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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickons, 8. 0., as second class matter, under act. of Cougreq of Marob 8, 1879.
The Enc
A Childr
Judith, a little girl living 11
ed and peevish. She has a i
"too bad." Her nurse remc
litt1e girl who is being brougli
cottage, appears upon the sue
Betsy's life. An old woman
guise, accosts Judith, and aft
which she has only to bite be
wishes will happen. Judith
finds herself in Betsy's coltt
d.nts of the day's toil are rek
woman finds Judith repent
throws off her red cloak, rt
sends Judith back to her own
J tid ith .................................
N u11rsef...................................
B tsy ...................................
M oth er................................
O 1 Woman, or Fairy...........
W Igoners ...............
H iynakers ........................
I ,ah1orers ..............................
S(hool Children, etc,.......
1 Choris ..................
2 Air (Nurse) ...........
8 Duet (I".tsy and Judith).
4 )uet (Judith and o!d We
5 Cihovus (Fairies ).............
G Dueti, and ChoruIs. ............
SSolo (Mot h.'r) and Chrns
8 Chorus (Wagoner*)...
9 Solo (Juidithi)..............
10 Chorus..........................
~ 1 Air (Judith)..............
12 Solos (Old WVoman and Ji
.13 Chorus......................
Author of "Craustark"
Copyright, 194~, byjIhxid. Mead and Comrpa
.iik wvith tie tanigled insne. or
' truggled anid fought breiac to back.
Tro hier dismay, Reve'riy saw the pc
ofi a~ sw~ordI at her throat.
"Out o!' the way. girl !' the inni
the cloak snarled, furious at her rei
nueie. "You < - as Well as your k
unli ess you su'rrend~er. lie cannlot
('.1)e me1."
-"A nd iC tI refmse!" Cre-the nm rl..
Lanted Ap;
ents Operetta
I a comfortable home, is disc<
abit of saying that everyti
nstrates with her in vain. B
Lt up to poverty and hard wo
ne, and Judith wishes she cot
in a red cloak, who is a fairy
or a conversation gives her ai
lore going to bed, and whatei
)ites the apple, and in the m
ige doing Betsy's work.. TI
Lted and when night conies i
.mt and with temper cured
rveals herself as Fairy Contei
home with some good advice
-0- -
..............................M iss Jan
...............................R uth B a
...............................;R u th I
........... .................... Li i
...............................E lberta
.............. ..................E ven in
... ..oo ba.! this is the morni
.Why, miss, I have to make i
om n )...................................
..........h, this is quite del
....................................H o !
I. -M orningll.
.............................T.r.e to t.
(a.. oes).....................
..............0 dea, what a st.u)
.....................Tramp, hoys,
...And . it true that grief is f
*Hi.--E venin.
.............Now fresh from
....... ...................D olI
idith)......So now at length y<
.......................T he cure is w
- ing ucl'-a:.31 .13 3 I t i h *.
"I will drive mny blade thirot1
- heart and tell the world it
deed of your lover."
Ba ldosi groaned. Ills adverb
courag~ed b~y the change tin ti
lion, 1pessedl himi sorely.
"D~on''t you (dare to touch mw
Marlan:C. I know you !" she hl~
know~ what you would do witli
nuy The sword camo nearer. Ti
died In her throat, She gre
T__ ierror pa1ra lyzedi her. Suddld
heart gav'e a1 great thump of j
eso U rceful Iness of the trapi
surging to her relief. The
thie souith leaped Into life.
ldlanration of conllect beat dow
11fears. "Take away that swo
please!" she cried, her voice ti
b)ut not with terror now. It
erultation. "Wi'll you promise
es- hIls lire? WIll yo swear to
tr-go, I f I"
"No. no-_never! God fm.i
ploi'edauos. -. .
E "Ha, ha!" chuckled the man in the
my master has reveled in your charms.
E # How do you like that, my handsome
goat hunter?"
