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Pickons Soentinel-Journal
The Sontinel-3ournal Company.
T'OMPSON & RicuiE. InoPS.
J. L. . 'I'0M I'ON. EDTOn.
Snbaoriptiou $1.00 Per Anuum.
Advertising Rates Reronuable
Entored at PckeAns rustomeo as Second CInie.
Mall Matter
Squibs from the Columbia State.
The lhop-the-loop woman who
was fatally shot while pouring
a cup of tea, brings to mind the
steeple-jack who was killed in
December by slipping from a
door step and striking the back
of his head on the sidewalk.
Some time ago when General
Leonard Wood was ill, he was
given leave to come home al
most indefinitely for medical
treatment. Now a surgeon is
detailed to go out to meet him
and take charge of him in Eu
ropean sanatoriums.
Chicago papers say that there
is some talk of sending E. H.
Harriman as a delegate to the
Republican convention to be
held there. Well, if Harriman
gocs, there will be no danger of
a split in the lparty-not with
this professional merger present.
"A man named Tack who was
defeated for a, public office at
Harrisburg, Pa., the other day,
is reported to have abandoned
politics in disgust. This is to
the point all right," says the
Scenectady Gazette. Probably
got mad because he got stuck.
Some autoists are continuing
the work of making the motor
car popular. In the vicinity of
Brooklyn a car knocked down a
woman and broke one of her
legs; biut the two women in the
nmachoie ro.se' to tihe occasion.
laughed at the discolfiture of
tlir victim, and kept on laugh
in" ierril y unitil the car dis
tanced tihe policeliman who chas
ed it on a bicycle.
It; has bee.n said often that
Taft played the role of Cupid on
his famous trip to the Philip
pines; but he seems to have
played all sorts of ai jo!ier. Say's
a writer in the N. Y. Herald:
''The editor of the Hartford
Ceurant, who was ant ant i-Taft
man mun hel nuo iiale a trip1 to the
Occident in comtpany~ with the
secretary of war, is thorou~ghly
convinced that every declegate
fronm Connectient will vote for
Taft. This edlitor has all th..
zeal of a new recruit.''
IHow sweetly a man must
sleep) in the grave that he has
left behmnd a name that sha'l
endur: f0or y'ears in connection
wvithi a "'yellow dog'' fund tha{
was~ ised by insurance conmra
nies~ for the purposes Of bribery
and corruiption! Such is th~e
brand of fame wvon by theo late
"Andy"' lHamilton, whose dea t Ih
has removed one of the most
conspicuous characters conn~eci
edi with the recent insurance
scandals. '"To live in hearts we
leave behind, is not to die."'
To' all travelers on that weT~ll
known artery of connnerce, the
"C. & G.,'" the followving para
graph from the Anderson Mail
is enthusiastically reconmm end
ed: "H-ow would it do to allow
the Southern railway to charge
three I cents a mile to ride on
Capt. Billy Smith's trains and
two and a half cents a mile on
all other trains? It Is surely
worth an extra half a cent a
mile to passe ngers to be t n-Iei
Capt. Smith's care." Capt.
Billy's passengers hope to -be
riding on his trains for at least
a half century more.
Taturns, a negro town of 600
inhabitants, in Carter county,
Okla., doesn't sel! any town lots
to whites or Indians. Taturns
has colored preacher.. teachers,
sawinillers, cotton ginners, mer
chants, and some retired capital
ists, all negroes.
Maggie Long, colored. aged 37,
wife of Mike Long, in ~Caldwell
township, gave birth on Satur
day to her fourteenth child.
Eleven of the fourteen are still
living. There are no twins
among them.-[Newberry Ob
There is another difference.
Abe Lincoln split rails to build
his fences. Theodore Roosevelt
merely rails to build his.-[Lou
isville Courier-Journal.
Attorney-G-eneral Jackson, of
New York state, conmnenting
on his experience when investi
gating embarrassed banks, says:
"I never before met so many
men who ought to be in jail.''
Senator Clay was real polite
to those female suffragists who
called on him the other day......
Why not nominate Bob Evans
for president? He at least
has no objectionable political
record......They are making the
dirt fly" is the news from Pan
ama. And there seems to be
plenty of dirt there......A Mexi
can bank was robbed of $300,000.
But a Mexican dollar is worth
only fifty ceats, so the bank
saved $150,000 on the deal.-[An
derson Mail.
A Vermont -woman has had
this inscription placed on her de
ceased husband's tombstone
"'Rest in Pleace-until we meet
Dickens lef t an estate of $1CO,
030, th e resut, 1 of h1 is writings.
The thimble was at first won
on the thumb, and was calleI
MN-arried men of Belgium havc
two votes; andi thle single onhes
only one. Priests andl som(
other privileged persons have
The corporat ion of the City oj
Londe n will confer the freedon
of the city oni Florence Nightin
gale, who is no0w inl her (eigthy
ninth year.
Representatives Payne, D~al
zelI and Tawney never appea1
in the House without a red car.
nation in th ie buttonhole.
Miss Anne Morgan, J. Pier
pont Morgan's daughter, an(
other altruistic wonmen, are lead
ing a national movement to im
prove the condition of working
womenci and nmen in the big cities
A very large part of the citi
zenshiip of South Carolina wil
run for otlice this summer
-JBamberg Hlerald.
