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Entered hi~iVke1 Fdtfl~he-Becutid'lan
The truth hurts. Facts and
figures are - what we have to
follow. Our subscribers all re
alize this as w'ell as we, but it
is up to us to heed it, and it is
up to us strong, too, for the
government is in behind the
edict. The proposition is sim
ply this: Newspapers to enjoy
the privileges of the mails that
have been accoded them must
have their subscription list paid
in advance-this is the truth,
and it hurts. The facts are:
This is a ruling of the postoffice
depattient and was proml
gated in Deceiber, 1907, and
was made effective the first
of Jaiuarv, 1908, with finial
limit for papers to Comply by
the first of April, 1908. The
figumrs are: The newspapers'
hooks m ust show subscribers'
acco tits to be pfaid inl advance,'I
anld said books nmst be open to
inspw< tin to the local post
nuister and also to any official
sent b v ithe postofice depart
ment. There, you have the
situt i(0 illii a nut-sliell. We r
('nn Iot t(oiply, a1d colnplv we
wVill, 4r quit tl he bsine.Ss. 'We
have ()t to c(mniply--th Ierev is n1o
(l1'r if Nuvve---hit iwe stud
the - 1111er (ll .1 eelil wve mu1st
prlly N tagt 111111 CaIl S ol (I
let-tr 'I nd 11at v*til t 1 (1 ( sjs
sIf i8'. 11 addled pru< e '1f tjhe
Sv. we inusf Il.l t aldi 6tf e
slnh- riber-s 1(pl) s pay vny1 be
for \ 'ill Ist, st1 s to be at
least (ne veal in aulvam v frmli
January:iv 1st , 1 otherwise we
will be tid iLgd to (dist tninnei
thle Pa per. This is a hiisiiness
propos~!it ion olver w~lhi w(e have
no)P (till'o and) ijlis nti done to
we wouildn't men.'ItionI it if the
go1vern~lment wasn'tji heiltlijnid
us' bni a ;s they( have issiitd t he
in -u siness--t ha t , ini 'ffec(t is what
this ruling mieans.
Wet are send(ing~ out state
men('lts as fast as we can make
hetn iup and14 we; hope our sub
scriber's wvill he very pr-ompt in
re'sponIding, for we do( not want
to lose anyV of ithit and do not
are to detprive I hem of a copy
of (' paper if we can help it.
We know our subscribe'rs will
pay us and we are willing to
trust them, bumt we cannot--and
Trevive the benefit accorded
nl 'wsp~apers by the P. 0. depart
met so1d) not take these
Stflt"4'nns as "personal duns,"'
bat. re.flniber somebody is be
hind us and we are forced to
this unpleasant duty in order
to stav in blusinless. But, really,
cash in advance, and stop paper
When time paid for runs out, in
the best policy, and most satism
"1 re(enlved( your majesty's message;'
MillI the. new inissionary. "Did I un
d fod o~tt oul~vnd 4.o ie the honoi
tIis' tlOiotn me and dine' tomorrott
tfll <<1j0Mq. "11 ajtal 11 *Muill1 OtUIns 111
dl..M..u anttt~tlut
P CareV t 000
The - legislahurd :n,& 0 week
Mafter .next, in "ext a ession, to
elect a senator to fill out the un
expired term of Senator A. C.
sLatimer. Report has reached
here that the anpohitep will
asked to pledge iniself
not to entei .;he race riext sum
mer for the tong term. This is
e-uivalent to saying- that the
le ri slature, as a body, is not ca
pable of choosing a competent
Report has it that J. P. Carey,
of Pickens. is slated for the
place, and will be elected.
There is not a firmer, more
competent, or leveler-headed
im: i in the state, and one who
would give his time and atten
tention and do his whole duty
more faithfully than "Jim Ca
rey,"' but we stie'muously ob
joct, and our wail goes up,
whether* it is heeled, or not,
th-at lie should not accept this
gift (Q) with any strings attach
ed to it. It is, or was, the in
tention, not only of his friends
in this county, but of his ad
mirers all over the state, to
offer him for the senate this
smnner, for the lonig term, and
now comes the legislature with
this plim and danrles it before
his e Ies with a string to it, and
he must accept strhig and all if
he accepts the offering of his
Give Mr. Carey the position
if his colleagues want him to
have it, but do not manacle
him hand and foot with it.
Leave him free and untramn
m'lled, to do as he and his
friends think best when the
caipaign is opened. Pickens
coluty is for "Jim Cary "
against the filAd for the long
termi of U. S. senator, and un
less he- be al'owed to erte.
the race for the position we pro
test against his accepting the
gift of the gods.
Th. political situation in this
sta, is still further complicated I
by t' heainnouncemient that C. C.
roitherstone, of Laureis, will
be a ( a 'didate for governor in
the primaries this summer.
Ill-. Featherst one was a can di
dale for governor In 1898 on the
prohibition-platform and was
dlefeated by a combination of
pec uli ar circumstances and by
a very narrow majority. He
has; served as Grand Chancellor
<(f the Knights of Pythias and
is anm~ active and prominent
imember of the M. E. church.
T1he (death of Senator Latimer
c:ompletely changes the polit
ical situation in South Carolina
with reference to the contest
for senator. Mr. Latimer's
termi expires March 3, 1909, and
hewas a candidate to succeed
himself. The legislature has,
adjourned, but it will meet in
extra session two weeks henc'e
to elect a successor to 'the de
ceased senator. With the de ath
of Senator Latimner comes the
announcement that ex-Gov. D.
C. Heyward will be a candidate
for the U.-S. senate in the Denm
ocratic priinary next- summe.
