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Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickend.
In Common Ple.s Court
- 3..Victo' ii Ed ne, Plaintiff,
31artha Terrell, et al.. Defendants.
In pnlislance of a Decretal Orriei
with above.sla1ted case, by Ho.)z J. C.
Klugh, tat, 'i 1 4hruiry 28 190,14, and on
-lle in the Clerk's office, I will sell tc
the highest bidder on
luring the legal hours for sale, at Pickene
Q H.. S. C., the following tract of land,
to-wit: All that piece, parcel or tract of
land containing twenty-six acres. muore
-or less, and bounded by lands of James
Davenport, W. R. Edens and others. on
waters of Oolenoy creek; also all that
-other tract of land containing ten acres,
an'ore or less, bounded by IIn's of Charlee
.Anthony. Warren Hendrix and others,
deeded to him by Thomas Terrell.
"erms-Cash on day of sale. Terms
will be complied within one hour after
sale, or the premises will be resold on
-same day.
Purchaser to py for all papers and
. gecording the same.
A. J. BOGGS. [Seal.1
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
S tate of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
John E. Craig, Plaintiff,
John Montgomery, Defendant.
In pursuance of a decretal order it
the above slated case, by lion. J. 0
Xlugh, dated February 26. 1908, and on
file in the Clerk's office, I will ell to tb
highest bidder on
during the legal hours of sale, at Pick
ens 0. H., S. C.. the following tract o:
land, to-wit: All that piece anl parce
of iland situate, lying and being in th4
above-named state and county, contain
ing forty (40) acres, more or lesi. beinj
all of the original tract bought by mu
from John A. Higgins, after running ol
therefrom 24 acres, said 40 acres beinm
represented by a plat and survey 0
same, made by J. A. Robinson, slrvev'or
dated 17th August. 1906. Also all iha
pie'ce, parcel or tract of lawil in th
above-named state and county, and con:
taining five (5) acres, inore or kts, a
being the same lot of land deeded t<
John Montgomery. D. M. Mauldin e
January 4th, 19(-0; alio all that piece
parcel o lot of land situate, lying an,
' ing in tho city of Easly. so conveycl
to John MItgonry by R. E. Bower
adjoiuing lots of J. R. Oh,z.mer an
others. bounded on south by ani alle
running from Pumprintow'n street I
the old lagood livery itahl, and cor
taining about one hundred (RO) fe,
Tern s, cfsh. P"urclaewr or pareba
era to pay for papors ani for recordir
the same. A. J. I : 0 (eal)
I'lerk of C(ur.
Notice Final Settlenent ad Cischarg
Notice is hereby given tlat I will imak
aplication to J. it. NewLery. Es I.
-J9dge of P'rolbat- fo Pce ..unty, I:
tho stat of Sonth11 Car11 oh on the 3t]
day of .1pril, 14'01, at- 1I oet i-k in (i
forenoon. or as sonI horiafter a-i sa
applcaton en b m~no, or ave t<
Make filial S.-tilemnenit of thie 0it o
disch arge s adi ......t o. . i . A .
Mar-ch 12. 1909 A din t.s ira tor.
-Notice to Debtors and Creditors,
All t': s h iobling (taiinx :mainst the.
es'.ate o.f t ho loe N N. M'a.hhl.ii no.I
presetu. t h sanm duly Ii oveL iin 'r b), -
fore toi Ist de of Mlay. 1 i m' he ii
barred i:ent: ami all pi--rs m5 inideh -
ed to sa dI es-.ate nomst is ake paymuent r
or belore~ the aibovo, dlit* to liheunde& -
fcom lxorntior.
Kducy Trctible dates You Dlscrable.
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papers is cure to know cf thc. wonderful
c-.:re.s riads by Dr.
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.1 the great kidney, lIver
IA ~ and bladder remedy.
- iIt is the great medi
ca ruph of the nine
e ~covere-! rdter years of
1.Ascientific rezearch by
S Dr. Kilmer, the emi
- nent kidney and blad
der specialIst, and Is
wondcrfully successful In promptly curlnS
lame Lac:, kidney, bladder, urIc acId trou
bles and Dright's Dlseaze, which Is the worst
:lorm of kidney trouble.
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Dr. KIlmer & Co.,BIng
hamton, N. Y. The
regular fIfty cent and flomeot Sap-Roos
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4 nme, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer
~A ~Jap-Root, and the address, Binghamtoi
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\We v i h to
during our teu
values on (
remark all th
be sold exact
every one has
more of your
- -I0 E -
andB Bsines Ui
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Etc.Anl avere~ lof t ope ing for er Dpstun thtatnte .
eSouther l nducthathe
Ovn er Wi,00rad uate inosis o
RW sie ,0 licato eery y.Te Sour n l acc t e oad
inho Southr as Ad e, u~ h
eC-PriceC a hAS~ ierchiants.
thank our customers for their liberal patronage
i days' slaughter sele. We have given good
erything-although we did not take time to
goods, and i- was imp~ossible for every item to
ly the same wvay by each clerk. Wie trust that
been pleased and that we may be favored with
v'alued business in the future.
P I N G-...... O N.. T H E F A R M .
UVIT There is generally always something neededl on the far-m,
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7- o-oTaeChains, extra heavy 65c.
flixe, o o criL 6%r foot " " lighter 4C
-nmesyocat Red B Top H ames Sc
neirky an i s wiim ox Good Root Plow H ames Sc
Heavy Raw Hide Hame String 4IOC,
Dodson's Patent H ame Fasteners 2c
X NK. I Good Bilind Plow Bridle 7c
IGood Open " "7 .
H eavy Blind "$1.o
H Feavmer Grades( 1-5adg
i"Heavy Collar Pads $.5ad$.0
Plaited Piow Lines (32 feet long) per~ pair 2c
. . N" Best Cotton Lines (32 feet long) per pair 35c
}}%\ Single Wagon Lines, $1.25, $i-50, $1.75.
*1 4-linedl Strapped Pitch Forks Sor.
ranch Heavy Steel Dirahingo Shv.s 65c
sRed Jacket Axes 'ovls65c
hers.-reiegraj.I operatorn Kelley's Perfe~ct Axes 70C
.ulhern. A xe H- andles I oc. and 15c
oj;Artgu'Ies owncd Circle Foot Piow Stocks $.0
the ~oiaii.A few more "Red Chief" Corn Shellers I.5
RAPHY -Everything in Plow Shapes.
stauycams or pea. We: are still s. liing Piedmont Milliaig Co.'s Flour.
Come to see us and let us figure with you.
largest nusiness collego \N. E. FAR E EMAN & CO.
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