"You infernal scoundrell I'll.settle
you yet!" Baldos fairly fumed with
rage. Gathering himself together for
a final effort, hie rushed madly on his
rapidly weakening antagonist.
+ "Baldos," she cried hopelessly and in
a tone of resignation, "I must do it!
It is the only way!"
The man In the cloak as well as Bal
dos was deceived by the girl's cry. He
Immediately lowered his sword. The
lantern dropped from Beverly's hands
and clattered to the floor. At the same
instant she drew from her pocket her
revolver, which she had placed there
before leaving the castle, and fired
)ftent- point blank at him. The report sound
Ling is ed like a thunderclap in their ears. It
etsy, a was followed quickly by a sharp cry
and Imprecation from the lips of her
rk in a persecutor, whio fell, striking his head
ild live with a terrible force on the stones.
in dii- Simultaneously there was a groan
and the noise of a limp body slipping
I .) ,le to the ground, and Baldos. victor at
rer si.e last, turned in fear and trembling to
ornig find Beverly standing unhurt staring
.fl. at the black inass at her feet.
C ill1<1- "Thank God, you are safe!" Grasplug
he old her hand he led her out of the darkness
She into the moonlight.
Not a word was spoken as they ran
it, al d swIftly on until they reached a little
cunp of trees not far from one of the
gates. Here Ui34idos gently released her
halind. She vas panting for breath. bUt
he realized she must not be allowed to
rIsk a moment's delay. She must pass
the sentry at once.
"Iave you the watchword?" he
et Bolt eagerly asked.
linger "Watchword?" she repeated feebly.
"Yes. the countersign for the night.
arsons It is Gantlook. Keep your face well
3n Bolt covered with your hood. Advance
Yoing boldly to the gates and give the word.
There will be no trouble. The guard Is
......... used to pleasure- seekers retuittlng at
......... all hours of night."
"Is he dead ?" she asked timorously.
.........returning to the scene of horror.
-------.--"Otily wounded, I think, as tire the
......... other men, though they all deserve
Re went with her as close to the gate
ns he thought safe. Taking her hand
he kissed it fervently. "Goodby! It
won't he for long!" and disappeared.
Bells Se itood still and lifeless, staring
after bii. for- aes, It seemledl. IHe was
SO1g gone. Gone forever, no doubt. I Ir
eyes grew wilder and wibler wi tlh th1e
h1) dpity- of it all. Pride fled intinntly.
She- longed to call him back. TieI it
OCCurredf0t to her that lie was hur:-ying
hrl tf off' to that other woman. No. he said
1 he would return. She must hte brave,
10! h! true to herself. wNthatever ha itl)e'nedl.
She rnarheted bolly up to the g-:.
a ~,iva thec countersign anad imssed
thro-ngh, not heeding the crious
in tees :ast upon her by the sentry,
turned into the castle, up the grand
e till . itaircase and fled to the princess' hed
13terrly. trembli.g and sobbing.
(I girl hrw i-ers'lfr int tie arms of lt rin
tlllfp 1 ce. Itenherently she related all that
had !iappenel. then swoonel.
romd . ,-, she hid I been rest ored. I he
promlb o YtIe t I nrot ect her, w'.a t -
ever happeled. comforted her sae.w
i - mus't ha~ve been Lalariinl~anx," ht man
ed Ue.verly.
school " Who cisc could it have br':n ?" me
lidthe princess, who was visibly ex
>u Ovvl Stminoning all her (cour~age, she wvent
i'Olght on' "First, wve must fintd out li' he is
b'adry burt. We'll Itrust to luc(k. Che~er
u p!"' Sh touched a bell. T1here cam te
aknock at the door. A guard was
told to enter. "'Ellos,'' she e'XChtlied,
1"did you hear a shot fired a short Itime
g or. ago.?
gh yothe I thought I dlid, youri highness, but
vate ams not sure."
