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-utered April 28, 1908 at Plokons, S. O., aa-seoond olass matter, under act of Oungrm of-maroh 8, 1879.
VAY mu II CIEMI, I05TI C0LINA, TIDAT, YfBUR~Y 2741901 ___20
#Marietla. R F D 2.
-Heaith excellent and people
4enjoying lif-r.
Walker Jones visited his -pa
-xents Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Maud Galloway visited
Miss Lillie Jones, Sunday.
Ara. V. N. Jones, who has
beem very sick, is slowly im
Mrs. P. B. Griffin is recover
ing from a severe spell of sick
IRichard Hayes visitd his
father and mother-in-law, Mrs.
,Bill Ma-singale, last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wash Lesley
visited Robert McJunkin and
wife last Sunday.
- iMrS. E. M. McJunkin visited
~Mr. P. B. Griffin last week,
Mr. and frs. Harve Galloway
visited their father and mother
last week. M YELLE.
Piokens. R. r. 2.
Farmers of this section are
'ting ready to make their
next crop.
J. F. Stephens and fanily
were the guests of Andrew Par
rot and wife last Monday.
.J. A. Roper and wife and
Miss Mattie are visit lig friends
in Elberton, Ga.
Sloan Durham now sports a
:ne top-buggy.
Miss Nora Nimmons is getting
along nicely with her school at
Six Mile.
Mrs. Kate Bolding, of the
Prater's Creek section, is very
ill at this writing.
While working at R. M. Ba
ker's, Rouben Childress receiv
od a severe cut on the head
with an ax, but is now doing
An all-day singing was held
2t.('amp Creek last Sunday.
. Japps and Mack Dihan
wiih Aheir families were the
guests 4v .Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
)yha Jt Sur d iy.
'Cheer up), "Old( Ridldle." the
wedding bells a rning'i all
:rounid you. B3race up and1 got
'I3thf) r1iJ. ' UNION BOY.
CIalumot Jotvmn Mill resumed
operations last week, af ter hay
n~g been shut down about two
1iss Florence *Wilson enter
tained her cThorus class on the
* t4 inst.
Miss Dot .Banders vis-ie at
p~olton last Friday.
Born, onl the 10th, unito Mr.
pnd Mrs. W. J. B~oggs, a gi.
'Uncle Zeke," we shall mis
if vo, go) bac(k to "Mnd(
that you hatve a~ 1ho31 o'flnieces
* AfdInophews that wouldj be glad
to heoar from yoidand then per
Iwps she will 1ot you take time
write us. I fell in love with
'kynso lot us- hoar mcre
bout him.
Thanks, " Subscriber,?' Mor
Let's all add something to our
etters that will benefit some
)me, so here goes: 'Tis said
Ahat to hold a bad wound over 0
>urning sugar, the smoke will A
wct the same as if the wound V
was cauterized, and little pain s
will be experienced. Mama's P
remedy for a nail thrust is burn- a
nz woollen rags in a vessel,
wvith the wound held over the
Mama says a well-cooked,
iicely-served meal, and the art a
)f nursing the sick are accom
?'ishlnents all girls should ac
juire, and nere book learning
without practical knowledge of
iow to keep house and tend the
ick is worthless. Youth is the
imo to impress them on our
.Qnn Q011Stuh T I.
'o hustle sure. Ii I wa, to tel
rou all I do besides preparing P
ny lessons for Monday it would 0:
nake you tired, so good-bye. t
"- r
Pfckens, R F D 4 C
Notwithstanding the very cold
weather, we are glad to say that c
aealth Is good in this section. a
Joel Jones is visiting his peo- S
?le and friends in Rabbitville
md Pumpkintown this week. r<
Mrs. Nannie Jones, of Oole- I
i.oy, Is very ill at present. a
Mr. and Mrs. pmory Jones
rave a pound supper Saturday b
iight, which was greatly enjoy- C
Ad by all present. p
Bill Day gave a singing Sun- fl
lay. It was an enjoyable oc
yasion. ei
Will Keith had a chopping 0
3aturday. A great many en
raged in the sport.
Sam Chapman gave a quilt
ng party lately. A great many C
were there. They quilted in
he morning, ate dinner and in
lulged in a few games in the m
tfternoon. It was surely en
joyed by all present. 9.
One of the enjoyable events c
>f our social life was a c
birthday quilting given by S. D.
