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Eutered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, B. 0., as seoond class matter, 1under not of Congress of March 8, 1879.
Au (64w of ":wt
'm;rblJet. 1'. I, I rn'. .u1eml a n l tinl pa n y
Tu'ni: r~ thea !'i'; 1a l:- t.roairuo
1blxte, .'e st i'o w'I- :i: abu to sual
1'.:1 (' :1p1:1 .) !: I 'llh .
1":; adti, he r f an e I 1'r.1. sih
ai shckglit 1r of same t h e r T
.,exst nota:t t.) ]'I ahe ,Ind owl
:':e cove hsl er eye4 w!h er haud1. t.
"Oh, wht a1 f.11 you've0 been!" sh<f
!!:!f sobbedofl . l n' fromn the mir11rol
4i If It Wore f :1aens.her.
.Shie, prepared fr be w!ndh frantIc
wnas. Juet as Weo wote aOnt to scram
bl 1:1liked thi e n her face ite bl
th siocin100 thou Came to her. Th
nxt initant seo wI at th e Ninows
:ul the olat.4werts '.m:sd witr a ratth
like n volley of fiream.Us. Then sh<(
junto bed. l She wondored If th
wiindows wer nlked. Out he pran
again like i ssho rrd her little bar
feet surried neross the foom lrst tc
the winidows d then to the door.
"Now I reckon I'm safe," sh e mur.
mored sn moent later, again gettifu
into bed. "I love to go to slep wit
the rain pattering outsher io that
,Oh, dear, I'm so sorry he has to walk
all night in ths rail. Poor fellow! I
wonder whre he is now. Goodess
It's raining cats and doghs"
But in spite of-the rain sho could noi
go to Bleep. Vagbe fears began to tak
posseslo of her. Somethig dreadfu
told her that Count Marianx was 01
the balcony and ao t her window, not
wN11itandhig the ralpour. The fla:
beccame oppressive, mauddenig. Shi
felt the man's1* preseneco almos0-t ni
strongly ia if he were In pla view
Ire was there; sho kne i ht.
The little revolver that had sered le
r+- vallanitly at the(? inn of the Hawl
'1ad Hiaven lay uponi. a stool near thi
1;echSide every igh-t. Consumied by thi
*iall that tile idlow might Open slow
ly lit iay mctom!e it shep reached fortl
:wtI clutchied the weaponi. Then' Ali
back in the bed, her eyes fixei
'pan lite black amee acros.s; the. roomi
111 hu 54 she shivered ad Ialt'd fo:
b04 w1111low to open, dli:ing way tim<
.:Ide a:twill. o hl t. .oe 1back to wvake
inells.i withl a, Start.
Thr- next ihe confete-l tIf
-. ! (':fthat lit-.- he: fe r: h1 1 heen hill y
turi first act aer bem'kfw'teng ahm
n!I her rool olone ,ut ': ol c
I :initx, 1'connul f the (31a1.stowuihi
d. ~c In her ::am -:'i w:: Iat
iel ovel Vie f't of Ithi hoh
I' o the i bore. TIer" w
1110 . ( t e:~ lof (in I her facea
<I vent in her h-art a- h rse
1)l gr111'lam1l. Vaahnad thorgh
%hI :ne hlo the : vetle('o: ere r!:
h1 fwlhod. )I(, beittefr jo : innt to k
teat >:i. An ; he iu to tid
' ir4 kni ght. of the r!li!, yet ie
u ihlo rnly. resist.':l al the ag
ino's that h1e r.e0 11m f10th.
'a lon'el Qu:m : 3lesa t,
. n)1 y o n re3' r:1 ti Ba(Ia'. in114
*Ji t i. IOUPul r~ ii ie.'.1 th he migh0 f
*t:1lllmoet he fasced t> ohmilg
13111t ie nnuml the hooe ryegrtfll.
'':-ato. niahlgn''hh notai, exwth he
)'Ie whaeh nwh obta!.n;L io Heverl Sa
%Vi. distellig oone mund mlred det
frreAIh!jlous. a inutd het ewa m
"I thougit the troops w-,-ere ising
thila miio:'itiag." i-he said co'Ily. 'Don't
youi iuass too'
'here Is time enough for that, my
ear. I camli to have a talk with you
in private."I he said meanigly.
