'bi I at amilbtar is tihe central one
mmn grotup of theu eldemit thriee. children
f' C'hares I. painted In I1:35, wvhen
he ba by. am 11erwardi known ast the
)uke of Yor'c. was only3 two) years' old
mid barely able to stand alone.-Youth's,
She Told Himt a Lie.
lIc' hadt beent (Iininig w'll, buit nlot too
'bnely. anid tihe nlext :morning his conl
ielnce ast well as.' his head snmole hxim
ret ty "onalderably. Yet lhe managed
> struggle downm to br1ealkfast and( to
mki' nn attemlpt to toy' with the dalinty
ndt temptIng dishes wvhich bla dear lit
e wife had( thloughtfully provided.
"Cietll," tankilibla better half gently
s she wnaichied hls.ineffectual endeav
irs to (1o juistiee to the nmtutinal re
ast, "1 amn afraid that I told you t.
o1 yest(rday. and I want you to for
ive mie, dear."
"A iie?" lie askedi wonderIngly.
"Yes. As you left the house you will
ilemmber I saId to you, 'You'll be
omme early, darlinmg'' WVell, it wasn't
Andt he went out a sadder andi wiser
PItt had anmsweredl a speech of Slier
dani's and comi)nitied whien tihe latter
)roposedl to tejolin that Sheridan a!
Yays want~ted the last word.
"Not at- all," said Sherldhtn, instant
y withldrawing hIs request to 1b0 heard.
'I am content wvithi having had the last
tritluent." ~.- *.. -. .

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