ISateSenator Cole L. Blease,
of Newberry county, says the
Clinton Chronicle, has suddenly
become verywmoth over some of
the testimoniggiiven the dispen
sary invesdading committee
and threatenwt~ia governor wit h
. personal enestuiter. We ad
'mit Mr. Blease' its a big talker,
but at the same ,timne have no
fears flor tlhe governor.
* E
iMris. Alfred Brown and
3art, of Greer, are on a vis
ier sister, Mrs. J. M. Ne'ale
P. E. Alexandei-, of St
~. C., was over last wveek
isit to his daughter, Mrs.
~rt Porter', wvhose son is
Capt. 0. K. Mauldin an
.. Morgan, two prominent
~ers of the Greenville bar.
n Pickens this week, in at:
n1ce unon the sessions couW
"TrJhe~ Marshalls Enter
ri'a highly creditable b
)f entertainers,~ will beC ir
ligh School auditoium,
lay night, March 2d. A
ieuse should g raet them.
isual prices will prevail,
ickets can be bought bj
;hat date at Bolt & Co.'s
tore. A treat is i' stor
;hose who attend.
Deputy Marshal J. C.
nder, Constable Miles All
ind Policeman Nealey, of:
~ns, and Attoway, of Cer
nuade; a . raid Monday:i
ibove> Hagoods mill. Tum
'norninig about daylight
uicceed'Cd in capturing J
Wad1h and 12~1-2 gallon
~vhiklty they also confis<
nsli de~am'. He was. lhroug
iclkens and bound over t<
essions court.
B'elton O'Neal Ambler
.astThursday evening. It s
~hat he had been busily one
tIdby i chapping wvood
.eanino., up on his farnr,
vas' not comrplaini'g .any.
~at down' to)n14per- in. his8
)13, fSplkii$ audi wa* 9611
~hwm. JEbI~lwwa9) 5!nW
& at <xsdatamR tuanmn~Jle
(4mmaa an* - uma''
A fresh car o f P. P. P. Flour
has just reached us.
"Best Flour in the World", our
customers say. $6 per barrel.
Try it and see for yourself.
Exclusive Agents.
son, at home, never coming to Pick
it to ens except when business forced
y him to. He was buried Satur- t
lica, day at the Hagood burying
o ground. He leaves a host of
Rtob- relatives and friends to mourn
ite i death.
Leo Gl:espie, of Pickns, is
c (ircu1latin~g among friends and "
law.. relatives in this vicin ity..Mrs.
were Geo. Garren, of Pickens, S. C., h
Lend- is visiting her parets, Mr. and a
. Mrs. A. H. Garreu...unday,
at br10' a.., at the home of the ~
tai- rid'sparents, Mr. and Mrs. e
uinch L. D. Gillespie, of East Fork,
the Mir s N Thie Gillespie and Jake 1:
Mon- Baker, of Pickens county, S. C., a
full were happily married, Rev. A. 9
TI: e J. Manley officiating. Their
andmany friends wish them much
dfrg happ~iness..Sedrick and Jim ti
fr Garren, of Pickens, S. C., dined I
e o with their uncle and aunt on'
the Blue Ridge, Sunday.-East ~
Alex- IFork CJor. Brevard News. d
lgood Tears of joy and sadness come
Pick- from the same tank..It! is the
itral, things we don't (10 that we re- ~
'tight gret most..If kissing is a crime iy
sdaiy it must be a capital one..
they When a girl refuses a young a
. 111 m a kiss she expects .him to a'
so of "et, b~usy anyway..A greenC
aatedI wiinfer nmakes;a. fat churchyard. b(
hIt to -OlmSaying. How about -the a
' the wet winter?..J. C. Palmer, I.
'originally of Pickens, later of a
died Atlanta, has been in the city for
eesse veral days. lie was employed
-aged ini a newspaper office as a com
ad positor, but h;;td to give- up this e
and work on account of~ Miling- t
He health. Wa-were gladlthat h&e
honoretdl us1; viigh a, Miiit--Ailbo
14(O I N * ' nallf': i suunntlhI() IUI l aill nawur~ Irwm
F nant mm~ stiU liJ
tae fSot Crli4
ounty ofJPickens
inde on sth f oll ing ae', as n
'Ont o Pintenesolc.Iwl elt
oursor ae nt iken 1-'urt Couse...
. Keleon -li~i
oA YouDg Yt alN M AfIKdIn19.
)a( follow ing dlescribl ied a ae upodI
n1 .erins heinnft(er~ olen. iled :wt:..
Al haget ieprcel, or tc of gan
ormgf sanein sat kn in thet county
nd flltawn ar-sa8Ci'd on' boS th' Pide
'welve M1 ilo River, contanin g foui
undred (400) a-:rea, more or ih at am9
eing tt e tract, of land coniveyveA by N..
[. Madt en to Mary Anni Madden and
14 h1 irs of hwr boudy the 2.1 day of ApriR
m, and the deedl to which is recrdEd
the otIie of Register sof MIeie Con
ayance in~ Book "A" page 78?, exc-pt.
.ich por tions a f aidl tract as ahe haea
Peded UT, and referenee is hereby
11nde0to said dleed for further deseirip...
on of saidl jandl, which now ad
>ins landa of 0. (O. Smith, N. B.
o-re. J. HI A lawts, Mary Bro'vn ands
.M. Madden.
Terms: One-third cashl on day oft
dle and the baht n :e on a credit of. one
1(d two years in equal amiounta.,. The
redit portions to dlrawv interest froim
Ely of a die and to be secured by thle
Emds of the purchaser or purchasers,.
ad a mortgage of the premises, witin
ave to the puroblaser or pturchapeys to'
nticipate paym'ent of thie credit potiOrp..
The terms of sale must l e complIgd.
ith wIthin one hour or the prenism
-I1l be resold on samte day.
Purchan -r, or purcohasse.. are t~p
r all papers and fon the reC(oding og'

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