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Pickdlls Sentinel-Jour
The Sontinol-ournal Company.
8ubsoription 81.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rites Reasonabl
Entorod at Pickens rstoffice as Second C.a
Mail Matter
Dirocting Folks In Boston.
The stranger had been senrebin
nearly half an hour among the iy
terious curving ways of the park ft
Fecnway street. At last the trii lJgum
of it hurrying student attracted lit
eye, and she resolved to azsk for 1l1
necessitry Infortuation.
"Can you tell tme, please, where Fei
wny street is?" 61e asked.
"Yes, indeed." ansWered the studen
"Why, we're in it now."
"Yes?" The stranger looked rathe
helplessly aroundi at the wealth u
shrubbery, the smooth roads t ha
seemed to lead only to Mrs. Gardier'
green roofed palace. "But I wante
to find a certain number on Fenwn,
"Oh!" said the student, a helpless ex
presrion for a moment clouding he
"Do you know. there's a street dowl
there." She pointed a din tily glovel
hand straight Into a Clump of elium
"I don't know the namie of it. I neve
did know that it had a namue. Wh,
don't you try that one?"-- Boston 110w
Pretty Strong Lungs.
In "Through Luzon on iighway
and Byways" the aitltor. a nav;l o1
Cer, tells this expansiv story. W
votnehi for the story only, not for th
While traversing this attractive couii
try, which offers so much to temipt th
iiusbandman, we inet with no sign o
lift! until ieariIng a village. wher
could he seen native hi un ters ufter dec
Ammd Caraho. The Crahao furnIsht'n
flie emality of tuenlt :md hts a p(Culi.1I
instintive traIt in bIeiig the only det
zen of the forest thuat (nIII protect Il
velf against the b)o:1 constrictors, whlic
Ire .0.e01i1ht n1liiumeou'MI in these part:
Wheln the Caralo is Imunced upo:n b
the iboa and the reptile lims wrappe
Itself round the hotly for the seuicezin
process 0' killing the ainim. the ear:
bao slowly draws in its sides tint
the ioa Is his grip fixed securely an
be'ginus to 1 ktihtel up. whenl sliddenti
tle caraao inIflates ils Itlngs to tie]
fullest anil sinads hils sides. tearin
the virtebrae of the reptile into a thot
sanid Pie(ces5.
Advice to a Young Man.
"W\hat do you say to a young ladly r
a (dance?" quled the youth who wr
about to a ttenid his first ball.
"Oh," replied the society man, "tal
to her a bouit her bea ut.
"But suppIose Bihe hasn't any?" sai
tihe youth.
"lIn that case." rejoined the s. 11
"talk to hier' about the ugliness of ti
other girlis prmesent."
IThousands Have Kidney
rouble and Never Suspect I
Prevalency of Kidney Disease.
Most people do not realize the alarr
ing increase and remarkable prevalent
-of kidney diseat
orders are ti
diseases that pm
* almost theC L
-patient and p1
sicianls, wo) CE
* - ~~" tent thtemselt
wth~t doctoring 7wthefct, while tile or
s'naZ disease undermmnes the system.
-What To Do.
There is coumfort in the knlowledge
often expressed, thlat Dr. Isihlue
Swamlp-Root, thze great kidnley reniet
fulfills every wishu ini curing rheutimatls
pain in the back, kidneys,.liver, bladi
and ev'ery part of the urinairy passa
It corrects intability to hold( wua
and scaidin~g pain. ini passin~g it, or i
effects followilng use of liquor, wine
beer, anid overcomels timat unipleasanlt
cessity of beinig comlpelled to go of
duurinig tihe day,. anda to get up um
times dlurinig tle liighlt. '1he niild l
the extraordinlary effect of S5wamp-R
is soon1 realized. It stands tile high
for Its wonderful cures of tile imost<
tressing cases. If you need a mtedie
yOU sholid huave the best. Soid byV di
gists imm fifty-cent and onie.dollar sizes.
I' You may hmave a samipie bottle and
boo0k thaut tells all
about it,biOthlsent free
by snail. Address Dr. "**
KI(bue1r & Co., Bing..
