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Poultry De
FIST: Seloct ur Stra r Bird
Improv * overv t-ne vOnl
Good C the Head of your
liens steal their nests because they
dTnot wish to be disturbed. A broad
-Keep your nest away from the roost.
Rp~d mtites.
-rake a shoe box, long, broad and 6
high enough to make a twu tory (lol- V
bil nest box. Put tobacco stenis under
ntling material and stand it a quiet t
edrner, 'with openings toward the wall. I
.idst leave room enough between the
vuil nd box for the lhen to pass and
into the high berths.
not ornaments or hent
sits hard down on the
uses it to press out the
..L . .- hint.
Mr!ke all your nests all' -d your
po1hs and roosts the same -f you
cqunge the hen it will ierC
pen, and Biddy will 1.
The city be' a dainty
kiss to her tips of her I
kid glove ally throwing
him a she kisses her
glove ..ps in vexation be- 1
caw-. - s not return the sa- I
Ir* aps unaware that the
i.turer dresses his "un
with a mixture of old
in preparing them for mar
!t. ey are new style gloves, but
ey have the fragrance of old style
rotten egg on them.
The wine lover lifts the wineglass,
looks through it and sees himself in
the mirror opposite. H1ow sparkllinug!
How belautiful! Ilow clear! The pro
hibitionist points to the serpent in the
glass, but the elbow crook gulps it
(10i. WIine manufacturers use spoil
ed eggs to clarify wines.
You lick a stamp and get some spoil
ed egg for your money. The youn
imanI kisses his glr-as photograplI ani
knoweth not thut the Ip)Otograsipher has
if-.prepared the paper- with an addled egg.
FRtO.1-hey do nupt come fromn grand
lJa's farm. HeI sells all his eggs at
market. Our country relatives turn an
egg Iusidle out before they sell It. They
are so conscientious that they will not
sell wvatered stock. The rotten. eggs
for manu facturing pu rposes come from
the bIg poultry plants. rTey are also
called egg plants, and some of them
bear nothing but rotten eggs.
On:- firmiu set 100,000 eggs last season
and htc hed 80,000 chicks. It was a
prioblem~ what to do with the remain
lug 20,000 spoiled eggs. M1arket eggs
were iowv, and1( ord(ers for hatching eggs
fronm back yard fanciers were i-unning
short. They succeeded1 in selling them
all to the manufactur-ers of gloves. cal
icon. in tes. photograph supplies and(
The cold storage fims had already
stocked up with enough to supply your
table for the seasoa.
Dox off a corner 3 by 4 or according
to the size of your tiock. Fill it with
the followving tmixture: Road dust, three
p~arts;' fine wood ashes, two parts;
slaked limo, one part, MlIx well. Coal
ashes bleach yellow legs atnd take all
the oil fromt the feathers.
Patent' louse powder in a dust bath
.is a drop) of wvater to an elephlant,
lookIng for lice examine the
josters fir-st. Trh'ey ar-e generally too
lazy, too tony or too dudJish to dust. .
Don't use more than one ounce of
salt to every hundred adult fowls. This
quantity' is helpful.
Dot:t mix soft feed with broth from
salt meats. This kind Of assault and
battery/often ends in tmurder.
Don't throw coar-so salt where your
fowls run. - They pick it upl for grit
and atre salted dowvn for good.
Don't use coal'-ashes for grit. It's too1
soft. D~raw your false teeth. Tr-y it'
alid see how you like It.
A Don't use round, smooth grit. No
good. S's cheap; but,- like your razor.,
* t's moftt awful dull.
Don't forget that grit is hen teeth.
The rh -s b n --heat. -u nn grnnien
Second: Stick to them; Thi".l:
3-cm; Fourth: A wAys kee., .
crystal." It's sharp. Comes from ,;Oi
IoU. See?
Don't think ducks are frost proof b
cause they have thick down. You'l
have a downfall if you do.
Don't forget the ticks in the pigeo
house. l'laster the cracks.
Don't pull ticks off. The head c
the -.l(ek makes a sore and kills th
liigebin.. Just tonjeh" the''.bug. wi ' bpi
sine.. Idents an ax.
Don't reed homers as you do chicli
ens.' Buy the special mixed pige'o
fevedq.indt prosper.
