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we w
U# utered April 23, 1903 at Piokerns, B. 0.. as second class matter, under act of Congress of Mavarch 5, 1879.
VCL. XXXVI _________ 11 [09M CAUL!I'A, TIUM~AY, KARCH 5 19C6 GI9
J. B. Chapman dined with J.
H. Hughes last Sunday.
Misses Irene and Lillie Berry
visited Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Dun
can last Sunday.
Miss Nora Looper visited Miss
Li lie Turner last Sunday. The
day being lovely, a pleasant
time was enjoyed.
J. H. Smith has nearly com
pleted the bridge over Carpenter
,,reek, known as the Gilstrap
bridge. A new road branching
out from the bridge is in prog
ress. We hope the commission
ers will soon carry the project
through if they want us to re
member them on election day.
Come again, "Old Riddle;"
let us hear from you often.
W. E. Thomas and family
wvere the guests of Mr and Mrs.
.R. B. tLumpkin last Sunday.
A. D. Mann and wife were
fhe gtuets of Mr. and Mrs. W.
T. Tompkins last Saturday.
Sioan Tompkins and wife,
from Easley, spent, pa- t of lait
week with Mr. and Mrs. S. B.
Champ Mauldin, of Liberty,
spoint last Saturday and Sunday
with his sister, Mrs. 13. F. Maul
Miss Mattie Bowen, tea(her
of the Mile Creek school, had to
sop her school last week on ac
!)ount. of the sickness of her
nother. Miss Mattie is sure a
e teacheriaiid \\e hope to sooln
see I r at h i post again.
MrA Alice Polding an-1 Yrs.
Sallie Garrett wemo tle guests
>f Mr. and Mrs. J. T. To ur kins
last week.
Mrs. Nancy Murphroe is y et
tin. along all right after a. o
vetr' spell of the grip.
Ab. Parsons and family spent
Sund lay with ir. and Mirs- Law
rence Miurphree.
IUxac.E Tom.
Six Mile.
G:>od morning, ''Papa's Girl.''
Yo were speaking of going vis
iting, but "Papa's Poy"' did not
carry you. Well, if he diidnL't it
wa papa himself. Tih m you
said lie only had one boy, and
he wasn't large enough to drive,
and if he was he wouldn't go to
.s;ee ani old maid. Well, it's a
good thing he ain't big enough,
for there's not nn old maid in
tl i community for him to come
to see, so he would get left after
all. When I said '"Papa's Boy"
I did not mean your brother at
all. But if a boy wasF going tc
take a g'r he should seek one:
that is old enough to take~ cart
of' him, not one of those young
A thins that don't know how tc
miake a plain cake of corn b~read.
The s' (0l' i't fit me andlI can'i
wear it. Ciome over som timi
an brn your knitting ani
spend the day with me. Anm
wa will talk over the fun we arc
h wing throus h the B.-J.
Miss Ann i~ Pickons. of thi
Stewart L ection, was the gi
of her friend, Miss Sophia M.
din. Saturday and Sunday.
Six Mile church was bur
last Tuesday morning. It cau
fire from the stove. Serv
will be held In ih ' new sch
house till another church bu
ing is erected.
Miss Sophia Mauldin vis
in Central last Friday.
M. B. Evans has set him
up to a fine organ.
Miss Lizzie Alexander, of
Stewart section, was the gi
of her sister, Mrs. W. C. C
rett, one day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. E
dricks are confined to their rc
this week with the grip.
Mrs. C. L. Willimon vis:
home folks in the Stewart
tion one day last week.
Yes, "Uncle Tom," "Pa'
Giri" sure did miss it when
thought I meant her brot]
Don't you suppose she wai
t, tell she h id only one brot]
Sloan Durham has tres
himself to a fine top-but
Now, girls, which one of
will I e the first to ride in it?
Mrs. L. L. Willimon is
sick at this writing.
Noah Stone now rides i
new and stylish top-buggy.
Best wishes to the S.-J.
its many readers.
OLD Routi~
Miss Maud Galloway di
with Miss Lillie Jones, Sum
Arthur Smith gave a el
ping last week. A great i
joined in the sport.
Miss Susie Medlinl visited 1
Marindi Watson last wet k.
W. A. Jones is v ery sik
is constantly complaiing,
we think he is taking the n
Miss Susie Medlin visited I
Bessie Jones last week.
