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S kikas SEofnI4o rua
rho Sontinol-Journal Company.
TPOMii'ioN & RicUE.Y, PItP14%
. .o. TIl 0 M PSON, 10urron
iubasriptioni $1.00 Per Auum.
Advertising Rutes Reasonable.
red at Piokous l'ostofflce as Secoud Class
Mall Matter
Special Correspondence.
n a recent hearing before the
mnniltee on Agriculture con
ning the Appalachian forest
rLVeV there were a number of
inent addresses made by
'gates from several states
'ealinlg to the committee for
avorable report, and urging
need of such legislation for
countiry. This bill will pro
for an appropriation to se
Sthis reservation in order
t the timber of the country
y, be saved from devastati n.
conilectiol with this move
II the vallable service con
ited by Senator Latimer, of
th Carolina, is of note
thy mention. From the
ord it is ascertained that
.ator La i11er, in ( o-opera
I with Senatlor 'S'ilnons, of
'11 Carolina, begaln as pio
vs ) st ir up a fauvorahle seI
(:11t ib' i Iis work. It nay
well said that the present
.attion of this subjeet is due
"olv to the activity of Sen
I atinwr inl pointing out the
(s.ity of such legislation.
has taken miuich though un
al tact, and very consider
ime to biing i Io the seri
on(iiiderlation of the leading
,eslienI of the nation. We
pr ivilo'.eId to a:ss rt, that lie
t1d of the peldinlg meas
ermiits is t ventlure that
resnt ii ill a Imost pro
liglit for passage at this
ion. As a. prliminary part
this work there has been
(er way since last session a
oyv of thue proposed tracts of
1 to be0 incorporated in this
iivallOn'. It was Senato)rs
menois and Latimer who, lby
r quiet, forceful method of
'k at the last session of con
us, secured a sufficient alppro
* tion to have this (done,'
ch in itself is quite ai victory.
~ce we are naturally of the
* ion that if Senator Latimer
11d not succeed at this ses
in bringing about the de
1 end, such legislation will
ny rate ultimately be enact
Ito law.
mugressman WTyatt Aiken,
ou1th Carolina, is now hard
rork in securing data to be
I iu pressing a bill which has
.ts object the refunding of.
000,000 of cotton tax money
ch was in violation of the
ral constitution, levied and
cted from the cotton states
veen the years of 1861 aind
~. Mr. Alkin is giving
ndant time to this matter
will co-operate with a num
of other southern represent
o s in demanding of the gov
') nent to refund this illegally
ucted money to the people of
:.South.' This bill provided
6. tj h the $68,000,000 he pro rated
L he several states according
to the amount they paid as
xo~ 's, and eventually refunded
to hose who paid the taxes at
the' time; provided, bona fide~
la ims be presented for the
Is your baby thir
Make him a S
Scott's Emula
and Hypophosphites :
easily digestet by little
Consequently the
SScott's Emuldsic
cheeked little fellow ft
amount so paid. The remain
ing amiount of this fund is to be
deposited inl the treasIry of the
state. Mr. Aiken expressed
himself of the opinion that the
bill was in good favor, and that
the posibility of its passage was
encouraging. Should he sn< -
(eed inl this effort it would hev a
great hoon1 to the entire South
land. R. E. S.
At a receut ieeting of t'I
Pit kens County iMedical Society,
the folowing fee bill was
Ofli'e .0stion...... 10
V\isit in tow n.................. 1.50
Visits in town, igh t........ 2.50
Subsetient dav visits...... 1.00
Visits il ( oiintry, 50c per
m ie, p lus ...... .............. 1.00
Visits ill counlt.ry, night,
50 per cent. more than
d a v .......... ............
Normauil labor................... 10.00
Acconipimying patient to
Iospital and Attending
at operntions, expeln'ses
and per day.................. 10.00
Clergy, saie as others.
:l!t< ing~ abst .............. 1.00
E xt u ( (i1 e tooth............. .50
Exmising tunoi.......... 0
Consultations.................. 5.00
Persons refusing to pay doc
tor's bills Awill he .efled attend
ance by me-ers of the society.
Dr. RI. J. Gilliland,
Dr. C. N. Wyatt,
Dr'. E. 16' Wyatt,
Dr. H. E. Russell,
D~r. J. L. Bolt,
Dr. E. B. Wehh,
Dri. ,L. F. Robinson,
Dr. W. M. Long,
Dr. W. A. Sheldon,
Dr. J. E. Allgood,
Dr. W. A. Tripp,
Dr. J. 0. Rosamnond,
Dr. WV. M. Ponder,
Dr. L. G. Clayton,
Dr. L. T. Shirley.
Feb. 5-w3
J. D). Moore's H~ere Yet
A. lot of peopie have ups aind downs.
B-it miine have alwvay been do.vni,
Somnetimes I'm glad, sometimes I'm
sad. hut long to tell my story when we
battlew'hangedl th roug~h this vain worbi .
I am in the miarknt for US-'f. 'Ghoep.
Pork and Mutton. S..li a itheap ol ft en.
and alwaysi like to soll to those wit,
want to buy of me. but udon't want to
8s1l to t hone whio don't wan to buny oft
mei. becaus-' thtere aire enoug~h that trade(
with me to take oll that I can ge't.
TH10 T H IlI) FA CT.
I stil.l buy hldt a green or dried. I buv
anty thing you1 gor, a~ways' w'ant some.
thimg but1 enn't telI w'hat. So co'io~ 11nd
see 11ow it will be whn you1 buyi your.
mewat fro me. And remew'nher the obi
meat miaket Moore as in days of y-ore.