"It L, sulfleiently prIvate here, CQuilt
3Marinax. What have you to Say to
"I want to talk about last night. You
w'%ere very reckless to (o what you
dhl (."
"Oh. you were playing the spy,
the" she asked scornfully.
"All Iivoulary observer, believe me
-.1iud a Jealous one. I h:d hoped to
wVin (!he ntf'ections of al ithmoueit girl.
Whatt I saiw hat night shoked 11ne be
yond .;pres.-Ioil."
''Wel, you shldn't 11avt' looked,'
sheX re: >rted, t :.3 4aar' 1 cIn, and the
r;.1 . atthin h" hat boblel anigily.
"1 a n surphal' that one I.-s elever
as y.a are ul ha( V enrriedI oil n
mne 1' 5) n:;nt'a s i y." he said bIlan:1,3-.
"What '. ytfi eanlia?"
"I Ileal that I swN everytiiug that
"Well, I'm1 not ashiamled of It," ob.tl
nat ely. "Goooby, Couint Marlanx."
"One moiment. please. I cannot let
you oif so easily. What right had you
to tike that ian into your rooin, a
place sacred in the palace of (riau
stark? Answer me, MIss Calhoun."
Beverly drew back In horror and be
"Into imy room?" she gasped.
"Let us waste no time in subter
fu;e. I saw him come from your win
dow, and I saw all that passed between
you in the balcony. Love's eyes are
keen. What occurred in your chaniber
I can only"
"Stop! How dare you say such a
thing to me?" she fiercely erled. "You
uti.ierable coward! You know he was
not i my room. Take It back-take
back every word of that lie!" Sho
was white with passion, cold with ter
"Eih! This is -childish. I am not
the only one who saw him, my dear.
Ile was In your room--you were in his
arms. It's useless to deny It. And to
think that I have spared bim from
deIatlh to have It come to this You
need not look so horrified. Your so
e eret Is safe with me. I come to make
terilig ith you. My SlIlence inl ox
.1an-e for your beauty. It's worth it
to you. One word from me, you 1are
d1si.--rae(d and Bahlon dies. Com. m y
faMir huly, grive nile you'r promise. It's
a goo-d hNargn ini for both."
This phas of his vilain1y had not oc
et'rrd to her. She was like a bI-d tr
ll-g to avoid the charmed eye of lh
*h. you---yOu mi:oernhi!e wr'.:&i!'
"iWia. "What a cur you :r,! You
knlow. y'ou vre not Cpakn.th trulth.
Io:em yon S:1.y uc th:- 'o ':"
I hve!merwromged you". h *.wa
air~estin ear, upotenlt witt l~n
"It has be'na pretty ;:-:,n!e of iv
f o u vt .1!1t !he. - r0 !!. 'A , . . .::
a lautyolu most. Wa il1:
. shep s::y whel :'i:h le.i in:9 w!m was lm)Ai
es4 to :1 vo;::mi1on r nt:tIIia
t inht:Ici hm~r? t is ne omr :n
c ;-mi loolk teri:!i -1. It is for yon Io
.say whet her shema is t - know or n ot.
-aenn xv' you ihi !-< sta'l, :i:ul t~w
* w~or-ld n'eer shall !:nowv the tiruith. Youi
I lo 1e hi.! e now nad tohereiO la bt on: )
me. :you stIll :a sk mae to Ibe' you- wife.
What khuml of' a man anre you?'' she (de3
mniia~iled, se'a'celyI~ abl:e to s~ni:a.
'"y wvife?"' he sauhl ha~rshlyv. ''Oh,
1n0. Yomiuare not the wilfe of' P'.:uhos."'
hie ialedi siliinl iat ly.
I ''vens''u-!" aslsed lleiery, cr'ush
3ed by:. the brutality o' It nil. "'I wou.ld1
soon)ier (die. Woublt to h1'een my13 fa
n a lhe w1oiuhl ai dog! Oh. how I loa ith
you! Don't y'ou tiry to sto1) me! I'
i-haill go ( to the prncless myse-l' '' She
shnll know what manner of b~~st you
She wasacnuptespfama
wit aner ndshame.
