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Eutered April 23, 1903 at Pickone, B. 0., m second class matter, under not of Congross of March 8, 1879.
VOL. ___________ FCS 1013 CA'IFA, TUMMYT MAR0 12 1938N1 O
Pickens, R D. 1.
We are having Eomne warm
weather now; seems like sum
mer time.
Rev. A. E. Howard filled
his regular appointment at .rif
fin last Sunday.
Miss Nora Gilstrap visited Miss
May Freeman, Sunday evening.
Miss Inez Smith was the guest
of Miss Effie Freeman, Sunday.
The school children had the
pleasure of attending a poke
supper at Glassy Mountain
schoolhouse last Wednesday
J. R. J. Antony gave a sing
iug last Sunday, which was
hcartily enjoyed by all who at
0. P. Fields was the guest of
J. R. J. Anthony, Sunday.
Miss Clernor Smith visited
Miss Jessiv Freeman, Sunday.
Ben Fields visited Oscar An
thony, Sunday.
Frank Smith and wife visited
Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Freeman last
Miss May Freeman visited
Miss Carrie Simmons last Tues
liss May Freeman and her
brother Charlie were the guests
of Miss Sallie Rigdon, Sunday.
Miss Susie Medlin visitod Mis
SaIlie Rigdon, Sunday. G.
Six Mile.
I'h leautiful sringti1m is
apProacIing fast,. and how glad
ly we all velcoie, it.
The farmers in our sect io) are
busy at work while the weather
reiains favorable. On account
o)f the bad roads very little fer
tilizer has been purchased.
W~Ye are having excelient
health in and around Six Mile
n)w, except ing a few slight
.*ases of grip.
The new Six Mile schohouse
was finished last Friday. Our
gooJd citizens have built a niice,
up-to-date school buildini, and
it adls much to the appearance
of our progres~sive li ttle town.
School will b)e held in it to-day.
~We are having a flourishing
school, under the management
of Miss lai Bearden, one of Oco
nee's a.ccomnplisheLd teachers.
On account of the Six Mile'
church being recenitly burned,
the preaching services wvere con
duCted both11 Saturday and Sun
(day in the new schoolhouse, l y
cer regular p~astor1. Rev. B. C.
A kinson. Both services were
largely attended, and our pastor
ureached very interestin g and
I apressive sermons.
The Farmers' Uniion met Sat
ur'day at the Garv-in school
Mr. Carpepnter, of~IJ his vicin1
ity, met with a very severe and
painful accident one day last
week. 1His mule kicked and
struck his left leg below the
knee, and broke It in two & iTr
ent places. is many friends
are grieved to hear of his acci
dent and hope he may soon re
Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Parrott
entertained a few friends at
thir home last Friday evening.
The evening was spent in play
ing several interesting and
amusing gaines and "relating
love experiences." Those pres
ent were Misses Lula and Etta
Merck, Mamie and Kate Par
rott, Arrie Dillard, and Messrs.
Perry Durham, Arthur Atkin
son, Luther Dillard, John At
kinson and Noah Merck. All
report a pleasant time.
Mrs. Cleveland Merck has re
turned home after a pleasant
visit among friends and relatives
in Belton. She was accompan
ied home by her little nephew.
Duke Dyer, who will spend sev
eral months with her and other
relatives in this section.
Misses Pauline Kelloy and Al
loe White and Walter Kelley, of
New Hope, visited relatives here
Mrs. A. D. Mann recently vis
ited her brother at Praters.
Forest D. Miller, of Indianap
olis, Ind., has returned home,
after a pleasant sojourn among
his many friends and relatives
in this vicinity.
Miss Mamie Parrott and fath
Cr, R. E. Parrott, recently spent
several (lays in Pickens with:
Mr. and Mrs. Tull Holiday
visited the latter's sister, Mrs. J.
Gillespie, of near Pickens, last
Arihur Atkin;son and his best.
r.ecentlv visited friends near
-Miss Mattie Smith and brother
Charlie, of Pleasant Hill, wor
shiped at Six Mile, Sunday
morning, and were the guests
of Miss Iola Holliday in thel
Miss Ila Beanlon visited h r
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Bearden, of Oakway, Saturday
and Sunday.
T. C. Alexander, of Walhalla,
recently visited at the home of I
Rev. B. C. Atkinson.
Mrs. Addie Parr'ott visited rol
atives near Picken~s last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Olin Mauldin, of
Gap Hill, visited at the home of
D. H-. Kennemur, Sunday.
Niss Myra Pa -ker; of Mlile
Creok, wa-s the guest of Miss
Artie Dillard recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Belton Dillard
have moved to Atlant~a and will
make that city their future
honmu. May success be theirs.