Miss Eula Day visited
aunt Saturday and Sunday.
H-alber3 Jones and wife
ited Mr. and Mrs. J. B. C;
way, Sunday.
Rev. W. C. Seaborn filled
alpointment last Sunday.
" Clevie" why didn't
all day.
Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Gr
were the guests of Mr. and I
W. M. Jones, Sunday al
ii 0n.
Mr'. and Mrs. S. G. Dorri
son, of the Griffin settlem
were at Oolenoy, Sunday al
"Gourdhead," we are
that you are helping us to
out the SENTINEL, and hope
will stay with us and heli
get upI someO good news.
" Clevie," I can't come
Ischool muclh longer.
Come again, "Pansy,"
don't quit the SENTINEL.
We nee(d a singing schor
O.olenoy. Don't all you you:
folks say so?
We are sorry to hear of t
br rning of the Six Mile chur
lest We are having some ni
mlu- weather now, and health is <
cellent in this section.
ght Poplar
ooe- Farmers, are greatly behii
ild- with their work.
Sowing oats is now the ord
ited of the day.
The health of this section h
self not been very good, but is g(
ting some better.
the Mrs. W. W. Younglood dii
iest near Seneca on the 23d ult. H
i-ar- remains were laid to rest at Po
lar Springs church the d-y fh
lowing. A large family is le
to mourn.
0111 W. R. Lynch came very ne
losing all his cotton made
ited 1907. He had it stored under li
sec- crib shelter, and while out in t
field at work his little daught
aa's noticed the cotton on lire ai
she ran and told her mother. T
Aer. alarm was given and the han
ited gathered in and saved the c<
4er? ton and corn. Three bales w(
tted badly damaged. It is not kino
rgy how the fire ol idinated.
you Born, to Mr. and Mrs. R.
Gilstrap, a fine girl. Bob
ery stepping high now.
The writer was over in Pi<
n a es not long since, and was gl
to see his old home town comi
to the front.
W. R. Lynch has a fine n
lboy at hi house. OwL.
Mrs. L. E. Hlunnicutt,
( Greeville, v:Si a p)leasIani v
y- itor at the hm))ae oF J. A. ti
1op- niuiitt the latter part of h
mV week.
Lawence e:te', who h
4 s heeni conined to his moomie
eral weeks with typhoid fev
is able to be out again wiih I
a old associates.
Ra it i1 re'ported that George
Lewis jumped the broom h
Sinday and took unto himis.
a, hel pm eet to journey alo:
through life wvith. May- t
her ' young couple live a loig, pi
perous5 and( happ)y life.
~.5 The wifCe of W. W. Seabo
l-is ill at this wvriting with t
grip. Hecr nmany friends ho
his for her al spee'dy recovery.
Jason Intrekin was a rleasa
you caller at the home of S. M. F<
you guoon last Sunday.
faFREE. Igorrote's Puzzle. FRE[
~ter- Tolc IN-rOIu(neE. We will gi
away ten thousand of th(
Igorrote's Double Crossi Yuzz'
anid mnade of Philippine mahozan
ent, Diflicult and f ascinatin .g. Wr
'ter- quick and inclose four cents
stamp~s to cover cost of nmaili:
Clad plet; t hat's all. Address D(
fill INocAIums Co., 180)7 Chote
you Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
> 10
Now its rolated that a Per
to sylania dog chewed up a dye
mite cap. Further comment
hardly necessary. There
and some human hogs who woi
benefit humanity if they wvoi
1l at follow suit.
March Forecast.
Ce COPYRIGIT 1907 isy c. ir. rnu.
The ides of March wilfl com
When COmsar's blood was le1
The foes of Bryan will hide or
id Behind the parapet;
And when he sees them lurkin
er -there,
He'll guess their full intent
And run just like his friends a
as hope
He'll run for President.
d The candidates Republica:
d pams the stand again, and th
er portly form of Mr. Taft wi
) show a handsome gain; th
whiskerlets of Mr. Hughes wi
float upon the breeze, the fle'
that sailed Magellan's Strail
ar will cruise the western seas; th
in infant boom of Cortelyou w!
is grimly yield the ghost, and ti
le fleet will run the banquets o
elr the other Latin coast.