"-Baldos, thte guard. was 'escaig by
ary, en- the- sect pasage."' cotnhm'd thle prin
o iu-cess, a wontderf'ul IuspiraiIon coin g
to her tescuie. "'11 t'mbssed thrwoughi t :e
', Count c*hapiel. Niiss ('Cahoun was thiert'. Alone
ased. "I anmd single han tded she tried to prevent
me hn. It was hetr duty. ie refumsed to
seek his obey3 hier cotnnand to stop,. and she
e od followed blin ito the tuntnel and fired
ewrsat himn. I'ti alfraidl yo u are too lot?
Wv faint. to cap~ture hinm, but you many-or,. Rev
mnly her erly, ho~ lucitky you were to follow~
Wy. The htuim! (;o qiuickly, Ellos! Search the
ted w~as tunnel atnd rep'ort at otnce." An the
r'alor of guard sainted with wonder, admuirat Ion
The ex' andi unbelief lhe saw the two conspir
a all her ators locked ini each othe's artms,
ed, then, 'Presetntly3'he returtned andI~ repiornted1
embling' that the guards could hind mno trace of
was ex- any otne in the tunnel, but that they
to spare found blood Onl tihe tloor neari the exit
let him anmd Itat the dloor wals wide open'!.
1The two girls looked at eaich ot her Iin
ld1't Im. pm aZ li.. ,m-- Wa ...a
3iM agisi' relevosi ig
"Ellos," inquired the princess,
siderably less agitated, "does an)
else know of this?"
"No, your highness; there was ni
on guard but Max, Baldos and
"Well, for the present no one
must know of his flight. Do yot
derstand? Not a word to any o:
myself will explain when the p:
time comes. You and Max have
very careless, but I suppose you el
not be punished. Ile has tricked t
Send Max to me at once."
"Yes, your highness," said Ellos
he went away with his head 9
ming. Max, the other guard, reci
like orders, and then the two y
women sank limply upon a divan,
"Oh, how clever you are. Yet
came from the .American girl.
what next?"
"We may expect to hear some
disagreeable from Count Marlang
dear," murmured the per'plexed
confident princess. "but I thini,
have the game In our own hand
you would say in America."
" UNT FANNY, what N
white thing sticking
the window?" demanded
erly late the next mor
She was aitting with her face t<
windows while the old negress dI
her hair.
"Looks lak a love letteh. Miss
'ly." was the answer as Aunt F
gillger-ly placed all euvelope IIn he
tress' linid. Beverly looked at
anazemnent. It was nunmistakal
letter. addressed to her. whieh
)een left at her window some th
thd night. Iler heart gave a il
and she went red with antt'vi
ileiasIlr. ViTh eager flngers si
ol.el the envelope. 're ir'st glai
tile contents brought disappoIn
to her face. The 11Issiv w1s.
Count Ma'.rlanx. but it was n rel
tind that he Was v\ery mnlliel aliv
kleking. As she read oil there c
look of iCrpleity which was -u
ed by murning indignation. Th
In the cloak was Ireparling to stir
Your secret Is rlno. I 1:now ni
happened In the 'chape an.1 underl
pa.,ae. Ynu hav' betray.d ra
In 1Iding thlis 1n1 to n1ap. Th
was cleverl. exctited, but you e
without the jealous eye of love. Y(
vnve yoirself anld yo. hoior andl p:
your priner-s". hut the condition
mine. Thi timt there can ho no ti
I Want you to treat me. fairly. 4o0
you it you refuse. Oive me tIh a
I want. and your secret Is sntfo.
shield you with my life. At 11 o'e
shall come to ,7.e yoL. I have I
poS(essIon aL doewnnt th:t will In.1
you. You will do well to keep a
101uth t11111l yoll ha ve rn tils pap
ThL:; alarming no(te wIas all thal
Iettled to restore Iire to ie Il,
bloio. of tile Amirleenn g:rl. its
v.a deeldedly Contrary (o that I
Marlanx inust live anit icipalted.