Cleveland Merck has gone
into the mercantile business at
Six Mile.
Mr. and Mrs. David Evans, of
Pleasant Hill, wvero among the
visitors here last Sunday.
Farmiers are making good use0
of this fine weather in preparing
t'ioir land for another crop.
Mr. and Mrs. Gistrap visited
their daughter, Mrs. Oscar Dur..
ham., last week.
The 29th ult. the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Will Pilgrim was vis-t
it d by the death angel, who
bore away the spirit of little
Oscar, their 2-year-old son, af ter
a few days' illness. His body
was laid to rest the day follow
ing at Six Mile cemetery, the
funeral services being conduct
ed by Rev. B. C. Atkinson.
Mrs. James, wife of John
James, of Central, died Feb. 29,
after a two years' illness of con
sumption. Her body was in
terred in Six Mile cemetery.
Rev. B. C. Atkinson preached
the funeral sermon.
Six Mile school, under the
management of Miss Ila Bear-"
don, of Oconee county, cel
ebrated Washington's birthday
on the afternoon of the 22d ult..
which was well attended ai d
pleasantly enjoyed by all pres
ent. An excellent prograrnme
of 28 numbers was presented,
which was charmingly rendered
by the pupils. RED ROsE.
Mile Creek.
Health of this section very
good, and we are having some
fine weather for farming.
Johnnie Tompkins is imprcov
ing fant; he is now able to walk
about the house by himself.
Hello, "Old Riddle," you and
"Uncle Tom" were sadly mis
taken when you said I thought
it was my brotler you were
talking about. You said it was
my papa who went visiting
with me, and it surely would
have been kind if it had been
him. Ho! ho! I want some of
the writers to tell me how old a.
girl has to be before she is calhed
an old maid. I don't blame a
young man for wan ting a s4a
16-year-old ti* for his wit1e; a
if she could not bake his hce
cake to suit he could teaci hr
how. I think it would be a
sorry miani that would sek an
old woman to taike care of him,
for he might know he would
have the corn cake to bake.
"Old Riddle," you saidl ihe shoe
(lid not fit you about being .ld.
I know it don't fit. me ab).mt
coo)king he corn Clke. I 1now
I (canl bake be:ns and boil
potatoes. I want you and
"Uncle Tom" to come to see me
we will see who can best bake
beans. PAPA'sG nui..
Pickens, R F D 2
Farmers of this section are.
hauling their guano and getting
ready to plant their next crop.
Anthony Ba~ker' and family
were the gruests of Mr. and Mrs.
R. M. Baker last Sunday.
Rev. B. C. Atkinson filled his
regular appointment at Six Mile
schoolhouse last Sunday.
John Durham and wife were'
tihe guests of Mr'. and Mrs. I. A.
Durham last Sunday.
Dol Porter lately purchased a
nice top-buggy. It is up to you,
girls, as to which one will get*
the first ride iln it.
G. W. Durham and family
were the guests of Mr. and1 Mrs.
Frank Stephens last Sunday
The health of this cemmunity
is excellent and everybodly cor
respondingly happy.
W. M. Jones, who has
very ill with the measlk
much better.
Mark Keith gave the y<
people a singing last Su:
afternoon, which was hea
enjoyed by all who attende
Hobert Jones has got the
of the measles and is now r
Will Keith, Butler Jones,
Hendricks and Mrs. Ar
Smith wore the guests of "
Tones and wife last Sunday
Miss Maud Galloway d
vith M'liss Lina Massingill
Miss Jennie Griffin will s
y b at home from a s
6veeks' visit.
Ambler school closed last
lay. Robert Bowen was
teacher, who gave a treat,
he scholars nailed him ox
le forenoon.
Dee Hendricks visited hi
er, Mrs. Evie Jones, last u
Miss Lizzie Day and
)rother John Elilis visited
)rother, Frank Day and fai
ast Sunday.
The flowers are beginnir
>pen, the birds are singing,
spring will soon be here.
'i-ho V/ronj Prescription.
