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Picken SeIlnOJourna
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
TuomrsoN & RJicHE. PKOPS.
j. 1,. o. 'rium r~soN, EnTOn.
Subscriptiou $1.00 Per Auuum.
Advertising iates Reasonable.
ntered at Pickens Fostotlice an Second Clss
Mil Matter
rIURSDAY, FEBIfU uARY 13 1908.
Every little while we read in
ho paper that someone has r.n
. rusty nail in his foot or other
ortion of his body and lockjaw
esulted therefrom and the pa
ient died. If every person was
ware of a perfect remedy for
ich wounds and would apply it
lien such reports would cease.
'he remedy is simple, always at
and, can )e applied by anyone
-what is ietter, it is infallible.
is simply to smoke the wound
- any wound that is bruised or
flanled with a woolil cloth.
wentv minutes in the smoke
-ill take the pain out of the
,orst case of inanmation ariF
ig from such a wound. People
Iay sneer at this ievmiedy as
inch as they please, but when
wy are a fflicted with such
-oinds, let tliei try it.
*Whieni Chicago doubled its li
nor license fee it hoped to gain
vo ol)jects---the wiping out of
to cheap saloons, notortiolsly
le haunts of vice. an1d the
:eoding spots of crime, and an
crease in the revenue which
oukd permit the eilarging of
e police force. But ite in
.ease of the sa lo on l icen:le f'roi
W00 to $1,090 seems to have
rouht another HImexpect
1 ertia. h-,i ts idi el ' i
As soon as the' hi h license
' Was (ncted the sa1loon
pSset abou 'lt t o make it as
)je('ion(able to their Patrons as
benis ires. T hy 'v ut out the
ee lunch, aandonled schoon
s anid began serving small
ass's on the ground that they
mnol afford under the new
ito to b~e as generous as of old.
The purpose is of course plain
s reproachfully stated by one
aloonkeeper to his protesting
ustomners, "We got to make the
Irink fit the wishes of the comn
niunity, which Is not you fel
OWS." It is thus put up to "yc u
'ellows" to get a majority and
me the comimunity.
B~ut the saloonkeeper over
,onks the fact to which a con
temlporary calls attention that
the meduction may be a double
edged object lesson. If doubi
ing the license fee cuts the size
of the drink in half is it not like
ly that, the opponents of the sa
loon may be0 found asking how
high the fee would have to be
rised to cut oult the drink alto
gether? This is a pertinent in
quiry and it seems to be a logical
Bouquets :
CARn oF THIANKs.--TO the
Editor of NENTINE~L and "Uncle
Zeke" :--Please ac'cept my pro
found thanks for the lovely sil
ver set which you have sent me.
f[ wish I could thanlk my friends
.rsonally for their support in
the contest, but as this is im
possible, I desire to convoy to
each one of thoem, through the
my aqpreciation of their unti
ing efforts in my behalf. A gal
thanking you for the beautitl
prize, I close. - -
Easloy, R. 7, Feb. 9.
I hereby wish to e.. p:ess m,
heartfelt thanks to all wh<
helped me in winning the schol
arship and township prizes.
shall always feel grateful t,
ED. SENTIxL-Dear Sir:
Mother and I wish to congratu
late you upon your most suc
cessful contest, and to assur4
you that we are satisfied it wa:
conducted in a fair and hones
manner. Wlen you or Unc4
Zeke" visit Liberty we will b<
glad to have you stop with us
Wishin, g"you coitinue(I succes
I remain yours respect fully,
"DizE~lu~tR's" Awrirun.
Other Cds will appear nex
issue;, we ha ven't opportunit
L )get them 1u) this week.
At a recent meeting of th<
Pickens County Medical Society
[he following fee bill wam
fice consultation....... (
Visits in tow n.................. 1. (
Visits in town, night........ 2.5(
iubsequent day visits.......
Visits in country, 50C per
m ile, plus....-- .............. 1.0(
Visits in country, night,
50 per cent. more than
d a y ... .............. ............
Normal labor.................. IO.0(
Anoistlletizing......... 0(
Accompanying patient to
hospital and attending
at operations, expnses
and per day................. 10.0
Dlergy, same as others.
Lancing abscess..........1.
Extracting tooth.............. .51
Excising tumor............... 5.t
Uonsultations................... 5.0
Persons refusing to pay doc
tor's bills will be refused att nc
ance by nmtmbers of the societ
Dr. R1. J. Gillilaind,
Dr. C. N. Wyatt,
Dr. E. F. Wyatt,
Dr. R. E. R 1usell,
Dr. J. L. Bolt,
Dr. E. B. W\ebb,
Dr. L. F. Robinson,
Dr. W. Mv. Long,
Dri. W. A. Sheldon,
Dr. J. E. Allgood,
Dr. J. 0. Rosanmoa<
Dr. W. M. Ponder,
Dr. L. G. Clayton,
Dr. L. T. Shirley.
Feb. 5-wv3
J. B. Bruce. of -Greenvill<
spent a portion of last wee
with his son, W. A., an
brother, R. E. Bruce, in Piel
Why Refer
to- Doctors
Because we make medIcines
for them. We tell them all
about Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
and they prescribe It for
coughs, colds, bronchitis, con
sumption. They trust it. Then
you can afford to trust it.
Ask your own doctor.
The boat kind of a testimonial
"Sold for over sixty years."
lMado .7, 0. yr Co. ,Lowel, Mas.