Don't -put large mesh wi-Re'ni'ouin
your pigeon fly. Remember sparrow
are hungry and lousy.
Don't bathe your pigeom's often 11
winter. They know no better, but yoi
Ougit to.
Don't forget that'pigeons often deser
their sqiabs." Adopt the, orphans. I
[I bachelor. doeps't matter.
Don't seald squabs. ltulns the Enic
Pick them dry, and dont hurry.
The stepladder roost is out of (late.
'he chickens all fought for the highest
;at II tile synagogue..- Result, strife
Lild bumble foot. . 4 ,
The sassa'frIi saplng ro6st. guaran
eed to prevent lice. has gone itito ob
Ivion with the lighitning rod. The
novable roost is the fad.
Our lahn: make four earpenters' tres
les. two of .then live i'eet long. innd
%vo..al,110 balft feet high ail(] the other
our feet long )ndi two feet high. Cov.
r tile hilgh trestles with boards six feet
ong. and- on--this drdppln floor phaee
'our low trestles and from Onte to the
ther place your roosting slats.
Put these four Iuch slats on loose
nd on very cold nights move them
lose together.
Set up fin a corner out of drafts and
ilace the dusting box near and the
Iens will keep the roosts well dusted..
Advantage.-Easily - cleaned; ensity
'emioved : catches all theinn 1t1i1re: 'ae
W rellovd(l or set il in three miinu'tes:
ten!! ennscrtc under It: red mlite.;
tvold it. Try it and lie convinced.
Is your brooder cleaned and disin
Octed ?
r)oes it neei a nw ilamp anId felt foi
he cover?
Get t0111 now.
Where is your incubator stored? I
t down InI that (1amp11 cellar. whelire I
vill spring at tile .oints and the mic(
-all nlille out the 1l11:g?
This cellar business is only a fau
1ast suil1ner we tested the eg1" for 1
evnfleman wNho wAvs hki; hcsb
'1, cellir plan. Oir, umachinet's were up
4tairs ii a conifortable room. le gol
orty.-fve chick,; fromt 2"10 e s-z. We, -
~ot 189). That's proof enough.
i s
A. comb: B. face: C, wattles: D. ear
obes; i, hackle: 1". breast: U. back: 1,
addle: 1, saddle feathers: J. sickles: K,
all coverts: L. main tail feathers: M,
v'ing bow: N. wing bar: 0, wing bay;
?, wing butts: Q. breastbone: R1. thighs;
I. hocks; T,' shanks; U, spurs; V, toes;
NV, fluff. _ _
Tihe hen stood on tihe lousy nest,
Whence all but she had flied;
The red mites crawled all over her,
And shortly she fell (lead.
" 'Tis npnplexy'. I'll be hound!"
Her lousy owner whines.
Hie sticks hecr in the cold. cold ground,
Beside the young gra peines.
.My friend, ho kept an 01(d "bug house;'
A bugger. too, was he.
Ulls chiken h9use was aill one louse,
A "n ilte y" aigh t t o se..
Moral..ADon't be a 'budger.-C. M. Ii.
Wheun your feeding is bringing a ren
oniable numilber' Of 1Eggs. don't changi
'0our melthodls beenuse Sam TIryltai
inls been arlounld. If he wats a leop~ard(
1o 'ouldl chlanlge hIs spots. D~on't
radue a gold dolan' for a lead nickel
hv'th) a hole In it.
Wh'ien your1 lien cackles. "go thot
11nd (10 lIkewise," but keep your hean.
level. D~on't let ani egg recor'd 01' a
>lue l'lbbon mallke you aln egotist.
If' you make a good sale, cackle, bul1
:lon't think you are the only cockere
1n il ho nach. Whnn _van begin to bi
stuck on y'ourselft feel' th top of 3
h iead, ai you Will direly find 'a
Tihere is a little difference bet%%
a capable eritle tad a critical er
The one Is thoroughbred brain n1()
other mongrel tnonkey. This is
contempt of court, but a judge's
cense can't cover up a fool.
