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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, February 13, 1908, Image 8

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Traps of the Ant Lion.
We read of the tiger trlps iII India
(great pits dug in the ground and cov
erC(i lightlY'".I w"i llalt bamiboo. ThIIe
tiger steps 1tpon the false top and be
efpre It can1 retreat is precipitated into
.I trap. Walkiig along ai sandy road.
look for tiny circular pits sunk below
4he surface and then sit xiown and
rvlltchl n111 exelting eplisode in the life
o~f the! l"Ime Still hnn11ter whieh has1 duig
tthe pltitll. It Is invisible. and for
-Qlle iilhle the Whole a1tftair seis life
aS. Thenj nnl ant coines ilunidering
aIoig- and without warnilg- topplen
over (lhe edge and begins to silde down
tile incline. But tile insect tights hard
for life and seems about to make its
4?Scape. when. io. tile sand grainis heave
pwr:Id at tile 1)ottom1 and with a Jerk
aire hurled like 1 iliniature catapult at
tdhe ant. knocking it over and rolling it
to the I)ottolll. ''ie ant lion, for such
lit .,5, lov seizes its pIrey 11and after
slicking its juices clsts the dry body
alway anld Mends Its pit agalinst thle
.cominuig of' another victim. - Chicago
Scientists' Corner.
Lord Kelvin wais burlied in West
'1111is.ter abbey in till? Spot which by
4nalogy we maight call scientists' cor
:Ier. but it Is such a very ugly phrase.
1f pligrimiages are imade there the )il
.grinis will be of another type from
-those whose shrine Is poets' corner.
;And yet. 'when one thinks of the poets,
:how mianiy of them have opened i)
such wide spmces of imagination as
-Newton and Ilerschel. Darwin and
Kielvin,? If Shakespea e had known
such ien he would have admitted
their right to take the place with the
lover. the imidmiafn and the poet who
are of "inagination all compact." But
this conception has not penetrated the
ipopuilar mind, wh!ch Is hardly equal to
.pire imaginatlon unadulterated with
emotion and a good miany primitive
instincts.-London Saturday Review.
Getting His Money's Worth.
A New Hampshire mnan tells of a
tight fisted man of affairs in a town
of that state who until recently had
.never been observed to take an inter
est in church iatters. Suddenly. how.
-ever, he became a regular attendant
-at divine service, greatly to the aston
Ishnient of hIs fellow townsmen.
"What do you think of the case of
old Ketchum?" said one of the busl.
ness ilen of the place to a friend. "Is
It true that h ias ;got religion?"
"Well, hardly." replied the other.
"The fact is It's entirely a matter of
,business with lilm. I am ,In a) position
to know that ab t 1 year ago be
Ooaned the pastor $.l, which the latter
was Ul:1e to pay. So there renilned
-nothing for Ketchumn but to tlLke it out
n pew rent."
- Struck Out.
Dr. C.. who a1lwy:s leilploys two
servants. i1212 mad w ire. was talking
to at patient one f:1y abouit a coliple
hehad just dischagedii because tie
man drank.
Ie remarked: "It is so strange, but It
Is always thE. waly ith 2a i'an~ anfd
wife, if one1 is good, tihe the1r Is 1no
Thiel p:1tI lnt asked hun. "a 'il la% i it
-' Heme L.ife cd Ceniu3.
TIhe Actor~ thefolre breakfa12st)-W'ae:-e.
you! They are far b- nd: youlr realchl
1han11k heavenlul! Anid I'll dIie a1 tihousandtI
death1 s before youl enn~ wr-r-r-r-rinlg the 0
Secret froml -oih-ri- .1:n~k, I mennal, the
11b0y forgot to leavye themi~ this mlornlinlg
--six pair guaranteed six
months'- a penny a day for
whole, comfortable hose.
If a pair fails to last six
months, sed them back and they
will be replaced with new-e
tile guarantee bookr in the corner.
Men's socks are madie in light
and medium weight, in black,
back with white feet, blue,
steel gray, light and dark tan.
WVomen's hose are made in
back, black with
uwhte feet, light
Box of ,;x
pair, one size to 9'~~~P2I
the box, $2.00. Camir. Cwgs
For Se WyAMISr
A Co
We take Ideas
cu~stomerls that ma
1908 has shwN:II
two (oIlar, to on
Iny imonthi of .I
our bu.siUCsS.
W (e attribute
volume of our b
goods and selling
WeI want to I
year show the sai
has. W e will al
market for wvhat
good.,. on an avar
can affiod to do.
Again thankir
your liberal patr<
Their Safe has been tiije.1 and t'ound Burglar l'root'.
This IBank kina Burglar Insuance, Fsre Insuirane , I 'ashie'r flond .l. m .
I)6e your 1110ney.
LibernI Inte~rest allowved on Time~ Deposits. S...e iI. C'. S air'ey and i
you up s tiefactorily,
II. C. SHIRLEY, Cashier.
Southiern Slhorthiand(
and Business 1Tmven~
Atlanta, Ga., also Albany, Ga lIranchi
Over 15,000 Graduates in Po.itions
RececIves 1-3,000 applations013 every year for 11ookkeeper<, Stetmographere. T're~inih
tc. A. av' arage of two openings~ for every studIOtIt that ,.LtetIid th 1II ntaherni.
70 typewvriting machines, ""tsi "' "'We..; '.:';;wl''I
The outliern al5o conductsithe
Upon wvhich intittion the railh:oads an iteilegOC~ rAt i co ipu -- .er e omtta:t'y 0 ti1ll1
MVain Line Wires Run into Thi4 School.
WVrito for catalogueC. I'~uter no0w. The Sotithe'rn Is the (,blest and Ia.4ost uunnei
in1 the South. Address4,
A. C. B3RISCOE, Pres., o~r WV. L. A RNOLD, Vis e-P
. At'.anta, Ga.
IIre it] rinoulnintig to our11
InI increa~se of 11ore than
1/ over Januaryi 1997, or'
Auiuary in the history of
our large increase ini the
usiness to buying good
to all at one reasonable
nake the balance of the
ne increasa that January
Iways pay the top of the
you have to sell and give
age as cheap as anybody
ig you, one and all, for
.ice Cash Store.
rTis Space
;ity Call for Coupons,

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