We hxave no neoe 1 We publishb
the formulas of all our medioine.0
, yer's Pills greatly aid the Chori
j -ecterl In hroanking up n naii
'I *
No two
ual order t
men the al
You car
high in pri
can go in
self withol
It really
of the ad
to et the
The "ri
clothes are
ways fet p
The ext
employ th<
the large ,
try as then
us to give
in rteach ol
and feel p<
We are
C staple desi
A capab
with a ver:
Come ir
b otone
tests. We stai
you at any time
crease your yiel
H~on. R. J. Red<
nEx.Station, is
"experiments mad
balanced commerc
~W. of land, and well<
pected to produc<
cotton. At the pi
1/ mean a large extr;
after deducting the
You'll find rept
tests, together witi
cernling and cultur
Year Book or Alyr
~Jidealer for a
3 free, if you i
~tt. Savamu
we your Olo
men are physically proportione<
perfect. The master tailor builds
hat outwardly correct physical de
>pearance of correct regularity.
inot purchase ready-made clothir
ce, that will fit 'you perfectly, an
to a photograph gallery and get
it sitting for it.
doesn't require much argument t
vantage of made-to-oider clothe
right kind of made-to-order cloth<
ght kind" is Strouse & Bro.'s "I
superior in material and workm
:r fectly.
ensiveness of their organization
highest class of skilled designer
volume of business they do, havin
field, reduces the cost to the mini
you a guaranteed suit to your ord
all. At our prices you save mon
rfectly satisfied.
displaying a line of samples of th
gns, all pure wool of the best qua
le HIGH-ART designer and ct
large line of samples on
md Saturday February 14
and examine them.
Exclusive Agents.
fields Per Acre
>f commercji fertilizers has .
ated over and over again by4
nt and private comparative '
id readl to demonstrate to 1)
that the surest way to gin
ds per-acre" is to use /
ia- Carolina
ling, former Director of the Geor
authority for the statement that
e at this station show that well
ial fertilizer applied to one acre
:ultivated, may be reasonably ex
a an increase of yield of seed
-esent price of cotton this would
i profit (for both lint and seed),
price for fertilizer."
>rts of many other cuimparative
much valuable information con
e mn the newv Virginia-Carolina
anac. Ask you ocal fertilizer
copy--or we'll send -ou one
mnte our nearest sales offce.
-Carolina Chemical Co.
va. Durham, N. C.
bia, S. C. JlaIt or, Mci.
a, Ga. Columbus, Ga. -
ah, Gaephs' Montgomery, Ala.
Shreveport, La. f }
& Carln
i alike--no man is
clothes to individ
ficiencies and give
g, no matter how
y more than you
a picture of your
> convince anyone
;-the problem is
-igh Art". Their
nship and they al
enables them to
3 and tailors and
g the entire coun
mum, and enables
er at a -rice with
ey on your clothes
e most stylish and
tter will be here
Ith and 15th.
DN i
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Crolinp,
Countiy of Pickens.
III Common Plehs Court.
S. R. Kelley, Plaintiff,
Violn You rig et u .. Decfend(an ts.
In 1a nauace of a Decretal Order
made in the fol lowing named case and
the highest bidder. dulrin'g the legal
hours for sale. at Pickens Court I louse,
8. C., on
the frolowing d'.scribed real estate nponl
thxe ter,, hlen inaufter mtentioned, t.)wit:
All tha.t piee, parcel, or traoct of I ndi
l~vmg and beinig situat3 in t he county
a nd at te a *fosid. 0n - both sides of
T'welv hio ile River, containing four
Unndre,l (403) a are., miore or 110< an'l
hoinne theu tract of landl con~veved by N.
M. Madl 'en to Mary Anni Madden ma
thy' h irA of he'r body' the 2d day of April
- if andi the deed to which is recordedd
im the ofliee of Register of Miense Con
veyanice in look "A" pire 782. except
much p~ortions of said tract as "he hoe,
deerled (off, anid reference is hereby
madIe to said dee-d for further descrip
uon of said iand, wvhich no0w ad
joins lands of 0. 0. Smith, N. IH.
.\oo, 3. H. Mlams, Mary Bro-vni on I
N. M. Madden.
Terms: On"-thirdI cashi on dIav of
soln and the bab.n'e on~ r. credit or o .o
anud two. years in eqnal amnhUis, the
cridit pirtla, B to draw interest from
dnay 4'f a de0 andi to he secur-ed by the
bords of the plurchlaser or purchis r.,
arnd a morigagen of the premises, with
lenve, to the purchaser or purchaseisa to
anticipate r unyment of the crediit portion.
Thue terms of s die m'ist I e complied
withi within one hounr or the prendses
wIll beo resold on same dlay.
Purchaser, or put chiaiers. are to ply
for all papers and f r the recording of
the same.
A. J. BOGGR. [seal.]
Clerk of C'ourt.
Notice of Final Settlement 8rd '-icharf 8.
Notice is hiereb given that I wid~
makeappicaionto J. 1. Newherv. Es..
Jug fProbate for Pickens county, m~
the state of Southt Carolina. 0on tho 20th
day of Febrnary 19083, at 11 o'clock in
tihe forenoon, or as soon thereafter as
said application can be heard, for leave
to make final settlement of the estate of
T. H. Moore, dlecased, and ol tain dis-.
charge as administrator of sa d estate.
. D. G. MOORE,
jan28w4 Adamn,..r.t..

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