Chapman on the 18th inst., ats
the home of his father, George b
Chapman. As the youi"adies
and even the boys had contrib- f
uted pieces, we were all invited s
to go into the house and each i
one quilt his or her own piece. ,
About 45 persons vgero present,
and they soon .got the two
beautiful quilts completed. Wo ~
were then invited into the ~
dining-room, where a bountiful i
repast awaited us. It was a
grand occasion. Every one was
cheerful and lively. After din
neor we all went out on the E
beautiful meadow, where the I
happy crowd Indulged in nlu- t
merous games till the time ar
rived to say good-bye. I
We are glad to state that-'Mr~.'
S. G. Dorr, who has been very
ill with rheumatism, is im
Mr. and Mrs John Lesley, of
Qlassy Mountain, were t~he
. ,~iDor and wife(
ast Friday. ;or
Fletcher Losley, of Easley,
isited his son Roscoe's family au
ast week. ;el
We are glad .to note that B. !it
1. Clark Is rapidly regaining giv
is health. I I
Belt Ambler died at the home gat
E Joe Medlin on the 21st inst. day
[r. Ambler had been chopping wit
rood all the afternoon, and was wa:
.tting at the table eating ,up- we
or, when he fell to the floor tair
nd died in a few moments. Mo
CLEVIB. 'the
-Pearldge pa
An entertainment was giv1n ou
b the Gates school last Friday par
ight by the teachers and sev- o
ral young ladies of the school. mo
he entertainment ccui.sted of le(
aly one dialogue, "Rebece a's ie%
rial," which was well renaer- N
1, and lasted about two hours
L its delivery. h
J, W. ate
the New Ho;>o sect6fo, W
leasant callers at the residence
I Rev.. W. C. Seaborn tho lat
,r part of last week. T
Rev. W. C. Seaborn filled I i3 'l
.gular appointment a'. Con- Ro
)rd last Saturday and Sunday. wi
Miss Della Parrott, of Con
>rd, was an egreeable visitor be
t the home of W. L. Morgan,
aturday and Sunday. Oil
.J. M. Hunnicutt's mother is era
ported very ill at this writing. for
[er many friends hope for her mi,
speedy recovery. Ro,
Walter and Ed. Seaborn went I
ird hunting Saturday up toi reb
apt. J. J. Herd's. They re- ai
rt a fine time and a success- am
11 hunt. by
Miss Mellie Couch and moth
, of Easley, visited the home of
E G. E. Kennemore, Sunday. p
Winthrop College
The fifth number of our "Star
i$ ear
ourse" was given last Monday 1
ening. It was a "Chalk
alk," by Ross Crane. His tiI
ibject was "Looking Human
ature in the Face." This.the
ontleman came to us highly ,afl
colCmml1elded, anid we were not si
isap)poinited. His skill with to
rayon and clay was only ex- os
elhed by his skill as an imper~ anm
>nlator. Heo 1held his audience se
pA 1l)b1und(. Tlhe c;losinlg numi- CU!
er of his programe he calle d s
Looking Divine Nature in the og
ace. It consiisted oft Tlenn~y~-r
rm's "Crossing the Bar,'' ilus an
rated wvithi crayon, then read Iy
with piano accompanimnent. te
Miss Mary Nance, President: col
f the R'ur'al School 1mprove-- I
aent Associat ion of South Car: wa
lina. is visiting here. She ad- Ipo.
iressed our association last l
Thursday afternoon. b)e
Dir. Caxtoni, presidenit of the P0
outhern Educatienal Board,
ecturied here last Thursday .ac
vening. Hlis subject was "'A
Le.tcheri." is discourse .wiis
ual and well adiapted1 to h~~is
elry College, miidcssed. bui'y
:1is talle.wt,4exceeding inter-'
Idiing and vmehehlful./
anization, having a member
p of about 400. Under the.
ipices of this association are !
eral.4ible and mission study I
ssesThis work is divided 4
courses, and certificates are
on to those completing them. i
'here has recently been or
dized a normal class for Sun
r school teachers. It was
h difficulty that a teacher
3 secured for this class, but
were truly fortunate in ob
ing, Miss Martin, of our
del School department, for
newN Stein-wey concert grand
no has just beeu placed in
auditorium. Our music dt -
tment, under the direction
Prof. Bauer, is more and
re popular each year. It was
essary to purcase several
v prmctice pianos this year.
Ve are rejoicing over the fact1
t $48,000 has been appropri
I for a new dormitory here.
are ahlo t(" have a new
del shitcol buildiig.
he Maintenance of Earth Roads.
