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How Ocean Liners He::r Their
Way In Thick Weather.
Wcthod by Which the Submerged
Cong Is Oporatcd and the Apparatus
by Which the Sound Is Pickod Up
Miles Away-Port and Otarboard
To those who go down to the sea In,
shills pronI)3b no discovery in recent
tlimes has enof more Import::i.ce or
tends more to save life than that of
the posibility-' of sigin linug fromu rhily
to Ship 1n1d from shii1 to shore I
soutd. wvrites Sidney V. WAali:er 'i1 tha.
Lon1dol Mall. It literally. When fully
developed. will entible steliners to
"heval" their way ider ill onditions
of wenther and pnitictriarly In rog jusat
as. well Is tle.- now set. their %vay o1n
Celar nights by the aid of the lights
that each sil) earries and tio!t!e dis
tribulIed roitld the coast of every eiv
ilized coun333try.
The whole apparatus hinges upon
the fact that water is a good conduct
or of sound. The readiest exzamle!~
of kils of which the writer Is aware is
to ''e found uiqmally at mineral 1:at1:-.
There Is iearly always pumping g:hng
o .1 Connection with the baths. '.mt
under ordinary Conditions the Imlllll i4
not heard. Wheni undressing. for i:)
stance. to -lter the bath on e enn very
rarely hear the pump. but I:nmediateiy
one 1.4 in1 the bath if One iaes one's,
heid 1 under water the 1)tI11l is 11Imoat
p)ailfll3' evident. and an engineer
could easily conunt the strokes had he
a watch at hand.
For vignaling purpCoses a bell is em11
i)loyed, iminersed some distance under
the water and inclosed iII a Chamber,
the hammer being worked by coi
pressed air operated from the surface.
The sound of the strokes on the bell
is transmitted to a distance of several
miles and can be heard by suitable ap- i
paratus. The hearing apparntus con
sists of a microphone, i modiflaetion
of that we use everi time we speak to
the telephone, ickled in a chamber
inside the ship aniid connected with the
bridge by vires In the usual way.
The microphonle chamber in filled with
a special liquid which the inventors
have found to answer the purpose
best. and there are, ats at present ar
ran ged, one(! chamber andl one micro
phonie oI each01 bow below the vater
line. - In the chart house on the bridge
are a paitr of telephone receivers, s1im
liar to those we r[mt to our ears whiien
We ta 1% thrullgh tile telephlone n shore.
and at Swlitch1, enabling the receivers
to be connected to either of the two
Sevoral of the lighthouses onl the
coast of A merlica and some. the writer
believes. on that of the United King
doill are fitted with bells as desclibed
nhove, w-i-h are rung at certai inter
vnlS, ec)hlighthiouse ha0ving a di1fferent
lnmim oIl(f heict, so thalit a.ny a rtieu
lar Ilighthouse is distinlgulishedi by3 its
101]. just n1 iln (-teal- wenthler it is dis
tllng': hhed by tihe arralngemlen t of its
lights. All approalching shlip can tell
wvithinl a very close apipr-oxima~tin, as
mnathemalticianls would say,' ho0w it lies
with regard to the lighlthlouse, beenuse
tile b)el1 will hel heard iou.dest inl tihat
m~cr-ophOtne 0:1 tile side~ of the ship 0on
wlh1 the lighithlouse is, antd tile oflieer
of the watchl can steer neeor1dinlgly.
Alt ships carry a red] llt at nlighlt
on tihe left hanlid, or port, 81(de and a
greenl 1igh t on the right hand,1 or star
honrd side. wh-Iite all .steamters carry
in1 addition a white light showing on
bioth 1:ides4. Neithe-r of the tights cani
b~e seen~ nstern or for some1 distanle
towar-d the hows, tile ilimit being what
sailors call two points abaft tile beam,
a little asterni of her middle point: so
thalt whenl app~roalcing ai ship from
alstern! no lighlts alre visIble to tihe ap
pr-oaching ship, but her full lights are
visIleO from thle ship approached.
When two ships are approachinlg
each other f'rom op~posite directions end(
oni, eachl shiip will see tile oth~er's two
or threce ligihts anid can ensily steer to
keep out of Oeh othler's way. There
is a sinple rule for this, and1( incideutat
ly it may be mlenltioned thalt theO danI
ger is teast In tIts cnse, iprovided that
bothl ships are' properiy handled. Thle
danger of collision arises principally
froml ships crossing eachl other, nnd for
thlis also there are simple1 9les0 gov'
ernecd by what is called tihe rule of tile
road. Leaving out tile (questionl of sail
ing ships for- the mloment.l tihe ship1
wichl has1 tihe other, tile crossing ship1,
011 her own right ihand (starboard) sIde
has to keep out of tile way. anld It does
so by turning slightly to thle righlt, or
to starbtoardi, presenlting hecr left side
to the other ship.
