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Entered April 28, 1903 at Piokens S. 0., as seoond elae matter, under act of Congrens of Itarob 8, 1879.
VOL. IXIVU, 8003gg, I0U?! CAILI,4 TM IlBDATI 20 191 1 lco
The health of this community
is very good at this writing.
S. M. Ferguson, who has
been sick with the grip, is re
ported much better.
Tho family of G. E. Kenne
more are very sick with the
grip, but their many friends
hope for them a speedy re
It has been raining so much
of late that the farmers haven't
made much progress toward
preparing for another crop.
R. M. Baker, of Six Mile, vis
ited the home of his father,
Anthony Baker, Sunday.
It has beent so rainy and cold,
Mr. Editor, that I could not get
up anything to send in; but last
Sunday while I was sitting by
the fire and thinking how pret
ty the sun was shining, it oc
curred tOvie that if "Old Rid
die" would go over and tell
"'Papa's Gil" who "Papa's
Boy" was she might find out
that she has got it down wrong
as to his identity.
We are glad to know that
J. T. Tompkins is improving.
Miss Maggie Morgan was the
guest of Miss Mauldin last Sun
Married, last Sunday night,
at the home of the bi i.le's pa
rents, Miss Sadie Parker and
Olin Mauldin.
Miss Mattie Bowen was the
guest of her grandmother last
Saturday and Sunday.
Best wishes to the S.-J.
Pickens, R F D 4
Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Jones
-and daughter, of Greer, were
the guests of Frank Pace last
B. M. Clark, who has been
very ill for the past three weeks,
is slowly imploving.
Mr. and Mrs. Rosco Lesley
gave a singing at their honme
Sunday night, which was great
ly enjoyed by all present.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Jones
visited Mr. ana Frank Pace,
Sunday. . L~vnm.
Central, R F D2.
Olin Mauldin, who has been
very sick with pneumonia for
the past three weeks, is report
ed much better.
I. A. Durham has boon very
sick for the past few days with
la grippe.
Say, "Mountain Boy," come
We failed to get 15c for our
cotton in 1907, but we must get
15c before 1909 comes.
The government has estab
lished a R. F, D). route in this
sect ion, and we are sure proud
thag~"'e can get our mail at our
doo, ;
Say, "Old Riddle," if you get
to talk to "Papa's Boy" Sunday,
'don't think too much about thn
love you all talked about and
forget to send in your items.
I was reading our paper and
saw a piece from one of the
writers advising everybody to
turn over a new leaf. I will
say to all the readers to turn a
now leaf, and to move for their
souls' welfare for 1908. 'God
says follow His commondments.
If we strive for wealth and
fame we cannot follow them.
HOME~ Boy.
Health very good in this neck
0' woods with the exception of
colds. r
We are having plenty of rain i
and snow. 'Cutting wood and
making fires is the order of the
I sure do think that "Dream
or's Girl" writes interestingly,
as also does "Old Riddle. Won
der what has become of "Brown.
A majority of our farmers
are still holding their cotton
for 15e.
J. E. Hill met with a bad ac
cident last Friday while on his I
way home from Greenville.
His mules became frightened, i
backed off a bridge, and upset 1
the wagon, throwing its con
tents into the water. No one
was hurt. I think our super
visor had better take out an ac
cIdent policy before he rides
over the bad roads in this sec
Best wishes to the-old S.-J.
and its niany readers.
Master Willie Hunt and sis
ter, Meda, visited friends in
Greenville, Saturday.
Miss Florenee Bowen, of
Pickens, is visiting her sister, I
Mrs. J F. Banister, of thisplaco.
Ernest McWhorter, of Lavo
nia. G'a., who came in last
week with a broken ankle, is
doing very well at the home of
his mother,Mrs. Larkin lughes.
We learn that Julius Wilker
son, who was shot by Jim
Brown, Jr., about three weeks
ago, is not doing so well. I ver
ily believe if it was a hanging
crime, some nmen would still
carry pistols.
Mrs. Enoch Richardson, who
has been very ill, is somec better.
Dr. Gilliland, of Easley, is at
tending her.
Miss Ina Callahan became
suddenly ill at school ono day
last week and was taken to hert
honie near by.
Marietta. N F 0 2.
Health good, and everything
cheerful and lively.