*"ltemlemlbeir, I enn prove what I hav e
IahlIt. Ilewar'e whait yo)-u dli. I love y'ou
-so mluch thiit I now~ ask yo0u to become
nay wife. T1hiink well ovecr It. Your
h Ionor nnd1( Ils life! It rests with you,"
hei ('ried( eaig(rly, following hier' to the
Y 'ou dIsgustinug 01(l fool." she hissed,
dturiniig upon01 him1 as she pulled the
big brass knio~Cker on the (1001.
g "I imust havi e liy :inswer tonuighit or
oc you knuow~ what will hlappen," he snar'l
n1 ed, but het felt in his heai't that he had
lost thrnough his eagernes. -
Sie flew to Yetive's boudoir. conium.
ed by rage ind mortIflcntioni. lwtver
sobs and feminine Imaledictions shu
poured the whole story, in all its ugil.
ness. Into the'ears of the princess.
"Now, Yetive, you have to st.:end iIy
ma in this," ainounced the niarrator
conclus!Ively. her eye)+1 beallintg hIopeC.
fully through her tears. -
"1 cannot prevent General MarlaaN
from preforring serious ebar:es a::m.i!i
IaIdos. denr. I know he was not il
your room last night. You did nol
have to tell me1 that. becaume I san
you both at the ba!cony rall." Bever.
ly's Face tookc on such a radiait look ol
rejoicki; that Yeti ve was amiply paid
for the surprisi:t4 and gra':fying ae
knowledgment of a --ecoud period of
eavesdropping. "You imay depend up,)
on me to protect you frome Marlanx
He can make it very unpleasant for
B.ldo.;. but he shall pay deatrly for this
insult to you. Ha has goue too far."
"( don't think h has any proof
..last Untidon," said Bleverly, thni
.:1- only of the guardiia.
"But it is so easy to manufturz~.se ev.
itleiep, my denr. The l Iron Count ha.a
set his lieart Upon having you, and he
is iot the man to be turned aside eas.
"Ie senms to think he can get wives
as easily its he gets rid of tlem., I o).
serve. I was going back to Washln,
ton soon, Yetive, but I'll stay on nN
and see this thing to the end. Ile can't
earo a Calhoun; no sr-ee! I'll tele.
graph for my brother Dan to e-i.>e ovei
here and punch lis head to pIeces."
"Now, now. don't be so high an
mighty, dear. Let us see how rational
wve can he," s 1d the pr;lees.4 genttly
wherelIon the hot healded girl fron
Dixie suspended hostilities and beenme
a very deinuro young woman. Ilefor
long she was confessing timidly. the:
holdly, Uat she4? loved Baldos bettei
than anythlug in all the world.
"I can't Imilp it. Yetive. I huow
oughtn't to, but what is there to 01
when one cant't help it? There wouli
be an awful row at home it I marrlet
him. Of course lie hasni'lt asked m<
Maybe lie won't. In fact. In' sure I
won't. I shan1't ive)' 111111 a ehmn-<T
But i Ie does aisk m14e I'll Just kee
plttig 11111 off. I've done it hofor
you know. You see, for a lo:g., lon
time I fancled lie might he a prin
but he lsn't at all. I've lid lh:; wori
for It. I ie's Just an ordinary lur
like -- li: - wel, ike I 11111 . o1ly 11
doesn't look so orlintary. 1:i1n't Ie haind
Some. Yetive? ..\nd, de'ar, me. he i., s
implsi-e! I he had aked 11C. di
.lmpover Ill i haleony raiil withl hil:
Mari:nx'" IB-verlyV gave ' a :ner: ;
(lar'2:'h.t he ru:le s of~l( the' saar.l::Im
ee1 t I Nway ndt
M' ou. :vr '1'it ::'i
of :r i: :n o Yet I t ' > -k ::n
"Yt : n t o nyt In f! o:1 :s'
-II very." s - Io:thn 1d. -)t o r I -I
yo It 1 ' p:11.c v o ria:( :m a i
vait'2. l';o:i af0 < 1 have'l!3 donl t le wr1an
Yl ou h Ia oe :t > nce hfh. awl'Ii l .1
',1-0:!. wi.h twilltbe ensii,-. Itwia'
yvtu. e'':Te'l. was real cols -n
er (b :1 r ;, I o l !t -i t, )i]y l
sh S ie.41'1 air io. "Now let1' talk abtg
ea. 1:.ranxp won' te anythoSn;
uto worryian zg ar't:"11(Xt'lil
the::bWil (Irllugt2 enda tareanx he
from th koege :a otid lthle gates. Clii
fert wd to .,tever.4 ro that e at
tiptek toer aith tne Fvi he pptl a
wtere githat sh daidu notx wnstonse
.'~ AY
7 sU
Pogiting to he door.