WVhenever- a ship hats to give way to
anotiher theO color of tile lIght of tile
other ship is on tihe sameTI side as that
to which the helm must b~e mov-ed.
Thus when a red lIght is seen onl the
righlt hand (starboard) side tihe helm11
is punt to port, the side of thle light
oeon. Sftnl1hry when a sailing ship is
crossing 'from port to starboard. show.
Ing her g:'een light, that carried on her
starboard side. the steamer puts her
helm to starboard to clear. This rule
could he followed quito as easily with
sound signale.
"It Feems to wle that I have hecard
most of the idens advanced in your
speech before."
"That," said Senator Sorghum,
"mueely goes to show that they are
good idea whieh will staI1nd wear and
tear."-Vasti-gton Star.
Dying Words of Somo of the World's
Famous Men.
Nothangel. who died alone in his
roomh. noted his own symptoms to the
last. A letter to his assistant Is said
to have ended as follows: "WYrilite'n
late on the evening of .11ly (6 just aft
ar experiencing these severe attnaks
lied of enleillentionm of the artet 103."
.l'raube also made observations oi hi:n
self to the very end. Locock expires.el
I w.h to be present at the postI3or
lent ex.1I iamittioni oi liihnself. and amio:ng
uvier's last recorded words is a re
tark, as his iingers twitched involn a
Lanrily: "Charles Bell is right: 'Ce soit
es mierfs de li volonte qui sont imtla
,Iifs.' "Dyce David.s-on, prof1essor alt
AXberdeen. died imm1edliatly 1after sav
lng to his ehis. speaking of the next
mletihig, which ws never to 1.. e
ice. "our o'clock on Moatlay, gen
viemnen: 4 o'clock."
Several doctors have takeni their
eave with a hiessing to those around
tlemi. Astley Cooper's last recorded
words are. "God bless yon. an1d goodhy
o you all!" Ile had previously sail to
ifs physicians.,-iriglit aid Chawhi Iers.
'God's vill le done: God bless you
aotl!"11 ddIg. "You m1ust axnse m.
Alt I shall take n1o ilore inelleine."
Benjamln B'rodie was heard to mutter.
'After ill, (od Is very good." The
mddest of all recorded last words are
urobably those of Oliver Goidsimith,
6vho, wheni asked by his physician if
its mind was at ease, said, "No, it is
lot!" On the other hand, William
[muter's min)d seems to have been full
)f bright thoughts at the iomnent of
leath. for he sai1d, "If I could hold a.
0n, what a hook I could write!"
Parteur and Darwin. though not be
olging to tile medical lrofession. are
r'enerated by it as teachers. I)arwivn 's
last words were, "I iim not tihe least
ufraid to s1ie." Pasteur was offered it
-iii) of milk and. being unable to swal
low it, murmured, "I ennot." Ile
passed -way with one hmd in his
wife's. the other grasping n cruefix.
Lastly are mentioned tile last words of
Mirahenu, which are said to have been
lddrere('d to a 0 octor. Ile wrote on a
slip of papler. which he gave to his
physiek -!. the philosopher Cabais. the
single word, "i)ormir." Another ac
ronunt, which may he an expainded ver
sion of this, is that after begging for
In halyne he saId reproachIifully to
tle dortor: "Were 3*ou not my physi
einn n1111d )y friend? )id you not
promise to spa ire mile tile sufferi 01
such a death? Must I go awnty carrying
with ie the regret of having cofided
in you?" This Is rather a long and
rhetor'ienl speech! for ai dying man.
British Medical ,lournal.
Lit tle Friedl-Mo(thler. nin' t faithr got
a queer idlen of whaiit hleaven is like?
Motheir--I dlon't kniow,' dear. I never
heardl him say anythiug abou12t it. Lit
tIe Frued-Well, I dlid. Hie told thle
groc'ery mnaun that the week you sp~ent
ini thle 'ountr'y was like heaven to him!
-London Telegi'aph.
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
L~.i and cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kid
ncys are out of order
S *or diseased.
,~ Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it Is not uncommon
afflicted with weak kid
a. neys. If the chlild ur!n
......... .. * a'tes too often, if the
urine scalds teflesh c-.- if, when the child
reaches aa age when it should be able to
control the passage, It is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the diffIcuIly is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs, This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the'
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit at
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root is soon realized, It is sold
by druggists, in fifty..
cent and one dollar
sizes. You may have a
sample bottle by mail ,
free, also pamphlet tell- lomo ot sramup-inoot.
'ng all about it, inchuding many of the
housands of testimonial letters received
rom sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
.k Co., Binghamton, N. Y., be sure and
mention this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and~ the address, Binghamton,
N. Y.. on every bottle,
B esiss'Locals.