Th'le ok1 meat market.
wlio securing tho
Write immediately for information.
TIS is the opportunity of your life.
I weak fretful?
c'O2'f Emulsrion f
rion is Cod Liver Oil
prepared so that it is 01
baby that is fed on
0n is a sturdy, rosy- C<
Ill of health and vigor,
50c. AND $1.00.
Making Good.
Thero is no way of making 1asting
friends liko "Making Good;" and Doctor
Ptereo's niedicines well exemiplify tis,
aind their friends. after more thantt two
decatdes of optilarity, are iinmibered by
the Iin dre s of tliitsands. They hattve
"inlado good" and they hav%o d 1ado
A good, lionest, square-deal iediclne of
known composition Is Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discover,. It still enjoys an it
Iens; sale, while most of the prepara
tionls thlat ha1vet cole ilnto protnintenee In
tite earlier period of its poptlarlty have
"tot by tio board " aid are iever more
hteairdl of. There most ho soine reason for
It long-thnio popularity an1d tiat Is to
). found Inl it superior nt-rits. When
ot givein a fair trial for weak stomacl,
o. t l iver and blood a ffectitins. its supe
r.1ior etirtative qualities are soon nmantfest;
Ince it has sttrvived atd grown itt )op
tlar favor. while scores of les:s mteritorollns
articles5 It ve sttddenl y Itt sited into favor
ftor a brief period antietn been as soon
For a torpid liver with its attendant
I ndieTstion. dyspepsila. headache, per
halls diz.inxess. foul breatI. nasty coated
to,,.trte. with bitter taste. loss (of appetite.
witlh distress after eating, lervonseltsS
and I debility, nothing Is so good is Dr.
'iree's o(lden - leical I)iscoverv. It's
an1 h onest, square-deal iedicinlte i Ith all
Its Intgredizetits printed oi hottle-wra i1er
- no secret. no ioits-poens hum ug,
tlreIforo don't (cept (I uubstititc that
the dealer inay possibly mnake a little bIg
ger profit. Insist on your right to have
what yon call for.
I)on't buy Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
'n lxpectI1:g It to prove a "enre-all." It
is only advised for woman's spechial. all
nenIts. " miakes weak women strong and
sick wOme well. less advertised than
solmte precparations sold for like piur-poses.
its sterlling ettrative vIrtues still mnut lttailn
its lpozitionl in th front ranks, where it
stoo dI over two (deca-ides ago. As ana In
vigora ting tpnice' aid strengtlenlilg nert'V
1t, is tlin't~ I 'd, It wvon't. satisfy tlose
who waint h. "bo ," for tlere Is not a drop
of alet0hol in it.
Dr. Pierce's Pileasant Pellets, the riql
lit Lit tIe iver Pills, ailthtotigh the irst
pill of their khlli Ilte m :tarket, still lead.
and wlien (nct' tried at.ver a ft.erwat lrds
inl favor. Easy to take as e'atd-on' to
three a lost. Nl'tlh Intitutted bit vevcr
Here is Relief for Women.'
If I ou have pais Ili ihe tck . Urina.
ry, Bladder (r Kidney tt011 ube, and14 wat
a "ertnin. ph, asant herb (tre for wom
an's ills. t ry Muothetr trav's AUSTRAI TAN
I .E.tF. It. i:s a safe a ttd ttev er-failiig
regutlator. At Druoguists or by mail linec
Sat, p'e t''aekage I"ItEI. Add ts.a.'ITe
Mtuer Gra.y Co., Ldlloy, N. Y. f20.41
To Break in New Shoes Always Use
Allt's Foo~.t-h's, a powoort't. It pre
vents Tiigtnes. anti Bitstermg. tttres
Swvollent. $wetintg feet. At all Daiuir
tis'si andlt shoett sttor's , 2r. Sample manil
Royv, N. Y. feb20w'4.
-six pair guaranteed six
months - a penny a day for
whole, comfortable hose.
If a pair fails to last six
months, send them hack and they
will he replaced with new--see {
the guarantee hook in the corner.
Mcn's socks are made in light
and medium weight, in hiacic,
hlack with white feet, 'Elue,
ste ray, light and dark tan.
omen's 11ose are made in
hlack, Elack with
white fet light
tan. CONTIS00N1
Box of six
pair, one size to
the Lox, $2.00. bIME, Curms
Moore & Ialill
.reparing fo
We are now wincing up pur Win
r Spring opening. In the meantin
Very Low
1 any goods we have in strvk.
We are. receiving now some early
Last year's business was the be
>pe to make this better.
Our motto: The best and most g
)nsistent with honest merchandising
A. K. P
Vest End,
A great many people sufl
matism during the winter
-Bolt & Co.'s Rheumatic
one of the 1EST Rewediei
ket for this trouble. It
b'ood and puts new life in
by putting the system in g<
Brepared only for
Pickenis, ::::
El. A. RI(
Bull TA i
can run through it
or climb over and
Have You BOT
R This is the season of the year whei
>r 'lopcoat, or a heavy weight Suit
nore comfortable than a doctor or d
>nl the temper and more conducive<
fOwing to the stringency of the mo
ng our vast stock at greatly reduce<
-S Pri ng.
ter business preparatory
ke, we will givg
Spring shipments.
st of my experience....we
oods for the least money
Greenville, S C
er with Rheu
Comlpcund is
1 on thle marT
cleanse tile
to the Inttient
)od condition.
SouthI 0 Carlna.
4, cr wlu de
break it.
OR Coat?
you need an Overcoat
,and it is cheaper and
rug bill and less wvearing
>f cheerfulness.
ney market we are offer
i prices.

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