III wilch naldos haIId hen seei talking
to a strange old m.an lnside the grounds,
and professNed to hiave1 proof tha~t hie a
had ;one so far as8 to steal away by e
night to meet men beyond the city
W-illS. IIe was now ready to seIze the C
g-iard, but would not -1o so until ie r
had conferred with his sovereign. C
"Mli Calhoun tells ine that you have C
:nade certnil proposals to her, Count t
Marhinx." said Yetive coldly, her eyes
tipon his hawkish fnce.
"I have isked her to be my wife.
your higiess."
"You have thrieatened her, Count $
Marianx." i
"She has expool herself to you? I
would not have told what I saw last
"Would it Interest you to know that
I maw everything that passed on the
balcony last night? You will allow
I tue to say. general, that you have b
I I-nved in1 a most uutrage)us inanner In
.InpprO:ching my gue t with such fool
propos'alf. Soip, f;ir! k3he has told ine
everything, andl I helieve her. I be.
lieve my own eyes. There ia no need
to dislcuiss; th.. ialter fuiltIe::. You
have Jost t30 ight t. h' called a I' -1.
For tIe !wa.-:eat I li:Ne u::iy to :iv that
I you h!Iall be rel:e.ved ( r the tatn n
of n :y :r!.: . Tl)e t:mi:x who I:itk
wa*:I onl Woti), e is nti fit to 2:-rV'.<,.e .
As for Bahdo.--. yoxi ::,o mtllry l
Itro:'er the ho -e. le salh v
fair 1ril, ro t us . -
ou ht!;:hn'':s. h Ur nie." hi';:1.:- t
- ~VIIQ't 1'' M1ri x, w i ii r
I l ! e : ::tyo .v o 7
vonr i %h2s . .:.h u . e: :. i
Ihlly (2ty I I I 1 W I'h
yo r p r:2..in I r ': : *- t e r i
tle rrs ofllss . 'tI f:vd 'r
]'.I,( it
2ny:2 duyt i: ::'ti 1irt.. 24!.' le tri- la
1 Ih rh1a w sp oi-: h ':
instn:. 42 rit'e e a in'.sage froit he
hichom e c o -.:0: (n:.- to s t2"* h 21
toth 2:::! ." said tou:nox, whh ni:t
"Tvhe devil! Whnt feelishnesst'* (is' '.
t(1:t9-:" Fi idthe u Iroo't 2Il 12 t ~2- 2
r"gl rv 21 enry Oi . 22: -.2 1 yO ninno:.: st if
1ly1. "It h'a f tel rine y':io sent."e
"Nvevr'h~ els~. l he gesti the a ens-'::
Slie tir21. iT :s no3(1I11te y IH a 2) to dts- i
"1;! ;11kI
rear an(~('y it)n J~), you.' heunyd T-;ive a
untilii furth:i' 021'!34 a."
velope telln hhniU tt itt wn:20 fr a
The *. n 41 s .an thit h atro repaiglg -
atoc t1 the (lasrte. no then tet
et te han~witin . an hh fac lI u
a ncnmend to a, hmir',r hhe .pss
- nlte VIron I('nt with1)0 n 124nostll hen
It Dicin-t Come Natural.
"I have he:ird that man tell the
'uth once or twice," said one Wall
treet man talking of another. "'He
i tell the truth. I admit, but It does
t comie natural to him. Ile remind#
ic of the Itusslau moujik.
"A ItUissian ioujik sat one day ia
in anteroom of the military commis
M'er of his town. There was an
lixious frown on his face. A friend
pi urnd imd said:
"'What is tho matter, Pilotr?'
