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Pickens Sentinel-Journal
Tho Sentinol-Journal Company.
TroursoN & RICnHr, PHors.
J. L. 0. THOMPSON, EDiTon.
Subscriptiou $1.00 Per Annumn.
Advertising Rlates Reasonable.
lutered at Pickens FustoOlce as Second Clats
Mail Matter
Lamar Jackson, a full blood
ed Choctaw, has been appointed
to a cadetship at West Point, by
Congressmni Carter, of Okla
David Rankin, of TarlIkio,
the ric(hest and most important
working farmer in the world,
will be one of Miss oari's exhibits
at the Chicago convention.
Capt. Yold Amnundsen, the
discoverer of the Northwest Pas
sage, announced on Sunday
that he would head an expediti
on which will start in 1910 fo
the North Pole. He will start
on his ttip from San Francisco
and will go through the Bering'
Lady Helen Grimston, ehd st
daughter of Lord and Lady Ver
ulam, of the English peerage,
has just secure(I her certificate
as an expert buttermaker from
Essex county council. She pro
poses to takeover the superin
tendency of a large dairy at
Gorhai bury.
Mie. Creel, wife of the Mex
. ican ambihassador in Washington
wears 1 one of the liost ortiate
gowns ever behohl in that city,
It is of pale green velvet, cover
ed w ith em(tjbroider'ed Chil'(on!, or
wlicl golden butterflies an(
flovers15 are stii ithed o artistical
ly thI they seem to have been
painted. T Nhe work, whiCh rep
resvi l sIx I IIoniIths' laI bor bv two
Protecs of 11me. Creel, was
don'' in Po is last sunuiner.
There wasomie trouble ini the
connuunlh iiity as to Homer Floyd's
titness fori a ilositioni on the
school ho)ardl, owing to certain
lapses in his earlIy education, hut
his first speech in his official ca
pacity silenced the tongues of all
critics, says The Youth's Comn
panioni. He listened to several
recitations with a grave and in
terested1 air, and at the end of
the last one' he rose to adIdress
the school, "by request.'' ''It's
within my province to say that
I never heard scholars answer
lip more promitly than your chil
dlren of District No. 3. As to
wvhether your answers were or
were not correct, it is not my
p' ace to syy. Your teacher
knows, anmd in her hands I leave
the matter."
"TrIhe nerviest individual that
ever I encountered,'' says ex
Senator "Billy" Mason, accord
-ing to Lippincott's, "wvas a chap
that dashed into a day coach of
an accommodation train run
ning from Chicago to Evanston
on an occasion when I was occu
pying a seat near the door.
Just before this person appeared
* in my car' the other passenger or
two and myself had heard a
*scuffling and yelling in the train
shed---in the confusion of which
we distinctiy heard some One
shout, 'Stop, thief!' Well, when
this person didl scamper into my
*car, he looked about for an in
stant or two with every appear
ance of a hunted animal. Then
a happy thought striking him,
he dived under my seat exclaim
ing as he did so: "Sir, I rely
upon your honor!"
Lacey D. Casky, at present
secretary of the American
School of Classical Study in
AtOhens, has been appointed ak.
s'stfant curator of the depart
ment of classical art at the Bos
ton Museum of Fine A-ts.
John H. Clemens, 64 years
old, and a $1'200 clerk at the St.
Louis city hall, who was found
dead in bed last week, had once
been a millionalre and a rival of
John W. Gates in the breeding
and developing of trotting horses
H- lost his fortune in mines at
Cripple Creek Colorado.
A gentleman owniug a sugar
e4ate iii Demerara went out to
visit 'it for the first time, says
Chambers' Journal. The day
after his arrival he stood watch
ing the punts bringing the cane
home. A young negro boy who
was driving the mules, wishing
to increase the speed of these,
struck one of them with the
whip. Tie mule promptly res
ponded by launching out with
his heels and dealt the boy a
kick to the ground where he lay
rubbing his woolly plate on the
spot where the kick had becn
received. "Is he hurt? Is lie
h irt?" cried the planter in glarm
A fLl1 grown negro hearing the
expresiolis of con (Crn, spraig
forward hastily aid, raising thc
mule's heels, shouited out: "'Nc
boss! That mule himni walk ten
der fo' a day or two, but him nc
A gentleman whom we shal
call Smith, says an exchange or
leaving home One morning sai<
to his children: "Now, childrer
I'm going to bring home an oh
chum of' mine for dinner thi
evening. This poor fellow ha
been very unfortunate; he onc
had a verA severe affliction o
the nose, and he is very siisitiv
about it. What I want to sa:
is t-hi': Don't, any of you chiIl
dren dare to make any kind o
a remarik about his niose! I
would hurt me almost as miuci
if not more, than it would him
We were old fr'ie nds together
and I wouldn't have him hur.
for the world. Now, yon all un
derstand?"' The ch ildreni a!
said they did, and the fathe
wvent to his usual business in tha
city. When night canme an<
the father returned with his o1<
clhumi, the childIren stood aron<
and staredl at him for sonie min
utes, when the youngest in ti
family a boy of 6. cried out
"P 'pa, you saidl we shouldn'
make any remarks about Mr'
Brown's nose. Why, I don'
see he's got any.".
Greatest Lumber City.