'he U. S. Office of Public
ids wili supply this paper
ih practical articles on vari
features of road building
I maintenance, which will
published from time to time.
r subscribers are urged to
e this matter careful consid
tion, and(: are requested to
ward to this office for trans
;sion to the Office of Public
ids any practical que3tion
ich they desire answered
dting to road construction
1 ma-intenance. Questions
I answers wvill be published
this paper at suitable i
Ve may recognize the value
lard and durable roads in all
'ts of the country, but still
fact remains that for a long
.0 to come the majority of I
roads will be composed of
th. Furthermore, in about I
e months out of- the year thu I
th road, if properly cared for, 1
easona bly satief actory. For
ny a..- i ultural districts it is
only road at preseont avail
e. Hliece, these colImmittees
uld set themselves seriously
vork to learn the best meth
of mainrtaining earthi roads
I of getting t he maxim unm
vice frm t hem. Prospority
nies to the country to a great
eont thriouigh the pr'ospeIity
the farmerrs. This fact~
m)gly suggests the import
e of giving the e'ar'th r'oad
~ry possible care and atten
1 in its location, drainage,
istruct ion and( ma10intenanlce.
\n earth road comnposed of!
ter-holding soil should be ex
ied to the sun and air as free
as possible, as comparison
ween the shadled and sunny
~tions of such a road w~'ill
ily indicate. 'This should be
~ompllish~ed by cleariing a suf
eut amount of trees and un
growth away from the road.
must be rememnberedh ,owever
i~t sandiy and gravelly roads
inire moisture, and in those
se- some shade be retained.
rthermore, trees are benefi
Ai along river banks and on
oep grades subject to washing.
Drainage Is one of the most
Lnor tant doints to consider in
,onnecilon with an earth road.
rhe majority of earth r ir h
L11 mountainous and hi!. Ai'
ricts have too much dr. -,:
)ccasionally a road v.1
ound with five ditches,
n the middle made b- h
iorses' and by wheels f
rehicles, and two on the
ill welI-constructed earti k
tre supposed to have nc
han two ditches, one oi
ide of the traveled roa
Kop the water out of th
le of the road by givir
irown or elevation in the
>f 7 1-2 inches above the
he inner slope of the ditcl
!0-foot road, and where t1:
ire a little steep make the
.0 inches. With a cro -
ibout 1 inch to the foot trom
hie center to the sides, the
litches which are often built
v:ross the road on steep grades
;o deflect the water will not be
1eeded. Instead of carrying
.vater across the road in open
itchv, tilQ Qr conQrete draih
;hould, if possible, be provided.
rhey should have sufficient ca
)acity and fall to carry* the
mnaximum amount of water
'hat is expected to flow through
lhem at one time. The capac
ity is increased in proportion to
the fall or grade; for instance,
12-inch pipe laid on a 1 per cent.
gra(de will carry 1,800 gallons
per minute, while the same pipe
laid on a 2 per cent. grade will
carry 2,500 gallons per minute.
Furthermore, a culvert laid flat
will soon fill. up, while one hav
ig a good incline will keep it
3 ff clear.
In the maintenance of an
arth road, avoid the mistake of
hanging the natural order of
Ahings. Naturally the soil is -
ound on top and the clay on
Jhe bottom. If this order is re
iersed in constructing a road,
)he result will be less satisfac
;ory than if the soil be left at
Jhe top of the road, for soil
nakes a better surface to a road
;han clay. If the roadbed is
argely clay to start with, it will
)e well to place sandy soil or
:lean sand on top. A covering
>f 6 to 10 inches of sand upon
-lay that persists in breaking
ip into deep mudholes will
isually be satisfactory, and if
and enough be added, this clay
will cease to make mud. If the
roadbed is comiposed of sand it
::an be improved by an applica;
bion of (lay.
The rule for a serviceable
earth road, then, is as follows:
M~ake ditches on each side and
keep them open; haul sand and
pgravel upon sections needing
this treatment; use a road ma
chine and a split-log drag judi
ociously-a full description of
wich wvill be contained in a
later arti~le- fol low the "'stitch
Iin tim&" rule and give an earth
roadl~ the same)1 care~fuli, persistent
attention you would give yo'urv
prizoe acre, factory or store, and
it will pay as large a profit in
prIoportion to your individual
out lay.
Miss Knight's Vnusic class will
represent "Tr1he Enchanted Ap
ple," a 3-act operetta, in the
High School auditorium, Friday
evening, March 6th. A small
*gdmissioni fee will be charged,
gd the proceeds used on jhe
piano fundsl

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