-Wh'en eggs are way up. hesitat<
drop a little for good, regular tr
An extra egg whet pullets are lan
will make up for size. A hog in
lien's nest Is worse than a dog in
A Buff Orpington hen sold in Y
Pa.. for $400. and a poultryinan tit
Louis sacyillvel a hen and rooster
S1.500. wille at the Crystal :pa
show they dropppd to $250. That
slow old .like.- for, chicken aidy.
It's fltie to fori a lien trust.
There were 0.000 entries at..Jat
town a.ndt1( 10.18HH) it the Crystal pal
I-DInotlt. ' 'Tllv 'A l 'len 1vn Wy inldo
9 took)I trlit tilltny at (ihta Eng""listi .4
enti tbey'<ii tavi.ty- to nuarry any
I English -elucks to get. it. 'Cot
I that for orii sie.
- It's tan 1ol jOlo,-.ibAit it- just leal
t. 'i'he. ch ileke, ppr r'epprters iaud
trgulhtr snI'e .In2Q1 st1llitet from Norl
to (ie .iitns'owii ' on 'opei
day to enjoy Ii )1In illet with l'resk
w1re 11held out ots tle witer 'or
110i1's. ani -WIe thtey got to the
thet' w:t t- at 'e cent 'iga'r ini si
Tiere w:s o0 retl fire .needed 1
.night. 1i31.f....
The i vt-Ige -egh of an egg
".27 inchoes. the- aver-Iige dIl'ine'te r
th<- brond end 1% 1.72l iiches. aind
aver1gt weigh lit Ia tw<i ot'nes. \
a totten- egg hits it politichin's cli
nelther can he imeastirel.
Wedding'trsents originated ir
feudal - tribute fro'n the vassals
their lord. Whe n feudalism ce-a
fhe presents becane voluntary. In
days of Queen Elizabeth a pair
knives or sclsors was a coninion
and syrmbo~:ed the cutting of unfa
ful love. -.
611 L.WAY.
Arlval nsid Diiauarture of Train", Gr4
ville. S. U. Eir etivo April 14, 1900
6:30 a in, No. 48 (taily except Sunday, for
reis anal itermtedia stations, arriv
Lauens 9:00( a mit
12:15 p mI, No. 53 dily for Litureis, Cli
Newbeiry.<'\ol.iuhmbit, Suniter atii (II
ton connecttting tit Smplter with A. C
'I'rinii No. 82 for Ri1chiontd, Washin
1nnd eisterin cities, 11and lit Laurens with
W. ;. Train No. I for Spnrtaihurg
train No 2 for Greenwood, A ugslit, etc
Arrive .u.4ren1s 1:35 p m11, CI
:22 p m, Newvbera y 3.10 p. mn, Coliin
Sutier 6:20 p i, Charleston 9:40, Spit
li rg 3:30 p. tit, Greeiwood 2:46 p Im,
A tigusta 5-1 pim.
4:40 p m1. No. :I I tily except Sun iday. for
rens at'd inllnas audiaite btitions. Arr',
10:20 a in. No. M, City% except Sun :day I
Laurens i iI iterinledlittc stall onsII.
.00 p Iml, No. a5. dhily except SItailay, f
Laur: enlsia aditlerliarditle stations.
3:1:25 p it, No. 52, dilly from Chatrleston Sun
Columbi. Newhlery, C11lmton, Spartnli
A ugti:,ta , G: en w d .;iurens. etc.
Tlralns N.o. 12 anad 53i ran through heti
Chiarlestona itut I change.
Isrnest Willianms, G1. P'. A.
R M.t llruane. Traf. Matt A.ugusdta Gn.
Supeitrsedtes'Timet TVable No 13
Etl'etive Matach 10 19107
Read D)own Rend
No 9 No itI ST1A'TJONS No 10 N
Mixedl Mixed Mixed MI
it:5 nm 211 I:30 nmnl I icketas nr 8:30lama 15:05
6:5 nmai I: :15 am i F erguisona 8: 25am 53:0
7:015 anm 12:-25 anma el'alriion' 8:i5am i 4:501
2:0 anm 21:501 nmi *A rintil'a( 8: l0atm 415
7:25 anam il:5 sami *Mauldin 8:05nm 4:401
7:30 nmi 12:001 mn ar Ensialey lV 8:00iama 1:35
*FIg Stat 2021s
All trsais daiily except Sunday
No 9I taonnects withi SonI uther Railway N,
Noa 1) a'oannects na ii h Satuthiern Rlailwayv Ni
No. 11 c'onnaects with Southierni Ratiwaty N.