Notties of Cale, Wants. Bwaps, etc
Inserted in this Coltnua at 5 cents pet
lineofor each Insertion. Nothing take:1
for less than 10 centa.
FOR SALE.-I have several nice I
ding lots for sile. All inside of im
porate limits of the town of Pick(
Prices reasonable and terms to Ruit
purchaser. B. C. Bake
Fon SAL-17 acreq, originial for
11 miles iiortli o-f Pickes, $30 an a
75 acroa weat of Woodall Mountain.
norea branlch bottom. balaun in timi
)rico $10 atrm, 01h de1l. E. F. iEm
R.F. .D., No. 4, Pickens, S. G.
Carload of Obelisk Flour just recei
at 11. A. Rithley's.
Pay yonr grnaIno billR at once. I
not i arry I )sthe a et4entita4 any lon)
01111C . to t I 1) p4tE pri E- to mnak.. HeiI
m1101t. 1-. A. RIC10-'
Improved Cotton Seed for Sale.
This cotton is extra envly ani( vini
o( shorta nsoi s. A8o Ti 's li npi,
ei E.arly Big 131 1
feh20w4 Easley, S.
Napoleon as a Subaltern.
As ;t I::ry sub:lltern Napoleoi
pe:tra. lIn 11L. ".\ll-1mo4irs of' tIII P
F'I;l:dre." bay .i.t-eral :hlrol. The
tilt 0 111 '11:11 h i l l I W i 11 e 1
11 p :y o f' a.' i oei '-. *'10 E w \
11h t -itr Itow. Ilk. layedl prnt-ti
jo..t 111- bl olottel whenl he( wo:
lit-twen (it af l'illet'y. "*\\'(- lhad
llent wilf' of as~ltsit tling oillr chief's
the nfEIn'y or'ir grin prnet ice."
Nul11o;vo:l. \We just tied a iLstring
the a:n:'dt. atl zier the shlot, bef
the smnok. hIl t.:ei. n1 gunn.ier ere)t
hlId u1111lied the striniig, overturning
ta1i'(et. T1us 1! I mlr shots were 11
We also hadI n olonel who wats st
(leafi, and we I'seti to fire (n
tridlges. teling lin we hn.ld fired :
1Ie would slIeld hours 1111ntin;.
traces or t'ie hots." One woI(j
whiat Napoleon wotlti have s.itl if'
own sbtibalteris had served lim i
the Same tricks.
Ariva rid 1 .l-parltire of Tratis, Gr
vilie. S. U. 'YI-co t 1vo A pril 1.1, 19006
6:.10 t 1, No. I8 .'.itily ext'eit 4u4lld y, for
I(.S 414141 intern hte 1tati11.1 aIiV
Lautien s (4:00. t su
12:15 p i, N). 53 taily for Laurens,. CI
Newherry. Colnumtbia, Sumter ind Cil
totn colime01:In.g lit ti4441ter with .. C
Train No. 82 for Richtitolid, Wnahill
1uund ensteril lie , 41d it at iLa renl with
W. . Train No. I for Spartaiburg
tr in No 2 fo.r reeiwood, Augusta, et(
Arrive I tIluens 1 :35 ) m1, ('1i
p I. Newherry :.10 p. Im, Colimbia
StIumter 4it in1 t rl lton P:4O, .311tt
burg 3:3 p. in, Greenwood 2:46 p in,
Anughtsln Z'2n p 4..
4:o 1 :I*, N I). t ina ex el)ept stnIdiyt, for
rens wial intermedh ttle stations. Arih
Laturen-s 41:-0.
10:20 a w. Vo *. EitI1y except Sunday
Lim rens ai iiiLitmedhtte sttill is.
.00 ) iit, No. F5. (111 y except Sunda(114y, J
Larnadintermnediate stiations.
3:25 p) m. No. 52, ito 1y from Clirleton Sul
Col mi .,i. New leri y, t'inton, Spntotul
Augusta, re'en wood Ltauens etc.
Trains N .52 and 53 rini through betl
Charles ton w~1.itot chanige.
E-rnsest W illiams, G. P. A .
R M1. lUrand. TProf. 511an. Au4gus$it a .
-Suipersedes T'ime Table)1 No 0
l-:lective Maiilh 10 1907
Read) Down Rent
No 9I No 11 STATIONS NO 10 3
Mixed Mixed Mixed M
1:5(0 nm II :30 nm lv Pietkens ar 8:30lami 5 :0!
61:52 nim 11:3544 im ergusoni 8:251un 5:0)
7:15 am 11: 45 nm44 *l'arsoin's 8: 15am14 4:51
7:14 444m 11:54' 444 *.\riils 8: I0amI 4:4!