Ilatutoni, N. Y. Whlen liomoot swamp-n<
wvritinig men~itionl tisi paper and dc
\msake any mistake, but remember
stanme, Dr. Ilhner's Swamlp-Root, I
Is your baby thi
Make him a .5
Scott'js Emrntd.
and Hypophosphites
.0 easily digested by littl
Consequiently the
scoftv's .EmulJ'f
cheeked -little fellow f
At a recent meeting of tie
Pickens County Medical Society,
the following fee bill was
Office consultation...........s 1.00
Visits in town................... 1.50
Visits inl town, night........ 2.50
Subsequent day visits. 1.00
V1sitsin country, 50c iier
miile, plus...... ........... .. 1 0
Visits in -country, night,
50 per cent. inore than
Nonmal-labor............:...... I0.00
A nastlietizing............... 5.00
A (companying patient to
hoslital at( attending
at operations, expenses
and per day.................. 10.00
Clergy, same as others.
Lancing abscess............... 1.00
Extracting tooth.............. .50
Excising tumor.......... 5.00
Consultations................... 5.00
Persons refusing to pay doc
tor's bills will be refused attend
ance by members of the society.
Dr. R. J. Gilliland,
Dr. C. N. Wyatt,
Dr. E. F. Wyatt,
Dr. H. E. Russell,
Dr. J. L. Bolt,
Dr. E. B. Webb,
Dr. L. F. Robinson,
Dr. W. M. Long,
Dr. WV. A. Sheldon,
Dr. J. E. Allgood,
Dr. W. A. Tripp,
Dr. J. 0. Rosamond
Dr. W.' M. Ponder,
k Dr. L. G. Clayton,
Dr. L. TF. Shirley.
d Feb. 5-w3
In the bill of La1wyer X., lately hiand
ed to his elient, was the itein, "For.
dIrennl I had about your case,1
- narks."-Jugend.
i -six pair guaranteed six
e- months -- a penny a day for
*~ whle comfortab~le Lose.
'V If a pair fails to last six
.~ months, senci theni Lack and they
es will be replaced with new--sec
. the guarantee 1ookz the corner.
soMen's socks are made in light
r's and medium weight, in black,
', blalck with white feet,blue,
ecr steel gray, light and dark tan.
ter Women's hoe are made in
aor lack, black with
ic- white feet, light 2ksBo
ty tan. aOMinA4 sx
211 Box of six
est pair, one size to ,
S the box, $2.00. Cm~. Ctem
F er akv U. asd
he orelh'flli
rip weak, fretful?
Cott'. Emurlsion
fdon is Cod Liver Oil
prepared ao that it is
a folks.
baby that is fed on
)n is. a sturdy,. rosy
all of health and vigor.
80c. AND $1.00.
A Square Deal
fs assured you when you buy Dr. Pierce's
faily medicines-for all the ingrndi
ents cntering into theim are printed on
the b'ottle-wrappers and their formulas
arq attested under oath as being completo
and correct. You'know just what you aro
paying for and that the ingredients are
gathered from Nature's laboratory, being
selected from the most valuable native
medicinal roots found growing in our
A rerican fores while potent to cure
are pere harr to the most
delicaie wom a il . NQt t dro
-~W It' ,, me 1ma
p i' esi e n1e viz.-uethe
rn e ne. 8 agen possesses
rntr ns e m I operties of Its own,
.being a most valuable antiseptic and anti
forment, nutritivo and soothing demul
e Glycerino plays an Important part in
Dr. Pierce's Golden iledical Discovery-In
the cure of indigestion; dyspepsia and
weak stomach, attended. by sour risings,
heart-burn, foul breath, coated tongue,
pool' appetite, gnafling feeling in stom
ach, biliousness and kindred derange
nients of the stomach, liver and bowels.