Stead of colla1ps!ing1. Beverly qpra
her feet with energy and life lii
fiber. Ier eyes were t'.:i-li flhng i-i.
of b:tttle'.
"Thait wulold wXreh!" she
to Aunt Fan1y'samzmet "I
the me1t'alest hunnil bing inl 11
wol BHit 1 h's-1 unii4 king th miIsi ta
his lif7o. i' ho, Aunt11 F.anny? C
C'otuil. 1u 't know wh!aiIt I
nlever 11111nd. W\e've' got a1 suripri
I '.m. ll '122 h.im~ at 11 o'e%-k,
tile thou'tght of' whait shei was21 gal
saiy to hhniu. Ik-'vely felt very S
in the s!mndowv ofi the p~rinlces.
A Ch:ltter- oft hiorses' hoosi onl th
r:l'e groun~id drlewv her to t'he a
Wa se saw. brioug~ht jloy tt
"'Ah, tis 1.4 joy ! Now ther-e are
good Amr'ilins here. I'mi not af'
11he said brIa vely. Aunt Famiy ii
her' head( lauppr-oval, althoughl h:
not knowJ~1 wha1t It was all abont.
osity more1 thanl atlr made11 he
eager'i to see the doemnenl'lt wlh-e
Maran hhl'l~X104II in reservie for' her.
A mes sag'' fr-otu thel prlincem
nlounled1 tile une'xpeedi return C
two Ame2 rioeans. She sid ' they we
use I12arry3 Anguish's ownl expr-e
"beastly' near sitarva:tioni" aind ch;
ed for- substan11 til breakfasits. -He
waIs urgedi to join them anid to
ftle lte (st ne(ws fromt tihe frontier-.
Lorry- and4. Aniguisoh werie full
excitemienit oin'i whlh tihey had liv
of raids by the lutw~sber-geni scout
had1( evetn (aught sight of a1 smailll
of fleeing hlorsemenO. L~orry r-elin't
admliittedl that Ga~ibrlei's armyil sc
loyal to lilm rini thant therie wasi
holm)1 of1 ai 4an'iet beinlg av-erted,
hnad liamlmel..- 1 oug t l, ul(t''C
dismayed, when Yetive told him certaia
con. portions of the story in regard to Mar
tone WaIx; and, by no ineans averse to see
Ing the old main relegated to the back
> one ground, heartily indorsed the step tak
my- en by his wife. Ile was fair enough6
however, to promise the general a
else chance to speak in his own dtense it
I un- he so desired. Ile had this in view
e. I when he requested Marlanx to come to
roper the castle at 11 o'clock for consulta
been tion.
iould "Gabriel Is devoting most of his ener
s ill. gy now to hunting that poor Dantaw
into his grave," said Anguish. "1 be
annd ive he'd rather kill his half brothe
wim. than conquer Giraustark. Why, the in
3ived human monster has set himself to the
oung task of obliterating everything that re
minds him of Dantan. We learned
Ive," from spIes down there that he issued
"But an order for the death of Dantan's sls
ter, a pretty young thing iianed Can
thing dace, because he believed she was se
my cretly aiding her fugitive brother. She
but escaped from the palace in Serros a
we week ago, and no one knows what has
s, as become of her. There's a report that
she was actually killed and that the
story of her flight is a mere blind o
the part of Gabriel."
that 14He would do anything!" cried Ye
ind1! tive. "Poor child! They say she is
Fly- like her English mother and is charm
> the "That would sot Gabriel ngainst her,
0(l I fancy," went on Anguish. "AId by
the way, Miss Calhoun, we heard some
Bev- thing definite about your friend, Prince
anny Dantan. It Is pretty well settled that
h'ms- he isn't Baldos of the guard. Dantaa
it In was seen two days ago by Captain
3iy a DanglosF. men., Ile was in the Daws
had bergen pass, and they talked with him
no II and his imen. There was no mistake
ump. this time. The poor, half starved chap
patted coufessed to being the prince and beg
tore god for food for himself and his fol
lce at lowers."