7:15 nm41 14:55 4ami *Mauldtin 8:05m 4:41
7:20) 414 12:001 m4 ar Entsley IV 8:014m 4:31
All traiins dalily except Sund~ay
No 14 conneicts with Souitherni Railwny A
No 10 tone~1ctts withI Sautherni Railway S
No. 11 connctst withU SotuthernI Rn4lway ?
No 12 Cone11cts1 with3 Xoulthern Ratilwaty
(W-For any informia~tion app'y to
.For Sale.
75 Acres Wood land
P'ickenis c'ounity on Easi
toe cr'eek, known as Mii
phree or Elin diey lands.
Fine tinmber.
Will sell for $10. Il
First conie, first ser'V(
Aidersoni, S. O
Ove Postoffce, Anderson, S.
Practice In all Courts In Sonuth Cart
$5640. Two miles of
tral. Known as the Wai
farm. 188 acres. 45
in cultivation. 6o acre
timber; 40 in pasture;
houses-7 and 5 rooms
pectively; outhouses. (
orchard. Will make e
lent dairy farm. Thirty
1't of cotton can be mad<
, place it put in proper si
$1,200 78 acres; 25 acr
cultivation, 35 i.n timber
1y ance in meadow and ore
tO 7-room house; good st;
01re and outhouses. This
1) - lies in 1 1-2 miles of
th Union, S. C.
a. $3,250. 200 acres; 9 mill
,or Norris, S. C., 4o acres ii
PVS tivation; i oo acres of
- nal forest. Good orc
Buildings on farm cann
NA replaced for $2,000.
$5,.ooo. Porter place.
miles of Central, S. C.
If the above does not s
- what you want and we wi
IC Holde
Aumft-Real Esi
Office ov<
Plaini Ta
fly A Talk
You use a fertilizer
of course, but do you
usc enough ?
The yield per acre,
and the profit thercfrom
increascs in far greater
proportion than the cost
PO of additional fertilizer.
What is an increase in
cost of $2.00 to $10.00
pracr for fertilizer
showv an increase of $5(
$e S250.00 pencre
The big Magnolia
Farms at D)urant, Miss.,
- the well-known Virgini
olina Fei
n- .in di ff c
..:~ t hei r
Cr 1,000 lb!
acre wer<
- $75.Com:
500 lb!
acre werc used.
This in mtodlern intensi
ture, the raethod that is
ling~ and trebling the er
til kind:; of fruit in
(cither good or in poo
0 nd wVorn-out landl all
eover~ thc country--and
in good soil, too.
Cen- acres; 90 in cultivation, 75
kins of timber, 25 acres undet,
tcres fence for pasture; 3 houses,
s in .8, 4 and 4 rooms, res'pective..
two ly, out-houses and othier im.
res- provements essential to a
ood good farni 1-2 bale of cotton
xcel- can be raised on an average
ales to the acre.
Lape. $6oo.o0. Last call. Three
prospective buyers will look
es in at property this week. Be
; bal- IN THE LINE and get this
1ard; 28 acre tract which lies neu.
ibles the Camp Ground.
Aest $850.oo. Arthur Porter place.
4 1-2 miles of PIickens, S.C.,
15 acres in cultivation, bat.
!s of ance in heavy timber. Terms
1 cul- to suit buyer.
hard. $700.00. Bryson Farm. 1-2
at be mile of Shady Grove church.
1-35 acres-15 acres in culti
vation, balance in original
Two forest; 4-room house and out
224 buildings. One-third cash.
uit you, write us giving an idea as to
11 fill your bill.
r & Taylor.
:ate and Stocks.
, S. Carolina.
:r Pickens Drug Co.
to Fruit-G4rowers
S The yield will bd
-amount of plant fcx
* you give your trees or
-plants ---sou can de
pcndl on it. The better
they are fed the gra:er
*and more valuable will
be your crop). Forti?
ize sparingly anid you
reap sparingly.
efrom The fact that over a millionz
~.00 to t o n s o f Virginia-Caro~irta
Fertilizer were sold last year
provcs them to be without
Fruit equal. Every fruit farmner,
tested no matter what method he
a-Car- now uses, should get the Vir
tilizer ginia - Carolina
n ew Ycar Book
t1-It is free to all
r o p..
wvhen who arc inter
er st ed enough
dtowrite for it.
tuw-d Address us to
refer. the nearest city
w enc bclow.
d'ouh- Richmonel. Va. Durham, N. C.
sofNorfolk, Va. Charleston, S. C.
~p f Columbia, S3. C.' Baltimore, Mid.
A tlanta. Ga.
Cohambus, Ga.
rsaSavannah, Ca.
L M' Montgomery, Ala.
* caem ' - Memphis. Tenn.

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