Misses Hattie Hayes and Liz
zie0 Day visited Miss Lillie
Lynch last week.
B. M. Clark is slowly recov
ering from a very severe ill- '
Miss Lillie Jones vlsited Miss
Lizzie Day last week.
Mrs. Susan ]Roper, who has
>een very Il with the grip, is
now much better.
Miss Nina Hayes visited Miss
Aarinda Watson last week.
Ervin Hayes. visited Doc
[ynch last week.
Mark Keith is the superin
endent of. Ooolenoy Sunday
Earl Brown visited Der Mc
runkin last week.
Miss Jennie Griffin is visiting
elatives and friends in Ware
Lucien Hendrix and wife vis
Led their daughter, Mrs. Eva
ones, Saturday and Sunday.
Jesse Hendrix gave the young
eople a pound-supper Saturday
Light, which was heartily on
oyed by all who were present.
A Progressive School
Our school is progressing
icely. We are having a fairly
ood attendance considering the
Lnfavorable, weather.
This community is highly
llessed with such bright, intel
igent and ingenious boys and
irls that the patrons of this
,nd' the surrounding districts
vill ever be looking for the bet
ernient of the school. They
hould not only be looking for
he betterment of the school,
)ut using their hands and
neans toward the improvement
)f the school.
I feel sure it will be the great
.st investment a man can make;
ine that will stand forever, and
if which God will approve. I
eel sure that He will bless each
ne and enable him to have
nore to give, if he uses his
neans in the right way. I am
no that is willing to give freely
or all causes which are for the
dvancement of God's kingdom
on earth.
The following is the Honor
toll for Prater's school:
First Grade-Irene Bolding,
1alph Kennemore, Cecil La
iier, Mand Brazille, Irene
Ponipkins, Luke Couch, Harold
.ianier, Leola Garrett.
Second Grade-Laby Hudson,
)bie Bolding, Frank Medling,
Funie Abercrombie, Ben Bol
ling, Mollie Pilgrim, Oswold
Brazille, Robert Cater, Sam Pil
Third Grtade-Maggie Blol
ling, Bertie Abercrombie, Julia
Bolding, Alma Couch, Perry
Jarrett, Ralph Murphree.
J. W. LOOPER. Prin.
Letter from M. W. Hester.
Jesus saw, probably after it
vas too late to hinderO1 the sword,
iis own crucifixion. But what
11(d le do? He wecnt on the
:r'oss without a murmur, even
ried to bear His cross to the top
>f Calvary.
The people might be divided
nito three 0or four' classes. YOne
:lass with their hands on the
1ilt of the sword, another class
it the point of the sword. That
:iass with their hands on the
1ilt say we don't want any newv
minugs. They don't belIeve in
tuy strides ioward progress.
EIo dislikes an agitator; he is
'onservative, and everything to
-emnain as it is, so ho is contin
ually putting his influence a
strength and weight in the w
of any pioposed change. ]
has always been so, and he I
always fought every stop
advance. It Is he and his ch
who mobbed the man who I
vented the first steam locon
tive; he and his class tore
the tracks of George Stephe
son and mobbed him repeatedl
and at last introduced in t
British parliament a resolutii
delaring that the propos
steam railway would be d
structive to animals and bir
along its right ef way.
This is the man with his ha
on the hilt; he is the mi
that denounces the discovery
chloroform; he said pain w
one of the Divine providenc
of God used to bring His earth
children nearer te Him at
make them love Him bettE
it was the man with his hai
on the hilt who guyed Robe
Fulton when the first cru
steamer pounded its way up t:
Hudson that scared the wat
out of the fish and the wits o
of the people on the banks.