That wasn't a (old wave
That was the Fairbanks boon
moving east. --[Phila. North
"'The office should seek th
man, you knowv." "'That's al
right," replied the avowed as
pirant, but I gave it a fai1
chance and it seemed diffident.'
-[Washington Star.
FLonida-The Big and the Beauiil
LAKE WEm, FLJA., Mar. 1.
Eo. SmerrINELI:-I am sending
you a short description of Flor.
ida, which I trust you will prinm
in your paper. A geatn nmn3
Were nev
stock of tl
Pickens People have been i
and will be glad to read
Florida is having the co
spell of weather at rres n ' th
has had sice the big fr
in '95. Respectfully,
Essue E. EART
Florida has beauty. Tiht
no end( to her beauty. "'Its
tops vwaving like a sea;" its
breezes laved and lashed lby
brIeakers that sing their song
keep their motion night and
its bright skies arched abov
valleys that are bright in 1
floral beauty; its cities and g
ing towns, w~her~e steam,
tricity, brain force and art
ture are working their won
for the Floridians as for ot
in this, our day of prof
.and fresh discovery in all
fields of human thought
action-all -these things ai
Florida, and we speak t
when we say there is no or
her beauty.
Ponce de Leon of olden
icame to this favored land,
ing a fountain of youth
vigor. It ip; not miythical ar
I a' ulous origin, bt 16 it s
and continual, flowing f
heart to heart. The phy;
peace can only be real
b~y a visit here. The sc
cares of life are laid aside,
matchless natural beauty of
and climate to those cor
from less favored lands at
season have sonme insight ai
what the Etate of Florida i:
to "what wvonders God I
wrought'' from the life-gi
soil and air of His marve
- Th air is full of music, s<
of birds, that bear us back t'
rose of life, of youth, nn
:r so"-much in demand as now. We
e best goods of this we can buy.
PLOW All shapes and sizes. thi
STEEL thin half shovels, sc,
cents per Bthmhal shovels, etc.
ound base Bull-tongue sh
Steel Beam Circle-foot
Wook Beam Circle Foot
{ Wood Beam Ratchet Foot
Avery's "Sambo" the best made
r This is the best Distributor on
I the market. Simple and dur
>rs able: light and easy to handle.
The flow of fertilizer is where
[you can always see it.
r Griffin Disc
ZS Chattanoo-a Planter
Carmical Combined
-"Ledbetter One-Seed"
,OWS: All sizes and kinds. Plow (
ng you need in plow goods. See oi
ere, I mingle with many from all parts s
it -'seeking recreation, pleasure and
dest rest is a variy o(f emf iories, a t
at it diary of in t'rlacing communion
eeze that treads along our pathway,
filling the grottos, a place to rest
E. and to lingor.
T~here is a saying that who-t
r~ is ever gets Florida sand in their
>ine- shoes, however far they may
sea- wander, they will return again. I
thle Perhaps the proverh has its 'j
and(~ origin ini the fact that few ever t
lay; visit~ this sunny, flower land t
e its without experiencing a hannt-e
heir ing desire to return and1 once <1
o-more enjoy the commringlingr of i
el1c.- song and zephyr and sunslin I
(. and fragrance of Florida.
ders ~ - ------- r
hers The Athens Banner very apt
;rcss ly says: '"The investigration by c
the congress of the question of peon- r
and age in the south, to be madle at 1
-ei the request of Mr. Williams, of t
ruly Mississippi, ought to develop the '(
id to facts in the case and stop many
slanders that are being Uttered It
lays about this sectionl of the coun
('(k- try. All this talking about pe-'t
and ionage and white slavery in the r
(1 of south is being (done ini order lo r'
real stop immigration in this section. a
rmThe foreign immigrants ar~e i
sical pumped full of this nonsense in n
ize~d the hope that they may be kept
radid from coming~ south. It has been c
the very detrimental to the south
soil and the time has arrived for it t
iing to be stopped in an authoritative I
this manner.''
s to ~
3, as! Fired at Pickens County Officers.
iath A party of federal and count y r
iing officer's from Pickens were in the c
lot s city yesterday and held a con
feren ce with the authorities in g
mngs regard to the proposed capture of r
'the John Burgess, a white man, b~
I to who, it is alleedatteimptd on ig
have a large
:k and
S 1. 25
xears, Harness
hoof, Federal Deputy Alexa-mi
er an11d Constable Allgood i
hec upper part. of Pickens county
ueCSday, whenl they -were 11y
ng to arrest him.
It is said that Bur11gess -was
vanted on a chargse of violingo
Lewik asaditmdt
ngwtess hetw ffcr
vett3i os n on
have it ai largeangthi
vooadfo awidwith
tears th odie ili h
ThPoficerso h w on
$4.50 oigal n hi
;as, wHchfoless h rs
ier a onticer waoo injrd
he uipe Jennngs of Pickens ut
o'untdy, was mon the wiers
rh o aeres itecynonn ec
tion wai tht cae.-[resnvll wa
lieryhisnyfles aitinalot
'reatnessis ouead abounhi
erson aitin h world l tor y
iscovear it.~dI 1L ae
hereqmay b abitle to callowte
igt ino of huseband getfs
oat, lihen howth theg ln
reen.--[Chisca es.oth
v-osfomawnowi h

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