Hesides curing all the above distressing
ailments, tho"Golden Medical Discovery "
is a specilic for all diseases of the mucous
membranes, as catarrh, whether of the
nasal passages or of the stomach, bowels
or pelvic organs. Even in its uleerative
stages it will yIeld to this sovereign rem
e(y i f Its use lie persevered'in. In Chronlc
Catarrh of the Nasal passages. it is well,
while taking the "Golden Medical Dis
covery " for the necessary constitutional
treatment, to cleanse the passages freely
two or three times a day vith )r. Sage's J
Catarrh Remedy. This thorough course
of treatment generally cures the worst
In coughs and hoarsenoss caused by bron
elial. throat anil lung aftrections. except con
sumiption In its advantced si ages. the " Golden f
Medical I)tscovery " is a rnost eticient rem
edy. especially in those obstinate, hkang-on
courhs caused by irritation antd congestion of
thle bronchi al mu? ou s membr-nnevs. The "1Ds"
covery " Is not so good for acute coughs aris
ing from sudden colds. nor must It. he ex
pected to euro constumption in its advanced
stages-no medicine will do that--hit. for all
the obstinate. chronnl' coughs. which. If non
levted. or hadly I reated, lead up to consump
tion. It is th best rnedicine that can he taken.
J. D. Moore's .Here Yet
A lot of people have ups and do~vns.
But miine have alway been down,
Somectimes I'm giadi, somnetimes I'm
sad. hut long to tell my story wvhen w'e
battlewhangedi through this vain world.
J am in the market for Beef, .4heep,
Pork and Mutton. Sell a heap) of meat,
and always like to soll to those who
want to buy of me. btut don't want to
) sell to those wtho don't wanlt to b~uy of
me. because ther" are enough that trade
with me to take atll that I can get.
I still buy hideis green or dried. I buy
anything you gol, always want some
thing but can't, tell what. So cor~ne and
see howv it wvill be when you buy your
meat from me. And remnember'the old
meat market Moore asn in days of yore.
''The 01(1 meat. market,
State of South Carolina,
County of Picke'ns.
Bly J. BI. Newb'ry. Probate Judge:
WVhet eas, P. D. Dacums miadle suit to
meit to grant him letteis of admninistrn
tiont of the estate and e'ffect of
Nlahahy C. Kemp.
''These aret thetirefore, to cite and ad
n'oriish atll and singular the kmndred and
c'redtitois oif the said Mairaly C. Kemp,
dece~ased, that they be and appear befor e
mett, in the Court, of Probate, to be held
at Pickens on tho 27th day of Febru..
am y. 1908, next af ter publication hereof,
at 11 o'clock mn te forenoon, to show
cause, if any they have, why the said
administration should not be granted.
Given tinder my hand this 18th day of
Fobruary Anino Domini 1908.
J. B. NEWBERY, J. P. P. C,
Oleanues and beautifieg the halir.
Fromotes a lu r owth.
Wst sO Ora
Ond Sales Uonany writes me tha
r me iN 'TEN DAYS at a profit.
dvertiseEVsa stock for TEN DAYS a
On FEBRUARY i st we will put 0
Ad continue'it-.tb FEBRUARY i 5tl
de ourselves and guarantee to so
3nt. on all goods bought at our stor
io cent Aron Ginghams now
7 cent Calicoe* now 5 cents.
I 2y2 cent Outigs now 9 c.en
12:cdnt Bleehing nov 'to e
A few.Cloaks to dispose .of.;
All WOOL GOODS will be
SHOES will also get a deep
This. will be a SPOTI' CASH sale a
Ly 'about cutting iices.
Come a'nd let us'show fou the bar
West End.
A. great many peolpe 8uf
natism during the witter
Bolt & Co.'s Rheumitic
one of the BEST Renwdie
ket for this Iroubr.. It
b'ood-and putin new lie in,
by putting the system in g
Brep:Ired only for
Pickecns, ::::
EL A. Rll
Strong E
can run through i-1
or climb over and
Have You B~
This is the season of' the year whe
or 'lopcoat, or a heavy weight Suil
more comfortable than a doctor or<
on the templer and more conducive
Owing to the strin'gency of the m<
ing our vast stock at greatly reduce
)N .5ALE
t they. can. sell my stock
Another les Company
a great sa, afice.
,1. We will conduct this
6ve you from 15 to 25 per
e. .
8 cents.
$12.50 Cloak for:$i8,Oo.
,cut deep.
nd we mean just what we
1 TO 15
gains we offer.
Gi-en1lle S. C.
ier with Rheu-.
Compound is,
3 on the mm110
cleanses the 4
to the p itient
dod condition.
South C.arolina.
:, crawl under
break it.
[A Co at?
n you need an Overcoat
t, and it is cheaper and
irug bill and less wearing
of cheerfulness.
>ney~ market wve are offer
d prices.

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