More lumber was cut in th<
United States last year than ir
any other year in its history
The ciormous amount of 37,
550,736 board feet was produced
and the mill value of this wai
$629151,388. In addition, ther<
were produced 11 ,858,260,00(
shingles, valued at $24,155,555
and :3,812,807,000 lath, valued al
$11,490,570. On the whole, it ib
safe to say the present annua
lumber cut of the United Stateu
appr'oximates 40 billion feet, ani
that the total mill value of tla
lumber, lath and shingles eac2
year produced is not less thar
$700,000,000. These figures givc
some idea of how vast is th<
lumber industry and how greal
is the demand for its products.
IA glance at the kinds of lun.
h~er produced shows very clearly
the passing of white pine ani
oak, one the greatest softwooi
and the other the greatest hard
wcod which the fret am, ..
grown. Since 1899 the cut 'of
white pine has fallen off more
than 40 per cent., while that of
white oak has fallen off more
tl an 36 per cent. To-day yellow
pine leads all other woods in
amount cut, while Douglas flr
---and this will be a surprise tc
many---comes Fecond. Since '9<
the cut of Douglas has in,
creased 186 per cent. Louisiana
is the foremost yellow pine state,
with Texas, Mississippi and Ar
kansas following in order.
Washington produces by far the
greotest amount of Douglas fir.
A comparison of the lum ber
producing states shows that
since 1899 there have been many
changes in their relative rank.
Washington, which in 1899
stood sixth, now leads, while
Wisconsin, which eight years
ago lead all others, is now third.
in the same period Oregon, Lou
isiana, Mississippi, Idaho and
California made great strides as
lumber-producing states though,
on the other hand, the amouni
produced in Michigan, Wiscon
sin, Minnesota, Georgia, Ken
tucky, Tennessee, Missouri, In
diana and Ohio fell off any
where from 29 to 54 per cent.
The - highest-priced native
woods are walnut, hickory ani
ash, and the cheapest are larc
and white fir. From the fact
however, that since 1899 th(
average increase in the price o:
lumber has been 49 per cent., i
will not be long before cheap
woods are few and far beween
Figures upon the lumber cu
of the United States in 1906 ar
contained in Circular 122 of th(
,Forest Service, which can b
had upon application to the For
ester, U. S. Department of A g
riculture, Washington, D. C.
Pointed Paragraphs,
NW hite lies are apt to gtve
story another color.
No voman is one-half as dari
gerous as her threats.
Adam got the original rit
roast when Eve scolded him.
Kleptomania cannot be cure
by taking things fur it.
It is best not to try to get th
Sbest of your best friend.
- Most people pay to much fc
I the things they get for nothing
r Experience is an art schooli
3 which men learn how to dra,
S It's hard on the hard drinke
-when there is nothing but sol
b The Wrong Noll.
Nell is a gIrl whoI( lives up on Cap
to! hill. On .\~loda a wVoman COmeI
to Nell's house to wash clothes. TI]
woman's name is Nell too. One Mor
day Nell, the girl. was in the sittin
room reading whena the telephone ranj
Nell, the washerwoman, answered tha
ring. Nell. the girl, then heard Nel
the washerwomnan, say:
"Yes, this is Nell."
"How's that?"
"What! Am I mad because yo
*kissed me last night? Look here. mar
you're too fresh, Who are you an3
way? I never kissed"
Just then the telephone receiver wu
wildly snatched from her hand. Nel
the girl, blushing furiously, had grat
bed it. She hung it on the hook.
"Hel wanted me," she said. "lie a:
ways tries to tense me that way. I
never kissed him in my life."
As she disapp[eared up the stairs th
Iwasherwoman smiled and said:
"That's a bIg one."-Denver l'ost.
Fools, like children, may always te
the truth, as the proverb says, bi
that is not the reason they are fools,.
Somerville Journal.
Onle, 14,Comgany writes me
for ikne m.1 TEN DAYS at a pr(
advertit , stock for TEN DAY
On F1B. 1 'A istwewilp
and continue itt EBRUARY
sale oursel ad1 uarantee t
cent on all g)(s bi ht at our
To cent Aron G ghams r
7 cent Cao (;' 11n, W 5 cer
12ym cent .ngnow 9
121- cent L - ho
A few Cloa - dispose <
SHOES will also get a de
This vill be a SPOT CASH sa
say about cutting prices.
Come and let us show you the
West End.
A great many peolp
matism during the w
Dolt & Co.'s ie
one of the BEST Ren
ket for this troub
b'ood and puts new I
by putting the systen
Brepared only for
ElH. A. R]J
Tight. --
can run through
or clirnb over an4
SHave You B
This is the season of the year i'
u or '1lopcoat, or a heavy weight:
1 more comfortable than a doctor,
on the temper and more conduci
' YOwing to the stringency of the
ing our vast stock at greatly red
, Oreen-crille, .
that they can sell my stock
9t. Anoth- 'Sales Company
- at a gre sacrifice,
15th. We will conduct this
c) save you from 15. to 25 per
ow 8 cents.
o cents.
At: $12.50 Cloak for $z8,oo.
be cut deep.
ep cut.
le' and we mean r we
'Y 1TO~'
bargains we offer.
GreenAille, S. C.
e sufler with Rheu
inter monthp.
iatic Compound is
iedies on the mar
It Cleanses the
ire Into the patient
in good conditiun.
& Co.,
South Carolina
~, 11- 9.
it, crawl under
i break it,
ihen you need an Overcoat
suit, and it is cheaper and
:>r drug bill and less wvearing
ve of cheerf'ulness.
money market we are offer
Laced prices.

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