Another lot of foreign count
ds and busted sports and cd, w!
come across to marry more <
our dead-easy gold; a count w
marry a million cool, and a di
vn count two or three, and gold mi
girl (and horse-laugh lou
L. they'll all n it ou' to s3a; ai
is while the Goulds give Boni o:
-just one--more chance, alac
:k- w'll all st al off and kick or
ad selves quite low d.wn on t!
g back.
The country papers will get us
To Uncle Sam's mandate,
That they may not hold rea
ers who
Are not p.id up to date:
of B the ( 'werlnment will n<
At sqain. h som, ah
Vith Old sulbscribers made
They nevev wil pay now.
Ma 'iInI ..; the fiz.-t iuont
th;e Romani year. andn ant u
from ari, the' god of wva
Mar-; looked like a twin brotin
to Richard P. Hobson, and 1
A. was the -e ,ular Roman delega
It to the Pem e Confereice at T1
1f -1aue. He was supposed to I
ig the father of Romiiulus, the fom
he der of Rome, but le was not; I
>s- was only the young man's go
father. In ancienft warfare
rn was customiary to place a gor
he Jbr'onze bust of Marsi on the liel
pe) and then light for it.
The c;omiedy of life will I
nt ab~out whl)at it has been-tl
-men will labor day anid nigh
and the wives of men will sii
They'll have a club for eve]
day, and never cease to g,
E. they'll learn to talk of mni
ethemes their husbands (10 n<
se know; they'll hear a lectur<
from Greece, another from J,
y, pan, another on the Renai
ite sance, and several on ma:
ini they'll bave a lot of long-hair<
ig, freaks to make them crudit
they'll work on papers eve1
au morn, and look up things,
night. and their husbands w
get supper cold and suffer riu
mI- cule-and the children will gre
n . up like wolves, wvhile mamn
5,goes to school.
tre Thlle money indiscreetly loan
ild Will faithfully keep Lent,
did And a lady teacher will sit on
The pin when It is bent;
But when the principal responds
To screams heard through the
She'll not tell him what hap
pened, but
Will say she saw a mouse.
Until the 21st, March will be
e under the influence of the zodi
acal sign known as Pisces the
F ish. Pisces will induce his rel
It ative Steuyvesant Fish, to take
the Illinois Central fight into
g the U. S. Supreme Court. where
E. H. Harriman will be ditched
with two bun lanps, a derail
ed backbone, and a swift kick
in the caboose.
After the 21st, arch will be
under the influence of Aries,
e- the sign of the. Head. Under
11this sign, old heads wiH come to
e' the front in the presidential
11 race, and Uncle Joe Cannon
will come out of last place and
s make the president put two
more burrs in the spacious bo
som of Mr. Taft's pantsi.
L( Persons born under- Pisces
n drink like a fish and vote wet.
They make excellent subordin
ates, like Friday and Loeb.
They can say no, and it is futile
A to expose them to any more life
i insurance, for they won't take
it. They are very cautious.
id and always take seats near the
d) fire escape.
e Persons born under Aries al
k? ways think before speaking,
.. and then never say anything.
e They are good organizers, and
generally belong to the Anti
Saloon League. They make
good lawyers, and generally get.
(- the case. continued until they
can elect the prosecuting at
>T.Ie Vernal Equinox will colle,
And the Irish will parade;
v.he bomnIIIig bullfrog will re
His music in the glade.
The mole will burrow in the
'Anl Ihe rash duck hunter
to( )t
His (aller while pneumonia
A leak hole in his )oOt.
And then the beautiful
'spring will come and the poet
i will essay, with swelling breast
to and bliss his bum and mu,e
1- attended lay; the rooster will
it annonnee the dawn, and1 the
hen wvill scratch the dirt, and
d everybody will put on a thin
ner. undershirt. Tihe sassafras
Ne wll brew again to tone the sys
,e temn rank, and the washout will
tupset the train and throw it
(ldown the bank; the gander and
ythe goose will moult,the meadow
r., will be wvet, and tho spring
ey intoxicated colt wvill turn a sum
t mierset. The house will be
er cleaned up again, the robins
a- comei& in drove, and the husband
s- will eat bread and cheese be
a; hind the kitchen stove. The
3d. young man's heart will beat for
e, love, and the widow in her
e'y weeds wvill find a man and seize
at him wTihr Estella wore the
ill h~eads.
1i- And then s weet April wvill return
'w And John D). get in line
la And pay his month's install
ment on
edl That thirty milliou fine.
IAbout the only law rcognized
by love is the mother-in-law.

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