It was the man with his hai
on the hilt that ridiculed Charl
Darwin, the man who has do
more than any one in mode
times to add to the meni
wealth of mankind, and eve
man of intelligence and edu<
tion to-day accepts his int
lectual ideas; it was the m
with his hand on the hilt w
kept the great astronomer ir
dungeon for twelve years, I
cause he knew too much a
was still learning more; it is t
man with his hand on the b
who has always been rea
with a pile of fagots and t
torch. Progress has alwa
been made through sacrifi
and blood, but nothing cor
stop the onward march of ma
Then there are other classe
the man who stands by to s
what is going to happen. The
are several kinds of him. I
is the manl who recognizes t
fearful nature, but he is n
quite certain which way t
conflict is going to terminal
Only the man at the hilt w
falter, only the man at the poi
will be thrust through. Ai
this on-looker is waiting to s
which side of the conflict :
will take. I have no conder
nation for men of this clas
they are horn that way.
there should1( come along a wa
of Methodism they will be fomi
at the mourners' bench: if sora
other ism, th~ey are) found at t]
feet of the preacher. We mu
allow for that class. Let us n
condemn. But let every hea
that is brave and every ham
that is strong grasp the bann
of progress and lib~erty ai
make it so agg'ressive that ti
weak andi timid may be ele
There is another kind. I
would be glad to go and take
place by the side of the man
the business end of the swor
but he cannot. He thinks I
ought to help the man at ti
point of the sword. He thin]
he oug~ht to go. But then! bi
then! but then! He dlon't g
circumstances will not adm
Well, I am sorry for that clas
they are made that way.
Now, for a statesman to ena
a law that must b left to
nd vote of the people is only ad
ay mitting that these people know
le. more than I do; itphows ho has
as not studied statesmanship. It
of looks to me like a teacher going
ass into the schoolhouse and saying
n- to his pupils, "Just go ahead
o- and parse those sentences, you
Lip are as well up as I am." Just
n- what about a teacher like that
y, offering his services to a school,
he and what about just such a
>n statesman offering his services
ed to his people? But they belong
e- to the class that want to stay
ds on the majoi ity side, let right
be where it may.
id We want statesnien who will
m study our situation, our financ
of es, and head off all emergency
as money panics, etc., so every
es body can hold their homes and
ly others buy homes, educate all
id the children, and make every
,r; thing progressive. We need
id more money, or more of It to
irt come our way. We need laws
le that will encourage new indus
ie tries. As long as people are
er forced to raise cotton the major
Lt ity will remain poor, uneducat-.
ed, and so long we will have
id masters and slaves, and chaos.
es M. W. HESTER.
10 -
m~ A Happy Occasion.
al A notable event of Central
ry society was the wedding of Miss
,a- Bertha Lawrence and Walter
el. T. Earle, Sunday evening, 16th
an inst., at the First Baptist
ho church.
a Wi. H. Irby entered with
>e- Miss Louise Goldsmith, who
nd announced the arrival of the
he bridal party, promptly at 6.30,.
ilt with the strains of Mendels
ay sohn's Wedding March.
he First caie Miss Myrtle iDavis
ys with Prof. Drayton Earle, fol
ce lowed by the maid of honor,
la Miss Stella Falls, with the best
nman, Berry B. Earle.
s; The bride entered with the
e groom and joined the semi
r circle before the altar. The
l bride wore a beautiful going
de away. gown of pale gray, with
ot hat, gloves and shoes to rihatch.
we The short but impressive cer
.e. emony was performed by Rev.
ill L. T. Weldon, and to the beau
tit tiful strains of the Wedding
id March from Lohengrin the
ee bridal party left the church.
10 Immediately after the cere
n- mnony the bridal party repaired
s, to the residence of Mrs. J. R.
If Falls, an aunt of the bride,
l'e where a dlcoslunch was
id1 servedI to ab~out 35 guests.
10 The bride is a very attractive
m10young woman of that town, and
sher many friends regret to lose
ot; her from their circle.
rt The groom Is a young busi
id. ness man of Norris, and num
er bers his friel.ds by his acquaint
id Iances.
le Among the out-of-town guests
c- were Hon. and Mrs. Claude B.
Earle, of Anderson; iProf. Dray..
Ie ton Earle, of Clemson College;
a' Berry B. Earle, of Furman Uni
at versity; Furman Norman, of
(1, Charlotte, N. C.; Miss Myrtle
ie Davis, of Richland; Mrs. Toc
0coa Earle, mother of the groom;
cs E. B. Ramnsay and wife, of
it Clemson; J. W. Lawren'ce,
0; grandfather of the bride; Mr.
.t. and Mrs. D. E. Lawrence, Mas
s, ter Charles and Miss Jessio
Lawrence, of Seneca; W. H.
ct Irby, Missie White and Rev.
a L. T. W1in

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