A well known pi hyislemitn wasI
tile pravilie U1,letilj wholl 11
rthe 1)Zadtti o", te ,:Ieas. of a1 1i
"Now. a ik a Enet." sala the1
e::o. "the.t In hay fiever' thtre
avi 1_ 01. : i 1to a e :4 i ell. ain
1~b'~4. 4 iI.~ic'i)I 01]t
roe I0. ll e which woul Il
: I. a o a n.o of aunotiher
l .:--i.-v te ihe o'e 1 Zited t<
1W Wi.ui %*:I 11mW to ine oi
un-e-it:A 2: to I y Iever Ilu Its
-;I-- o n (Ie2'L2't I i l th0
:a .: 1 1n !h:: t hlk In !:t- . 1r1p t
" . e -.* .:- n ., v ., Ioo;- of, I 11.:.-uIS
9:2 .16 to deontrt. -Dogg-odo I(
'hi T i'de enpdid of ad
ider. I lib ad sen!' "-New York
'anne.*rs' UnP ,
I PformIati_
--44 .Milt4s-I hy g he
Ctti troli'4 I*m4 'il 1uetititllal
4'o-OI-er.' N Lii ..o,.
menit cahoeild1 be molbire~ed to -1. a . Strl
On account of doubling
~nailing list to newspaper':
~ently, we here repeat thi
Send in all repoXrts, orders
iterature, blank, charters
Funds to J. W. Reid, R
ville, S. C.
When you wantI ani orga1
>r speaker' in your county
:Iress the commniittecemen in
~ongressional dlistrict, viz: J
[Forks, Parkvilli'; J. C. Strib
Pendleton; G. T.j Goodwin,
rens; J. Frank Ashe, Comi
ville; Ti. C. Willoughby,
ance; L. L. Baker, Bishop
r B. Harris, presdent, foi
first district.
W\ildl Hog Unfi( n, Andt
:'ounty, wVill lake in six
memnbers ati nxt meeting.
boys are nid, gett ing despe
aInd have lea 'ned they <
handle their enemnies wit
b.ln. and lots of it mo thm
falling in line just like men that
been ieant to niake'some howl. Tell
S, is me what you are doing.
mng A dry summer usually follows
M a wet winter. If this rule holds
,iday good this !year, the farmer who
Arily do
d. does not prepare his lands for a
dry season will get left
best Preparation of lands by deep
iuch plowing not only prepares the
land for drouth,but It alsomakes.
Will the best preparation to- stand
thur heavy rains or long: wet spells.
r. M. Cotton bears and- fert8flzer
trusts have been- the ehief sub
ined jects for abuse by cotton-growers
last for many years. If you are h
earnest about this- thing now Is
the time to cut their acquairt
iort- ance; don't take men into your
even business and mix with them if
you cannot trust them.
Fri- Getting in trou~b is smooth,
the down-hill going; getting out is
and up-hill, and sometimes very slip
it in I e:y climbing. Befie you con
tract any debts this year on
your cotton crop better count on
sis- only one bale this season where
-eek. you got two last year.
her. Don't calculate on all others
their cutting acreage and you being
Mily, the only man to enlarge his cot
ton acreage. Now and then you
Ig to, hear of some one being shot
and with a gun they thought not
loaded. Play with things that
1X. are not dangerous.
0 * *
Better whistle than whine.
Iing. He that soweth a breeze some
ws or tiues reapeth a cyclone. Gos
Va sipers, take warning.
le. We~\~ ar~e in the Farmers' Union
physF-- because the Union is good
eno ugh aid thero is nothing
111ay beltter to get into.
t 1U- Quit howling so much your
seLf and go to doing the right
once thing. This will camIfe your
ae, ernmies to do the howling a
(1 (htY Vhile. Call for a change and
usua. yo u'll get it.
Wa- In order to cure the sour belch
-W eS ) ou got by trying to swallow
oCea(L up t.m1 whoie Unon, don't try
Trib- tI make sonic other fellow swal
low the imiedicine the Union pre
scribed for your own disease..
Jtust as well hack your ears,
gulp it down and ruminate on
the thing awhile and you'll bo
a better Union man next time.
The Farmers' Union is after
a~r that class of farmers who have
lntheir inids miade upl to (10 some
...... thing for themiselves and make
our the wor01ld mlove forward.
re- Wherever'the Farmeors' Union
s no- has taken a good hold in a comn
mnunity, the people are becom
for, in educated and up-to-date in
and every way, wvhich. fact makes it
eids.. much harder for that ''slick
doc k,"' the circulating agent, to
izrdo the farmer up on any 0old
,ad- gamie.
your; You never had any idea the
.W. farmier had so miany friends un
ling, til you got a strong Farmers'
bau- ,Union in the county, did you?
iellsd! You1 never could say, "Good
Ilor.. Lord, deliver us out of the hands
ville; of somec of our friends," with so.
the muc(h grat e as~ you can now
since the recent New York pan~c
squeezed out the deceit in these
'rson falso friends!
new Prejudice never builds up any
T1he thing. It tears dlown) friendship,
rat(, co-operation, prog ress, and
>an't laughs over the iunin. Don't al
hout low this demon to enter the
are Union.

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