nient lo"I tried to find him and, failing i8
from that, left word in the pass that if he
bef to woiil but cast his lot with us lit this
e and trouble we soon would restore him to
ue a his throne," said Lorry. "Ile may ae
eceed .'ept, and we shall have lim turning
a In up here sone day hungry for revenge.
k k. And now, my dear Beverly, how are
i ta you progressing with the excellent
;round Ibaldos, of whom we aanot make a
estark prince, no matter how hard we try?"
(u plt Ileverly and the princess exchane-ged
1u c:1an glances in wvhich consternation was dif
-rha,1PS : eult to con ceal. It was clear to Bev
1 1ar I erly that Yetive had not told her hus
haid o1 the ( esae(l.
I-er) "I don't know anything about Bal
I wti dos." she answered steadily. "Last
lock ii gh t somne one shot at him in the
cio..? Tli veu.e you say !"
er. "n. oerde to protect him until you re
w tnid, rena. I had him transferred
, to uar duiaty Ins(e the easil," ex
eIffCt I lained thin "ess. "It reall Seem-.
- i ai a i 1ece'ssa:ry. etnrl \laax ex
I. II 0e(ts to p resenaat formal cha1r0s a-nalust
to hl'i this mning.i S) 1 suppose we
.'1i have to l nt bl:I 1:1 lrons faor a
ht', i t while. It stlene:n to") hal , doesn't
"'':4. I)s as straight a. a string,
I'll swenar.** said Lrry emp I cally.
- I'll ;,io t hot wi ws ho were rafely
the out or tlla lac." venturied .\nik.uish.
, O -t w two youn', wonena buish': them
sel .'as xuiblnly. wI ih tle'r coe;"'e.
41, of i'"lTe chance is lie's sorry lie ever,
W ca me into it," said Lor;'y tantat.lzhgly. -.
S(1' WIhll they were walting for' Matr
tiahinx the youang I uke of MIztroxc was
13 t annuneetlaa. 'The han ds'omei Axphnan
nug to ilannae with relief' amal dismay strug
eeuare glinag f'or tm atery in Ihis face.
"Yomur highnessa" 1he said after the
' tin- greetlings, "'I am come to iuform you,
conly. thiat Grm'austark huas one parintce lss to
lae' acacouant for. AXp~hauin has found her
ii ni fuagit Iv.
*efore "Whlen ?" cried the prIncess and Bev
erloy in'n 0 v0~ olee and( with astonishing
three eagerness, naot unmlxed' with dismay.
-ald." "Three (days ago," was the reply.
added "Oh," (!tnme in deep i'olief fromn Boy
0 did( ei'ly ais shec sank back into her chair.
Curl- The same fear had lodged in the hearta
v'erly 'of thec two fair conspirators-that they,
h old1 had freed Baldos only to have him fait
She into the hands of his deadliest foes.
"I huave a message b~y courier frons
1 nn1- my13 uncle in Axphain," saId Mizrox.
f the "lie says that Frederic was killed near,
r'e (to Labbot by soldiers, after making a gal
~sion) lant fight, on last Sunday nighat. Thei
maor- Princess Volga is rejoicing and haa.
v'erly' amply rewarded his slayers. Poor;
hecar Fredoric! Hie knew but little happi
ness5 in this life."
i' thec There was a full minute of reflections
'a for ' before any of his hearers expressed!
tcnce the thought that had framed itself in.
a ami)1 every inda.
buand "Weoll, since D~antan amid Frederie arai
anatly' accounted for', Ilaldos ia absolutely,
emed~t obliged to b)e Chrlstobal," salid Anguish
small~ resignedly.
as lhe "He's just Buidos," observed Bever
en1 0f ly, snulhling out the faInt hope that had:

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