"'I am worried.' Plotr answered,
Jhout My son. I (1o't know1 What to
iy when i he cotumissioner asks me
bout ii.q a e. You see. If I make him
oungl' than be is he will be sent
aIck to school, and if I make him out
Ier they'll stick him in the army.
haI t the deice m1111 1 to do?'
"'Io1w would it (o.' said the friend
toughtfuiiy, 'if you told the commis
oner his exnet age?'
"Plotr slapped his leg and laughed
"'The very thing!' he cried. 'I n
r thought of that!'"
Pay of Army Officers.
When a young man becomes a cadet
t West Point, lie enters upon a gov
rument allowance of $609.50 a year.
On graduation the West Pointer Is
emnmissioned at second lientenant and
aceives a salary of $1.40 if unmount
dt or $1.500 if mounted. Increases at
Fich five year period bring the paty at
4e end of twenty years up to $1,000
I the one case and $2,100 in the
The pay of first lieutenants begins at
1,500 and $1,600; captains, $1.800 and
2,000; majors, $2.500; lieutenant colo
els, $3,000; colonels, $3,500. Each ofl
er attains a 40 per cent maximum in
rease in twenty years.
On the average the salary of the
rmny oilcer is higher than that of the
ollege professor, the minister or the
,raded elvil service employee. The of
icer has allowances for residence and
iersonal attendance. Ile may buy
iousehold supplies from a government
'ommissary at' cost. - Detroit News
Could Wo Live on Mari?
The physical comdiltlon.s on Mars are
n1 Imanhy wn1'ys inteIrmmiediate between
hei fotmid uponi the erthi ) and the
Ioon, -Ind It seems plausible that the
lIet exisling upon() it shouild similarly
>a of' it h10Ighe typ~e than that fouind onl
lie In2oon and of a lower typet thani
ha' 61umnd at preselit fin the surface of
10 enlih. Evei It tie phy!ini cond1
on.; as we1, u1dersuint l thel, were
inniYly avrle~L wVith thiu(' onl the
:1 r i, elil--:a tion wouhl 1:. no meanls
U necesar 1 *y coni. 1*% I ' seflU cl!e. 111d it
of he:'n s(ttled by E :'1e1t3 the
n ie ;i iiit .would itil le a wilder
3.0on" nw lS ' (' ouhl vd h! aSten
I i r (.:v il I ollon to t
I re'Is ah' Ilowi' f st Ihlug c) olor
hhd 11t ;:e kow hltl plac !tht or
-I. ere ransorted tL re oursle
[. I''li.'7 1 g.~ iii wler' Magainre.l
ill. Hetought ill of tryin a1 mirrorw .
.1reele flower. of striIngl, color
edrrong or and id it beforo
rnight to t he real Ilower,~ and11 not n.
t::e onie api proniched t he ytectlon in
t mi jr1).-- outh i'~ ('omp~ianion.
Joining the Great.
An Ox ford untdergrautate w~as recit
uga inmor~(Iizedl orntilon ini 0ne or the
In:ntwts inl pubilk spun0k lug. After the
rst two senitenices hist memory failed,,
n:I1tia look ofi blank desp91air' came over
is face. I1(e began as8 follows:
"ItLdi anld Gientlemnen-P'Itt is dead.
OX is decad. Glaidstoneo is dead"
lien, forgetting, lhe heaitated for a
mmen'1t and1( !onltinuhed, "And-I--I-I
mt 1Egilnin~g to feel pretty 'sick' my
31f."-Lloyd's Weekly.
Theo Poet's Son.
"Whyi F'reddly, how dlirty you are,
nd onily yes5terday youi wrote a verse'
'1r palpa'1 birthday, pr'omiisiing always
Swash youri hanids clean."
"Wieli. mnaimma, thait was only a
oc'tle lilens."--Fllegende Blatter.
Assorting Himself.
IIe--Will you bei my wife? She-The
lea! D)on't be ridiculous. IIe-Yes, I
inw it sounds ridiculous; but, then,
'm not so pa:rtieuiar as some mn are.
Nothing is impossible to the man
rho enin and wvll.-*Mirabeau.
Fiirst T1urtle--Gra~unda is nearly 40X)
ean ohildand uns. lost aili her tAth.
econd( Turitl-Wel.~~l, then, she na~ a
oft nunn.--Lifn.

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