Noi 12 (lonnectPs with Nouithern Riailwaiy N
EN'For tany inftoration app'y to
-1,2,T TAYLOR Gen Mannr
For Sale.
75 A cres Wood land:
Pickens counti y onl East
too ceei, known as Mu
phree or Eindley lands.
Fine ituberPI.
WHi sell for $10. p
First conme, first serve
Anider'son, S4. C.
Over Postofilce, Anlderson, S.
Practice In all Courts In Sonuth Carol
kik. SN 8F
u. --PRODL
ow. $5640. Two miles of Cen
tral. Known as the Watkins
farm. 188 acres. 45 acres
ced. in cultivation. 6o acres in
the timber; 40 in pasture; two
'Ing houses-7 and 5 rooms, res
ent pectivelv; outhouses. dood
hey orchard. Will make excel
[l lent dairy farm. Thirty bales
4t. of cotton can be madd on
hat place if put in proper shape.
t $1,100. 78 acres; 25 acres in
.en cultivation, 35 in timber; bal
!e. ance in ineadow and orcliard;
7-room house; good stables
and outhouses. This farm
, lies in I 1-2 miles of West
Union, S. C.
ed. $3,250. 200 acres; 9 miles of
the Norris, S, C., 40 acres in cul
of tivation; 100 acres of origi.
ith- nal forest. Good orclard.
. Buildings on farm cannot be
replaced for $2,ooo.
$5.000. Porter place. Two
miles of Central, S. C.; 224
0 lt
n If the above does not suit you
hat you want and we will fill y<
4:t4.5 Holder &
p rn
Lau 4 - Real Estate i
FRul. P ic%;k en s,
ifer. Office over Picki
Ctton Yie
The valuc of con
a been demonstrated c
oil both government an
9 tests. We stand re
you at any time that
* crease your yields pe
* Peri
er H~on. R.J. Redding,fo
--r gia Exp. Station, is autho
"experimenits made at ti
balanced commercial feri
( of land, and well cultivat
pectedi to produce an i
cotton. At the present
Smean a large extra profi
I ~ after deducting the price
You'll find reports of
tests, together with much
cerning and culture in ti
Year Book or Almanac.
dealer for a copy
free, if you write Ou
Br - 4 Virginia-Carol
(. -columbia. S. C
(I. Atlanta, Ga.
Savannah,, G~a.
acres; 90 in - cultivation- 75
of- timber, 25 acres under
fence for pasture; 3 houses,
8, 4 and 4 rooms, respective.
ly, out-houses and other. im.
provements essential to a
good farm; 1-2 bale of cottion
can be raised on ani average
to the acre.
6->o.oo. Last call. Three
prospective buyers will fook
at property this iveek. Be.
IN THE LINE and get this,
28 acre tract which lies near
the Camp Ground.
850.00. Arthur 'Porter place.
4 1-2 miles of Pickens, S.C.,
15 acres in cultivation, bal-.
ance in heavy timber. Terms
to suit buyer.
700.00. Bryson Farm. 1-2
mile of Shady Grove church.
I 35 acres-i 5 acres in culti
vation, balance in original
forest; 4-room house and out
buildings. One-third cash.
write us giving an idea. as to
)ur bill.
mid Stocks.
. Carolina
mns Drug Co.
ds Per Acre
lmmercial fertilizers has/
'ver and Over again by .4/
di private comparative.)
kcdy to demonstrate to
the surest way to "in
r acre" is to use ,
rmner Director of the Geor
nity for the statement that
is, station show that well
ihzer applied to one acre p
ed, may be reasonably ex
rcrease of yield of seed
>rice of cotton this would
(for both lint and seed),
for fertilizer."
many other comparative
valuable information con.
Ce new Virginia-Carolin.
--or we'll send you one
.r nearest Eales offCe.
lina Chemical Co.
Dutrham, N. C.
Charleston, S. C.
Cumbu, Ga.
Mrontgomtery, Ala,
'eveport, La.

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